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21 11

I’ve spent much of the week catching up on my PSN backlog, particularly Spring Fever titles like Slam Bolt Scrappers and Moon Diver, plus a few quick rounds with the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta…which, coincidentally, is scheduled to publish to all PSN users this week.

In other news, this week saw the launch of the PlayStation.Blog en Español, run by our friend Lorenzo Grajales. Lorenzo’s been working to set up the PlayStation.Blog en Español as a great choice for Latin American gamers, or those who prefer to speak and read in Spanish. Let us know what you think!

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • 40 New Tracks for SingStar: Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Run DMC — You gotta be Crazy to not let these Amazing new Aerosmith tracks Walk This Way.
  • Killzone Universe Video Shows Life Before Killzone 3 — Live-action footage shows two friends, one on Vekta and one recently exiled to Helghan
  • ModNation Monday: If You Build It They Will (Continue) To Come — The ModNation community continues to display its creativity. My favorite: the Clown collage.
  • Trails in the Sky: Which Version is Right for You? — This flowchart is practically an RPG unto itself. Don’t get eaten by a grue!
  • The Novus Prime Universe Expands with Novus Prime: Escalation for PlayStation Home on March 31st — PlayStation Home’s co-op multiplayer space shooter gets double the content and it remains free to play.
  • MLB 11 The Show: Challenge of the Week #4; Win a $400.00 Gift Card — A new week, a new challenge. Are you tough enough?
  • SOCOM 4: Killzone 3 Promo Code Beta Schedule – 3/29 to 4/4 — All PSN users are scheduled to get SOCOM 4 Beta access this Tuesday, April 5th.
  • SOCOM 4: Multiplayer Map First Looks — Get a bird’s-eye tour of Cesspool and Von Heine Express, two of nine multiplayer maps to be included in SOCOM 4 on April 19th.
  • Bienvenidos a PlayStation.Blog en Español — Latin American gamers get a new PlayStation.Blog! Be sure to say “hola” to Lorenzo!
  • PlayStation Network Launches 2011 MLB.TV with New Features for Opening Day — Jeff gives a full video tour of the new MLB.TV streaming app while defiantly clad in Phillies merchandise.
  • The 3rd Birthday Teleports to PSP Today with Dissidia 012 Bonus — This PSP horror shooter is set in the same world as Parasite Eve. Good timing, considering Parasite Eve recently hit the PlayStation Store!
  • Free Realms hits PSN today with Voice Chat, Trophies — Protip: If you’re hitting any snags with Free Realms, answers and help are here
  • PlayStation Store Update — Spring Fever brings Moon Diver (from the creator of Strider!); Free Realms, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rush’N Attack: Ex Patriot, Chime Super Deluxe, Back to the Future Episode 2 and more.
  • Resistance 3 Will Support 3D, PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Thanks to Community Demand — Positive reaction to Killzone 3 and community demand leads to Insomniac’s historic announcement at a community day in Hollywood.
  • Killzone: Ascendancy Author Sam Bradbury Talks Novelization — Hey, you gotta put down the controller sometime.
  • MLB 11 The Show Fantasy Predictions — According to The Show’s virtual predictions, Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols will “have another beast of a season with 50+ Home Runs and nearly 120 RBIs.”
  • Rush’N Attack: Ex-Patriot Available on PSN with ‘Systema’ Combat — The secret Russian martial art that inspired Sid Morrow’s fighting style in this stabby new PSN side-scroller.
  • This Week in PlayStation Home – Novus Prime: Escalation, Ride Shakedown Event, New Virtual Items & More! — Multiplayer space shooter Novus Prime nearly doubles in size this week.
  • Coming to PlayStation Plus: Stardrone Discount, Dungeon Hunter and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Exclusive — Also: A pack of 38 Marvel vs Capcom 3 PSN Avatars exclusive to PlayStation Plus members.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — A huge Doctor Who update, X-Files: Volume 1, Civil War: House of M and more mark a hale and hearty week on the Comics Store.
  • Announcer Eric Karros Talks MLB 11 The Show — MLB 11 The Show’s new announcer talks about his history in baseball and broadcasting.
  • Virtua Tennis 4 is Serving Up Exclusive Content for PS3 Tennis Fans — Exclusive legend players Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Pat Rafter plus two exclusive modes in Pin Crusher and PlayStation Move-compatible Net Blitz.
  • LittleBigPrius Contest: See the Winning Level — “[The winner] is so polished that we wondered if we had accidentally downloaded a level directly from developer Media Molecule!”
  • Time Machine: Rogue Pilot coming to PSN This Spring With Multiplayer — “Match three” gameplay collides with hidden-object puzzles, creating an innovative new way to absorb every moment of your free time.
  • Cars 2: The Video Game Supports 3D and 4-Player Split-Screen on PS3 — Impressive: four-player split screen multiplayer with stereoscopic 3D.
  • A Message from President Qwark — “The galaxy is safe, unemployment is at an all-time low, and my approval rating has never been… well, the galaxy is safe.”
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Black Swan, Tangled 3D, two new seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and more.
  • StarDrone launches on PSN & PlayStation Move Next Week, Discount for Plus Members — This “pinball action” gem works perfectly with the PlayStation Move motion controller, though it plays nice with the DualShock 3.
  • MLB 11 The Show Home Run Derby Trailer — Anyone try out the PlayStation Move support?
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    11 Author Replies

    • Is there a reason why trophies will not sync?

    • Great week for PlayStation! The Resistance 3 PlayStation Move and SharpShooter announcement was my favorite.

      I’m Playing: Back to the Future, The Sly Collection, and Moon Diver.

      I’m watching: Nikita, in preparation for the new episodes Apr. 7th.

      I’m reading: The Dresden Files: Changes by Jim Butcher.

    • I’m playing: PS Move Heroes, Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier
      Watching: Orphen Revenge

    • Are we going to get any coverage of Michael Jackson The Experience for PS3 on the blog? It seems Ubisoft is focusing on the Kinect version, and it is almost impossible to get information on the PS3 version. There seems to be a few advantages with the PS3 version (dance and singing available on all songs, 4 players multiplayer, faster DLC), but it would be nice to get more information on it.

    • Great week for digital square enix fans as both Dissidia 012 and 3rd B-day hit psn.

      I am:

      PLAYING: Resistance: FOM (hard playthrough), MGS: Portable Ops (great motion comic animation & VA as ever)
      WATCHING: Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete (awesome), Appleseed Ex Machina (good), Wanted (plot holes & Angie Jolie looks like a dirty mom)
      READING: less than i wanted
      WONDERING: If anything can get more awesome than the FFVII NGP remake rumor

    • just something i noticed … i think the auto syncing trophies idea on blogshare has been implemented , ii’ve been noticing my trophies appearing on my face book page without me initiating a sync myself . the idea isnt listed as ” implemented ” or in the Ideas in action section , anybody else notice?

    • I wish the Qwark’s Awesome Epic Adventure Game in 3D thing was real…
      Cool week. How’s the SOCOM 4 beta, Sid? Got it all ready. Just haven’t played it yet…

      I’m playing: Playstation Move Heroes [got all gold medals (yes, even diamond challenges!) and all trophies except collectables [collecting all of a kind and all], and Team Play. Seriously, $50 for an extra Move/ platinum?], LBP2 [working on a really great level]
      I’m watching: TV
      I’m reading: The Magician

    • Any news on Torchlight? Is it canceled or just being held back for the time?

    • Why is there no mobile-friendly version for the PS Blog when I try to view it on my PSP?

    • I’m Playing: LittleBigPlanet 2

      I’m Watching: Last night I watched Being Human UK (wow!), Cheers, Numbers, Medium, and MacGyver all on Netflix. Tonight I’m watching AMC’s The Killing. Looks interesting.

      I’m Reading: Nothing yet, but the library has John Grisham’s The Confession on hold for me and I’m picking it up on Monday.

      It was an ok week for the PS3. I haven’t tried Free Realms yet, but I’ll try to do that soon. Next week looks great for the PSN because of the Stacking DLC: The Lost Hobo King. I’m downloading that on Tuesday! Can’t wait. :)

    • @ JKar275
      Why is there no mobile-friendly version for the PS Blog when I try to view it on my PSP?

      I’m With you if I’m not on my PC I am on my iPhone it takes quite a while to get on the blog.
      What happen to the mobile mode???

      And i am playing SOCOM 4 beta, dead nation,

      And on Netflix DVD I’m on Dragon Ball Z Season6, and FLCL

      • Ah, I see — the mobile site is down. I’ll ask about this on Monday and see if we can’t get it activated again (though sometimes it’s down temporarily for maintenance reasons).

    • @Sid, have you seen the video for the mech game in development called Hawken? Please, please contact the dev support team or whoever is in charge to get this on PSN. PS3 owners have already missed out on some great downloadable games because the Sony team were too slow or not aggressive at securing titles. Let’s hope they don’t mess up again.

    • @1 Trophies were incredibly slow for me when syncing for about the first 1-18%, then it sky-rocketed from 19-100%. I believe this has something to do with the updated network/ servers/ TOS on the 1st – this was the first time I’d synced since then.

      Playing: Knight’s Contract. Not nearly as bad as people say. It is however, incredibly unforgiving and old-school “cheap”. Bosses can one shot Gretchen, they recover 1/2 their health if you mess up the fatal QTE, you can die from walking over ledges (no invisible walls here). I freaking love it! Too many games today have been pacified for a whiny, ezmode audience. Its far more rewarding to face something challenging and WIN. Also playing some TiTS on PSP.

      Watching: Community on Netflix, Camelot (its like a darker version of Merlin – pretty good, and Eva Green is always a treat to watch).

      Reading: A.S. Byatt’s “Little Black Book” (think that’s what its called, I’d have to double-check that).

    • And Sid, can we get some posts on Wizardry and Elemental Monster? Those are both coming out soon and seem to have had little fanfare or coverage. At least I don’t think there was one on Wizardry, but I could be wrong. Oh, and my usual WKC 2/ WKC PSP nagging :) Me=broken record, I know :)

      • Wizardry definitely on my list! Elemental Monster was from Hudson, right? Not sure what the status on that would be…

    • Oh, and MALICIOUS!!! That game looks awesome and has gotten a terrific preview buzz. We need that in the West/ EU. Dark Mist would be nice for NA too, but that game has definitely fallen off the radar by now. If you ever need an Eastern game liaison for the blog, Sid, just let me know :) I live on Silconera, Japanator and Futaba Channel.

      P.S. Are we allowed to download games off the EU store from NA? (By making a second account, and associating our CC with it?) A friend mentioned that was frowned on, but I’ve never had any official confirmation of this. I would do this for Dark Mist, if possible, as its out in the EU.

    • Don’t suppose we can get some face time with SquareEidos (Eidos Montreal) over Deus Ex Human Revolution?

      Also have you guys considered or reached a point where it would be plausible to have monthly or even weekly DLC price give aways? Like say get Trails of the Sky for PSP from the PS Store as an example.

    • I’m playing: Fallout New Vegas for the second time,Battlefield bad company 2 multiplayer,Marvel Vs Capcom 3,Mafia 2
      I’m watching: Desprate housewives,law and guy and how i met your mother
      I’m reading: an israeli gaming magazine called gamez and waiting for my ptom copy to arrive!

      • Never heard of Gamez! ^_^ That’s cool though. I love to see regional game magazines, they often have fresh ideas.

    • @8

      sorry to disappoint you, but Runic said that microsoft published the console version of torchlight, so there is a very low chance it will ever come to PSN, which is even worse since they announced they would bring it to both platforms initially. Hopefully we will at least get Torchlight 2

    • Sid, Elemental Monster was listed by the ESRB a while back for April 19th.

      Might have to contact Konami for info on that one, as Hudson are R.I.P., sadly. And yes, there is a Demon’s Souls style challenge to be had in Knight’s Contract. Its not the same “feel” of game, though, DS is far more methodical and plodding. KC is definitely hackn’slash. The punishing difficulty can be similar at times though.

    • Playing: The Sly Collection (Sly 2), Twisted Metal 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, MLB 10 The Show, COD4, Super Metroid

      Reading: This blog, IGN PS3, Joystiq PS3, ESPN MLB coverage.

      Watching: South Park, Spongebob, Enter The Void (which was meh), Cloverfield (which was awesome).

      Pumped for: TM media event this month!

    • you know i really didn’t like the idea of you having to buy playstation plus to play the demo of Mortal Kombat for the ps3. :(

      Playing: Little Big Planet,Resident Evil5
      Watching: Megamind and 127 hours.
      Reading:Othello BY: William Shakephere .

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