Solve a Twisted, Dark Mystery in PSN’s Puzzle Agent

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Solve a Twisted, Dark Mystery in PSN’s Puzzle Agent

Hey PlayStation fans! You guys are smart, right? You like a good challenge? And I’m pretty sure you are all the type who appreciates a darkly twisted story about a missing eraser factory worker and a bunch of creepy gnomes! Well then, I guess you’re in luck! Telltale Games is bringing the popular and critically acclaimed Puzzle Agent to PlayStation Network on April 19th!

You play as Nelson Tethers, the ONLY agent in the US Department of Puzzle Research. Tethers is sent on a rare field assignment to Scoggins, Minnesota to investigate what happened to the factory that supplies the White House with all its erasers. To get to the bottom of this twisted mystery, players will have to overcome plenty of warped brain-bending conundrums.

The game features cartoonist Graham Annable’s unique narrative and visual style combined with the cinematic storytelling style that Telltale has been establishing. The mood and setting are heavily inspired by an eclectic set of influences including Nordic folklore, David Lynch, and the Coen brothers with a dash of Stanley Kubrick. Oh, and gnomes.

Puzzle AgentPuzzle Agent

For the PlayStation 3 we’ve tuned the interface to allow you better immersive yourself in the wonderfully minimalist artwork of Graham Annable, and added trophies for your well earned bragging rights!

So get your brains in gear and see if you have what it takes to solve this mystery and call yourself a true Puzzle Agent! And it’s just $9.99!

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2 Author Replies

  • WOW, love fresh content on the PSN. Looks like a hit!

  • That was unexpectedly engaging. Never even heard of this game before. $10 is nice. What sort of play-time are we looking at?

  • In just 4 days? Nice!

  • I love these mystery type adventure games. Reminds me of Hotel Dusk and Heavy Rain.

  • love this on pc, so glad this and the 2nd one is also coming to ps3. will buy it again for trophies!
    please release sam and max seasons 1 and 2 on ps3 also. k? thnx!

  • Put it on sale for $5.00 and then I’ll consider this “game.” Eventually maybe people will wake up and realize how over priced these games are. Good luck with sales.

  • Looking forward to this. I love all the Telltale stuff that’s been hitting PSN lately, I wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of Telltale’s back catalog hit PSN too… :)

  • @6 I assume with logic like that you don’t have any CoD trophies under your belt? Because that would be pretty hypocritical. You know CoD has been the same game, with literally the same engine (tweaked a bit, but still not HD) and the same multi-player for many, many years now.

    Sadly, it seems that PSN/ other downloadable services are the only places where developers and publishers are taking risks or attempting to innovate. Did you see the recent SCEWWS post? Everything there was a 1st or 3rd person shooter. At least this is different. I’ll pay $10 for average and different, than $70 (despite our dollar kicking the US one in the b a l l s, we have no price parity in Canada) for average and the SAME.

    If only other people had more sense.

  • Played this on Steam. It is a good game, a little short, but good. $10 is a decent price for it.

  • Does this have Move support?

  • I’ve finished this game on Steam and absolutely loved it. It’s not a super long game, but it’s one of the best puzzle adventure games I’ve played in recent history. It’s both suspenseful and hilarious, an odd combination. I can’t wait for the sequel!

  • coughprofessorlaytoncough

  • Lynch, Kubrick…and gnomes?! Sold!

  • nice. give me something to do this summer till Jurassic park comes out

  • Puzzle Agent > Professor Layton

  • It looks very nice, Ill probably get it later because April 19th is portal 2 and MK9

  • TellTale? They haven’t gone wrong by me so far (Sam & Max, ToMI, BttF…) so consider me interested. I enjoy Layton and Blue Toad so if the comparisons people are making here hold up I’m pretty much sold.

  • Thrilled! Glad it’s just around the corner!!

  • Friggin’ Awesome ! Great friggin’ price. I’ll be friggin’ buying it on day friggin’ 1 !!!

  • Loved this on iPhone and happy to play it again. I agree with everyone else — please bring Sam & Max season 1 & 2 to PSN! The 360 versions look great, but the audio is nowhere near as good as the PS3’s. I would happily buy them again, especially if they had Platinum trophies.

    1. Is the artwork and rendering 1080p native? there were some real rough spots in the iPhone *and* iPad versions.

    2. is the audio either HD (24-bit and/or losslessly compressed), or at least maximum-bitrate AAC? again, the initial iPhone version had really poor audio quality.

    3. any Puzzle Agent 2 hints or goodies? Will the savegame from this episode unlock things in the upcoming Puzzle Agent 2?

    4. Any word on a PSN release of Poker Night at the Inventory?

    keep up the great work!!!

    • Hey plaztiksyke –

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Now, to answer your questions.

      1. The art was not redone, but what you’re talking about seeing on the iOS devices was due to the fact that those versions had to be downscaled, so to speak. What you’ll see on the PSN is very similar to the PC/Mac version of the game. Graham Annable’s art looks great on the big screen!

      2. The audio is the same as the PC/Mac version of the game, which sounded fantastic. All of the creepy sounds of Scoggins really pop in the PSN version!

      3. Nothing Puzzle Agent 2 specific in this version of the game, but of course, if you want the full story behind the Scoggins Eraser Co.’s mysterious goings ons, playing the first game is a must-do!

      4. Nothing to announce right now in regard to a Poker Night at the Inventory release on the PSN.

      Thanks again!!

  • Dengar.



    (Also, I’m totally excited for this! Huzzah!)

  • I’ve heard great things so I’ll defiantly check it out.

  • Looks interesting. Word. Wondering about the E rating though with potential for violence? Saw a gun, just sayin’.

  • Aaaand @6 doesn’t return because his argument was destroyed.

    Cool stuff TT! I’ll likely be picking this one up as my laptop is too crummy to run the version I currently own on PC.

  • @8 sorry, I don’t play COD….got a little old after the first Modern Warfare, ya dig?

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pay $10 or $15 for a game on psn that seems to have a lot of replay value, also i prefer my games to have certain features…. for a downloadable game, i like to have custom soundtracks for instance. THis game seems like if you buy it and play it for 6hours(?) you will be done with it for all time, no replay.

    I could be wrong of course.

    oh and i dont give a F*** about trophies :)

  • @26, Just because you have been spoiled with games that have oodles of replay value, doesn’t mean that games without it aren’t worth paying for. Puzzle games like these are sometimes more rewarding than the games with tons of replay value.

    You are right about this game though, once you finish the game/puzzles thats it, until you want to show your friends/family the really cool art and story.

  • @ Kirkpad, Okay good point, yes difficult puzzle games can definitely be rewarding. Thanks for seeing my point too.

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