ModNation Monday: Baseball and Bunnies?

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ModNation Monday: Baseball and Bunnies?

Well it IS the season for both, right? This week we bring you some new Easter DLC and a user-created track that will allow you to fulfill your childhood dream of being on the field at a big league ball game (it did mine!).

This Week’s DLC: Chocolate Bunny Mod & Kart


Get a “taste” of this “sweet” new Easter Mod and Kart! The Chocolate Bunny Mod and the Mod/Kart bundle will be available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 19th. The Chocolate Bunny Mod is $.99, and the bundle is $1.75. “Bounce” on over and pick them up today! (note: the Chocolate Bunny Kart will be available separately at a later date for $.99).

Chocolate Bunny comes with the following parts for you to create with:

Chocolate (Skin)
Chocolate Head (Headgear)
Foil Pants

Beta Carotene (Body)
Easter Basket (Engine)
18 Carat (Wheels)
Hard Boiled (Steering Wheel)

ModNation Palooza Week Seven

We continue the fun…

ModNation Keyword Creation Spotlight: Easter


We hope you have been using the new visual keyword search blog feature as much as we have, because it’s been lots of fun browsing through all your creations. This week we went looking for keyword “Easter”. My favorite is #9. How about you?

Next week’s keyword will be “Animal”. If you come across any “Animal” Mods or Karts that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page. Include the creation title and creator’s name. We’d love to see them!

  1. Moai (Easter Island Head) by iamwallaman
  2. Easter! by richg17
  3. Easta by RazielStarkiller
  4. DisEaster Bunnie by Black_Jack_ONIX
  5. hybrid eater bunny by pig450
  6. HideYoEggs by jrcutty
  7. Eddy The Easter Bunny by Harry54
  8. Easter Bunny by drbert44
  9. Easter bunny by LordOfThePies80
  10. The Easter Tag by dane9261
  11. Easter Bunny – Kart by DeidaraBRASIL

Fun Races Schedule

April 21st: Join a great group of players for a fun night of racing. See details here.

Racers of the Week

Top Race XP from previous week (April 3rd – 10th )

Player Race XP Races Wins Win Streak
1. TUKSILHAtuk 123677 727 454 32
2. maverick–07– 100047 197 172 29
3. Ambr0ster 96053 602 329 28
4. MONKY-D-LUFFY916 66268 452 176 12
5. wipeout_god 65832 363 280 29
6. Didis4646 62327 355 296 34
7. Digitty-Dawg 62327 355 296 34
8. JoE416JeN 51764 346 140 11
9. mary69er1 50761 664 31 4
10. devildriverwrx 45416 413 67 7

Creations of the Week

If you are interested in submitting your Mod, Kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site.

Track of the Week


Lurdan Field Dual Stadium by IndustrialSavior

Mark: “The sound you are hearing right now is that of my mind being blown. I mean, come on… a track that allows me to drive the bases in a baseball game and has me being “kicked” through football goalposts, too much! TOO MUCH!!!

But this track is not a gimmick either. The multiple races I was in on this track were fun and very competitive. IndustrialSavior, you “knocked it out of the park”! Great job!

Mod and Kart of the Week

Creator: Stitchless

Mod: Conduit

Kart: Pulsar


Stichless has been putting out some really amazing Mods and Karts lately and this may be my favorite so far. Two things that caught my attention were the great color palate and the physical design of the Mod made me ponder how it was pieced together. Stichless is a top Mod / Kart artist in my book. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Hot Lap Roster

Monday: Lurdan Field Dual Stadium by IndustrialSavior

Tuesday: Sandcastle Fortress by Devin93

Wednesday: Nile Dash Desert by RMPage

Thursday: Armada by IvoYaridovich

Friday: Oasis Roar by Tecnoboy1

Community Chosen Tracks

Saturday: Kart Factory by ArgoroKX (chosen by Perish_Song)

Sunday: Broken Paradise 2 by INeon_INoodle (chosen by manlius10a)

I am really enjoying these community-chosen tracks. Sunday’s track “Broken Paradise 2” is stunning! I have placed it in my personal Modnation “Hall of Fame”. Thanks to manlius10a for bringing this to my / our attention! Hey MNR Community… recommend some more tracks! (click here).

Great Game + Great Community = Great Fun!

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15 Author Replies

  • ZzzZzzzZZzzzz

  • nice track :) cool DLC

  • I…I want to race in a carrot.

  • I believe Broken Paradise (or a variation of it) has been used as a Hot Lap before.

  • To bad I sold Mod Nation for ever ago…

    • Hi,

      Come back!

      We now have over two million user creations! So you will never run out of fun races, mods or karts. We also just went Greatest Hits $29.99 AND it’s on the PSN so you don’t even have to leave the couch to jump back in!

      Come on back XxNo0b_H8rxX . I look forward to racing you in a shiny new Kart!


  • I’m going to go and buy MNR off the PS Store right now.

  • I haven’t played this game since Christmas. Got bored of racing the same old in-game racers and not much for online racing! Any chance we will be able to play against our creations?

    • Hi,

      No plans for racing against your own creations. Give online races another shot. I think you will be surprised how much fun they can be. In the blog above we list some races “just for fun” of people from around the globe that just want to have a good time playing MNR. The next one is this Thursday night. I will probably be in there too!


  • Hey, pleace share some love for Europe too and get it on Psn here!, I’m too lazy swapping blueray’s… And I hope there will be some “real” addons again soon with trophies, you should keep them coming more frequent :)

  • Hi,

    No plans for racing against your own creations. Give online races another shot. I think you will be surprised how much fun they can be. In the blog above we list some races “just for fun” of people from around the globe that just want to have a good time playing MNR. The next one is this Thursday night. I will probably be in there too!


  • I haven’t picked up MNR, but I’ve got to say that that chocolate bunny is awesome. And you don’t have to sell me on it, I’ll pick up MNR soon enough, I just haven’t had the time. Keep up the good work, guys.

    • Cool!

      Let us know when you are on an we’ll try race ya up.
      Set some free time aside because MNR is too much fun!

      Welcome to the ModNation!


  • I love Modnation Racers so much, infact i bought my PS3 for it, any chances that the NGP get a Modnation Racers? Thanks

  • I can’t wait to come home and redu the kart for my Egg Thief (Spyro) mod. That carrot body is perfect!I look forward to the next upcoming DLC.

  • Mark Wilson is the coolest. Always replying to our comments, what a great guy! :D

  • @6 & @8

    Mark says:
    “No plans for racing against your own creations:

    That is the SADDEST news I’ve heard since this has been by NUMBER 1 feature request since the game was released (and UFG designers even commented on this very blog that “it’s a great idea!”

    Not too surprised really, just sad to hear…

    Maybe in the next version (ModNation Racers 2???!!!!) – which at this rate will be released before the Snow Theme…

    Come on Mark, get us some more Track making stuff —- SOON!!!!

    • CAPNDigital,

      It was a good idea for sure.

      We are just working our little tails off trying to get you some-o-dat “Track making stuff” we all want to get our hands on (including me!) and yes, SOON!


  • I love this game

  • Thanks Mark,

    Really appreciate your dedication to the the ModNation Community and some new life you’ve injected into it as of late…

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • 1. The Easter Island dude was pretty sweet… Shout out @iamwallaman way to think outside of the box man. I’m downloading that beast later tonight, 5 stars

  • This was the worst week of mnr since day 1. 2 of my freinds were banned from psn & another 2 was warnned by sony (BIG BROTHER) for things the said n a room of just freinds witch is bs! And I havent ben able @ connect @ mnr n 4 days. 4 the 1st time since day 1 Im thinkin bout getin raid of this game by throwin it into the air n lettin my 8yr old shot the disk with a 10 gauge. And to the people that report people 4 no reason yall can kiss my A$$ u sorry 4 S#!ts !!!!!!

  • Quit teasing us with new tracks and mods… then not releasing them for months and months. it’s getting old. What is being done about the hackers and cheats, because they’re ruining the game and people are leaving. I’ve been pretty loyal as I play every day and have since it was just a demo; and love it but I’m starting to lose faith. Been trying to get into the “fun races” since they started and have never made one; which kind of bites. Would love to see some followthrough on releases, and to hear something other than “working on it” about fixing issues.


  • Something I think is pretty cool is the Progressive sponsored (free) mod, kart, and track items; are there any other sponsors in the works? Mountain Dew would be a good one as they have sponsored games in the past, (Jet Moto). Seems like a great opportunity to take advantage of Progressive’s lead.

  • D’aww. Armada was probably my current best contender for Track of the Week :< Oh well! Back to the drawing board~

  • Best game ever! but I haven’t been able to race online in over a week. It’s not my internet, or PS3, I have reset and checked everything. dose your server have temporary localized outs? can you check this? My Mod friends probably think I’m ignoring them. also the game is taking much longer then usual to load when I enter the modspot.
    PS. I like the carrot cart, the shape of it reminds me of Barny Rubbles car

  • Crazy, Kart factory as a hot lap track. XD

  • Yay actually some really good tracks for Hot lap this week.
    Thanks Mark

  • Win! My track for Hotlap, now to make my new one. :P

  • @spideridol – what hackers and cheats? the only cheating I know of is boosting of mods/karts, which really doesn’t have any effect at all on gameplay. I have been playing the game since day one. At one time, you could cheat lap times (blowing yourself up at the start line), but that has been fixed long ago … I am aware there is way to cheat the PSP version for infinite boost/weapons, but that cheat does NOT apply to the ps3 version. There are no hacked rooms. There is not way to actually “cheat” and win a race (by circumventing the existing technology/setup). Just wanted to clarify – it gets really old when you win a race and the folks you beat who just got the game and don’t know any better accuse you of cheating – and of course, there are NOT trying to hear you explain that there’s no such thing in the ps3 version of MNR …

  • Sucks, I can’t even connect to the MNR servers right now, keeps saying “unauthenticated/kicked from the servers” :( I wish those stupid immature hackers would just sod of and leave the network alone and let us enjoy our gaming as intended!

  • @27 – MNR servers are notorious for giving out this error (pretty sure it has nothing to do with hackers). Seems to happen to just about everyone at sometime. Usually it will continue for a few days and then miraculously clear up. I wish UFG had a technical forum somewhere.

  • it comes down to this – computer networking is probably more complicated than you think. ask the top experts and they will tell you they are still amazed every morning when they pull up their browsers and the internet works – that point always got me, from school (I majored in comp sci) until now – the fact that the internet works at all is kind of a big accident! I don’t think anyone’s ‘hacking’ UFG’s servers – there are probably a variety of mitigating factors that determine server integrity at any given time. I, personally, haven’t had this particular error in a very long time (like last summer maybe). Hope it clears up for you atheist. :)

  • Great group of hotlap tracks as always :)… pity todays has been severly glitched to get a second lap time!!

  • 7 seconds * ^

  • @shyguyNC…. don’t assume I “just got the game” as it appears you’re doing. I’ve been playing the game daily since before it’s release and was only available on demo…. Also, if you read my comment, I never made mention of cheating in regards to winning races. Perhaps it was my use of the word hackers that got you going…… I’m not sure if there is, or isn’t a way to “hack” the system; but I’m sure there are ways to play the system to work in your favor that it was probably not designed for. As far as cheating…. Just looking at Top Mods or Karts 90% of the time lately you can tell what is up there isn’t there because the MNR public thought they deserved to be up there. (Although this week they have been great) They are working the system somehow… multiple accounts with repeated downloading… something. I know I’m not alone in thinking this way as you read comments on those creations you can tell what everybody thinks of it. I appreciate your attempt to clarify… it’s nice having a gaming community that is involved and cares.

  • MNR, thanks for the great Easter gift!!! Love the free DLC! Great job on the chocolate skin… I almost can’t race with this bunny as I start craving chocolate!

  • @33 – What “FREE” DLC are you talking about? They’re milking this bunny just like the rest of their tired mod/kart combo’s! :(

  • @34

    Apparently the bunny DLC is free on the U.S store. Hope Europe gets it free too.

  • @8

    Downloadable version of MNR coming to Europe soon (This week?) with a 20% discount for PS+ members.

  • Holly crap… it was free ?! Talk about a sweet deal… check for it in the PlayStation store, under disk based add on’s “Modnation Racers” this won’t last long…

  • I’m getting sick and tired of these ridiculous Sony server issues! Spent all day being unable to connect to PSN AT ALL, then finally I connect and guess what? I can’t connect to the MNR servers! Sort it out Sony Jesus F Christ!

  • Mark, could you PLEASE explain why it is taking so long to change the speed of the top tracks from “Rookie” to “Elite”? It’s really dissapointing that this is a much requested feature from the community and should be extremely easy to rectify, yet there appears to be no progress on the issue whatsoever!

    Many of the tracks up there on the board now have elements that simply do not work properly on the lower speed settings (particularly manual ramps) and many of the casual players who race via this way are unaware of this and merely chalk it down to bad track design, downvoting accordingly. :(

    Please, get it sorted, it’s only a little request. ;)

  • Sooo….. for a network that can’t be hacked……… they got hacked. Looking forward to PSN finishing their “maintenance” so I can get back to playing my MNR!! Will there be any DLC on the Re-opening of PSN? Good luck PSN on getting it resolved quickly!

  • So, I’m logged on here but not on the MNR forums? hmmm…

    Any chance the free period for the bunny DLC will be extended? I had no idea it was free to the U.S. players.

  • lol I guess by the time the psn is back up…perhaps we can catch up on some new dlc bwa hahahahaha

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