Sorcerer’s Lair Table for ZEN Pinball Unveiled on PSN, Watch the Exclusive Trailer

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Sorcerer’s Lair Table for ZEN Pinball Unveiled on PSN, Watch the Exclusive Trailer

Pinball Wizards! Today we are unveiling Sorcerer’s Lair, a brand new ZEN Pinball table! It has been awhile since our last blog post, but we hope you have been enjoying Marvel Pinball and keeping your skills sharp on other ZEN Pinball tables. All eight of our studio pinball teams have been hard at work over the past few months developing new tables.

Set in an ancient Citadel that is controlled by an evil Sorcerer, you play as a brother and sister pair who find themselves caught in the Sorcerer’s spells and traps. It is up to you and your ghost sidekick, Whisper, to take down skeletons, spiders and ghosts as you try to defeat the Sorcerer and restore peace to the Citadel. This fantasy themed table is full of hidden modes and secret unlocks, so it will take some time to really discover the intricacies of Sorcerer’s Lair.

Zen Pinball: Sorcerer's Lair for PS3 (PSN)

As you have come to expect from every ZEN Pinball table, there is no shortage of interactive 3D objects, multiple modes of play, secret unlocks, online multiplayer competition – and three new trophies!

It is hard to believe that this is our SEVENTH expansion for ZEN Pinball! We really need to thank the PlayStation community for embracing our game on this level, and allowing us to continue work on a game we love so much.

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  • Absolutely wonderful news to brighten an already good day even more! Keep up the great work and I look forward to hopefully many more tables in the future as well. Zen Pinball is easily in my father’s top three favorite games and I even encouraged my brother to download it on his system as well. I am definitely looking forward to trying this table out as soon as possible. Have a wonderful week!

  • Awwww! Awesome looking table, but I was looking for the next set of Marvel tables! Gonna get this one though!

    • There will be news about new Marvel Pinball tables soon! In the meantime, enjoy Sorcerer’s Lair. There are a ton of cool things to discover in this one.

  • Well, I’m definitely picking this up as well.

    Any chance we’ll see “Zen Pinball 2” in the near future?

  • Looking forward to the new table. :)

  • That would be sweet if Sony could hook up with you guys and get PS+ users a free table or two. I’ve been interested in playing these tables but haven’t got around to buying them.

  • You know what I was just thinking? Wouldnt a Tron Table be AWESOME!? At first I thought we need a futuristic table and then I thought, wait a minute, TRON! Do it! Do it!

    • We are HUGE Tron fans over here. Tron would translate beautifully on the pinball canvas with some of that Daft Punk OST mixed in. Ok, you are talking me into it!

  • It seems like a perfect fit, dont you agree? BTW, I just know it will sell like Disney movie tickets in 3D!

  • It would be great to play a Tron table, but that would mean Zen has to license the movie from Disney. However, they somewhat have a relationship there already through Marvel (Disney owns Marvel). Licensing does make it rather difficult though.

  • Nice costumes……..if only i could show them from my psn account (you know……….connect HOME and psn avatars!!!!) then i would definitely buy some.
    Now i don’t see any point buying anything cause none of my friends will see it

  • Looks pretty good! I love how you add new trophies with each table! I still gotta get the other tables. I only have the original game right now, but I’ll be getting more when I get the Mushroom Wars online add-on!

  • Waaaaait, the original story (and tweet) said this was coming out today. I guess the fact that the story no longer mentions that, and the original tweet has been removed means it’ll be out next Tuesday, or later. Bummer!

    • Typos happen! If you guys could see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak, you would seriously laugh. But yes, this is coming the week of April 25, not to long hopefully!

  • Oh I really like gor1llap1mp’s idea!!! A Tron table?!?! I would buy that day one!!!!! Especially with a little Daft Punk thrown in there!

  • Thanks for revealing your newest Zen Pinball table by far! It is going to be magically epic! Can’t wait to play it once it’s out! I have some few new table suggestions! How about you make an Ed Edd n’ Eddy table or a Sonic the Hedgehog table? I like Cartoon Network’s TV show and SEGA’s true blue mascot! I’m such a huge fan of both of them! Keep up with the new tables, Zen Studios! I love Zen Pinball!!!

    • Both excellent suggestions. We will add them to our white board with all the ideas and talk it over:)

      Thanks for your support!

  • Mr. Kigyossy, if we continue to support the dlc and the game will you guys continue to make tables?


    • We will absolutely continue making tables. We have big plans for ZEN Pinball on PSN, we are still just scratching the surface of what is possible!

  • Nice-looking table, from what you can see — some nice-looking ramp shots. And is that a whole different table with a wood-colored background and different ramp layouts?!? Fascinating….

  • Wow, I love the colors and theme on this table.

    Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball have been my favorite games on PSN. They have seriously made me rediscover the love I had for pinball machines as a kid. Definitely be picking it up the first day and playing it until my fingers are numb.

    • We share the same love of pinball! We had to get more office space to accommodate our quickly growing pinball machine collection. We have four machines in the office right now, but we have more in storage just waiting for space.

  • when bikini girls table, California girls table, girls

  • It’s evergreen titles like this that the industry needs more of. Games that keep on gaming =)

  • Can’t wait for this table.

    Got every table for Zen pinball and each one is unique.

    Keep them coming !

  • Looks like a pretty cool table, will most likely get it. No word on pricing?

    And HELL YES to a Tron table. Make it happen!

  • I’ll definately pick this up on release day – I’ve gotten all the Zen Pinball tables so far, as well as Marvel Pinball. Never gets old. Some of those trophies are hard though!

  • Table Suggestions:

    1. Killzone 3
    2. Uncharted Drakes Fortune/ Among Thieves
    3. inFamous
    4. MAG
    5. MotorStorm
    5. BlackOps

  • Patch suggestion: Make a in-game PlayStation Store for DLC

  • A TRON table with Daft Punk music?? SOLD!!! Also is this new table PSN exclusive?

  • have you guys thought about doing the old williams tables pin*bot is my favorite but there is tons more of them that are very popular..

  • looks awesome to me. having all zen pinball tables and marvel pinball as well. i must confess, these are the only 2 games residing on my playstation (the only other purpose of it is watching blu-rays). so please keep on developing great pinball tables (as you are the only company doing it :-) and doing it well!)

  • Looking good cant wait to pick it up. Any news on zen pinball 2 hopefully we will see a June 2011 release????

    Im loving pinball fx2 for the 360 hopefully the same uprades comes to the ps2 for zen pinball 2 lets just make different tables dont port the, over.

    • Hopefully we can launch a platform type model here on PSN in the very near future. It’s being worked on!

  • I meant ps3

  • Zen, you have all my love! Best PSN game ever.

  • Well you can count on my purchase. I’ve really enjoyed all of the tables on Zen Pinball. I figured since Marvel Pinball was released we had seen the end of Zen Pinball. This is just a great treat to have another table made available.

  • now…. about that TRON table ;)

    i bought the MARS table cuz of the neon blue lights (anything neon will instantly get my attention)… so that TRON table idea is very awesome… Zen Studios… PLEASE consider it… A LOT… if it ever comes out, i will buy it the minute its on the PS Store

    side note: I’m loving how this table looks, gonna pick it up soon =D (Already bought Mars and Paranormal Boards)

  • Saweeeet, I just added 5 bills to my account a couple weeks ago to pick up the Paranormal table, which is super fun btw. I’ve had the balance remaining just sitting on my account since, well I think I know where its going….

  • It may seem hard to believe, but I own all the Zen Pinball products on both platforms. That is how much I love your work. I can’t wait to purchase the new table and look forward to more in the future.

    I am also in favor of a TRON table. I would be willing to even pay a bit extra in order for Zen Studios to cover that property license. It would be interesting just to hear if your studio could get in to pitch the idea to Disney. I think the Marvel property has been a great success and since they are a part of Disney, maybe the foot is already in the door? Hmmm? I would prefer more of a Classic Tron theme and it would have to, I mean HAVE TO, have the Wendy Carlos Tron theme and Tron Scherzo music.


  • Is it just me, or is the graphical quality of the newer tables lower than the first tables we got? Textures seem more pixellated and there’s a distinct lack of lighting effects. (In the video the Sorcerer’s spell twinkles didn’t cast any light, and the spider don’t can’t a shadow, for instance.)

  • My suggestions for tables (and in favor of bundling tables w/game deal)

    Little Big Planet
    Mini Ninjas

    Been debating back and forth what to get…Zen or Marvel. Such decisions….a sale would help decide. :D

  • Honestly I prefer you keep coming up with original ideas for tables. People will always harp on the table if it doesn’t live up to whatever weird expectations they have for the original ip especially when it comes to video games. i think you can get away with it doing comic tables because their so much variety generally to the stories, due to multiple different runs for each character that you’re not really painted into a corner in terms of creativity.

    I enjoy seeing the random tables you can come up with that are obviously inspired by things you have watched, read or played but really allow you to put your own personal stamp on them.

  • Gonna get this !!!!

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