EyePet is back! And this time he’s got company…

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EyePet is back! And this time he’s got company…

EyePet & Friends is coming to your home later this year with double the magic and endless amounts of fun! Be prepared for living rooms across the country to be turned upside-down as not just one, but two lovable EyePets arrive on the scene.

EyePet & Friends Playtime

We listened to the feedback from both users and critics alike, and aimed to continue innovating the EyePet experience in a number of areas. Because of our desire to create an even more immersive augmented reality experience, EyePet & Friends is a ground-up re-design that retains the very best of the original EyePet.

We’ve socialized the game, now with two players, two PlayStation Move controllers, two Pets and augmented reality. Raise two on your own or together with a friend, let them hatch together or see if you can handle just one of the mischievous fur balls first – the choice is yours, but don’t forget that two EyePets born together may form a stronger bond with each other.

EyePet & Friends Digger

Life with an EyePet is never dull! With the new EyePet online community, you can show off your pet’s adventures and Trophies online or sit back and relax as you connect with other EyePet owners, swapping tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your playful new family members.

There’s also a whole new world of customizable fun to be had: Need a new toy to keep your furry friend entertained or a new outfit for a special occasion? No problem! Head over to the Creativity Center where you’ll be able to expand the world you and your EyePets live in as you use your Move controller to create and customize your very own content.

However you decide to play, your efforts will be rewarded. Every moment spent nurturing; playing or completing challenges will earn you EyePet Tokens which you can use in the Pet Store to unlock exciting additional content!

If you think you have space for two new virtual furry friends, get ready for the arrival of EyePet & Friends, out later this year.

EyePet & Friends Boat

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  • Interesting. I guess its good improvements are being made bit by bit. It will keep the kids entertained longer if they have someone to play with. I saw so many more possibilities with this game. So, is this like a DLC expansion? Or will this be a bluray release?

  • Did you add in fun?

  • Er…Is it Eyepet2?
    Or Eyepet 1.5(DLC)?
    I can not find a clue.

    Yeah,pls add some fun,and raise procession.

  • And,Can I raise a Guardian from the last guardian?
    Frankly speaking,I don’t like this little monkey-like eyepet…
    Maybe adding some other lovely creature,or import one(sly cooper?lol).

  • If it is a DLC to add -on to EyePet I would get it for the kid. If it is a brand new game I have to buy…. I do not know with so many #1 titles being released this year/holiday

  • Does it place a virtual floor? That was the main reason why I never purchased the original EyePet, I just don’t have the space.

  • if its DLC…MAYBE a purchase if i ever get a second Move controller. I liked EyePet and so did my 4yr old but after about a week or two it lost its appeal and basically hasnt been touched since.

  • The image from my PSEye doesn’t look even 10% as good as that. Why?

  • I don’t mean to be rude but it really just feels like a marketing ploy. Given the lack of details and such, it looks exactly like the original Eyepet… just now with a female counterpart.

    Dunno why all the pictures just scream focus groups and analysts at me: “Not enough appeal to girls! Have to add a girl Eyepet!”

    I’ll likely wait on this. Cute but probably still very limited.

  • This game would have sold so much more if it did not have a creepy monkey dog thing and instead had something that was actually cute like a puppy or Sackboy.

  • @2

    Sorry, but you need intelligence to take advantage of the fun this offers.

    You don’t qualify, I’m afraid.

  • My child ran out of stuff to do in the original after a few days. This stuff should have been in the original game. I could see adding this as DLC but it’s hard sell for current owners to buy a whole new game for content that should have been there in the first place.

  • Eyepet never worked for me… :( Never had the amount of space to make it work correctly it seems.

  • I loved the original Eyepet, and I will probably pick this up regardless of whether is is DLC or a new game. I’ll also be getting a second Move controller down the line as well.

  • Its like buying a pet but not. No poop or cleanup. The original Eyepet was fun. Can’t wait to enjoy this one.

  • Kinda sucks for anyone (foolish enough) who bought the first game.

  • I would love a PSP/NGP version of Eyepet that is actually compatible with the PS3 version.

    It would be cool if we could see our PS3 Eyepet from different angles through an NGP screen at the same time… if you get what I mean.

  • I had trouble getting into the first game, it was a bit shallow in my opinion.
    I think more than two of the same creature you should add in extra types of animals, maybe even birds and fish, but especially different types of critters like this one.
    The monkey thing is cute, but gets old fast.

    Games like this and Nintendogs don’t really appeal to me, but with enough variety I might buy it again.

  • hehe, I platinum-ed the first Eyepet, can’t wait to check this out^^

  • Is this going to be DLC or just a new game to buy?

  • The EU PS blog says it’s a “brand-new game”. Here’s the link to the product page: http://uk.playstation.com/ps3/games/detail/item362101/EyePet-Friends/

    Shame on the author of this post to not include the most important details.

  • This was such a fun game, but unfortunately I got bored with it shortly after getting the Platinum trophy for it. Hopefully having two player compatibility it’ll make it a lot more fun! Two pets, two players? I wouldn’t mind a second game, since I enjoyed the first one! Hopefully with more to do, it’ll have a longer lasting appeal.

    People should take note that the original EyePet has been out a year longer than most people think. It was released in Europe for well over a year before being made Move compatible and being released elsewhere. All they really did for the Move release is make it Move compatible rather than using a Wonder Card. So, they’ve played with new ideas for a while, meaning this could be a LOT better. It may be worth a try at least!

  • lol @2

    and is this eyepet 2? dont leave us hanging

  • Eyepet 1 got boring after awhile as I never really wanted to play without someone, (it’s more fun, being a social game), and yet they could never directly participate. So the addition of another Move controller is definitely a welcomed one. There was also just a lot of trouble with the game technically and after awhile, I gave it up because it got frustrating and wouldn’t return to it for awhile. However, it does sound like a lot of these problems have been fixed or improved upon in EyePet & Friends. Not sure if this is DLC or not, but it sounds more like a separate game, an EyePet 2. Looking forward to seeing what’s new & better in this next addition to the series!

  • I also agree that Eyepet would be a lot better off with the addition of cats and dogs. Despite having to figure out the “realistic-looking” factor, I think people would be able to relate to it more. Another HUGE problem with the first Eyepet is that the PlayStation Eye camera seriously lacks the quality to look good on an HD Television Set. I can’t believe I’m in the game when I see my beautiful High Definition Pet playing on a Low-Resolution Background Full of Static. I guess I really can’t blame London Studio and the other developers for that, but Sony- please hear us out, we really need an HD Version of the PlayStation Eye, it only makes sense!

  • Share the horror…?

  • This game should be playable without the Move just like it was initially shown because I don’t have money for the Move. There are just too many games right now.

  • This is awesome! I hop they add cats and dogs though…I would buy EyePet day 1 if it had cats and dogs. If all it has is a monkey thing, then I will wait to buy it used for like 10 bucks.

    Cats and dogs, and I will buy it for sure.

    And can we get an HD eyetoy? I HATE my PS3 eye…the quality is awful. It looks like a webcam from the 90’s.
    And I paid 40 bucks for it, even though it has terrible quality! I sent it into Sony because the colors were all messed up, but regardless, the quality is awful.

    The poor quality of the PS3 eye effects my gameplay experience in an extremely negative way. It just isn’t a fun game to play when everything looks so awful :/

  • I meant to say that I HOPE they add cats and dogs XP, not hop!

    And why advertise the game screenshots in such great quality when in reality, the camera is a million times worse quality. Kinda false advertisement.

  • I really hope when this gets released that they at least put out a Bundle for it. i was sad when i wanted to get this game (Eye Pet) but required the Move (which i havent been a fan of) i think the card did it best (which thanks to my friend let me tried out) it made it unique.

    Anyway i really hope a Bundle comes out. was there a reason why all other Movie required games got a bundle, but Eye Pet was left out?

  • What they need to do is let other EyePets into the game from other accounts. My 6 and 8 year old each have an EyePet and they would love it if they could call each others over into their own game, even if it just behaved randomly. I’m not in the market for a 2nd Move after the EVIL usage of the 2nd Move in Heroes. They shouldn’t even be allowed to call that 2 player. Oh well, will see.

  • Is this a full retail product, paid DLC, or just a free update for existing users?

  • You guys should make yugioh into a ar game with all the cards and 3D…That would only be second to holograms.
    Like eye of judgment but better.

  • Wow my kids r gonna love it!!

  • Is this an all new game? [ie; EyePet 2] DLC? or an updated version of EyePet? [ie; EyePet 1.5]

    I don’t want to buy it if it’s just an updated version of what I already have. If it’s basically all new, I’ll probably get it. If it’s DLC I’ll get it.

  • the article mention the game is a ‘ground-up re-design’, so i would assume it is a brand new retail game, rather than just DLC for the first game.

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