Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Hits PSN Today, New Story Trailer

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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Hits PSN Today, New Story Trailer

As Mr. Nathan Vella mentioned last week, Ubisoft and Cabybara Games are set to cast Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes out into the wild later today. Announced last year, Clash of Heroes is an HD remake of the classic DS title released in 2009. If you’ve seen what Capybara Games has done with their previous HD-ifying ventures, you’ll know that the remake for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes will blow your mind. As someone who never got his hands on the DS game, I was very impressed with my hands-on time with the game (or impressed enough to accidentally skip a meal on Sunday because I was too busy playing :P).

Even better is the story that unfolds throughout the game. Now, I don’t want to spoil things for anyone, but Clash of Heroes follows five heroes as they embark on a journey to retrieve a lost artifact. Through their adventures, you will visit five unique territories that will pose a variety of enemies and challenges. Take a look at our new trailer highlighting the five heroes above.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Couple all this with some stunning HD visuals and online/offline multiplayer modes (either 1v1 or 2v2) and you have a puzzle role-playing game that will surely keep you busy for quite some time. Look for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes when it hits the PlayStation Network later today for $14.99. If our blog posts still haven’t convinced you, be sure to take the demo for a spin.

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  • the 1080p native art looks amazing!!!! another great job from Capy :)

    now we just need a puzzle level editor/uploader/rater for Critter Crunch and we’ll be set ;)

    what’s next from you guys?

    • Hahaha, no level editor for CC coming sorry!

      What’s next for us? You mean after we win 100’s of online battles in Clash of Heroes? Probably more PSN games, if we can!

  • This game looks awesome. 5 Stars.

  • Already bought! Loved it on DS, going to love it in HD even more, I suspect. Thanks for bringing this to PS3!

  • Downloading as we speak. The discount for + members sealed the deal. Now lets get some more full downloadable retail titles on the store. Asscreed was a lame – and trophiless – addition. Games on Demand is making an embarassment out of PSN in this regard.

  • “embarrassment” Spelling is important. Stay in school kids.

  • takemymoney.jpg

  • the game definately looks sweet.too bad as of now my wallet is dry.gonna try the demo though.thank you ubi and capibara

  • sorry, this post wont change my mind. too late. the game has already been downloaded and installed. im off to play, dont bother me.

  • I think you had a fail on the EU blog. I don’t believe we use your dollars in Europe.

  • Quite nice looking visuals. I just bought it, downloading atm, can’t wait to check it out.

  • Any chance we can get a patch to let us remap the controls? Square and Circle need to be swapped inside of combat. :\ Really awkward this way.

  • As of today im moneyless. So I will be one of those keeping the sales strong in week 2 :)

  • Wow, nice touch adding keyboard support. I don’t have a mouse plugged into my PS3, but is that supported too? No Move by the looks of it, though.

  • I just picked it up, its amazing

  • Wow! Looks awesome! I love Cabybara games. Just look at those sweet anime style graphics. Beautiful. I’m gonna go get the demo right now.

  • I’m kind of disappointed… we still don’t have the Critter Crunch Dynamic Theme, but this game looks very nice though. ^_^

  • I tried the demo and was surprised at how much fun I was having, thoroughly enjoying even the simplest aspects of the puzzle based combat. I immediately went back to the PSN store to purchase the full game unlock. I can see myself picking it up for my DS too even. I’d enjoy playing this on the go. Anyways, huge props on bringing it to the PSN, this is where I purchase the majority of my games, and for having a day one discount for PS+, double thumbs up!

  • Man this is taking forever to download, I’ve been downloading for about 10 minutes now and its only at 61MB/1611MB

    What’s the deal!? I’ll be in bed by the time it’s even half finished!

    I love you guys at Capy, I can’t wait to try this out. I love all your games.

  • I grabbed the demo. It seems fun, but the constant loading killed it for me, which is a shame. Having a 20-second load before and after every battle, screen change, etc. seems excessive, and I felt like I was just waiting staring at the loading screen more than playing through the demo, which I played until completion.

    I did enjoy Critter Crunch! Kinda want to buy the game and hope you can improve the load times, but I’m guessing this is as good as it’ll get.

  • This game looks like a very fun puzzle rpg it has awsome artwork,good hd graphics it has a fun online multiplayer in conclution for does who love puzzle rpg`s is a must have,Ubisoft and Cabybara you did a good job on this game keep it up and now im off to play the demo.

  • This should be a NGP game, not for the PS3.

  • $15 on the PSN, or $11 (new) on the DS … sorry, but you’ll have to bring that down to be competitive. Multiplayer has no value for me.

    Looks like an interesting game, and I’d like to get it, but it’s going to have to wait until you get to the $10 point.

  • Took the demo for a spin, had to get it after playing for like 30 minutes. My only recommend, if I hit ‘Square’ to unlock the full game while in game it took me to the playstation store to purchase, but didn’t reflect my PS Plus discount. I didn’t want to chance it so got out and entered the PS store to ensure my PS+ discount was reflected. Therefore I didn’t have the advantage of continuing from where I left off in the demo [Can’t save] and have to start over. I didn’t mind at all, I just wanted to warn PS+ subscribers that it ‘appears’ your discount isn’t reflected if you launch the store in game. It’s also just one of those license unlocks, it appears the full game is downloaded when you get the demo. It is awesome!

    • Wow, didn’t think this would happen. We’ll take a peak and see what’s up…

      Thanks for the warning.

  • Loved Critter Crunch. Loving this game. Keep up the great work Capy, can’t wait to see what you guys bring out next.

    …Critter Crunch 2?

  • Totally fell asleep last night before the store update…

    Have to pick it up later tonight. Yay PS+ discount!

  • If you don’t buy this game you hate fun.

  • Nathan Vella,

    Whats with the excessive load times on the PSN version of your game? Why do I have to suffer through 20 second load screens everytime I change screens, go into battle, go out of battle and so on and so on?

    On 360 the load times are 5 seconds long!!! Why am I waiting an extra 15?!!!!
    Did you not realize this when you PORTED this game over from the 360???
    Noone in your company testing this game said “Hey these load times are pretty long on PS3?”
    C’mon 20 seconds is unnacceptable and you KNOW it!

  • I was going to say it in a nicer way but InferiorPorts is right, why is the load time so long (and so many)? Took like 10 seconds to load a screen which tells me one sentence, then load again!

  • I tried the demo for the game, I must say this is a cool gameplay. I will buy it when I have the chance.

    I have a question: Will this game be release in Japan?? The Might and Magic series is well-known in Japan, and from playing the demo, I found the gameplay interesting since I can’t find any JRPG that can play like that. I know the Japanese may like this type of this game.

  • To further my last post, even IGN’s review on the PS3 version complained about the constant long loading stopping this game from being amazing… http://ps3.ign.com/articles/116/1161746p1.html

  • Want to play against someone from Capy? Find me online! I’m taking on all challengers!

  • I liked Critter Crunch, but I didn’t love it. I love M&M:CoH, though. So whatever your next game is, please make it not CC2, but a new game – I’d love to see you redo ActRaiser with your Midas touch.

  • Yeah the load times are bad, especially if you messed up a game & want to retry. having to retreat and then load adds up.

    Still entertaining, but not many people online yet (especially at the odd hours i play). Its good to see that people from capy are playing their game though. Its always more fun to play real human strategy.

  • I agree, the loading screens take forever! The maps are so small… you take 5 steps and you have to load again. The game seems pretty simple and the graphics isn’t super intense. So, why does it take so long??

  • I will also echo with the excessive loading comments – especially for the content that is loaded sometimes. If I recall, I actually had a 3 to 4 second load screen for literally 5 seconds or less of gameplay and then another 3-4 seconds to get into a battle.

    There should be an in game Continue option when you get defeated so you dont have to 3-4 second load out to the Game Over screen and then have another 3-4 load screen back into the map and then finally a 3-4 second load screen to get into the game.

  • i also had an issue where aidans section sisn’t saving(i’ve started the campaign 3 times now, and I’m absolutely sure i saved since i do after every battle.) I’ve resorted to using save file 2, but am too nervous to turn the game off :F

  • Bummer…was thinking about this game until I read about the load times and frequency, the latter is the deal-breaker for me.

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