Announcer Eric Karros Talks MLB 11 The Show

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Announcer Eric Karros Talks MLB 11 The Show

Sports fans –

The boys of summer go back to work today as select stadiums around the country unlock their doors for MLB Opening Day. So, to kick off the baseball season we thought it’d be fitting for you to hear from a former big leaguer, someone who’s been in the trenches and powered through the grind of a 162 game season. Therefore, I’m pleased to introduce our good friend Eric Karros, who joins the MLB 11 The Show broadcast booth this year. Karros, the 1992 National League Rookie of the Year and former Los Angeles Dodger first baseman, completes our commentary trio, throwing his hat into the ring with The Show veterans Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell. Certainly no stranger to the limelight, Karros currently works as an MLB color commentator for FOX, as well as KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, where he’s part of the pre-game show for Dodger games. Since signing on to be a part of MLB 11, Karros made multiple visits down to our San Diego Studio for voice-over sessions to record the very lines and commentary that you hear in the new game. During a visit back in January, Eric was nice enough to sit down with us and provide his thoughts on The Show and what it’s like to now be immortalized in a sports video game. We put together a video of the session that we’d like to share with everyone. It can also be seen on who recently posted it along with an interview.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Eric Karros was the freakin’ man back in the day. I don’t have “The Show” but if Karros ever wants to play me online I’ll buy it. Go Cubs!!!

  • Hello, sorry for this post but I need sony’s support email.
    Some jailbreaker hacked in my PSN account, change some information and made some purchases. Thanks God i dont have my credit card stored there, but I had some funds in the wallet there.
    And no, I dont share my account with any of my friends/family.
    Please help me

  • I hope Sony re-records all 3 guys in the booth for next year, because Eric does not blend well at all…
    I love The Show and this game was pretty much the main reason why I selected to buy a PS3 above Wii and XBOX, so don’t get me wrong; But this guy does not sound well at all compare to the crispness and sometimes mundane commentaries from the other 2 guys in the booth.

  • Karros is terrible . I’ve had him muted since about the 2nd or 3rd game when he was already repeating himself.His annoying voice is one thing,but saying the same things over and over is too much for me .

  • I like Karros covering the Doyers in the city of Angels, but honestly in the demo I had to turn his voice off. I actually miss HUD. I’m skipping baseball so I can watch baseball Extra Innings is love.

  • I like Karros in the game. A refreshing change, and a great guy in real life. Kudos Sony!

  • @ #2

    Buddy, that sux. It’s happened to me and I did have my card on it. What a disaster. GL. If I find any helpful info I’ll IM u.

  • Im a Fan of Karros, i have his firts baseball card in 9, hope to get it sing some day by him!!
    and did a great job with this game!!! cheers Erick!!! Go Dodgers!!

  • Ups that is 91 fleer!!

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