Cars 2: The Video Game Supports 3D and 4-Player Split-Screen on PS3

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Cars 2: The Video Game Supports 3D and 4-Player Split-Screen on PS3

Hi everybody! We’re wrapping up production on Cars 2, and now we’re excited to announce that Cars 2: The Video Game will be presented in 3D exclusively on the PS3. We’ve worked very closely with Pixar to bring a cool Cars 2 game to life, and it’s even more exciting to bring all of those great characters to life in a full 3D experience. Pixar has created such vibrant worlds that resonate so well with audiences that it seemed a natural extension to take the game to a 3D setting — just like the upcoming film.

Cars 2Cars 2

What’s more, our engineers were able to design a system that allows us to harness the power of the PS3 to display the game in four-player split screen in full 3D. It made the PlayStation 3 the perfect choice for developing a 3D game. We’re really looking forward to delivering a special racing game, and I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we do!

The 3D aspect for the PS3 enables you to step into the game world and experience it the same way you will in a 3D-equipped theater. You’ll get an extra visceral component to the gameplay that you just don’t get on any other platform. When you’re jumping off ramps or smashing through barriers, you feel that sense of actually being there that is so cool with 3D gaming! I love it, and I’m sure you will once you try it.

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  • Cool. I liked the first Cars game more than the actual movie. Hope this doesn’t disappoint.

  • seems cool

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  • 4 player 3D? That’s pretty sweet lol. Guess it’s essentially displaying rendering 8 viewpoints then. Thats cool. <.<

    • We’re glad you like it. We had to develop some tricks to get it to work – as you can imagine, displaying 8 viewports and maintaining a descent frame rate is no small feat. But it’s great to sit down with 3 friends and play in 3D!

  • I platinum the first and will do the same with this one.

  • I seem to be the only one to notice at 25seconds onwards the cars are all floating, :-/ video fail

  • @ sgt_alex your right it looks like it. lol

  • i prefer just playing modnation. Though for some reason this game reminds me that i still have to get around to playing toy story 3 the game some time soon now that it’s gone down in pricing

  • finally a 4 player game with 3D! hasn’t been anything since black ops dead ops (which was lame). I’m wondering why this is so rare, even KZ3 didn’t have 3D in splitscreen.

  • Good to see developers taking advantage of the PS3, as it should be!, the game looks good I will try it.

  • Its Modnation without the mods. Bring on Modnation 2!!! :)

  • The big racing game developers should take note of this. I hate not being able to play split-screen when I’m over at a friends house! Online is great, but it seems pretty stupid that I can play someone from countries away but not in the same room.

    • That’s one of the aspects of Cars 2 that we really love. Because it IS great to sit down with your friends and play together where you can see each other and talk trash

  • That’s pretty sweet. Toy Story 3 and now Cars 2, I’m liking Avalanche Software’s focus on the PS3. Pretty cool, I think I might have to check it out.

    • Thanks Dragun619. We’re committed to making the best games we possibly can, and bringing Pixar titles to the PS3 has been a joy. We hope to keep you all happy and having a great time!

  • When do we get Playstation Rewards? also, don’t forget to roll it out to us Canadians!

  • I need more sofas.

  • “4-Player Split-Screen” COOL! ;P

  • I hope this game is fun, I’ll be playing it with my son for years if it is.

    • You’ll be the final judge of how fun it is, but I’ll tell you that we are having a blast playing it around the office as we finish it up. And we’ve definitely kept parents in mind as we’ve built it. Our dynamic difficulty system helps keep players of all skill levels engaged and having fun. Plus you can team up in any number of ways to play together.

  • I….need…more “AWESOME”less!

  • looks decent..

  • aah!
    this game lookz epic!
    i guess we can guarantee dat diz wont be 1 of those gamez dat r u just made 4 da sake of makin a profit, via da advertizin from da movie itz based from ;)

  • 4 player split screen with online capability should be madatory for all first person shooters, some fighters and racing games. we need games where you can all play online and locally with friends onlines sony needs to really work on this,

  • saiyanknight87# Motorstorm:Apocalypse works great with this.

  • Will it have co op like TS3?(Best game on PS3, by the way)

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