BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Patch for PS3 AND BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II on PSP this May

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Patch for PS3 AND BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II on PSP this May

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Greetings fighting game enthusiasts and BlazBlue fans everywhere! This is Xie from Aksys Games, and I’m here to let you in on all the awesome BlazBlue news happening just around the corner this May!

BBCS - Update 1BBCS - Update 2

For the first bit of news, a new patch is coming out for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift on the PS3. This patch is a FREE upgrade that will enable Version 1.03 of the game. Version 1.03 will contain a lot of various bug fixes and tweaks, but there are two big changes that Version 1.03 brings that are sure to get you hyped up for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift all over again!

Version 1.03 will change the game balance to match the current version of BlazBlue found in the arcades of Japan. Whether your dream is to battle it out in Japan in their famous Super Battle Opera or just play with friends at home, be prepared to unleash all sorts of new combos and strategies after this update.

But that’s not all! Version 1.03 will make a new character available for purchase – the unbelievably cute Platinum the Trinity has finally made it to home consoles! Whether you enjoy throwing down with cutesy characters or fighting with a quirky, item-based style, Platinum will be available for unlock on PSN for $7.99!

The other piece of big news is that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II will be coming to PlayStation Portable this May! BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II is an enhanced port of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift that includes all the DLC and balances changes, and even includes some new story and single-player content created just for the handheld version. It’s the perfect way to take BlazBlue with you when you’re itching for awesome 2D fighting action on the go!


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  • Keep up the good work!!! Can’t wait till the CSII patch comes out

  • Great! I will definitely be playing BB:CS again when the patch is up. But I feel $7.99 for a new character that you can only use in a few modes is too much.

    Capcom charges only $5 (which a lot of gamers I know feel is too much too) for extra characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and that includes new artwork, endings for arcade mode, challenges and other stuff.

  • So, It’s just an update, no new openning or new story? Capcom will include news characters and story related in the next update on Super Street Fighter IV, and ArcSys only did that? for $7.99! I expect more! But ok!

  • Any chance we can get this on the PSN (the game itself)? Same with Agarest Zero. I know for the latter title, you are also doing a physical release, but really the digital stuff is preferred by some.

    Oh, and any news or subtle hints about Agarest 2? :)

  • I hope the PSP version of Continuun Shift is better than the Calamity Trigger one. Don’t scale down the graphics like that. They look too small and compressed, which is a shame for such beautiful sprites.

    Make the characters bigger, just like your Guilty Gear PSP ports :)

    Well, since the game comes out in May, it may be too late for this…

    • As for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II for the PSP, it will be out on PSN as well.

      As for the original BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and Agarest Zero, a digital release for either title isn’t planned at this time. Still, I love digital products myself, so maybe something will happen?

      And finally, for Agarest 2… well…

  • Great news! Been waiting on this DLC for awhile. Any word on the next Guilty Gear or BlazBlue (if any) for PS3? ^^ Or any info on Arcana Hearts?

    • So much to say, but so little time! Arcana Heart 3 was actually released today (April 19th)!

      As for a new GG or BB, I’ll be bugging Arc System Works nonstop!

  • Is there any chance of releasing all 3 DLC chars in one pack with some discount? $8 in each char is too much, like Rafael said Capcom charges $5 for each char in MvC3, SSF4AE patch with rebalancing and 4 new chars will cost $15 but is the “buy 4, pay 3” type, if there’s no plan of releasing all 3 DLC chars of BBCS after the patch, it’ll be the “buy 3, pay 4” type even with the free rebalancing patch.

  • 8 bucks for a single character. That’s really just abuse. And people say Capcom overcharges. Outland, an entire game will cost me 7.99.

  • With Arcana Hearts 3 coming in less then a week and BBCS II coming next month, its a great time to be a fighting game fan <3

  • Gee whiz. An update that will allow me to give you more money? What a great idea. I’m hyped up all over again!

    You guys don’t nickle and dime, you just take the whole wallet and give us a few pennies back.

  • Awesome, I haven’t played BlazBlue in a long time. Been playing MvC3 or SSFIV, but I think it’s time for me to go pick up BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, but I dunno about the DLC characters. Will you guys be releasing a dlc bundle with all the dlc characters?

    And Can we get a post about Arcana Hearts 3 details? I heard it was a pretty good fighting game from the people who imported it.

  • fighting games and dlc don’t mix. 8 bucks for one character is insane. the only type of dlc fighting games should have are new levels and costumes that aren’t on the disc

  • Finally!!!! I have been anticipating for this since I saw the japanese screenshots! Just wondering who will play her voice? And thanks Xie!!!

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You’re charging 8 dollars for a single character?
    …what are you, Activision? I can get 2 full Killzone 3 maps for 3 dollars less than that…

  • Any plans to broaden the use of DLC characters in the PS3/360 release of Continuum Shift? I mean, we can’t even use them in Arcade mode for starters.

  • will you guys at any point offer avatars or Home clothing for users? that would be cool

    • That does sound pretty cool. Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to do so at the present time, but I’ll let Arc System Works in on your suggestion.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this. Can’t wait to get Platinum and for some of the balance changes to my characters (in specific, Rachel and Tsubaki)

  • $7.99 for one character regardless of attached story is CRAZY! You can buy an entire PSN game with trophies for that price or maybe even lower. I’ll wait till the price drops.

  • Very disappointed that the DLC characters will not even be usable in Arcade mode and that we aren’t getting any of the PSP story stuff. I feel like my purchase has not been properly supported.

  • I think $7.99 for a character unlock sounds like too much.

  • I bought the first one, then you guys immediately sell continuum shift afterwards. So much like capcom. I wasn’t gonna have you guys steal my money twice. However capcom did lower the price of the second one. thank goodness the arcade edition is dlc. They learned their lesson.

  • If you are going to charge that much for a dlc character, you should at the very least fully integrate them in the game.

    And for that price, it should be a bundle with all downloadable characters. Please, don’t be like Capcom. You’re better than that.

    I think…

    I hope…

  • I’ll better spend that money helping Japan in a *bit* more constructive way, don’t you think????

  • 8 bucks is definently expensive, it has a negative image. Whereas if you stated the price would be 4.99 it would be a lot easier to justify. Its crazy how much a difference 3 dollars can make.

  • Woot its nice to know some devs actually care about the psp! since Sony obviously doesnt give a damn about it. i sure hope it gets a psn release (seeing as how the first 1 got it i shouldnt be too doubtful)

  • blazblue CT or CS on psn?????????? someday???????

  • You know, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was my most favorite fighting games ever since Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the PS1, it was just perfect for me and literally played it every single day, even if i did get destroyed by pretty much every Ragna i faced. Haha. Then i saw Continuum Shift was coming out, new characters, modes, Specials (kinda) and Astrals, i was SOOO SOOO excited about it, then i go get it the day it comes out to find that my character (Jin) had just been ruined, he was now slow and had an annoying new slash move, but it was mostly the whole slow thing that ruined him, the slash just threw off every combo i tried…. that hurt the game for me, but then i play as and play against all the other characters and see that they are all powered up compared the their CT versions, after playing online a few times, Hating the fact that you took away the server list from CT and people (myself included) had to sit there and wait forever to connect to a random person was so annoying then realizing that we couldn’t even backout of the matchups was just shocking and a terrible decision. What person wants to just jump online at lvl. 1…

  • …and test their skills out just to get matched up with e level 50 opponent who destroys them before they can even get up off the ground?? t i just put the game down and i haven’t touched it in months… $8 characters too, what the heck is that about? it’s the biggest DLC ripoff i’ve ever seen, just as bad as $15 old maps on COD maps. But anyway,

    I hope this update patched all the characters and fixes Jin but somehow i think that’d just be wishful thinking. Seriously, FIX TAGER!!! He is The worst! freaking cheap and unstoppable. Lowering Ragna’s damage would be nice too since he is so fast and has the easiest and quite powerful combos too.

    WHy is the PSP version called CSII though? why not just CS on the PSP/3DS? it’s not very different, bout as much change as the first BB to portable port.

    I want to get back into loving BB so please, do something.

  • $8 for a character? Not a chance.

  • BlazBlue = Best. Fighting. Game. Ever. !.

    Anyways, I plan on buying BlazBlue CS2 on 3DS and PSP and can’t wait for the patch + Platinum for my PS3! =D

  • Why are you guys charging $7.99 for Platinum Of The Trinity, are you guys really going to take advantage of the fan base like that and make a pretty penny over a Loli character? Give us a break Aksys/Sony, I never bought the previous DLC characters for $7.99, I actually waited it out until they were both on sale for like $4.99! Stop over pricing character DLC, Platinum Of The Trinity costs more than 1 MVC 3 ($4.99) character, and those are 3D models compared to a 2D Sprite.

    Make Platinum Of The Trinity cheaper, in fact make her 50% off for PS Plus members for a limited time ($4.99)! PS plus members deserve what they pay for, it’s only fair that Platinum Of The Trinity should cost $4.99!



  • So at $7.99 per dlc character, why aren’t we getting the additional story content that is coming with the psp/3d versions? For that matter, why aren’t those that get all 3 dlcs just getting Continuum Shift 2 when it’s simply an update to the current game? I’m sorry, but I can’t help but feel swindled for even purchasing the last 2 dlcs. Ya know, many were under the impression we’d be getting a Continuum Shift 2 patch that added some story for our dlc making it a little more desirable (but still too expensive) to pick them up. Why are those that purchased the game and dlc for the console being shafted when we have more than likely spent enough cash on that stuff to buy the portable version 2 times over?

    Well, you can take your games and shove it if this is how it’s gonna be. You’re worse than all of the nickel/diming bastards at Capcom and Activision. It’s a shame too; I’ve always be a loyal customer of your products until this bastardization of your fan/playerbase.

  • WOW. And I thought Capcom gouged. …$8…? …Seriously? No chance in hell guys, best of luck at trying to make that seem like a decent value.

  • I can’t wait Aksys! Definitely looking forward to Trinity, the patch, and Continuum Shift 2!

    Your fighting games are really the only ones I have a lot of fun with so the price tag is fine with me, because I’ll get more out of it than I ever did with the Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom DLC. Bleh. Bad purchases I’ll never be able to get a refund on.

  • Personally can’t wait for the patch and Platinum. Those unhappy with the DLC characters prices should take your whining to Capcom. They’ll happily scam you out of your money with characters already on the disk and bare bone content charged at full price. Not like Blazblue went out the way to give us awesome content and characters who are all unique.

  • No matter what you say, charging 8 bucks for a single character that you can only use online and in versus is a major ripoff when those who purchased the console version and dlc are paying more than double the price of the portable version for far less content.

  • @37
    Complain all you want but the content in question cost money to make (and was priced accordingly). Those not interested will just wait for a discount period (or complain on forums) and rest will simply buy the character (or not). Imposing your belief system on how content like this should handled is based off nothing more than opinion (and not fact). Going by the comments in this post I expect nobody had interest in using any of the DLC characters in the first place (thus 8 dollars being to much). Also can’t believe a console version of a game cost more than its portable counterpart…

  • No it is not priced accordingly when there is literally no content included with the character. You can’t even use the character in all of the game modes (hell, not even half of them). It’s just an empty shell of what the portable version has to offer.

    As far as pricing of the games go; Yes, the console version of a game will cost more, but this is not the complaint. The console version provides only a fraction of what is available on the portable and costs nearly double if you get the character dlc (Hell, buying CS now at it’s reduced cost and all character dlc would still cost more for less content). The price point of the character dlc is a value of which should include the actual character package (that means that arcade/story included that are clearly present in the portable) . People like yourself who will buy anything a company you love oh so much throws at you, no matter the cost or how hollow the content only encourage the downward spiral that dlc is going down. Next thing ya know we’ll be paying to unlock character Astrals and Distortion moves.

    Honestly, the price itself would be perfectly fine if we were actually getting what the price projects, and that is pretty much what the portable has.

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