ModNation Monday: The ModNation Palooza Rolls On!

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ModNation Monday: The ModNation Palooza Rolls On!

ModNation Mondays

Upcoming DLC


Chocolate Bunny Mod & Kart
Get a “taste” of this “sweet” new Easter Mod and Kart! Chocolate Bunny will be available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 19th. The Chocolate Bunny Mod is $.99, the Chocolate Bunny Kart is also $.99 or both for $1.75. “Bounce” on over and pick them up today!

Chocolate Bunny comes with the following parts for you to create with:

Chocolate (Skin)
Chocolate Head (Headgear)
Foil Pants

Beta Carotene (Body)
Easter Basket (Engine)
18 Carat (Wheels)
Hard Boiled (Steering Wheel)

ModNation Palooza Week Six

ModNation Keyword Creation Spotlight: “Happy”


People have been loving the new visual keyword search blog feature. The first week we had the spotlight on “Clowns” (if you can call them that). Last week we featured “Scary” which looking back we should have seen it coming… yes, a scary clown. This week we attempt to balance the nightmare scales with happy thoughts and that’s why our keyword this week is “Happy”.

  1. its not pretty! by revjev
  2. Happy by Madibart
  3. Rudolph Gets Eaten by Ash_100
  4. king chicken face II by Cykohed
  5. happy nugh by Fish_Soap
  6. happy killa by taterrell
  7. GRAFFITI by Red_Ninja_Died
  8. Log on by Happy_duke
  9. happy rainbow by megamuppet
  10. Happy 4th by southofnowhere73
  11. Happy Face v2 by Evil_Clark
  12. gumball by ShortyNormus

Next week’s keyword will be “Easter”. If you come across any “Easter” Mods or Karts that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page. Include the creation title and creator’s name. We’d love to see them!

ModNation Player Profile



As well as being a prominent member of the ModNation community alwayswilliam continues to lead the pack (pun intended) amongst the top racers in the ModNation (currently #7 All-Time!). We think you will learn a lot about alwayswilliam and what he loves about ModNation Racers in his player profile (here).

Double XP!

U.S. Income Tax Day (April 15th) = Double XP for you during the week of April 11th-18th in hopes it will cheer all of us up a bit! PS3 or PSP, everybody loves Double XP!

Fun Races Schedule

April 11th: A long running series of Monday night racing. You’re invited! See details here.
April 14th: Join a great group of players for a fun night of racing. See details here.

Racers of the Week

Top Race XP from previous week (March 28th – April 3rd)

Player Race XP Races Wins Win Streak
105816 655 354 13
2. maverick–07– 78502 95 95 95
3. Ambr0ster 76588 508 323 21
4. kelvinator09 70422 689 120 5
5. devildriverwrx 54759 415 82 5
6. RollinOldie 50089 372 99 6
7. Digitty-Dawg 48432 373 127 7
8. Voodoolsi 47135 297 137 10
9. Didis4646 47034 258 230 30
10. dare_carl 45263 613 28 3

Creations of the Week

Track of the Week


Journey to Mt Zion Abbey by Its2l84that
Mark: “One of the most impressive features of this track is the placement and use of shortcuts along many creative and unique paths. I found myself playing it over and over again just to see everything, and I’m still not sure if I did. This course will challenge your driving skills and require some 3Dimensional thinking during the race. Beautiful course! Great design. A+

Mod & Kart of the Week


Mod: Attack Chopper by Shelbot3001
Kart: Helicopter Landing Zone by Shelbot3001
Mark: “YOU ARE KIDDING ME RIGHT!? First Shelbot3001 creates a motorcycle Mod and Kart and now a helicopter! I CAN NOT WAIT to see what’s next!”

Hot Lap Roster

Monday: Journey to Mt Zion Abbey by Its2l84that
Tuesday: Acropolis Monument Pariah by IndustrialSavior
Wednesday: Sea Spray Stadium by IvoYaridovich
Thursday: Vertigo Canyon by VintageOctopus
Friday: Kingdom Of Zarathustra by atheistsw

Community Chosen Tracks
Saturday: Mine Windin’ [BWB] by Barberian912 (chosen by apricot-jam-IS)
Sunday: Ant’s Hill by Biver_ (chosen by laidbackcat)
If you are interested in submitting your Mod, Kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site.

Peace, Love and Happiness…

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