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As you’ve likely seen, PlayStation games have been all over the news this week. Updated previews for Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, inFAMOUS 2, and Resistance 3 have been rolling in, and there’s plenty to be excited about. If you’re wondering where the UNCHARTED 3 stories are, you don’t have to wait too much longer; expect the stories to start rolling in tomorrow morning. Of course, we’ll have the word straight from the Naughty Dogs’ mouths (jaws?) right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 11, 2011)

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  • I FINALLY just got my rewards for participating in the US GT Academy this morning when I checked my email, and I won’t lie, Jeff, I’m really liking the themes. Whoever did them did a good job. Tell them I said thanks from a hardcore GT fan.

  • Oh, and BTW, have you heard anything about GT1, GT2 or Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing being released as a PSOne Classic on the PS Store? Because the latter two games made me a PS “fanboy” 4 life. ;D And also, is there any possibility that Either Sega GT 2002 or Sega GT Online would be released on the PS Store? I know that you have been releasing a lot of existing Sega IPs lately (Sonic 1 & 2, Crazy Taxi) and I’m just wondering if either one of those two games is on the pipeline.


  • I am still waiting for Lego star wars 3 the clone wars for the psp go. When is it going to be relaxed on playstation network store.

  • I learned has rated Dino Crisis 2 for PSP and PS3. WOOHOO!!

  • Also will there be any Easter/Passover sales this Tuesday? Shalom by the way.

    • Red Johnson’s Chronicles will be on sale at launch. It’s a pretty interesting looking game, with a great art style. From the makers of AMY, which is getting a lot of buzz as well.

  • I really wish i got into the inFamous UGC beta. Oh well, the full game isn’t too far off, and with Portal 2 coming out in 2 days, i will have something to keep me busy :D
    Great List Jeff.

  • any NGP news upcoming soon Jeff?

  • Is the android/iphone app releasing soon?

    • There’s still a lot of back and forth on this. The team in Europe who built it is looking to update the app at the same time as they add North American support. I want it now too!

  • Great week for PS fans! I got really hyped for Twisted Metal. And I suspect I’ll get hyped over another game tomorrow :D

    Thanks, Jeff!

  • I’m in the infamous 2 beta! so happy about that but so far haven’t created anything yet or played a amazing level,but thats more because it’s so early than anything else.Im still hopeful someone will create something that will make me go 0_0

  • This Blog is the best thing that has happened to the internet.! Congrats in the 50 million PS3!

  • Nice to see Yuna’s DLC. Any news on when North America PSN will be getting the Dissidia DLC? I know Europe got some last week.

  • IGN has a review for FFIV: The Complete Collection. Looks like I’ll be picking that up along side Portal 2 this week.

  • i really appreciate u guys putting rainbow six Vegas 2 on the store soon. but why do we have to pay $30 for a 4yr. old game seriously. it should be at the very least $14.99

  • I just want to see more on Uncharted 3. So I’m very much so looking forward to tomorrow.

  • hey Jeff, i love the list. question: is there a possibility of party chat coming to the PS3? or how about being able to chat over third party systems like “Raptr”? i understand that there is a large amount of legalities involved but i believe it would be amazing! if something like that were added to PS+ i would seriously subscribe, I’m already leaning towards it as things are.

    • We’re always looking to improve the PS3 experience, but have nothing new to announce at this time…

  • Whatever happened to the podcast, Jeff?

  • Sorry for jumping the gun :D But what is coming out next year for the PS3 games wise? It seems all of the big ‘AAA’ PS3 only games are coming out this year[i am not complaining tho, excellent stuff SONY] So far this year i got the amazing LBP2 + KZ3 + MotorStorm 3[in the UK] + I can’t wait for R&C:All 4 One & Uncharted 3, they look amazing :P

    + Well done SONY for dumping ‘you know who’ into 3rd place worldwide :P :D :)

  • Jeff love you bro :) i just want to say that lol hope i can meet with you in NGP launch in New York my dream was be in the line for video game system launch first ever in my life and if it’s happen it’s also gonna be first time in states HELL YEAH :)

    2011 is HUUUGEE for Sony and also for fans future looks bright UC3,infamous 2 , Twisted Metal …

    Can’t Wait for E3 …

    • Yeah, I don’t know what we’ll plan for launch, but if we do something in NY, I hope to see you there!

  • any upcoming NGP news Jeff?

  • so whn is the new Twisted Metal for the ps3 going to be out anyways?

  • Got around to watching the 12 min trailer for BF3, looks great, anyone know when or if a beta will will be released for it?

  • I have a question. Is avatars being available from various games left up to the developer or is Sony involved as well? It’s heading towards two months after it’s release and there still isn’t any Killzone 3 avatars or themes that were previously mentioned. UK has them but not us. Also since it’s obvious that Sony/Valve are trying to get the PS3 version of Portal 2 to be the first choice, is it possible that we can get some Portal avatars? GlaDOS, Chell, Turret, Wheatley, Blue, Orange, ect. Any answers would be appreciated. I really don’t understand why for the most part that avatars are released months and months after a games release date, instead of the week of or week after it’s release.

    • For first party, it’s up to us. For publishing partners, it’s up to them.

      There will be a ton of avatars coming over the next two weeks, including those for SOCOM and KZ3.

  • Well I don’t know what to say. I like to say that I heard rumor Sony will dispose of the Playstation Rewards. Please don’t do that, I thought it was a great idea and I like the premise of the rewards. It would give our trophies a good meaning.

  • Have fun watching the Arsenal game Jeff? ;)

    Some ending.

  • Not a bad news week. I’m really looking forward to the uncharted 3 news though :).

    On an unrelated note, any chance of Capcom putting Mega Man Legends in PS1 classics?

  • @mikedo sry to break it to you dude/dudette but the program is officially be honest that program wasnt working too well,either.i mean in the beginning ppl didnt know what to do.but it happened that you didnt had to do anything but to do what you usually did.but the kids didnt understand that, so sony setup a lvling system of sorts and ppl still were confused…all in all the program was made with the best of intentions but at the end of day its implementation seemed to be a pain.personally, i liked the program the way it was set up first…but ya know kids screw it up…

    anyways,jeff did you watched the game between da heat vs the sixers? i must say that the sixers gave the heat a good battle.the only thing that saved us to be honest was the ft disparity between them…but i tell you this.if the heat play again the way they did in game one this monday i think you guys will have a pretty good chance to win that game.of course, i dont expect that to happen XD

  • @ #20 Velzom:

    I totally agree with you there. GT5 Avatars will be killer for me, but unfortunately, apparently it seems Sony and PD don’t care enough about us hardcore GT fans to do that for us…..;(

  • Oh, and Jeff:

    You make a very good point about the publisher making the call about the PSOne Classics and I can understand in J&L SCR’s (Codemasters) and Sega GT 2002/Online’s (duh) case except for one thing; You published GT1 and GT2.

    You see, for all the people who are reading this who are too young to remember, In the heyday of the PS1, there were a certain group of games that defined the Playstation for what it’s worth.

    Resident Evil. Tomb Raider. Final Fantasy VII. Twisted Metal. Spyro. Crash. and Gran Turismo.

    Now, all those games I mentioned are PSOne Classics. Except Gran Turismo.

    The fact that GT1 and GT2 are not on the PSN is a glaring oversight, especially considering all the crud that been released as PSOne Classics. And considering there almost not any good Licensed Car Racing Games (Ford Racing Notwithstanding) in the PSOne classic section, well, it screams out for GT1 and GT2 to be released.

    So, Jeff, have at it. What are you going to say now?

    Oh, and if anybody agrees with me about this, please reply.

  • What is going on with the PSN lately? People are getting connection errors left and right, it is all over the community forums.

    Please help us and inform them about this, as it has been going on for days and is stopping many from connecting online… Absolutely nothing has been done so far…

    • When we get messages like this, we always pass them on to the operations side of things.
      I was told that there wasn’t any kind of mass outage or anything (anecdotally, I’ve been on all weekend, as have many of my friends).

      That said, we’ll keep passing queries like this along.

  • I’m with Blkant, I’m having lots of trouble connecting to the PSN lately and when I finally did connect, after I finished my play session, next time I tried to sign in, I couldn’t do it. If you could at least let us know your working on a fix for it, that would be nice. Anyway, can’t wait for Infamous 2!

  • the inFamous 2 beta is great, I got in it on tuesday & I love several of the new features

  • Thank you very much, so long as they have been informed then I’m sure it will be fixed in time. It certainly doesn’t seem to be effecting everyone, but the boards are certainly lit up over it.

  • So is there still any chance of getting into the Infamous 2 UGC Beta? Or is it over?

  • Thanks Jeff for the response.

  • Congratulations, you guys actually found a reviewer who LIKES Socom 4.

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