PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Happy Sunday, folks. Hope you enjoyed this year’s April Fools Day’s pranks this year, which seemed more lighthearted and less mean-spirited than in the past. We even got in on the act for a change.

Personally, I really enjoyed Destructoid’s entry; their Faxtoid takeover was both funny and incredibly creative. Did you see anything that topped their effort?

Programming note: we’ve been experimenting with livestreaming video directly into PlayStation Home. Soon we’re going to need your help stress testing the stream, so keep an eye out here and on Twitter for how you can participate.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 28, 2011)

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  • I read the Bear McCreary story on MSNBC, and I was blown away. I didn’t know that he took 2 years to score SOCOM 4. I absolutely LOVE his music and he’s my favorite composer so I can’t wait to hear the rest of the score. Also it’s pretty awesome how thatgamecompany has Tina Guo doing cello work for ‘Journey.’

  • YO!!!! JEFF can’t log in 2 PSN on my PS3 or PSP it says error PS3:080710092/PSP:80431068 but both browsers work great any suggests n I REALLY WANT 2 PLAY SOCOM4 HALF WAY 2 MAXING OUT ALL WEAPONS NOW ;)

  • I cant log into my PSN either, ??????? whats going on?

  • It would be nice if the streaming video extended to the Hollywood House personal space also. Since I can’t see paying twice for something that has the same basic functions. Sony needs to pick it up on this, it is the reason that I purchased the Hollywood space, it was billed as being ready for streaming media. Put the same code into that space then you will have a winner, even if you have to limit it to one screen which is not a real problem if it were that way…

  • Compilation of all this year’s April Fools’ Day jokes –

    StarCraft: Motion Overdrive and the Shinji Mikami action figure (with beard-shaving action!) were among some of the best.

  • Good list, should keep me busy for a while.


    Hey Jeff, i realy enjoy reading the PSblog and visit it a couple of times a day. (especially during the slow times at work) The thing is that since the blogs new update i cant seem to get the mobile version working on my phone. (BB torch) I was just wondering if its somthing on my end or if the update did somthing to the mobile version of the blog.

    also, any chance of the mobile version getting an update?

  • Jeff:

    Any update on the My Trophies issue?

  • Off topic here, but I think you should get Portal 2 trailers, or Aperture Investment Opportunity videos for downloads on PSN. That would be awesome! =D

  • Good articles this week!

  • I’m on my 4th playthrough of The 3rd Birthday, it is really a lot of fun.

  • Jeff, is there any plans of putting Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta codes in copys of InFAMOUS 2?

  • Choplifter?! Ohhhh, this is good news.

  • Would like the little section that had all these links back.. now I have to wait until Sunday to check out the links and I know that there is a way where I can view them but its nowhere near as convenient. I’m already coming here to read posts… it would be nice to have those links on the side in case I find something interesting.

  • I’d like to see ff13 avatars, actually from previous entries as well.

    And some PSone Classics:

    Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
    Megaman legends 1
    Megaman Legends 2

  • will the android/iphone app be releasing soon?

  • P.S How about some coverage on this PSN Game? Red Johnson’s Chronicles,1290

  • hey Jeff here at the Sony Ericson Open in Miami they have the playstation phone and i was able to get mi hands on it..its awesome im definitely getting one when it comes out. oh and Jeff when is miami going to get some playstation love and get an event or a meet up?

  • The StarCraft: Full Motion Announcement was hilarious! its not PlayStation related, but still really funny. I also really enjoyed the Dtoid April fools day site.

    • Even funnier was the handful of people who said they’d want to play SC2 like that. Good luck!

  • SOCOM 4 with Move is great. It feels fantastic, but I’m more of a Killzone man, myself. I like SOCOM’s experience with Move as a whole, but the game doesn’t feel as “thrilling” as Killzone online.

    That being said… I’ve pre-ordered Infamous 2.

  • Hey Jeff and other commenters,

    Last night I had been playing Call of Duty Black Ops contently, although with more lag then average, when I decided switching things up a bit, and inserted Crysis 2 (fun game) to show off my mad skills to my friends.
    Before the game started, some sort of update deployed and began downloading unfamiliar content to either the game itself or the entire console (Not sure which, it was a quick download)

    When I ran the game, it asked me if I wanted to apply new changes to the game, with options “Accept/Decline”
    To be on the safe side, I chose the better sounding word (lol) and decided to hit “accept”.

    In doing this, I not only deleted ALL my Crysis 2 data.
    I’m not sure as to why it did this, so I was just asking if anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it?

    ALSO, on a side note
    As off 11 a.m. today, April 3rd 2011, my ps3 has not been able to connect to the playstation network and the internet browser
    I can not play any multiplayer games as of today, due to no internet connection

    Please help, and thank you very much for your time

  • hey jeff i cant logg in to my account in the ps3 was going on?

  • Can’t log in to the ps3 shows some kind of error forgot what the error code was but yeah i can/won’t let me play online. What’s going on?

  • What is up, i cant logg in. I want to play NOW!!! FIX IT It better not be an April’s fool prank.

  • hey jeff could you replie my comment i cant loggin to my account in my ps3 the error code is 80710092 was going on?

  • Wow, I was gullible (or hopeful) enough to actually believe that Captain Quark story. Though that was an actual game :)

  • Best read this week[on the internet]was this –

    :-P SONY should do a $199 PS3 soon so it can reclaim the USA as well;)

  • What happened to Under Siege on PSN? I’ve been wanting to play that with Playstation Move

  • sad face :(

    i cant log in my ps3 D:

    fix eet NAO >:O

  • what the heck goin’ on with the PSN? i had suffered big laggy in the last few weeks and finally it is completely down!!!!

  • Just so you are aware, whenever you link to kotaku it redirects back to their homepage. Google links to kotaku do it too, an annoying result of their redesign i guess.

  • Jeff any chance that the Blog will start reviewing games?

  • I can’t sign in too. Been trying since 10am pst.

  • New Atelier Meruru trailer:

    Totori should be out this fall, about the same time as Rorona, I expect. Can’t wait!

  • Is PSN Down ? i can’t log on to my psn with it giving me error code 80710092

  • Any chance you guys will restore the mobile version of the Blog back to an actual mobile version of the blog?

    This new site is really a terrible clunker on mobile devices. Heck, it’s a clunker even in full-scale browsers, but at least let us have the quick low-bandwidth version back for our phones.

  • I found something you might want to look at, it’s from PS lifestyle.

  • What’s going on with the ps network?? I can’t log on and am unable to download the add ons that I’ve purchased a couple hrs ago!! Please give us an update with this problem as I see others are having the same issues. Thanks and HURRY!!!

  • Also I forgot to add my error code is also 80710092.

  • @Jeff
    I can’t sign in PSN what’s happening the world is ending! I got the error code 80710092
    Fix pleaseeeee

  • I have the same problem!!!!!!!!! :(

  • PS3 Error Code:80710092… I can use my browser but cannot get into the playstation network! …What Gives?

  • Wow…No PSN?? What the hell :(

  • been on hold with support (12 minute wait) for 37 minutes & counting ARRRRRGGH!!!

  • What’s going with the PSN? Quite frustrating without some kind of notice saying that it was gonna be down or whatever.

  • I believe the problem with Playstation Network is regional, some of my friends are on! I get the error then few minutes later it would sign on but if I log off and log back in. It wont sign in.

  • Jeff can’t log in to PSN on my ps3 it says error. I checked my internet connection everything seems normal but on my ps3 i checked internet settings and it says internet connection failed but all my other wireless systems work with the WI-FI is there something going on.

  • Here to Post a Comment about the PlayStation Blog now showing in Mobile view as other said above.

    I noticed this issue a few days ago just got around to actually get on my PC to post my feed back hear. Its always easier for me to post a Tweet to you Jeff and PlayStation about a issue and get a more real time response as fast as it can be.

    More information: Im rocking a HTC Inspire 4G (Android) of coarse and im looking forward to a Android and iOS App soon also. been looking forward to it for some time now.

    I enjoy the mobile version of the Blog when its up and running just needs to be bigger Link buttons because its hard to press most of the time smaller links on a touchscreen. Even my 4.3″ screen is hard to click on the links. I cant imagine smaller screens.

  • NOT*

  • I heard from a friend that we were suppost to start paying for PSN, i was mad but i though it was an april fools joke if it wasnt i might as well move to Xbox 360!

  • Getting same error PS3:080710092

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