Mushroom Wars Online DLC Hits PSN Today, Developer Tournament Coming Soon

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Mushroom Wars Online DLC Hits PSN Today, Developer Tournament Coming Soon

Mushroom Wars Online for PS3 (PSN)

Hey all you spore heads! Bill from Creat here, and I’m excited to announce our US release of the Mushroom Wars Online DLC on April 5th for $2.99. The original Mushroom Wars is available on PSN for $9.99.

The original Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced and accessible RTS, with a quaint, anime-inspired visual style in which players send their cute armies into battle, upgrade their mushroom bases, improve their weaponry and fight skirmishes in close-quarter maps. Mushroom Wars Online introduces several expansions to these features, the most exciting being the ability to spread their fungal domination into the online realm with four-player online multiplayer support.

Mushroom Wars Online for PS3 (PSN)

Along with the addition of online multiplayer support, Mushroom Wars Online introduces a number of new features to the original title, including local multiplayer support for up to four players. Players can enjoy custom matches against online friends for training and entertainment, or watch others battle from the sidelines to hone their strategic skills. Users can now compare their global rank with others to see how they stack up and keep track of their personal score history. Mushroom Wars Online also allows players to record and replay matches, and upload gameplay videos online to share with friends.

We know that North America has been waiting patiently for the chance to play Mushroom Wars online and we want to make is special for you. So, we will be holding a tournament for Mushroom Wars: Online (RSVP here) where you can play against the developers! The North American tournament will be held on April 28th. Compete for a chance to win some of our fabulous prizes:


  1. $40 PlayStation Network Card for the most interesting tactics of the game regardless of results.
  2. $20 PlayStation Network Card for best results in Online RankedMatch during the tournament.
  3. $10 PlayStation Network Card for the most active participation in the tournament.

Mushroom Wars tournament

Don’t worry about losing your ranks either, this tournament will be held outside of the normal ranking methods. You will only be ranked for your progress in the tournament, and then your true ranks will be restored. Didn’t win your matches against our crack team of Mushroom Warriors? Don’t worry; we will be rewarding the most active player in the tournament with one of the prizes!

Sign up on our Facebook page and compete for a chance to win cash for your PSN wallet!

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20 Author Replies

  • Winning!

  • it was just announced that PS+ people in EU receive the Killzone 3 map packs for free. Any word on the US?

  • Interesting… Mushroom Wars was really fun, got it from PS+ a while back.

  • Didn’t get a Chance to DL this when it was on the PS Plus
    Can you guys consider making a mini Bundle Promotion for the tournament?

    See you at the Tournament!

  • Mushroom wars is/was a PS= game? I had no idea…

  • Back in August of last year… I’m actually really upset by this. I wanted to try this game, and I have been a PS+ subscriber since day 1. I feel like they need to do a much better job of letting us know which games we have access to for free, and for how long.

    • It is always good to check out the PS+ section on PSN every Tuesday when the store updates. That way you will be able to keep up with the PlayStation+ deals. I hope you give Mushroom Wars a shot : )

  • I have it I just don’t play it much it is fun I haven’t played it in a while so guess I’ll have to play it some more

  • @2

    U.S PS+ users are getting the map pack free too. Keep an eye on the blog for news.

  • also does this game have remote play? I’m trying to find an up to date list of games that have remote since I just got a psp go right now waiting for it to ship to me

  • Hey Bill, Can you guys Add Mushroom Wars Avatars to the PSN Store?

  • Does this allow us to disable the “Troop Moral” feature that makes it more difficult to come back when you are behind? Because if it does, I’ll buy it.

  • Eh…. you guys should have offered the original game for half off ($5) to celebrate the DLC too. Would have gotten more people to buy the game and the DLC, from those of us who havnt bought the game yet, like myself.

    Oh well. Good luck to all those in the game.

  • Thanks to PSN+ I found out about this game. I’ve been waiting for this dlc to come to North America. I can’t wait! =D

  • Sounds to me like this should be a bundle. :D Then again, anytime a dev. comes out with multiplayer after the fact, they should bundle it.

    Game looks interesting enough, been looking for a tower d game for awhile, but I like more to it (such as with the Total War series on PC). How does this stack up? Looking for more recommendations….right now PixelJunk Monsters seems to be the fav…. Anyone? :)

    • Mushroom Wars is not really a tower defense game, it is more like a simplified real time strategy game. The basics are pretty easy to get down, but there is depth to the game too. You should check it out : )

  • Looks good. Any news on the PlayStation Home space? Avatars and dynamic themes would be great. Interpol DLC?

    • We are looking into Home, but i can’t give any specifics ; ) And the more people that ask for DLC for Interpol, the more likely they will get it. You are not the first : )

  • This game is well worth the money!! If you haven’t got it, buy it! I got from ps+ and played it for 8 hours a day for a week! Awesome game! Online is going to be wicked cool!

  • The local multiplayer should be an update. Shouldn’t charge ppl for that since we were supposed to have that a long time ago. Multi player on the other hand should remain DLC.

    • You could think of the local multiplayer as an update that you get after downloading the online multiplayer DLC : )

  • so why did it take so ling to get to the NA store? i noticed it was on the european store last year

    • SCEA and SCEE have different standards for releasing games and sometimes a game will get caught up with one while the other allows the game to be released.

  • can the contest be moved over to friday instead of thursday

  • Sorry Killzone79, the date is set : (

  • great little game, but any suggestions on how to beat the last couple of levels those aliens just get to be too much.

    • Glad you like it : ) Try throwing water on them, it worked for Mel Gibson and his family in that movie.

  • Great!
    I love this game ;D finally i will be able to play against my friends.
    Thank you!

  • I got this game for free with my PS+ membership months ago.

    It’s a great game… but I have a problem with “parental control”, I don’t know why but online is blocked on my account and also my siblings’ accounts.

    We can’t check leaderboards, and now I think if I buy the DLC we won’t be able to use it :( What can I do?

  • Glad to see this finally made it across the pond. Bought this long ago and it’s one of my favorite all time games – I’m a big math geek. Liked playing 2 player with my son, looking forward to 4 player for the whole family.

    This isn’t a tower defence game, it’s a tower attack game. If you play defensively the game will overrun you – especially on HARD which I’m only halfway through. Attack attack attack.

  • While its great that this is getting online I’m going pass on it. The AI is way too aggressive for me even on normal mode and I haven’t been able to beat the second half of the campaign at all.

    Plus from what I hear from some people in Europe the online is broken in the scoring system. People who win still lose points so good luck in getting the ‘Master’ Trophy.

  • Hey Mr. Fryer, I sent you a pair of emails with some questions about issues in the game. Would love if you could get back to me on them.

    The initials of my name that I signed are M.P.
    Just in case

  • I just want to say thank you for taking the time to respond to me. You’re the first “red” post I’ve ever received. Perhaps I’ll give it another look and decide …. tower attack you say….hmmmm…..

    Couple questions then….

    1. Don’t you have the ability to upgrade you huts/army….if so, is it just by taking over other mushrooms and/or is there a base supply for each mushroom station (for lack of better word) that just grows with time?

    actually, just that one. :)

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