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Digital Comics Store Update

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Hello and welcome to this week’s comic update!

The terrifying world of Resident Evil returns to comics with Resident Evil Vol. 2! The dedicated agents of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance face off against Virus-spreading bio-weapons both in space and on land. The Joint Nations Space Station has gone offline; BSAA Agent Mina Gere investigates and is confronted by a crew of flesh-eating bio-weapons; veteran mercenary Holiday Sugarman is sent to remote Grezbekistan, and his team won’t be around for much longer… A new chapter in the Resident Evil saga kicks off with a bang!

Our next highlight is an all-new beginning for the book that Wizard calls “the best original concept from Marvel in thirty years!”… Runaways (2005) is on! A group of teenagers discovers that their parents are actually super-villains, and they run away from home… only to find that nearly every bad guy in the Marvel Universe is trying to fill the power vacuum in Los Angeles, and they are the only ones who can stop them!

Many of you will remember the mighty animation team Voltron – a team of talented pilots commanding robot lions to fight evil. Find out in Voltron: Defender of the Universe how the five maverick pilots were chosen for the mission to bring back the legendary Voltron… and how a distant alien princess knew they were coming. Fans will know the characters, but now writer Dan Jolley and artists Mark Brooks and Clayton Brown uncover their never before seen origins.

Let’s not forget Doctor Who, who is back this week with two more issues of Doctor Who Volume 2. If you missed last week’s update, we have tons more Doctor Who comics for you to try – so visit our store or our website for more details.

Here is the full list:

  • 2000AD Prog #1721 – 2000AD
  • Azure #6 – DC Comics
  • Batman Beyond Vol.2 #8 – DC Comics
  • Batman Beyond Vol. 4 #4 – DC Comics
  • Batman Black & White #4 – DC Comics
  • Celadore #3 – DC Comics
  • DC Universe Online Legends #5 – DC Comics
  • Doctor Who: Volume 2 #2-3 – IDW Publishing
  • Ex Machina #38 – DC Comics
  • Fables #53 – DC Comics
  • Hack/Slash #10-11 – Devil’s Due Digital
  • Infestation: G.I. Joe #1 – IDW Publishing
  • Infestation: Ghostbusters #1 – IDW Publishing
  • JLA #45 – DC Comics
  • Legends of the DC Universe #11 – DC Comics
  • Powers (2004) #28-30 – Icon
  • Pray for Death #3 – DC Comics
  • Resident Evil Vol.2 #1-3 – DC Comics
  • Return to Labyrinth #11 – TOKYOPOP
  • Runaways (2005) #1-6 – Marvel
  • Sandman #29 – DC Comics
  • Star Trek #4 – Devil’s Due Digital
  • Superman/Batman #56 – DC Comics
  • Tales from the Clockwork Empire #1 – Markosia
  • Telara Chronicles #4 – DC Comics
  • Tomorrow Stories #6 – DC Comics
  • Top 10 #6 – DC Comics
  • Transformers #17 – IDW Publishing
  • Undertown #14 – TOKYOPOP
  • Van Von Hunter #12 – TOKYOPOP
  • Voltron: Defender of the Universe #0-5 – Devil’s Due Digital
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #28 – DC Comics
  • X-Factor (2005) #4 – Marvel
  • Y: The Last Man #35 – DC Comics

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalog.

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