Virtua Tennis 4 Demos Are Only On PS3

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Virtua Tennis 4 Demos Are Only On PS3

Virtua Tennis 4 for PS3

Hello everyone, we’re back for some more Virtua Tennis 4 action, and today we’ll be focusing on some news regarding demos. Yes, you read that right, demos (plural). We have two of these and they’re both are coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3.

One of our big new features for Virtua Tennis 4 is the World Tour career mode, and this time around we’ve decided to rip up the calendar-based career mode and upgrade it to a more fun and intuitive board game style.

It’s a completely different take on the career mode as the team really wanted to put the fun back into the single player experience. Whilst the calendar themed career was enjoyable, we received feedback from our fans that once they finished the first season the subsequent seasons had a very similar feel to them, which led to a feeling of repetition. So the new World Tour is much shorter and your career runs over four seasons, each taking place in a different region of the world culminating in a major tournament, firstly in Australia, then France, then England and finally the USA.

Virtua Tennis 4 for PS3

There are many different paths you can take to reach each of the major tournaments so no two careers will ever be the same. However, along the way you will need to train, participate in tournaments, keep a close eye on your condition, and also boost your star rating by signing autographs and attending charity events.

The key to your success lies within boosting your star rating both on and off the court so you will have the ranking and status to get invited to the biggest tournaments the World Tour has to offer.

As it’s quite a revolution for the Virtua Tennis career mode, we thought the best way for people to get an idea of what this new World Tour has to offer would be via demo. You will be able to play through roughly 1/3 of your first season, which will involve designing your character, entering a few tournaments and boosting your profile.
Keep in mind, it’s only a teaser of what you can expect from the full World Tour mode, but you will be able to continue your career if you buy Virtua Tennis 4. So in essence it acts as a way of getting your career started before the game is out. Check out the trailer below to find out more about the new World Tour mode.

The Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour demo will be available on April 19th after 5PM PST for PS3 gamers only. And before we go, also keep an eye out for another exclusive PlayStation Move and 3D demo due for release as the real tennis season reaches its peak!

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  • I didn’t like the style of Virtua Tennis 2009 as much as I did Virtua Tennis 3. Will VT4 be as fun and frantic as VT3 was? Will the diving shot be back as opposed to that kneel shot from VT2009?

    • Fun: Check.
      Frantic: Hmmm…I would say that it’s more competitive than frantic. ;)
      Diving shot: If you’re referring to the recovery time, it has been greatly improved!

  • Can’t wait to play the demo, hoping that the Move controls will be good.

  • i hope that the playable demos will be available for all

  • Swag. Looking really good. Gonna pick this up with Socom 4 Move Bundle.

    And I heard Sega, is gonna be revealing Sonic Generations for consoles? Are you guys gonna post info/trailer on that here on the blog?

  • I thought each game on the xbox was mandatory to have a demo.

  • @zzmaro This isn’t Xbox forums, so in this case were not discussing XBox version in this thread we’re discussing PS3 version.

  • Ckool

  • @ #6 Thank you for saying something. I only have a PS3 and have 0% interest in anything haveing to do with the enemy.

    I hope they included the mini-games from past versions a la bowling with serves and killing advancing zombies or robots( i forget which) with volleys. Too much fun. Can’t wait to get it.

  • @8, Its not that I don’t like XBox, which I don’t, its just that it seems like he is praising XBox on Playstation forums, he is being a troll.

  • We’re braggin about demos now 0_o

  • Finally I can create and live the life of Hal a demo.

  • Virtua Tennis hasn’t been good since the original on Dreamcast. I remember hooking up my DC to a VGA box, and a cpu monitor back in 2000, it made the graphics look like ps2.

    Since then VT has been garbage. Just my opinion.

  • @6 he’s not trolling, he is just illiterate. 2 demos lil’ buddy.

  • If this isn’t on the US store yet, its already on the UK store. I have the demo on my HD but haven’t tried it yet.

  • 14. kingotnw
    Please say something responsible next time. It took me half hour to register a new psn account in UK, but there is nothing new demo as you said. They supposed to come out on April 13. How did you get the demo, Please?????????????????????????????

  • Ah the rating got upped hopefully its still a game rather then an hard to get at the world tour tournament but I’m in for a challenge :).

  • i hope they make it optional to where you can leave it in 3rd person or 1st person instead of doing all that switching back and forth.

  • i appears to be only for Plus Members.. i hope they decide to get the rest of the ps3 users a chance to play it.

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