ModNation Monday: Baseball and Bunnies?

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ModNation Monday: Baseball and Bunnies?

Well it IS the season for both, right? This week we bring you some new Easter DLC and a user-created track that will allow you to fulfill your childhood dream of being on the field at a big league ball game (it did mine!).

This Week’s DLC: Chocolate Bunny Mod & Kart


Get a “taste” of this “sweet” new Easter Mod and Kart! The Chocolate Bunny Mod and the Mod/Kart bundle will be available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 19th. The Chocolate Bunny Mod is $.99, and the bundle is $1.75. “Bounce” on over and pick them up today! (note: the Chocolate Bunny Kart will be available separately at a later date for $.99).

Chocolate Bunny comes with the following parts for you to create with:

Chocolate (Skin)
Chocolate Head (Headgear)
Foil Pants

Beta Carotene (Body)
Easter Basket (Engine)
18 Carat (Wheels)
Hard Boiled (Steering Wheel)

ModNation Palooza Week Seven

We continue the fun…

ModNation Keyword Creation Spotlight: Easter


We hope you have been using the new visual keyword search blog feature as much as we have, because it’s been lots of fun browsing through all your creations. This week we went looking for keyword “Easter”. My favorite is #9. How about you?

Next week’s keyword will be “Animal”. If you come across any “Animal” Mods or Karts that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page. Include the creation title and creator’s name. We’d love to see them!

  1. Moai (Easter Island Head) by iamwallaman
  2. Easter! by richg17
  3. Easta by RazielStarkiller
  4. DisEaster Bunnie by Black_Jack_ONIX
  5. hybrid eater bunny by pig450
  6. HideYoEggs by jrcutty
  7. Eddy The Easter Bunny by Harry54
  8. Easter Bunny by drbert44
  9. Easter bunny by LordOfThePies80
  10. The Easter Tag by dane9261
  11. Easter Bunny – Kart by DeidaraBRASIL

Fun Races Schedule

April 21st: Join a great group of players for a fun night of racing. See details here.

Racers of the Week

Top Race XP from previous week (April 3rd – 10th )

Player Race XP Races Wins Win Streak
1. TUKSILHAtuk 123677 727 454 32
2. maverick–07– 100047 197 172 29
3. Ambr0ster 96053 602 329 28
4. MONKY-D-LUFFY916 66268 452 176 12
5. wipeout_god 65832 363 280 29
6. Didis4646 62327 355 296 34
7. Digitty-Dawg 62327 355 296 34
8. JoE416JeN 51764 346 140 11
9. mary69er1 50761 664 31 4
10. devildriverwrx 45416 413 67 7

Creations of the Week

If you are interested in submitting your Mod, Kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site.

Track of the Week


Lurdan Field Dual Stadium by IndustrialSavior

Mark: “The sound you are hearing right now is that of my mind being blown. I mean, come on… a track that allows me to drive the bases in a baseball game and has me being “kicked” through football goalposts, too much! TOO MUCH!!!

But this track is not a gimmick either. The multiple races I was in on this track were fun and very competitive. IndustrialSavior, you “knocked it out of the park”! Great job!

Mod and Kart of the Week

Creator: Stitchless

Mod: Conduit

Kart: Pulsar


Stichless has been putting out some really amazing Mods and Karts lately and this may be my favorite so far. Two things that caught my attention were the great color palate and the physical design of the Mod made me ponder how it was pieced together. Stichless is a top Mod / Kart artist in my book. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Hot Lap Roster

Monday: Lurdan Field Dual Stadium by IndustrialSavior

Tuesday: Sandcastle Fortress by Devin93

Wednesday: Nile Dash Desert by RMPage

Thursday: Armada by IvoYaridovich

Friday: Oasis Roar by Tecnoboy1

Community Chosen Tracks

Saturday: Kart Factory by ArgoroKX (chosen by Perish_Song)

Sunday: Broken Paradise 2 by INeon_INoodle (chosen by manlius10a)

I am really enjoying these community-chosen tracks. Sunday’s track “Broken Paradise 2” is stunning! I have placed it in my personal Modnation “Hall of Fame”. Thanks to manlius10a for bringing this to my / our attention! Hey MNR Community… recommend some more tracks! (click here).

Great Game + Great Community = Great Fun!

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