ModNation Monday: New DLC, Spotlight on Scary Creations

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ModNation Monday: New DLC, Spotlight on Scary Creations


There is just something about this game that keeps us coming back for more…

– Is it the creative, unique music and art style? Possibly.
– Is it the friendly online racing community? Could be.
– Is it the ability to create (and share!) your own racing “universe”? Strong point there.
– Is it the “witty” commentary in this ModNation Monday blog? Mmmmm… no.

It could be a host of these and many more features that make ModNation Racers the racing game that we just can’t put down. We refer to it as the ModNation “Mojo” and it’s getting stronger every day thanks to you.

Upcoming DLC

The Easter holiday is still a few weeks away but you need to start making room in your basket for some “sweet” DLC. We will let you know when it’s time to “bounce” on over to the PlayStation Store for this “tasty” Mod and Kart.

This Week’s DLC

ModNation Monday

El Snake–o has finally slithered out of hiding and is available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 5th. The El Snake-o Mod is $.99, the El Snake-o Kart is also $.99 or both for $1.75.

El Snake-o comes with the following parts for you to create with:


  • El Snake-o’s Wrestling Top
  • El Snake-o’s Wrestling Shorts
  • El Snake-os Lucha (Mask)
  • Snakeskin (Skin)
  • Snake (Odds & Ends)


  • Burro (Body)
  • Folding Seat

ModNation Palooza Week Five

ModNation Keyword Creation Spotlight: (Even the Clown is) “Scary”

Our visual celebration of the two million plus creations continues with a little keyword search: “Scary”. You’ll be amazed at how crazy and diverse the searches can be. Take a look at some of the Mods I found searching with the keyword scary…

ModNation Monday

  1. Scary Pink Monster by DrPeanuts
  2. Killer Clown by The-Piranha
  3. Bloody Skull by Dutch-Commander
  4. Scary Clown by Evilgoat1
  5. ScaryThing by PirateNatty
  6. Scary Hairy Uncle Bob by creationrobot
  7. Green monster by Donor
  8. Mummy by cpizzle
  9. Mystery man by humair
  10. Scary2 by dolphinblue36
  11. Crazy by TopGun405
  12. Lazer Eyes by Shizz_98

Mark: “Yikes! The clowns are still following me from last week. Won’t they just GO AWAY!?” Per my shrink’s request, next week’s keyword will be “Happy” (if there is a clown in there I am going to request a short leave of absence).

If you come across any “happy” Mods or Karts that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page. Include the creation title and creator’s name. We’d love to see them!

ModNation Votes (Our Monthly Fun Poll)

This month’s poll is about Drift vs. Handling. Tell us your preference here.

Last Poll Question – What is your favorite pack-in track? The winner? It was a tie between Boardwalk and Marina!

Fun Races Schedule

April 7th Fun Race: Join a great group of players for a fun night of racing. See details here.

April 11th Fun Race: A long running series of Monday night racing. You’re invited! See details here.

Racers of the Week

Top Race XP from previous week (March 20th – 27th)

Player Race XP Races Wins Win Streak
1. Ambr0ster
ModNation Monday
92442 566 341 27
2. maverick–07– 86433 279 216 33
3. kelvinator09 67797 623 148 18
4. Digitty-Dawg 63822 455 166 21
5. Didis4646 63440 360 285 27
6. yorfedognnahoy 62405 866 18 3
7. BREW_5150 60944 865 13 4
8. TUKSILHA 58936 373 181 10
9. devildriverwrx 58780 428 107 8
10. HiPPie_cHik 58757 655 38 2

Creations of the Week

If you are interested in submitting your Mod, Kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site.

Track of the Week: Beverley Hills Bonanza! by atheistsw

ModNation Monday

Mark: “I am not sure if atheistsw has ever visited Hollywood but as someone who has many a time I’ll save you all the plane fare… his re-creation of the L.A. / Hollywood area is actually better than the real thing!” Great design AND racing! Loved it! A+

Mod and Kart of the Week

ModNation Monday

Mod: Volt by Stitchless Kart: Charged by Stitchless

Stitchless says “I bring you, Volt… an electrified bot, super charged for quick movements, his kart is built to withstand the high speeds it moves at.”

Mark says “Really cool detail and design scheme! Great job Stitchless!” This guy has MNR Superhero written all over it! Now all we need is his story (click here).

Hot Lap Roster

Monday: Beverley Hills Bonanza! by atheistsw
Tuesday: Dipsy Dino’s by laidbackcat
Wednesday: Bubblegoo Bayou by IvoYaridovich
Thursday: Dark Carnival by PH1LThy31
Friday: Venice by atheistsw

Community Chosen Tracks
Saturday: Venom Pit by mightydeuce (chosen by prob_alex)
Sunday: Sacred Grove-Far East by manlius10a (chosen by laidbackcat)

ModNation, you are the best!

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6 Author Replies

  • Looking forward to trying the Hollywood track — looks interesting. The teases for new DLC are getting a tiny bit tiring, but still looking forward to an Easter-themed mod. Wish the mod DLC prices were about half what they are, though — any chance of another bundle sale like you did earlier in the year?

  • no offense but the new blog look needs some refinement, it has been a while since it was implemented and i still get lost in it. tons of information on small space is not a good thing at all

    looks nice though, just needs some fine tuning

  • Love the keyword creation spotlight, the green monster is my favorite.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I really hope Sony crushes the hackers that screw with their websites earlier.

    GO SONY!!!

  • New DLC yay… oh wait, it’s another mod and kart, booooooo, seems every week it’s the same hope for the winter theme followed by dissapointment that it’s another mod and kart to milk it… here’s an idea, if the winter theme is gonna take so long then why not release one of those mini-themes you guys teased us with, construction, wild west, anything, just not MORE mods and karts please!

    Also, yesterday was terrible online, frequent disconnections, huge lag issues and some people couldn’t even get online to race AT ALL! I realise this was mostly down to those pesky hackers so I’ll let it slide for now… just hope this doesn’t become a regular occurence. ;)

    Anyway, thanks for picking Beverley Hills as the TOTW, it’s one of my favourites I think and Venice as Friday’s hotlap too is a real bonus, I took ages trying to re-create the look of that most wonderful of places! :)

    One final thing; Venom Pit by MightDeuce (Saturdays community chosen hotlap by prob_alex) already got hotlap back before Christmas. Might I suggest you pick a different track from the same creator? If you’d like any recommendations then let me know, I’ve raced them all, he’s a very good track maker. ;)

  • Pesky word limit…

    Anyway, great job on the blog as usual, but please give us a nice surprise next week by announcing a firm release date for the winter theme! :O

  • “Green monster” looks like Killer Croc from Arkham Asylum…

  • Thanks for choosing one of my tracks for a hot lap!! I’ll have to make sure to thank LaidBackCat next chance I get! Still restlessly waiting on some track or theme DLC. The wait is getting absurd. Hopefully the snow theme will come out before Infamous 2, because that level editor will probably take all my time.

  • It’s definitely not the music that keeps me coming back to MNR lol. Wicked track selection “Beverley Hills Bonanza!”… you gotta admit this “Mark” guy is breathing new life back into created tracks. It’s cool that he’s willing to test all of the tracks submitted… feels good racing the cream of the crop. Nice blog

  • Thanks Freshick. I enjoy finding the best to bring to you guys!

  • This is all fine and good but WHEN will we see the SNOW & ICE TRACK THEME that was announced???? I want to slip and slide with the penguins!!!

  • Working on it!

  • hmmmmmm….

    Sometimes my reply’s show up as comments. Sorry ’bout that.

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