Coming to PlayStation Plus: Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Red Johnson’s Chronicles, more

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Coming to PlayStation Plus: Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Red Johnson’s Chronicles, more

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for two more rounds of new PlayStation Plus content? Well, April continues to be the biggest Plus month ever in terms of content offerings with some huge discounts and free games coming your way over the next two weeks! As announced on the PlayStation Europe blog last week, we’ve secured a deal with Ubisoft to offer all Plus subscribers 20% discounts on the games Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (available now), Outland (coming April 26), and Beyond Good and Evil (coming this May). And if you didn’t notice it, the much-anticipated Steel Rain DLC for Killzone 3 became available yesterday, free for an entire month to PlayStation Plus subscribers (regular price $4.99).

Check out some of our highlighted offers below, along with the full list that follows.

steel rain_02

Free Games and DLC
Killzone 3 fans can jump into the Steel Rain DLC featuring two all new multiplayer maps at no cost if they’re Plus subscribers.

Get ready to pick sides between Grunts and Jarheads because starting April 26 Crash Commando will be free for Plus subscribers!

And if battling live people doesn’t sound appealing, then be sure to check out Alien Zombie Death, also free on the 26th. Experience 14 levels of fighting alien zombies until they are, well … dead!

Huge Discounts
Red Johnson’s Chronicles: Episode 1 will be available two weeks early to Plus subscribers starting April 19 for $6.50. That’s a 50% off the regular store offer for the eerie point-and-click murder mystery adventure.

Housmarque’s stylistic side-scroller Outland will become available for $7.99 on April 26, marked down 20% from its full price.

Exciting Exclusives
The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Full Game Trial is making its way to PlayStation Plus on April 26, so fans looking for a little strategy in their shooters (as well as some gorgeous backdrops) need look no further.

Gamers looking to freshen up their avatars can download the Resident Evil 5 Avatar Bundle, which includes 10 new avatars for just $0.99 on April 26.

As always be sure to check the full list of new items as well as items that are being taken down from the PlayStation Plus storefronts below:

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 4/19:

Discounted Games

  • Hamsterball End Sale (PlayStation Plus Price $3.99, regular price $9.99)
  • Red Johnson Chronicles Episode 1 (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus for $6.50)
  • Mad Blocker Alpha minis (PlayStation Plus Price $2.00, regular price $3.99)

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 4/26:

Full Game Trial

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Featured Games & DLC

  • Crash Commando (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99)
  • Alien Zombie Death minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $3.99)
  • Outland (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, regular price $9.99)
  • Funky Lab Rat (PlayStation Plus price $4.00, regular price $9.99 – for one week only)

Featured Themes & Avatars

  • Resident Evil 5 – 10 Avatar Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $0.99)
  • Anomalies Static Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
  • SEGA Genesis Dynamic Theme (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
  • MotorStorm® Apocalypse: Burning Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $0.25)
  • MotorStorm® Apocalypse: Urban Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $0.25)
  • Might And Magic Clash Of Heroes – Aidan Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $0.49)
  • Might And Magic Clash Of Heroes – Nadia Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $0.49)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on April 19:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

  • Stardrone (PlayStation Plus price $4.00, regular price $7.99)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on April 26:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

  • Junebug Bench Static Theme – Full Store Take Down (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
  • Comet Crash (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $1.99)
  • A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99 $1.99)
  • Vector TD minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $3.99)
  • Abe’s Exoddus (PS one import) (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99)

Discounted Games/DLC

  • Ricochet HD (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, regular price $10.00)
  • Cool Boarder 2 (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
  • Dungeon Hunter (PlayStation Plus price $9.74, regular price $12.99)


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  • how about u give us fallout 3 dlc like europe ??
    no more themes for gods sakes

  • Thank you very much for the free KZ3 DLC map pack! This makes me very glad that I’m a PS Plus subscriber.

    I’d still like to see PS Plus subscribers get discounts on subscription fees for the following:
    1) DCUO,
    2) Qriocity Music Service.

  • Just wanted to stop by and say Thank You, I have been so happy with my plus membership after I got it two weeks after it was announced. I must have over 200 dollars in content and have to stay a big Thank You from me especially during these hard times it is good to know we still get great content and at a price we can’t beat.

    Thank You

  • I have been a Plus subscriber since near the beginning and I love it. I don’t think people understand that $50 is really not that much money in the scheme of things and I don’t understand why people think that entitles them to games of their choice.

    But anyways, I would also like to echo the desire for free Fallout 3 DLC like EU got. That would be completely awesome.

  • Crash Commando is 3 years old…plus, it has 5 DLC packs…

  • A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks cost 9.99 wow!!!!!!!!!

  • I just would like to say thanks to PlayStation Store for downloading our stuff easier on playstation store instead of searching for it in our download list. Huge kudos PlayStation Store Team :)

  • Why are EU users getting an awesome digital art store with amazing artsy dynamic & static themes, The Studio, created by famous designers, while US users aren’t? Not only that, but EU PlayStation Plus users get a 20% discount on ALL The Studio themes AND free ones as well. Why are US users being left out?

  • Sum update in one word.


    Plus review. Free games offered since 3/11 (my join date)… OLD garbage and a BIG FAT F for a grade.
    Plus additional savings (approx. $30 over non-+ members) since join date. Grade: B. Frankly, I wouldn’t have purchased (some of) the games in the first place, but hard to pass up a $3-4 ps3 game. So, had the games been of better quality/variety…would’ve been an easy A.

    If you buy alot of games off PSN, plus is worth it. Patience for a sale is vital. If you are hoping for alot of nice “free” stuff in addition to those savings….. unless things change…forget it.

  • This is the discounts for xbox users this week….. where are our super amazing disounts like this?

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (600 MP) 50% off
    Mega Man 10 (400 MP) 50% off
    Final Fight: Double Impact (400 MP) 50% off
    Bionic Commando: Rearmed (400 MP) 50% off
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (600 MP) 50% off
    Toy Soldiers (800 MP) 33% off
    Perfect Dark (400 MP) 50% off
    Magic: The Gathering (400 MP) 50% off
    South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! (400 MP) 50% off
    Splosion Man (400 MP) 50% off
    Braid (400 MP) 50% off
    Snoopy Flying Ace (400 MP) 50% off
    UNO Rush (400 MP) 50% off
    Duke Nukem 3D (400 MP) 50% off
    Duke Nukem Manhatten Project (400 MP) 50% off

  • Man I’m just mediocre on these upcoming updates for Plus. I may get playing Crash Commandos again since it’ll have some new people playing. The discounts are cool cause I’ll most likely pick up at least Beyond G&E. The other titles we see. The minis like always are a waste of time in my opinion. I don’t even bother downloading them. The free avatars is cool finally. May also pick up the RE ones.

    Just wondering where our PS1 game is? Can we get a reply on this . Also wasn’t the last real PS+ update on 4/5? Now the next one is 4/26. What’s up with the 3 weeks in between?

  • No more free avatars for PS Plus members? :(

  • wow i was hoping for something even remotely decent after those last 2 updates .. and what do i get ? vegas 2 and crash commando .. 2 games that were day 1 purchases for me

    mind as well not even look at the store and i probably wont because i’ll be locked into socom4

  • Really? Most of you are so ignorant to what other people may find to be a great deal. Like oh I don’t want this game or I have that, give us something else. I’m all for a good selection and I may not always be feeling the updates but wow. And Minis wouldn’t get trophies as they are made primarily for the psp. But wow then you troll by saying how xbox has better features for the money you pay, well guess what, the money you pay for that system is needed to be able to ply online where sony has free online play, plus is just a bonus, if you don’t like it then jump ship next time you are due to pay it. When you do jump ship tho don’t complain how plus gets exclusive stuff. I love plus, early access, discounts, free games, free add-ons, and patch push through. PS Plus FTW!!

  • you should atleast update the digital releases of old games w/ trophies if your going to re-publish them i mean vegas2 has its own in-game awards to it so it really cant be that hard to make up some trophies for it

    and you can pretty much do a cut-and-paste set from assasins creed 2 and somehow implement it into 1

  • Rather than Full Game Trials, I’d rather everyone just got a free demo. It’s bad enough that it’s a MASSIVE download for just an hour of playtime, but by far the worst insult is that the title stays in my trophy listings, as if trying to wedge its way into my wallet. Honestly, they come off more as marketing ploys than perks. I’ll gladly take a free subscription to Music Unlimited over these atrocities any day.

  • very nice plus updates looking forward to the free avatars,discounts on outland and red johnsons chronicles those 2 games look interesting

  • Oh….and noticing a trend with the games we’re getting for “free”. The current and next one both have expansion packs that I don’t see listed that we’re going to get free too, nor even a discount……….so, there you are again having trophies in your list for an expansion that you need to buy for your “free” game, if you want to complete them all that is….

    And let’s not forget, if you so choose to ever say bye bye to PS+, you’re stuck with an expansion pack (since you paid for it) to a game that you now cannot play….unless of course you buy that game.


    And look at that list from XBOX…you should be DISGUSTED. Better than your whole month long spring event rolled into one week. And us + people are paying extra for our fancy ‘discount’ card, and this is what we get compared to joe average on the Xbox? Just downright sad.

  • Here’s what you’re Plus announcement should’ve said….just to keep things even with the old XBox. (Tried to vary the game types) :D

    Featured games and DLC for 4/26:

    Mushroom Wars Bundle (personally rather have PJ Monster/Encore bundle, but thats me) – 50%
    Outland $7.99,
    Funky Lab Rat $4.99
    Magic: The Gathering – 50% (preview/gameplay trailer please anyways)
    Assassin Creed – 50% (already have myself, so no interest there, but still….just released on PSN)
    COD: First Strike – Free
    Days of Thunder: NASCAR – 50% (dont want either, but start of season, so seems like good time)
    Stacking Bundle – $9.99 Plus price….for those of us who missed Stacking for free… :D
    Trine – 50%
    Shank – 50%
    Marvel Pinball – 50%
    Top Gun – 50%
    Critter Crunch – 50%

  • I don’t really post on here, but I just gotta get some stuff off my mind. I have supported Sony since PSone and have bought their consoles and games ever since. I bought a 1yr PS+ subscription the day it launched and in the begining it was slow. I feel that the minis are useless. I also feel that the avatars need to have more of a variety. Where is Killzone, MGS, Resistance 3, Heavenly Sword, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon Souls, and Motorstorm avatars? It seems like you gave Capcom an exclusive deal to have just their avatars on PSN Store. Also, it would be great if you implemented more features into the Plus program. Anyway, I hope you are listening, because it seems like some of the stuff we say falls on deaf ears.

  • @40 wait u actually got that waste of time and money titled pspgo haha

  • Anybody else fill out that PS+ email survey? They should have sent it out 3 months ago after Sam and Max. The more I filled in the survey the more annoyed I got, due mostly to the repeat games last month. I still think it’s worth the $50 for 15 months I paid – $3 per month covers the cost of a free mini, several of which I enjoyed – but lately I’ve been feeling so-so. Maybe this summer will be better, after alt he Genesis games we all already own have run their course. I’m completely on the fence right now about renewing. If there’s no “we want you back, here’s an extra bonus for renewing” then I probably won’t. DL 12gig Move Heroes trial, then having to delete another 12 gig for it to install, just to essentially play the 1.6gig demo again, didn’t help any. No more trials for me.

  • We are in need of KILLZONE 3 AVATARS!!!

  • This makes me happy.

    Outland looks so amazing.

  • @50
    If you are being serious, Portal was released on PS3 as part of the Orange Box several years ago. If memory serves it was $20 when it was released so you should be able to find a cheap copy. I didn’t expect to be nearly as impressed with it as I was, the subtle humor is as big of a selling point as the novel puzzle aspect of the game.

  • How about a pack of DC Universe Online avatars? I think people would buy that.

  • RE5 Avatars this is a good thing.

  • how we can download games for psp go from the net

  • Crash Commando is the greatest online multiplayer game on PSN, if you haven’t played it, give it an honest chance. Now it will have some new life and more filled online games, I’ll have to start playing more again.

    If you like the game, check out the community at

    I have lobbied on this blog a lot for it to be a + offer, so Sony DOES LISTEN. THAN YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Sony.

  • @79 – download and install mediaGo…it’s Sony’s AIO media hub software for transfers to psp/pspgo/cells/etc…

  • Playstation Plus the last few months seems to be a FAIL.

    We get these free 2-3 year old PSN titles, and are compelled to download the expansion packs to avoid having a gap in our Trophies. Like this coming PSN title has 5 expansion DLC’s !!! If you don’t renew our subscription, we are stuck with expansion DLC’s and no proper game, leaving us to purchase the game anyhow.

    Sony, sad to say, but Xbox has a lot more going on for it’s REGULAR users in terms of discounts, then you do for your PLUS subscribers. They offer more discounts in a week than you do in a few months. Plus, they are not stuck with a basic “rental” of the item they purchased compared to us PLUS subscribers.

    Sorry for having a little rant, but most of us have been handing you (Sony) money for a long long time. In the end, we became PLUS subscribers, but we seem to be getting the short end of the stick lately. Having a good month here and there does not make up for months where content is lacking.


  • PSN MINIS NEED TROPHIES, other wise, they are really not much fun after an hour of gameplay, save if you own a PSP system. Time to get this done, even the DEVELOPERS are telling you they want TROPHY SUPPORT.

    DISCOUNTS are ok, but sometimes, they are minuscule in comparison to what’s offered on the other network.

    PSN GAMES should be newer titles, such as STACKING, stay away from REALLY OLD PSN titles with large amounts of expansion DLC’s. We feel cheated when you do this to your LOYAL CUSTOMERS to make $$$ off of the ones who subscribed to Playstation Plus.

    FULL GAME TRIALS need to be longer than 1 hour! They are large in size and should have an UNLOCK method without having to re-downloading the game. ALSO, DISABLE the trophy listings, its a trial. Don’t leave us with a 0% because we tried a game and didn’t like it.

  • AVATARS…well, we should have some EXCLUSIVE ones…pretty sure they was advertised at the start. ALSO, enough CAPCOM ones, can we have these GLOBALLY, bring the EU avatars here and vice versa? Also, bring a few out each month, not 15 every 3-4 months. Offer then in bundle form and singularly.

    PSone CLASSICS need to be fresh, memorable games. Games that we are asking for. There is a huge following of those that want fresh a fresh PSone Classic every month (4weeks).

    DLC discounts and freebies are always welcome, but don’t make the whole Playstation Plus Monthly Release about a free DLC pack to a game that maybe 10% of us own. It’s kind of odd that it’s pushed to us as something GREAT but all the hoopla just doesn’t cut it in the end.

    HOPEFULLY someone reads this and it sticks with them. Sometimes, SONY is just not in touch with what their customers really want or what they are looking forward too……..

  • well said sid4peeps! A PS+ member here, agreeing 100%

  • Sid, you have less than 600 trophies, why do you care so much? Furthermore, your trophy list is full of low percentage games, which means you should feel no obligation to buy DLC for the DLC trophies.

  • One question and I am not being a jerk about this a previous reply from someone in charge of answering official replies said something about a PS1 game that wasn’t a repeat so my question is perfectly legitimate.

    Where is it? Where is the PS1 game promised? In addition how often can I expect to have repeat content? I love a lot of the awesome new features playstation in general will be giving to the PS3 soon.

    But why is so much less offered by SCEA then SCEE gets? Their really is no comparison.

    This is a premium service online play is already free which I am very grateful for but I really feel like some kind of voting process needs to be taken under consideration for a lot of the “content” offered. especially if you are going to repeat it.

  • I’m very grateful to the people at Sony who provide PS Plus content to us American gamers. I’ve been a Plus member for 4 months now (got the 1 year & 3 months free deal), and feel like I’ve already gotten my moneys worth. Stacking being free for Plus members was probably the best thing yet, but the free Killzone 3 content this month is just fantastic. This is not the main reason I’m posting now, even though I do feel someone at Sony deserves some gratitude and praise. I see a lot of people complaining all the time here. I would just like to remind people that it’s not like being a Plus member costs an arm and a leg. A year is the same price as XBox 360 gamers pay to just play online, let alone not get free content like we do. We all now have cloud save support. Does that not mean anything either? I just think instead of complaining about the things we don’t get (like the content Europe gets), lets be grateful for what we do get. I would like SONY to continue their Plus content. That’s my two cents. Thanks again.

  • Why do games come down off the playstation store especially when they have trophies?

  • While I’m extremely loyal to PS, and am grateful for free online play and a far better console….as a consumer, PSN has alot of ground to make up before I’m happy with how they want to sell us products. Frankly, they need to get on the ball and they are more than capable of making that happen quickly. So….why hasn’t it happened? Distracted by lawsuit/source code issues perhaps, but they are leaving customers feeling left out in the cold. Improve PSN, Sony, and you’ll have more sales. Win win for everyone. :)

    Noticed other pricing differences from my limited research since I’ve never looked at the xbox site until now (thanks sony….sheesh) and they have a nice list to choose from…..screenshots for every game on site too…. Braid $10 reg price instead of $14.99 like PSN. Just sayin..

  • Point out a couple highlights from my quick search….

    3v3 NHL Arcade – X – $5. PSN – $9.99 Definately not paying $10 for it now. Want to sell it to me, make it $5 or less.
    FX2 Pinball (full game)- FREE (no sale noted) We have Zen and Marvel… $9.99..
    Age of Booty – reg. price is $5. We just had a sale for $5, normal $9.99. Some sale we had, thought I got a deal. I guess for PSN, I did.

    Sad….I’m seeing screenshots (like every single one of them..2,357 listed on website) for games I’ve considered on PSN, but on PSN, no preview or trailer. Lists file size, for every game, prior to download screen.

    Ugh. Come on Sony, step it up.

  • the ending….”enjoy” Well, if you say so but…. We’re losing more than we’re getting in terms of games for plus members but can you answer me this. Just exactly how are we supposed to enjoy that we have 50% less free games available to us as well as sale items?

    – Sale (full games) – 4 current – down to 2 as of 4/26. 1 @ 20% and 1 @ 50% (with very poor reviews) and 1 full (?) game…exclusive…not noted as a sale price though. Don’t know about you, but this is in no way a definition of “..huge discounts over the next two weeks..” 3 games….seriously……huge. Better pace yourself. Try an 11 for 11 sale if you want something a little more appropriate to your wording.

    and, lets just note, we have 4 free games available currently being replaced by 2 games. No ps1 replacement at all either.

    “Well, April continues to be the biggest Plus month ever in terms of content offerings with some huge discounts and free games coming your way over the next two weeks! ”

    HAHAHAHAH – see above for diminishing returns on what is available to us + members and pick more honest wording.

  • Edit #92. 4 sale games to 3; 2 @ 50%, 1 @ 20%

  • R6V2 needs trophies

  • YAAAYYYY! Great stuff for Europe Plus members….. oh wait I live in America. At least now I know why I canceled my plus membership.

  • I’m reading some of these posts and it is really sad that there are that many loyal Sony customers that feel they are getting swindled into believing that Playstation Plus was a good deal. I was one of them. I have a 360 but I play and give my money to Sony. They have until the end of April to change their ways or I will leave and start spending my money with Microsoft. Look at my account Sony you will see I spend more than most. I’m hating these updates with a passion. I DO UNDERSTAND THIS IS A BUSINESS. If we were only getting 75% of what Europeans are getting I Swear to you that you would be getting praises like crazy from us. Sadly, its the opposite.

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