Introducing SOCOM Pro: Special Game Types, New Weapons Included

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Introducing SOCOM Pro: Special Game Types, New Weapons Included

We’ve been keeping a secret here at Zipper Interactive – a hush-hush special bonus that players who purchase new copies of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs are entitled to the moment they first play the game.

We call it “SOCOM Pro,” and you’ll first see mention of it when you open a brand new copy of SOCOM 4 on the back of the instruction manual. On that SOCOM Pro call-out, you’ll find a redemption code for use on the PlayStation Network that gets you… well, it gets you a whole bunch of super-cool things, really.


SOCOM Pro shows its benefits immediately on launch day, April 19, as any player who purchases a new copy of SOCOM 4 receives exclusive access to all “Pro” Custom Game queues. Not only will these queues be ranked, but they’ll also be updated regularly over the entire lifespan of SOCOM 4 – so it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for quite some time. Moreover, the first set of “Pro” Custom Game types will be the same fantastic rule sets that our diligent fans tested during our SOCOM 4 beta period. If you missed them in the beta, here’s what they are now:

  • Community Day Classic – Suggested by members of Zipper Community Day 2011, CDC offers a medley of different maps that support 8-vs-8 “Classic” variations on Suppression, Uplink, Last Defense and Bomb Squad with faster movement and no ranged explosives of any kind
  • Last Defense Run ‘n Gun – Our incredibly fast-paced deviation from our Last Defense gametype that includes speedier player movement, reduced weapon damage, and limitations to sub-machine guns and shotguns only
  • SCRUM – A Suppression mod that offers a “Classic” rules-inspired list of features that includes no respawn, no Sniper Rifles, no Concussion, Poison Gas, or Frag Grenades, higher damage and faster character movement
  • Sniper Alley – Another 8-vs-8 variation on “Classic” Suppression that boasts higher damage values and weapon restrictions that allow players access to only Smoke and Poison Gas Grenades, Shotguns, and of course, Sniper Rifles

Another sweet incentive for SOCOM Pro players is an exclusive pair of weapons that fans have been clamoring for: The M-16 (for Spec-Ops) and the AK-47 (for the Insurgents) assault rifles! Expect to see those within the first 30 days of SOCOM 4’s release.

SOCOM 4 ak47
SOCOM 4 m16

But these additions are just the beginning – we have plenty more planned for SOCOM Pro down the road including access to exclusive multiplayer maps, various co-op additions, dedicated leaderboards, and lots more. By the way, even if you don’t get a new copy of SOCOM 4 but find yourself playing it anyway, you can still gain access to SOCOM Pro by purchasing it from the PlayStation Store for a one-time fee of $14.99 (US) starting April 26.

We hope you enjoy the inclusion of our SOCOM Pro membership with all new copies of SOCOM 4 that will hit shelves April 19. Looking forward to seeing you reaping its rewards in game. Stay tuned to the SOCOM and PlayStation Blogs for future content updates!

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3 Author Replies

  • Love all socom games best games ever all of them i thin they need to meak socom in Ex yougoslavia becase ther was us special forces in ther in 1992 in was against Srbia that will be one good game maps will be crazy .

  • Cool. I still got the game pre-ordered @ Amazon!

  • i can’t wait. i’ve got the Full Deployment Edition pre-ordered at Amazon

  • pretty sick

  • MAG 2 is going to be awesome and I love that it’s 3rd person now!

  • Thats [DELETED]! Even EA charges less!!

    This is not socom. MAG + COD = socom 4

  • Yes those guns need a serious upgrade because they look like they can do more with more advanced parts!!!!\\\\>>>***;)$$$$$

  • Socom 4 failed before it even hit store shelves. You people thought you really were making a good game that you let reviewer review your game early.. You people have no talent, just do socom like they all were,.. you know with realism instead of all the flash and stupid corny story. Just release Socom 2 HD multiplayer if you guys are even capable of that.

  • Can’t wait fo this! I love the M16 and AK47! :D

  • It just doesn’t get any better than This!! Thanks Everyone at Zipper for committing yourself to the franchise so Loyally, like Most of Your Fans out Here, in the Game, Kickin @55!

  • No love for the m14…

  • I love the Socom 4 beta but This is pretty weird. Pro is a one time fee of 15$ bucks to get dlc like maps and guns and game modes but free for early adopters? This seems like alot, but is it just pre-paying for all the dlc down the line?

    • Pro is free if you buy the game new. You only pay for it if you want to gain its benefits with a version of the game that wasn’t purchased new (ie, you’re renting it or bought it used and want to access the SOCOM Pro content)

      Content for SOCOM 4 Pro is also unique. You’re not pre-paying or preparing for other DLC down the road, you’re accessing specific Pro Content.

  • love it never play it be4 but i want to get my hands on this game soon.

  • @JoeDuke4:

    The levels/MAPS in this DLC were specially crafted for use in the during the Beta so it looks like they decided to pull a CoD and charge $15 for their first DLC pack. And just like CoD fanboys SoCom Fanboys will buy it up if they have the funds since that is the way of the Fanboy.

    Even though I pre-ordered the Full Deployment Pack I am not 100% certain that those will have the voucher since they are generally created long before decisions like this are confirmed and announced to the Fanbase. So here is a prayer to God that those that pre-ordered the Full Deployment Pack get it.

    And maybe Zipper/SCEA could come up with different combo deals like GameStop is selling the new PS3 Cammo BT Mic, put the two into a piece like was available with Confrontation/Mic Bundle, call it the LRP Pack or some other name for lightweight insertion of Special Ops teams. There could be other bundle possibilities also.

  • Sounds awesome! Only four more days!

  • Awesome bonus for buying it new. Thanks Zipper.

    @11 JoeDuke4: It’s not for early adopters. It’s if you buy it new. If you buy it used it’ll cost you $15 for the bonus.

  • I Just picked up my copy, sounds good Zipper, thanks!!! 8)

  • Nice!

    Will all future DLC be under this ‘SOCOM Pro’ umbrella or just select DLC?

    Personally I think having a 1-time fee of $15 for all DLC is a really good idea – helps keep the userbase intact. Because once you get into more than 1 DLC pack it just continues to divide the online audience.

    • Just SOCOM Pro-specified content.

      And again, you’re only paying the fee if you didn’t get the game new. It’s free in new copies SOCOM 4.

  • It worries me that Sony seems to be following EA’s 10-dollar project example.

    I know this isn’t an online pass, but EA started the same way, with BC2 VIP pass, only to be followed by Online Passes for MoH and NFS:HP, so fingers crossed Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 don’t require online passes for multiplayer

  • Guess my days of shooting for platinum trophies are over if I ever want to resell my games.

  • Great news today !! hehe… ^_^

    can’t wait for this games:

    April: Socom 4

    May: MotorStorm Apocalypse

    June: Infamous 2 Hero Edition



    September: Resistance 3

    October: maybe Twisted Metal

    November: Uncharted 3


    That is all… bye bye ^_^

  • YES.

    Great way to treat early consumers of SOCOM 4. Loved the beta and looking forward to the full retail game. Thank you Zipper!

  • Sounds good to me. This is pretty much another take on Online Passes and Battlefield Bad Company 2’s VIP feature for people that bought new copies of the game.

    It’s a good deal in my opinion.

  • I don’t like online passes, but I understand the reasons why companies do them. I also have to give Zipper credit for not totally locking out multiplayer for renters, borrowers and used game people. I am on the fence about buying this game and this just muddies the water further (I view this announcement as more of a negative rather than a positive).

  • Whoa! Don’t ever do that again, Zipper!!!! Hey, put the word out Zipper was just messing around and always had that hardcore Socom we wanted all along. They probably wanted us to experience there new game modes before releasing that hardcore Socom we all remember. Nice stategy to draw players in from other francises. But, Zipper seriously. I need an official announcement on Demolition, Escort or Extraction and plllllzzz try to get me Frostfire, Kasbah, Urban Wasteland and Cross Roads. Even though those are mostly Confrontation maps there were cool. Keep it up Zipper and I try to get you more COD fans!

  • im gettin this but i prob wont be online right away idk if i’ll be able to steer myself away from Killzone 3 long enough

    might beat the SP side of it first than go right for that co-op.. honestly more dev’s should adopt it.. resistance 2 and syphon filter: the omega strain were great games because of it.. insomniac should have added more missions to resistance 2 rather than bring out stupid dlc maps for competitive mode

  • COOOL . I am getting this game @ 12 am release date. If anybody wants to get killed with the PlayStation Move just hit me up on the PSN. I Love using the PlayStation Move with Socom. Thanks Zipper :)

  • @NyPrince

    Yeah right, take your crying some where else.

    This Socom isn’t a one I like to much, but it isn’t bad and it seems to offer alot for the Socom fans.

  • Wait are the M16 and AK-47 for singleplayer, coop, or all three? Or is it like if you unlock a weapon in multiplayer you get it in singleplayer and vice versa? Not sure how the system works just heard you can pick your loadout in singleplayer which is very nice. I would be very pleased if you answered, thanks!

  • I’m a little disappointed that you’ve included the same thing that was the worst part about EA with NHL 11, having to “pay” for the online pass if you buy a used/rented copy.

  • This is not an online pass people. It’s only for the extra online stuff. You can still play Socom online but won’t be able to do the Pro stuff without the pass.

  • Who wants the [DELETED] ak-47 inaccurate piece of [DELETED], the m4 not even real spec ops version and where is the m16 and scar-h? Come on zipper offer something better grenade arc,prone roll,full custom controls,better graphics (though character models are great),a longer story including all of the wanna be seals not just ops com and 45,co-op mission objective base like resistance 2 rather than just mowing down enemies because it gets old,better ai,no collisions of you and your squad mates and they’re never in your way behind and in front single player,come on those sniper scopes are freaking ridiculous where are the numbers,x and y graph,and bars to represents inches to feet,spec ops have the same feel of weapons,hit arrows needs to more distinctive,real voice of the insurgents since they [DELETED] is some kind of Asian not some Brit or Australian dude,customizable characters like before, the bipod I don’t even know if it’s deployed or not at least have some sound indicator, where are the RPGs,lasor sight,reflex scope,thermal scope,and others past socom games had,take out faster reloading,rapid fire,faster movement everything that’s not original to socom.

  • I just hope that the singal player is like the original 4 socom games but i cant wait either way mine is payed for lol

  • I like games that have more people in the matches and solid objective-based team gameplay, like MAG.

  • HELL YEA!! this game just keeps getting better and better

  • Awesome. Zipper, love you guys. I wish more games would do this.

  • Looks great, and Zipper please please give us MAG 2 (=

  • Awesome!! So exited for the game :)

  • they learned from MAG
    so many people bought it used the game sales took a big hit

    Yes to Extra content
    No to online passes (EA tactic)

    Socom 4 is awesome

  • Is this like Battlfield Bad Company 2 VIP pass? Free select DLC. Or will it be like Medal of Honor EA pass, one free map and thats it?

  • visit my site to get in the know of the NGP!

  • lol, like this game couldn’t get any worse. Now your twisting everyone’s arm forcing them to buy new or pay an extra $15 for something that should be available to everyone. I guarantee the trade-in rate for this game will be huge and Zipper knows it. That’s why they’re trying to prevent everyone from buying it used with this crap.

  • what an absolute joke

  • Wait, you want us to buy a game that’s getting terrible reviews new by removing content to used buyers? If you want us to buy it new, just make a good game so everyone doesn’t trade it in! You guys are a joke.

  • So, how does this work when my significant other also would like to play this game? Do we have to buy the game and an additional $15 Pro code..? If it only applies on one PSN account, then you just made the decision between this week’s game releases that much easier.

    I buy most of my games new to begin with, but I still wish companies would stop doing this.

  • I spend a ton of money on games, old and new, and the bad reviews and meh beta already had me take SOCOM off the buy new list and now that you did this stupidity it will fall in the buy never list.

    What you fools fail to recognize is that your online communities suffer when you do this nonsense. I’m surprised you’re letting used buyers play online without paying a fee period.

  • perfect game I love all parts of it

  • This is a MP focused game that if you buy second hand you pretty much cant play. And your announcing this as something to be celebrated… that your giving to the fans as a bonus!!!

    Wow thanks (sarcasm factor at 11)

  • if u get the bundle does it still come with stickers fro the sharpshooter??????

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