ModNation Monday: The ModNation Palooza Rolls On!

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ModNation Monday: The ModNation Palooza Rolls On!

ModNation Mondays

Upcoming DLC


Chocolate Bunny Mod & Kart
Get a “taste” of this “sweet” new Easter Mod and Kart! Chocolate Bunny will be available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 19th. The Chocolate Bunny Mod is $.99, the Chocolate Bunny Kart is also $.99 or both for $1.75. “Bounce” on over and pick them up today!

Chocolate Bunny comes with the following parts for you to create with:

Chocolate (Skin)
Chocolate Head (Headgear)
Foil Pants

Beta Carotene (Body)
Easter Basket (Engine)
18 Carat (Wheels)
Hard Boiled (Steering Wheel)

ModNation Palooza Week Six

ModNation Keyword Creation Spotlight: “Happy”


People have been loving the new visual keyword search blog feature. The first week we had the spotlight on “Clowns” (if you can call them that). Last week we featured “Scary” which looking back we should have seen it coming… yes, a scary clown. This week we attempt to balance the nightmare scales with happy thoughts and that’s why our keyword this week is “Happy”.

  1. its not pretty! by revjev
  2. Happy by Madibart
  3. Rudolph Gets Eaten by Ash_100
  4. king chicken face II by Cykohed
  5. happy nugh by Fish_Soap
  6. happy killa by taterrell
  7. GRAFFITI by Red_Ninja_Died
  8. Log on by Happy_duke
  9. happy rainbow by megamuppet
  10. Happy 4th by southofnowhere73
  11. Happy Face v2 by Evil_Clark
  12. gumball by ShortyNormus

Next week’s keyword will be “Easter”. If you come across any “Easter” Mods or Karts that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page. Include the creation title and creator’s name. We’d love to see them!

ModNation Player Profile



As well as being a prominent member of the ModNation community alwayswilliam continues to lead the pack (pun intended) amongst the top racers in the ModNation (currently #7 All-Time!). We think you will learn a lot about alwayswilliam and what he loves about ModNation Racers in his player profile (here).

Double XP!

U.S. Income Tax Day (April 15th) = Double XP for you during the week of April 11th-18th in hopes it will cheer all of us up a bit! PS3 or PSP, everybody loves Double XP!

Fun Races Schedule

April 11th: A long running series of Monday night racing. You’re invited! See details here.
April 14th: Join a great group of players for a fun night of racing. See details here.

Racers of the Week

Top Race XP from previous week (March 28th – April 3rd)

Player Race XP Races Wins Win Streak
105816 655 354 13
2. maverick–07– 78502 95 95 95
3. Ambr0ster 76588 508 323 21
4. kelvinator09 70422 689 120 5
5. devildriverwrx 54759 415 82 5
6. RollinOldie 50089 372 99 6
7. Digitty-Dawg 48432 373 127 7
8. Voodoolsi 47135 297 137 10
9. Didis4646 47034 258 230 30
10. dare_carl 45263 613 28 3

Creations of the Week

Track of the Week


Journey to Mt Zion Abbey by Its2l84that
Mark: “One of the most impressive features of this track is the placement and use of shortcuts along many creative and unique paths. I found myself playing it over and over again just to see everything, and I’m still not sure if I did. This course will challenge your driving skills and require some 3Dimensional thinking during the race. Beautiful course! Great design. A+

Mod & Kart of the Week


Mod: Attack Chopper by Shelbot3001
Kart: Helicopter Landing Zone by Shelbot3001
Mark: “YOU ARE KIDDING ME RIGHT!? First Shelbot3001 creates a motorcycle Mod and Kart and now a helicopter! I CAN NOT WAIT to see what’s next!”

Hot Lap Roster

Monday: Journey to Mt Zion Abbey by Its2l84that
Tuesday: Acropolis Monument Pariah by IndustrialSavior
Wednesday: Sea Spray Stadium by IvoYaridovich
Thursday: Vertigo Canyon by VintageOctopus
Friday: Kingdom Of Zarathustra by atheistsw

Community Chosen Tracks
Saturday: Mine Windin’ [BWB] by Barberian912 (chosen by apricot-jam-IS)
Sunday: Ant’s Hill by Biver_ (chosen by laidbackcat)
If you are interested in submitting your Mod, Kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site.

Peace, Love and Happiness…

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14 Author Replies

  • Well, no news on snow theme or the old tracks coming back.
    The double XP sounds great for some of the people who just started playing this game.
    I think that having the rank go above 30 would be good.

  • comon it’s easter soon, give us some love with something free.Don’t have to be much but like LBP are doing with a free mod.

  • The Chocolate Bunny is soooo cute!!!

  • I Love ModNation Racer the makers of this game didn’t just throw the game out there and hoped it did well. You guys actually take the time to keep users up to date with DLC, ModNation Mondays, and many other things. You guys are great you are one of the reason why your game is doing so well and why i play it. There is always something new or exciting!

    PS: I Love How the Bunny Has a piece of his ear missing…

    • WOW!!!

      Thank you TarzanSr!!!
      We get a lot of joy out of comments like yours . :)
      We love this game and you, the community, are why we give it 110% every day!

      We’ve got more to come. Keep an eye out.
      Again, thanks for the kind encouraging words.


  • WOW!!!

    Thank you TarzanSr!!!
    We get a lot of joy out of comments like yours . :)
    We love this game and you, the community, are why we give it 110% every day!

    We’ve got more to come. Keep an eye out.
    Again, thanks for the kind encouraging words.


  • Mark, people are getting really tired of the same people having the TOTW or getting picked for the hotlap roster for the week. For well over a month it was either atheistsw or prob_alex getting TOTW, and if it’s not that, well then there tracks are getting put into the roster. We want variety, not the same people over and over again. Yes there are people whom all they like to do is create tracks. But there are other people whom submit tracks that can DRIVE just as well and submit things maybe once a month and get tossed aside.

    Sure you’ll say, “I’m not pushing anyone aside”, and I don’t think you are, but all I’m saying is thats it’s getting really boring having the exact same people highlighted each week with there tracks. People ask me, and others, “Hey you submitted your track for hotlap this week right? Really looking forward to racing an actual DRIVEABLE track”, and we’d say “we hope so”. But week after week, again, same people.

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear that you are so frustrated. Please remember that we choose the tracks out of what is submitted to us on a weekly basis and I drive each and every track multiple times. So far we have heard nothing but great compliments on the track choices. .In fact people have been very encouraging!

      I would like to converse more about your frustration but this page is intended for comments on the blog itself and not a open discussion.

      We can chat in the forums (more appropriate) at or you can send me a message on my PSN ID

      Always happy to listen.

      Talk to you soon,


  • ***CONT***

    Makes it worse when there are tracks that have been “tilt glitched” to make there tracks look MUCH different and more impressive than the standalone normal tracks which gives people who use the glitch an advantage of being picked – NO ONE IN PARTICULAR because ALOT of people do it now.

    And again, no snow theme, such a shame. You shouldn’t show off track material 4 months prior and still not release it. Secretly work on it, and maybe a month or so to when you think you’ll be done, give us a heads up. It’s more frustrating knowing something is coming, not getting it, other than not knowing anything at all and being surprised that it’s right around the corner.

    FYI: I’m not bashing ANYONE, I’m stating peoples opinion, because alot of people including myself are getting fed up with these bad hotlap choices.

  • so are you guys going to put the game on the EU Psn??

  • ***CONT***

    There were a few people looking forward to getting there tracks raced on hotlap this week because it’s actual DRIVING material. Yet are getting passed in the “rotation” so to speak. Again, it’s not about how it looks, it about how it drives. Myself and other people whom race alot agree on this.

    Me personally, I’d rather drive around in a huge circle nonstop but in the end, it drove smoothly, no bumps, no wacky unnessary jumps/turns, just a smooth ride.

    Anyways, I’ve hogged up enough space on this thread, needed to vent a little, not just for myself, but for other people thinking the same thing as well.

    Thanks for the double XP though – although KZ3 DLC comes out tomorrow so I’ll have to split my time. (>.<)

  • Oh, and I completely forgot to add this in:

    Any chance of getting another Artist Spotlight? The last one we had was back in November I think when one of the Gran Turismo guys came in and created some stuff. Maybe get one of the Media Molecule guys to tamper with out creation tools and see what they can come up with? =)

    Ok NOW I’m done, lol

  • there should be some free holiday mods.

  • @ Stealth. I’ve read your rant above and, tempted as I am to reply in depth to your multiple complaints I really can’t be bothered right now. I’ll simply say two things:

    1) ANYONE can do the tilt glitch. I’ve published a tutorial on the forums showing just how easy it to create your own angles to use and other creators such as CIV_BOSS, Laidbackcat and Yika have published remixable templates with a huge variety of useable angles for those who don’t have the time or patience to make their own. Also, glitch angles DO NOT make a track any better than one without and it takes a great deal of time and patience to get something good to come out of using them.

    2) Once upon a time for a very long time the only tracks that got regularly spotlighted in-game were the appaling drift tracks and tik-tik mountain. Now Mark has come onboard and is manually choosing interesting, unique and raceable tracks the community has to offer and yet you are still complaining? Remember there are many, MANY tracks made in Modnation Racers so it seems only fair that those that go above and beyond to create something original and attention grabbing should get extra exposure by way of top tracks/hotlap picks, right?

  • I New you would have something to say about this lol… Can i just ask why you highlighted the word DRIVE in your first statement.. asre you suggesting all me and athiestsw do is create tracks… we race almost everynight.. We know exactly how to drive.. plus ive only had 4 hotlap tracks in the last 7months.. and ive posted nearly all of my tracks into the hotlap section. what tracks do you think are better than the ones that have been selected? and i will gladly go and try them out.

  • Why wouldn’t you guys add custom controls to this game? Is it that difficult?

  • @14 – I’ve wondered this for quite sometime as I think R1 or L1 would be a much nicer button for shield than the awkward circle… however, I think it’s deliberately like this to make shielding more challenging, particularly when you’re trying to maintain a drift at the same time! ;)

  • @ StealthReborn–

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just because a track has angled props doesn’t make it anymore drivable than others. Some tracks with and without the angled props are awful. Many that have been praised recently that use the angled props are amazing. Maybe you you prefer cookie cutter bland tracks, I don’t. I would rather race on a great track that challenges me, unique features and come in twelfth or get a DNF than a boring piece of rubbish.

    The angled props help the track makers create some memorable props and focal points for us as drivers. I am not a track maker myself but appreciate the amount of time, hard work, and testing that is done by the track makers. Maybe spend some time in the casual rooms racing rather than XP or HotLap and find out what racers want and don’t speak for me or others who have a different opinion than yours.

    A special congrats to its2l84that and Biver_ for receiving HotLap picks.

  • @ Everyone bashing StealthReborn: StealthReborn stated his opinion and I agree with him 100%!!!! Thank you Stealth for saying what you said because its the truth!! You all know why Tank Crazy became so popular?! Because it looks cool and is crazy fun to race!!! ANYBODY can make a picture or dinosaur for example, but really? Make it fun as well and good to race. That’s like someone making a giant pony and building a track around it. Ooh I’m so amazed you built a pony, honestly who cares!!! That’s what LittleBigPlanet is for!! Go build a pony there!! When your making something, please keep this in mind, spend as much time on the track as the object or picture you are making!!!! If you are going to make a forest or whatever, don’t think ooh this looks so nice.

  • Include some cool track layouts in your tracks as well!!! I really wish more people would focus on gameplay as much as scenery because it is such a waste of a nice looking track when it has poor gameplay. Therefore, take this CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and remix your tracks if even you know your tracks aren’t fun to race but look nice!! There’s nothing wrong with de-uploading it and submitting it because I will guarantee you that it will turn out a 100% percent better!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps… None of what I said is intended to target any specific persons haha

  • Mark, I would have no problem if you went with unchosen submissions just to get more driveable tracks in hot lap. Feedback on tracks would help too. I do get frustrated when something happens because the track wasn’t built with stability in mind. Most of the time I end up eith liking a track only to not download it because it wouldn’t be fun for races. It’s been a few weeks since I favorited a hot lap track.

    @Stealth, I’ve made two circuit tracks you are more than welcome to drive all day on

  • Mark, I believe I just got reported today on this game. Before you guys flag or ban me, please let me say my side. During an xp series race. Some girl had her mic doing this high pitched screeching sound. It was hurting my ears bad. Granite I can’t mute her cuz of the race starting & I have friends in there also. We asked her to turn it off several times. I then snapped cuz I can only take so much + I have a huge temper. Then some dude gets on there ranting at me. I ranted back cuz I was already severely irritated. He threatened to report me. Now can you guys flag us cuz of what we say through our headsets?

  • ( continue )
    Now do keep in the mind that yes, the game is rated E for all audience of ages BUT the headset is NOT RATED & the game is not responsible of what is said through headsets. Not to mention they pushed my limit & I snapped. There needs to be a limit on flagging people. They should have to type a summary of the issue to go with the report.

  • @ grey jeep (and Stealth I guess) I appreciate what you guys are saying about raceability, of course it’s the most important factor of a track. HOWEVER, in order to create new and unique things it sometimes requires out of the box thinking and, unfortunately, often thinking outside the box on how to use the various props on this game is punished by sloppy game programming. For example, I like to use the desert platforms as driveable sections of track and I KNOW many people like to build things out of basic blocks to race on. BUT, the desert platforms have a random tendency to snag karts and the blocks make everyone else’s kart look like it is having an epileptic fit! Now UFG could and really should patch the game to make these things more driver friendly (after all, they learned their lesson with the far east pack giving us the flawless driveable platform) but I doubt they will bother. This isn’t the track creators fault, we can only do the best with what we are given and try and push it further. As for the angled props, they really should have been a feature of the editor right out of the box, but, for whatever reason, UFG decided not to include this basic ability.

  • *CONT’D*

    Now, thanks to continuous community collaborative efforts we have finally unlocked the mysteries of how to create our own angles for track building purposes. Yes, this is going to lead to a lot more “lolz,. teh buildinz r upside down” type throwaway efforts, but it will also open up the possibilities for what can be done with the game artistically to a much wider audience which, if I was UFG, would be an element of the game I would be doing everything possible to promote.

    Also, it is extremely easy to create perfectly raceable tracks in this game with very little effort, the tools the game gives you are easy to pick up and, with a little practice, ANYONE, can make a fun and raceable track. However, in the sea of thousands upon thousands of creations, these are rarely good enough to be rewarded with hotlap, as hotlap has now appeared to evolve from the most raceable tracks for time-triallers to pit their skills against to a showcase of the best material the community is making right now.

  • *CONT’D*

    Unlike top mods or karts, which can be boosted by any Brazillian with 100 like-minded friends, top tracks and hotlaps are chosen by one person, responsible for ensuring the most awe-inspiring and interesting creations take centre stage so that anyone new to the game or those casually dropping by can continually be impressed and encouraged to continue persevering with the game. Also, because at least 30% of those ‘playing’ the game rarely leave the claustrophobic confines of the modspot, it’s even more important for the creations chosen are eye-catching and immediately accesible. You guys may not think this is fair, but it’s a practice that is commonplace is almost every aspect of life today and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

    Also, @ Stealth, I agree 110% that the winter theme should not have been shown of until it was practically ready to roll out on the PSN store, it’s almost become an urban legend in some circles…

  • I really like the tracks created by Prob, Atheist, and the other hot lap people.
    They are great tracks, and are visually interesting. I do agree that the snow theme shouldn’t have been shown.

    Kudos to all your creative work.

  • LOL the helicopter dude is really nice, I gotta have this one! haha! And the track of the week looks nice! I’ll try that too! =D

  • @athiest, let me make sure I understand part of what you said. You know that certain props snag karts when used as driving surfaces but you use them anyway and it’s not your fault, it’s UFG’s?
    As a racer, there is nothing worse then zooming right along and then suddenly hitting an invisible wall as others simply race right past you. I know that is exactly part of what Stealth is getting at when he mentions driveable tracks.

  • It’s been weeks since I’ve favorited a hot lap track. One reason has become that they aren’t raceable (not to be confused with driveable). Sure, I’ll do hot lap track with my friends, but hosting a casual room with strangers, I’m not going to pick a track that will snag someone at random.

    I guess I’ll make a rally track when I get my last 5 creation slots.

  • sorry for the repost, I didn’t see where my original post was.

  • Hey Mark,
    If we aren’t getting Snow Theme anytime soon, what about the other Theme Packs promoted? When might we expect them?

    I hope there are some other Full Theme/Career Extensions in the works…maybe:
    Jurassic (dinos, boulders – a Pteranadon in place of Helicopter would be sweet)
    Spooky/Haunted (perhaps a Victorian style architecture)
    Meditteranean (Greek and Roman style architecture, modern & classic: see Hot Shots Golf for examples too)
    Polynesian/Tropical theme (water based like SeaSide but “greener” more tropical style ground cover plus props)

    And one last thing:
    PLEASE let us CHOOSE the AI Characters…(I know it’s a long shot now, despite UFG interest months ago, but I have to keep the dream alive)

    Thanks for the Double XP


    • Hi,

      The Winter Theme is priority #1 around here.
      We understand the wait has been a little rough but it will be worth it! As soon as we have it ready we will let you know. We are as excited as you are to see what comes from it!

      Thanks x10 for all your patience.


  • I have to agree with everything said about the snow theme.

    @Grey-Jeep: That is always the one thing that always keeps me from liking beautiful tracks, is the fact the racing is horrible. Whenever I make my tracks now I put 50 percent of the time into racing the track and making sure everything is easy to race on, focusing on racing and bugs with the track.

    ONE QUESTION, When I post a track for Hot lap, shat days do I post it on so I am not competing to be on the next Modnation Monday?????

    • Hi,

      Good questioin.

      I build the ModNation Monday blog on Mondays and Tuesdays. Those are the days I drive ALL the tracks submitted. If one comes in after that I will always look at it for the next week. The blogs are sent out on Wednesday to be posted the following Monday.

      Hope that helps!


  • I get it, you want to inspire people to have the most beautiful tracks out there. That’s fine. Having the same creators week after week, though, is discouraging.

    I’ve already spoke my peace about this subject multiple ways, and multiple times over the past 7-8 months in the official forums so I won’t bother here, but you know where I stand already.

    • Hi,

      I understand and hear your comments. We choose from all the tracks submitted each week. Although the “Top Track of the Week” recent winners would probably take the prize anyway, it can depend on the quantity of submissions in general.

      The more submissions we get the better the choices become.

      Keep em’ coming Nation!


  • Grey jeep how can you say your not targeting any specific person? lmao.. when im basically the only one whos created a dinosaur and drawn a picture… and id love to see ANYONE create it as you said!!! instead of saying all this crap just point out the tracks you all think are crap of mine.. because ive seriously had enough now. all these people bashing evevrything i create!! you win. all my motivation has gone now. and you wont see any more tracks from me!!

  • @33 – Dude, don’t let the haters get you down! You have a lot of fans and not everyone is obsessed with fastest times and perfect laps, some of us enjoy playing your tracks just to see what unique stuff you come up with next. If I snag my kart a little once in a while BIG DEAL, it’s frustrating for all of two seconds, then I go back to being awe inspired! ;)

  • @27 – If I make a track and test and test and test it and I snag maybe twice out of 100 go’s, then in my book that is the element of randomness at play and nothing I can do anything about. If anything it can make races slightly more unpredictable. I am SICK of using the same basic road styles for my tracks as most of these really don’t support the aesthetic choices I make when designing my tracks and honestly, I’m not prepared to compromise my vision just so somebody who would be happy to drive round and round a circle all day can have an easy drive. (You like NASCAR, right?) Besides, as I said it IS a UFG design fault as it appears to be lower suspension karts that are affected. Solution? Patch the game so ALL karts deal with these objects in the same way. Surely not that hard to do, right? Gran Turismo 5 has 100 different cars but not ONCE have I been driving along the track and got snggaed on an invisible wall because of some inconsistent hit box mechanics, not even using Jay Leno’s ridiculously long Tank Car! :)

  • I personally like that mark has been consistent with his picks. It’s not his fault prob_alex and atheistsw have made the best tracks… grey_jeep, StealthReborn– and the people stealth “represents” are pretty much whining about who’s gets picked next. Which is pretty pathetic :'(

    This isn’t a popularity contest… it’s a place to showcase MNR’s “creme de la creme” if you really wanted your track selected for the hot lap, I would take Mark’s advice and make something that takes him somewhere new.

    Who honestly gives a crap about driving material, I’ve never heard anyone say “that was the best corner ever” I make tracks like that in my sleep… GTFO and step your game up “scrub”

    • Hi,

      I think you said it well… the “creme de la creme” is what I / we are looking for.

      Please also see my response to #32

      Thanks for the input!


  • @35
    For the next game, the distance between wheels needs to change depending on the body. Some bodies will snag on simple bumps and ditches because the hood is too long.

    I only use one body type in xp races because the body doesn’t stick out away from the wheels (the small concept body that looks like a sporty beetle).

  • Personally, I haven’t had an issue with any tracks I’ve actually played on Hot Lap. I do about every other Hot Lap and have yet to see one that was just sooo undrivable I couldn’t do it.

    However, I know everyone will have opinions. I know also that not everything I make is appealing to all. I’m okay with that.

    Looking at the roster, I also know that Sea Spray Stadium certainly did not get there for looks. It looks like someone puked orange all over.

    Mark seems to be getting a good variety, far better then in the past when we’d get tracks people couldn’t complete one lap on before throwing their controller at the wall. I think he’s doing just fine.

  • Hi all,

    I love all of your passion for the game. I love it too! I was an MNR fan well before I became Community Specialist at San Diego Studios. Lets not let our passion turn into something negative. ok?

    There is no way to make everyone happy all the time and I’m ok with that. I do my best to present tracks that overall best represent the spirit of MNR and the Play Create Share ideal. They are fun, race-able and creative. I am here to listen and find ways to accommodate all as best I can. One thing I have done is to incorporate a “community choice” hot lap section where the Saturday and Sunday tracks are selected by you, the community. If you would like to submit five or so tracks that fit “your” style better I will definitely take a look at them and do my best to get them into rotation. Send them to my PSN ID ModnationSD

    I hope this explains a little about the process and offers what I think is a good alternative to mixing in the community’s unique and varied tastes into the mix.

    In the future please remember that the forums or a direct PSN message to me are more appropriate venues for discussions like this.

    Have fun!
    Be kind!


  • @39 – Well, if nothing else, at least it got people interested in this blog page! :)

  • @shredder. I was “that dude”. Maybe you don’t realize how abrasive and rude you are.

  • @ prob_alex: Nobody is targeting you! lol Do you know how many people have made tracks with pictures and dinosaurs just an example so calm down. I have no problem with anyone in modnation and probably won’t. I just don’t like everyone bashing on one person for stating his opinion because that’s not cool. I never knew modnation could be so hostile. I’m just ready for the snow theme, maybe that’s why everyone is so crazy.

  • @grey_jeep – yeah, lots of people seem to forget this is a go-kart racing game, not a first person shooter … btw, did you check my Bojangle’s kart out? :P I know you know the Bo down there in JoCo. ;)

  • oh, the FPS comment is aimed at the immature s**t-talking lately, not the track discussion .. I’m not in that one, lol …

  • @ “Shredder”

    I reported you for name calling and physical threats. I don’t care if you use foul language in a game room and talk about your genitalia, however, i don’t want my daughter to hear it.

    Since I was already in a series with you, I could not mute your mic. My only choice was turn my mic on, or turn the volume on the TV down. You could have been more mature about the situation and I highly doubt it was my mic that was squealing in the first place. I use the Playstation Bluetooth mic.

    Next time don’t act like a jerk when someone has to turn the mic on due to your inappropriate behavior.

  • @ shyguyNC: I’m gonna get on today and definitely download it! BOJANGLES For the World!! I can’t stand the one near my house though because they always burn my bo-berry buscuits!!! haha

  • Man I’m so glad that I’m NEVER submitting a track for Hot Lap again. What an absolute drama-fest it’s become. I’m not too fond of every selection made by Mark, but I still think he’s doing better than Russel and Coker. Cheers.

    Stealth, and other people who create good tracks that aren’t making it up to Hot Lap, just send me a message or mail on PSN or in-game letting me know you made a new track and I’ll get it some exposure in my Casual that I run almost nightly. I’ll also add you to my fav creators list so I can easily access your creations page from the room. We run a fairly wide variety of tracks that are both enjoyable and raceable, and we’re ALWAYS looking for new material so the track lineup doesn’t get too repetitive each night. We run The Fallen Warriors often and recently tried out The Great Brawl of China and were happy with the track.

    This is pretty much an open invitation to anyone who has a track out that they’d like to have raced on some. If we like the track we’ll probably look into more of your creations and get them raced on, too. Good creators are not forgotten.

  • @grey_jeep .. well booo to that. do they burn the regular biscuits too? cajun filet biscuit ftw. and don’t even get me started on dirty rice …

  • @shyguyNC: They burn almost everything haha it’s pretty sad, but at least the chicken and rice is good!

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