Resistance 3 Public Beta: Get Early Access With SOCOM 4

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Resistance 3 Public Beta: Get Early Access With SOCOM 4

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals

Hope you’re all enjoying the final stretch of the SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta! Just a little over a week until SOCOM 4 hits store shelves on April 19th, and the excitement continues to build. To heighten the anticipation, we’ve got some equally exciting news to share—by picking up a specially marked copy of SOCOM 4, you’ll get early access to the Resistance 3 Public Beta! That’s in addition to the full breadth of single player, 32-person multiplayer, and five-player co-op gameplay you’ll get with SOCOM 4.

To get early access to the Resistance 3 Beta, keep your eyes peeled for the callout included on the front of all eligible copies of SOCOM 4 (see above). Every specially marked box will include a voucher with a unique code you can redeem for early access to the Resistance 3 Beta. If you’re going big with the SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition, every one of these limited edition bundles will come packed with a voucher as well. To find out when the Resistance 3 Beta begins, be sure to check the details on the included voucher once you get your hands on SOCOM 4 starting April 19th.

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta

If you want to ensure your early access to the Resistance 3 Public Beta, pre-ordering your copy of SOCOM 4 at one of the following participating retailers is the way to go. In addition to early beta access for Resistance 3, you’ll also get a pair of slug-ammunition shotguns, as well as the classic Abandoned Map if you pre-order at GameStop.

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  • cool and i hope Infamous will have something like this too but with maybe Uncharted 3!!!!

    Will this be the same in Europe?

  • Hot diggidy Dog! Sony’s really got their first party express rolling this year and I for one am on board!!!!!

  • Unless PS+ members get into the R3 beta, I guess I’ll be skipping it.

  • SOCOM was a must buy anyway, but now I have R3 to look forwrd to. SONY has got their stuff together

  • Nice , i already got Socom paid in Full.

  • ahhh im already buying MK9 and Portal 2 on April 19th i thought i would wait a bit for socom but now with this incentive

  • Sweet, got My full deployment edition preordered already, R3 beta is a nice bonus.

  • So tell me, is this another beta code that is going to go to waste because I’m already a PS+ member?

  • You tricked us again Sony. I fell for this with Killzone 3, I’m not falling for it again.

  • XMbeaner# i think this is for people who don’t have ps +.

  • I have my full deployment edition reordered and ready to go. I cant wait really excited. April 19th for the win

  • Lol KZ3 all over again. I already preorderd so this is just icing on the cake. It would be nice if Socom was pushed up and came out next week as I have a hole in my gaming because of the Motorstorm delay.

  • @9.. SONY didnt TRICK ANYONE..they give you the vouchers and all you have to do is READ THE DIRECTIONS..and when you will see there is a RELEASE DATE to that beta code. At least you get the comfort of having a beta code when its time to use it alil earlier than others. Man there are just too many grateful gamers nowadays >:/

  • I’m sure it’ll come to Plus members a few weeks earlier. Just like that useless code in the Killzone 3 games. I guess they just wanted to add another useless scar to the cover art.

  • One word:

    Sweet :)

  • I am not going to buy Socom 4 to get into the Resistance 3 beta one week before everyone else does for free (just like it happened with the socom 4 beta code included in killzone 3).

  • @XMBeaner

    I agree, the Socom 4 beta from Killzone 3 was only a week before it launched for everyone. Even PS+ members got in before them.

  • I am already buying Socom 4 but to get the beta for Resistance 3 is awesome. The only thing that would make all this better is to make the first map-pack update free to all. Keep the updates coming Socom 4 is going to be epic. Call of Duties Reign of terror is over. Who wants to buy a 60 dollar game and then pay 30 dollar’s in map packs. Just saying. Oh and please bring socom to the NGP.

  • What’s the point…PS plus members get the beta code and probably a week earlier. I was disappointed with the Socom 4 beta and probably don’t plan on buying it now without a review. The camera angle and melee system is terrible on Socom 4. I hope that is going to be fixed.

  • I’m in… ha this is funny

  • i loved the first Resistance but Resistance 2 demo was weak so never got the second game..probably not getting R3…sigh.

    • Resistance 3 does a great job at returning to the gameplay style of Resistance: Fall of Man. If you’re picking up a copy of SOCOM 4, definitely take the R3 beta for a spin. I think you’ll be happy with how it plays. :-)

  • You guys, might want to add a few more logo’s to the box. I can almost still see the artwork.

  • Are PlayStation Plus members going to get access to the beta also?

  • @kingkranz, there is a patch for the camera coming today, give it another try. I also didn’t care for the beta but I’ll be trying it again after todays patch. I want to like it but it just felt off to me.

  • Sick.
    Killzone 3: Already a buy….added a Socom 4 beta
    Socom 4: Already a buy….added a Resistance 3 beta
    Lucky for me, unlucky for suckers.

  • Sweetness! I’ve been dying to play some Resistance 3 ever since I saw those videos.

  • This should become a regular thing…

    Way more rewarding than PlayStation Rewards :)

  • I’m in like Flynn:)

  • At the moment I’m a little disappointed with Resistance 3 cus the multiplayer has been dumbed down.Hopefully the beta will change that.

    • Please do try the beta. The multiplayer hasn’t be dumbed down at all. Instead, it’s more focused and fun! Having less players on the map really adds to the intensity for Resistance multiplayer.

  • Guys, the game plays great (I’m in the beta), and I’m going to purchase it. That much is certain. This Resistance 3 beta is hopefully some icing on the cake. But SCEA, why do you continue to cram that many logos on your box arts? There’s barely any room to see the actual game title/artwork. It’s a genuine mess. If you’re really looking for suggestions from users, why not put the exact same logos you have on the front on the back of the box for redundancy, and make the logos on the front stickers on the plastic wrap on the front of the game when someone purchases it? That way, you’ll still have it on the case permanently and you’ll still be able to make sure people know all of that stuff.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Not sure about Resistance 3 ( I didn’t like Resistance 2 ), but i loving Killzone 3 online with move controller, its absolutely lethal!

  • Is R3 3rd Person of 1st? Im getting S4 cause I love the beta, cant wait to get out of class now today to instal that patch and see how my suggestion for camera angles looks. I dont post in the forums I send it direct to the devs. Cant wait, a week to go now. Abandoned is going to be wicked. Just wish Chain Reaction and Harvester are coming to S4.

  • I don’t need SOCOM 4 to get into the beta. :P

    From what people have said after playing the multiplayer R3 is different from both FoM and R2. They had a blast playing it.

  • Socom 4 does not look that good…I am hearing comments from from REAL Socom fans saying its crap….they tryin to sweetin the deal here people….I have not looked @ this game for months until I saw R3 Beta availability with the game…Put 2 & 2 together people…I will wait till the Beta is public.

  • Hopefully the Full Deployment Edition from Amazon will include this because I’ve got it on Preorder.

  • Man.. this is so epic, your on a roll sony!

  • Early access for a purchase!? Awesome! I get to to be the second to the last one through the door again <-*Sarcasm*. Sony, do not tell people they will receive early access and then make that group second to last through the door. The Socom "Early Access" was a joke. One week before the general population!? You should call this Resistance 3 beta Eventual Access.

  • So, I want to pre order it from amazon, but the box art doesn’t show the Resistance 3 logo. Will I still get it anyway?

  • I cannot wait for both of these games. I have always been a fan of the Resistance series. I am assuming since I pre-ordered SOCOM from GameStop I will get the code when I pick up the game. I wrote a review of Resistance 3 here and now I will have to update it with the new demo info! Thanks PS3 and Insomniac!

  • You guys played this gimmick with Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 beta and it was a joke. Better not happen again.

  • question,there will be an open beta for those who dont buy socom 4?

  • i still out on this one have a lot of shooters has of now, but quick question will you be also giving a beta to us plus memebers.

  • Pre-Order Socom 4 (Check)
    Excited about Resistance 3 (Check)

  • Wow these games are really on opposite sides of the spectrum.
    Socom is really tactical ,slower paced, teamwork is basically required and there is a sense of realism
    Resistance is more wild, faster paced, Teamwork is important but not necessarily required, and well it has a gun that turns the enemy into a giant pimple.

    Only problem is that Socom really isn’t my type of game but Resistance is my fav :(

  • Any chance the R3 beta will be Move compatible already?

  • I already pre-ordered SOCOM 4. Extra icing on the cake.
    Damn, the ps3 exclusives so far have been pure gold. lovin’ every minute of it!
    Extra excited now! thanks zipper, insomniac, and sony!!!!

  • SOLD, I already have it pre-ordered anyways!!! 8P 8)

  • Sweet i love Socom! and i got the sharpshooter all i need is a 3D TV!

  • Nice guys!
    Maybe PS+ get earlier access to the BETA?? =)

  • PS+ PLEASE!!! I’m gonna be pissed if they exclude us.

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