DC Universe Online Free Update Brings Two-Face, New Bat Cave Raids

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DC Universe Online Free Update Brings Two-Face, New Bat Cave Raids

DCUO Heads or Tails

To combat those lingering post-time-change blues, DC Universe Online is adding another free batch of new downloadable content that will introduce you to former Gotham City District Attorney-turned crime boss Harvey Dent (aka “Two-Face”) in the sinister new installment. Follow Dent into The Penguin’s hideout to take out his smuggling operation… but you will never know if he is going to help or hinder your gameplay.

Also included in this update is the final part to the Batcave raid where you level 30 players (if you aren’t at level 30 yet, hurry up and get there already) will be face-to-face with the caped crusader. You’ll even catch a guest appearance from sneaky trickster Mister Mxyzptlk! We’re bringing content for players of all types, so if you’re a solo player, duo champion, or veteran raider get ready to jump online!

DCUO Heads or Tails

The free “Heads or Tales” content update for DCUO includes:


  • Two-Face Instance: Following Harvey Dent/Two-Face on a mission into The Penguin’s hideout, players will aim to take out his latest smuggling operation. The kicker? You don’t know if he will help or hinder your efforts – the chances are 50/50 and everything depends on the flip of a coin!
  • Legends PvP: Harvey Dent/Two-Face will be added as a playable character in Legends “Play as Iconic” Player vs Player mode.
  • New Attacks: Call in your own mob of goons to keep your opponent occupied as you unleash a suppressive bullet spray, oil drum trap or grenade launcher.
  • Flip-of-the-Coin Abilities: Switch powers based on which side the coin lands: the Two-Face side deals more damage and DoT attacks and the Harvey Dent side gives more control, knockdowns and stuns.

DCUO Heads or Tails

Seasonal Content

  • Mister Mxyzptlk: Experience Metropolis transformed by the presence of Mister Mxyzptlk and his fellow 5th dimensional supervillain tricksters.
  • Multi Player Race: Players can assume the guise of a 5th Dimensional Denizen and play tricks on fellow races over the skies of Metropolis.
  • New Gold Collections: New encounters with 5th Dimensional Denizens dressed as Leprechauns guarding a Pot Of Gold that players will need to find and collect coins from while the leprechauns try to stop them in various amusing ways.

Additional Updates

  • Batcave 3 Raid: Level 30 players are brought face-to-face with The Dark Knight himself. Unfortunately, he’s been infected with a virus and has teamed up with the all-powerful Brainiac’s Avatar of Technology.

The second free DC Universe Online update will be available in North America today. So flip a coin and let us know: Are you a Harvey Dent or more of a Two-Face inside DCUO? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Well, that does look exciting! The new content update will surely bring some new adventures in DC Universe Online! I bet loads of players will enjoy it, and lots of more new adventure raids to come soon. Say, will those new raids be replayable?

  • The recent downsize in SOE is the acknowledgement DC Universe Online is a failure. It’s too bad, because I really like Sony’s products and want you to succeed.
    I wish you all the best in the future.

  • still waiting to get this game, have been thinking about it for some time!

  • I really hope the physical copy goes on sale soon. I really cant pay $60, then $15 a month

  • Same. Still waitin for the price to drop or some sort of free trial come out, to test the game if its worth the money.

  • Ditto on that Chereb. Not gonna put money into something I don’t get to actually play offline as well. I feel bad for those that are at the highest level and have been for a while and have nothing to do but are gonna still be shelling out every month, just waiting for the odd new levels to come out; which they’ll soon be able to whiz through in no time.

    Which is why I haven’t wasted my money on a instore disc (and yes, I know it includes a month’s free online gameplay). What’s the point when you have to then pay a fee to actually play the game whenever you wish.

    Yes it looks awesome and the content and character range are great, but there are a lot of other games that I can already play online on my PS3 for free, which is why I haven’t given in and bought this one yet, no matter how much I really want to.

    Now if I could play it online for free and just be charged for additional content, if I chose to purchase it, which I more than likely would, then that would be a different story; I’d have bought it from day one.

  • Can we get some DCU PSN ID Avatars?

  • When are Ps3 owners going to get treated the same way as PC users/ what i mean is when are ps3 owners going to be able to pay for lifetime membership? its the only reason why i have stop paying for this game. seems very sickening to only give those benefits to pc owners, but leave us Ps3 owners in the dust,

  • 1) I’d like to see a new area/map with Aquaman added to DCUO.

    2) PS Plus subscribers should be able to get a discount off the regular subscription prices.

    3) Congratulations & thank you for making this very fun & worthwhile game for us!!!

  • 1st loadstone007 your an idiot.. thats not why they downsized.. DCUO made millions during the release.. Sony has been having problems since Xbox 360 came out.. that was years ago.. And iTofuMan your stupid too, cause if you looked in the playstation store you can see an option to pay for lifetime… Look and read.. Jkar275.. there was a discount … The promo expired. but It was $29 for 3 months..

  • the game is great. the good thing about getting to 30 fast is you can actually enjoy pvp & pve end game without paying and playing before for 6 months. i dont see the game as a failure my server has lots of players.
    no man land . villian . osueboy . ice tank. i got my 1st triumph armor yesterday.

  • This game looks cool, but i’d have to try it before I bought it…

    It’s funny a game you pay monthly for suddenly says “free DLC”… Isn’t that the whole point of paying a monthly fee because you expect it to be constantly maintained and added to? It was always that way when I played WoW back in the day.

  • the biggest limitation for this game for me its the monthly fee, lets hope they realize that the current system its expensive and exclusively not accesible…

  • @BloodyKilla

    you dont have to be so rude. if they did release a lifetime membership they did advertisement for it. i would think something like that would be big news. i havent even read anything about any big updates (aside from this) so excuse me for not wasting my life for DCU

  • @ Bloodlykilla

    You need to “look and read” before you open your mouth on a forum. The only person here whom looks like an “idiot” or “stupid” (as you put it) is YOU! There is no Lifetime Sub for us PS3 users due to a PSN wallet amount problem so I don’t know where in the Playstation Store you saw the option to buy it. Life Subs cost $200 but PSN wallet only holds $150. Know what you’re talking about next time and go troll somewhere else. You are obviously 12 years old and lack an education.

  • i feel most ps3 users haven’t experienced much gaming on the pc. mostly all MMOs open up once you hit max level. harder areas open up, progress in gear/faction/etc. it sucks that you pay monthly, but you are getting new content added with out paying extra for that. for me, i pay 29 for three months. that is three months for things to be added. three months i don’t have to pay sixty dollars for a new game to beat in six hours. don’t get me wrong, i play other games. but the other games you have to pay fifteen dollars on four maps or five dollars on one mission or five dollars on a new character? it’s a totally different play style than most console games and most MMOs in general.

  • you pay monthly for server maintenance. you are playing a game with a bunch of different people at the same time. everything takes up data. the more you grind out bosses for items, more and more data is used. if you want a solo mmo type game, check out sacred 2. the first game out for the pc. another is white knight chronicles.

  • Must go download this ASAP

  • dcuo iz undoubtedly a RAPID SUCCESS! w00p w00pp!!! ;P

  • + iTofuMan TwoHitsNPass both of you are just need to stop bashing what you don’t know.. thats all i’m saying.. people like that make me upset.. I deal with people that don’t read or do their research everyday.. it just makes me upset when people talk trash and don’t know what anything means.. thats all…end of conversation ..

  • Seems…….. Asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Have any PlayStation.Blog readers reached 30?


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