Time Machine: Rogue Pilot coming to PSN This Spring With Multiplayer

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Time Machine: Rogue Pilot coming to PSN This Spring With Multiplayer

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

Hi everyone! The best thing about my first post on the PlayStation.Blog is that it’s an announcement! Our very first PS3 title Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is in the final stages of development and will be available on PSN later this spring (hurray!), which is totally exciting for our studio.

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot combines all my favorite elements from the “match three” and hidden object genre, combined with full HD graphics and a great soundtrack. Your task is to time travel through different eras to fix the past and save he future!

First, some backstory! The Time Machine was built by a genius professor for the good of humanity, but it was stolen by a fellow named Jack, who has an interest in bringing destruction to the world. He jumps from one era to another and creates chaos to the timeline. While playing for Ilona, a young girl who was brave enough to chase Jack, you’ll have to collect special crystals in match-three missions that serve as fuel for your Time Machine, enabling you to jump from one era to another. You’ll need to fix the past by destroying items that don’t belong to the current era — these are the hidden object missions — to bring order to the universe and prevent the catastrophe. For those who prefer to be the “bad guy,” you can also pass the Story mode playing as Jack and find out what made him try to destroy the world, and who is the real villain in the whole story…

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

And for puzzle-lovers, the game has six extra modes such as Time Rush, where you need to destroy as much tiles as you can in a short period of time, or Puzzle mode, where you’ll have to destroy all tiles with a limited number of shots. There’s more: Time Machine: Rogue Pilot has a multiplayer mode where you can play the game together with a friend online or on a split screen.

So, now it’s time for me to get back to the Antique Age to collect all the crystals for my Time Machine, but I’ll be coming back from time to time with more news, so stay in touch!

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  • sorry sounds too much like bejeweled but with a plot behind it. i think i will pass or wait till it comes out for free on playstation plus

    • Hi morth147, thanks for a reply! Of course, it’s totally your choice to check the game or not, but I should say it’s not another Bejeweld clone. Bejeweld is just too good and I strongly believe it’s not a good idea to make another one if you’re not PopCap of course:)

      Time Machine is a match3 (+HO) game – same genre as Bejeweld – but it has a number of really original gameplay features – I’ll prepare a separate blog post on this topic later.

      Hope you’ll give us a chance – we won’t disappoint you:)

  • Awesome ! I can’t wait for this game. I love both match three and hidden objects games. Count me in for this day 1 !!!

  • Is the girl on the bottom right one of the developers?

    • Neil, may I ask what made you think so? As it’s actually true – the girl who plays Ilona is actually one of the game’s team:)

  • Just an FYI, hosting your images on Flickr isn’t such a great idea. You do realize that some places (including my work) actually BLOCK flickr, but will allow us to see playstation.com ?

    All I see is words, blank space, words, blank space, words.

    You’re doing your developers an injustice by hosting the images on another server.

  • Sounds interesting. Any chance of a demo? Also, what’s the price?

  • So, once this game is ready for release, any chances of future game updates and Downloadable Content after? It would be more fun if some Downloadable Content could be made to the game and some pesky game bugs to be fixed (if any were found, that is) after it’s release.

  • This is great to see! These genres are usually primarily left to the PC, so it’s nice to see both Match Three and Hidden Object games getting some love behinds Interpol (which was awesome) and the horrible Dream Chronicles port.

    My guess would be about the pricing since sites like BigFishgames.com have kind of made a flat line price of 6.99-13.99 for this genre in PC land.

  • like others have pointed out this game should have a demo prior to its release.so that us that might be on the fence will try it out and see for ourselves if its good or not.there too many awesome games out there both on psn and retail and since money doesnt grow on trees or sony doesnt invent a money printing machine… well, you get the idea

    btw,this game looks pretty nice and russian women are hot :)

  • Sounds fun! I love to relax with a game like this every now and then. It also helps that it looks beautiful :)

  • @Lucy Khatajaeva

    Work in game development too. I know how it goes :)

  • The girl in that picture kind of looks like Bai Ling. I know it is a developer as confirmed earlier… just though I would point that out.

  • another copy cat….why cant anyone make a game with THEIR OWN IDEAS….

    Im so tired of Tetris, Bejeweled and BrickBreaker clones!

  • I already played the demo for this on PS3 a couple of months back. That woman is creepy, always shaking her head “no”. Besides the obvious match 3 component there are also “click on every square inch of the entire screen until we tell you you clicked on the right thing you probably coudln’t see” levels. I get Bejeweled 2 free on my cable box with house to house real time competition so I’m good. And that woman’s CGI head freaks me out.

    • May I ask if you tried the European version? The girl shows how she feels – the better you play, the better she feels. When you make her smile, she gives you a Superbonus – I’ll tell a bit more about this in my next post:) The HO scenes are not very easy, but still not superhard. If you see a train in the Stone Age – be sure it’s the odd item you’ve been looking for. Besides, HO levels are skipable.

      I’m really sorry you didn’t like the game, and I really hope you’d give us another try and check the game again. It is a good one. And I say that not as its developers, but as a match3/HO fan:)

  • I enjoy this vein of puzzle games, so it looks interesting.

    Given that there is a plot to the game, are there any RPG elements like collectibles, stats and so on? Also, is the game progression linear along the storyline, or are there forks/’open-world’ elements to the game? What is the balance like, in the game, between puzzle-gaming and story related gaming?

    More gameplay details such as those would be great, and also more detail on the original features you mentioned earlier.

    Also, let me be another one to underscore the importance of a pre-launch or launch day demo! Thanks!

    • Hi, thanks for the comment and for the questions! Nope, this game has no RPG elements, and the game progression is linear in the Story mode. All the rest information you asked will be available in my next post:)

  • My mom (age 50+) is a match 3 and hidden object FIEND. I’m sure that if I show this to her she will gobble up its HD goodness.

  • @4 The Playstation Blog hosts ALL images on Flickr, not just this posts images.

    @12 Let me guess, you never bought Slam Bolt Scrappers, and your favorite genre is the FPS genre (just guessing based off your avatar).

    Coming up with their own ideas? Riiiiiight.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words, we really do appreciate that a lot! The information on the demo and price and a bit more about gameplay features and so on will be included to my next post, promise that!:)

  • @Neil :) colleagues then:)

  • The people who won’t give a game a chance because it’s similar to another game “YOU ARE A JOKE”! Dante’s Inferno, Castlevania:LoS, and God of War are all a like but all do what they do well! I own all three and love all three!

    I love puzzle quest type games and will end up buying this for the fact, I love this particular genre. I’m sorry there’s people in the PS community that are to immature too show respect for someones hard work. These people do not represent the majority of the PS community.! I believe most PS3 owners are open minded and be willing to give your game a try! Thanks for the info and will be looking forward to hearing more about your game!

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