See SOCOM 4’s Benefaction: How to Beat a Level Without Firing a Shot

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See SOCOM 4’s Benefaction: How to Beat a Level Without Firing a Shot

With SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals just a week away from launch and hundreds of thousands of gamers gleefully sneaking and shooting in the SOCOM 4 Open Multiplayer Beta, we wanted to debut a new campaign chapter exclusively on the PlayStation.Blog. In the single-player chapter Benefaction, team SOCOM is still unraveling the true scope of the threat to the world economy. The level winds through a dense jungle, then culminates in a large-scale beach ambush as enemy tanks and equipment are unloaded. To win, you have to fend off waves of enemy troops while targeting the tanks with air strikes. Not an easy battle!

SOCOM 4: BenefactionSOCOM 4: Benefaction

SOCOM 4 supports a wide range of play styles. As the SOCOM 4 squad leader, you can take a number of different approaches — from directly leading your squad into battle to silently directing their actions from the shadows and everything in-between. To properly showcase this exclusive first look at Benefaction, Sid and Jeff took radically different approaches to finishing the level. Sid kept a low profile but did most of the dirty work himself, leaving his squad to provide suppressive fire. Jeff relied on squad commands and managed to complete the whole chapter without firing a single shot.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think of Benefaction’s epic beach shootout, and how you plan to approach combat when SOCOM 4 hits PS3 on April 19th.

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