This Week in PlayStation Home – Novus Prime: Escalation, Ride Shakedown Event, New Virtual Items & More!

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This Week in PlayStation Home – Novus Prime: Escalation, Ride Shakedown Event, New Virtual Items & More!

As announced in Monday’s post, Novus Prime, the multiplayer space combat shooter exclusive to PlayStation Home, is receiving a massive update this week. This huge expansion – entitled Novus Prime: Escalation – features new missions, enemies, weapons, companion bots, avatar items, leaderboards, voiceovers, a completed pilot outfit, a new personal space with zero-gravity simulator, and tons more. Head to the Novus Prime: Escalation space this Thursday, March 31st and get in on the action!

The PlayStation Home Mall’s shelves will be lined with new items starting this Thursday. Check out this video for a look at some of the new items coming soon to the PlayStation Home Mall.

Spring is in the air and Lockwood Publishing is offering new additions to their Cucumber furniture range, bringing everything you need for your next backyard event. Their J’Adore Outdoor Garden Furniture is perfect for those of you who are looking to make the most of the beautiful weather in PlayStation Home. Check it out!

Lockwood Garden Furniture  for PlayStation Home

Those of you that own the Sunset Yacht are in for a treat this Saturday, April 3rd, when LOOT and Fuel TV host a very special live event, accessible only via this popular personal space. Beginning at 4:00pm PT (7:00pm ET), a live stream of the Ride Shakedown 2011 snowboard competition – one of the most exciting and highly-anticipated extreme sporting events of the year – will be broadcast on the Sunset Yacht’s big screen. Round up your friends and set sail on the Sunset Yacht this Saturday to take part in this exclusive PlayStation Home video event.

LOOT: Ride Shakedown for PlayStation Home

This week in the PlayStation Home Community Theater, Urgent Fury dives deep into Killzone 3 and serves up a full review of this hit FPS while the guys and gals over at GamerIndepth present the 10th episode of their ever-popular “ShoutOuts” which focuses on the latest and greatest from the PlayStation Home community. Log on this Thursday to check out these exclusive videos and more – only in the PlayStation Home Theater.

See you in Home!

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  • Not bad. Would love to know when the next part of the Mansion will be out though.

  • Not interested, fix Free Realms server log in is what SOE should finish fixing.

  • OMG Thank u so much L_S i couldnt make up my mind if i should get a Microsoft points card or a PSN card today. but seems ill get a MSP card cuz i wont be needing the PSN card cuz this update seems uber lame x_X

  • The PlayStation Home CP Music Player Needs New Music. But Nice Update

  • Why the Sunset Yacht? Why not the Hollywood Hills house too?

    • That, I cannot say, but is a LOOT decision. We can again ask them to continue working on both personal spaces simultaneously.

  • My Hollywood Hills theater screens have been broken forever so that’s why I didn’t buy the Sunset Yacht. I haven’t been on Home for months now. I just wish there were more fun virtual items such as working radios and TV’s.

  • I don’t quite understand why the yacht gets such special treatment when it comes to streaming content. Why can streaming content not be streamed to the Hollywood Hills House? It doesn’t bother me personally much, not having much interest in video content on Home, however it must bother a good number of Hollywood Hills House owners. I must say, the spring themed furniture looks like a very touch. I’d love to pick a few pieces and decorate my unused Harbor Studio and have a friend or two over.

  • Maybe I will fet to level 20 in Novus Prime soon. Elite missions here I come!

  • Nice recolored clothing once again… You guys should bring Billabong from “elsewhere” instead of not investing time in new clothing design. I will be saving my money for that day 8 )

  • Garbage as usual. I wish you would stop using the word EVENT, this is NOT an EVENT, its a joke.
    Japan has EVENTS, NA has scams to get you to spend money. Shady as usual.
    Having to PAY to participate is shady. And no I dont want to “meet” some tool who was stupid enough to waste money on a lame personal space.

    More crap to BUY from Lockwood, and more pay-to-play lame Home games.

    The NA Home team has run Home to the ground, its not even worth signing in anymore.

  • BLUE BUTTON UP SHIRT! OMG! I’VE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE TO BUY A VIRTUAL BLUE BUTTON UP SHIRT FOR MY VIRTUAL AVATAR! Home is slipping away guys. It’s pretty sad that you can’t even get your first party developers to put Home unlocks and prizes into their games.

  • Still waiting for add on to Mansion: Garage. Novus Prime Apartment looks cool and the Spring BBQ item looks like a cool touch. But not really feeling the rest of the update!

  • Also, add the same videos in Yacht home space to Hollywood Hills Apartment Home space, I own both…but think the HHH Home space is better. And if possible, add the day/night change Menu from Yacht to others!

  • Great, but I wish they would finish off the mansion this week. lol. LOVE the idea of the J’Adore Outdoor set.

    BTW, anyone know the space that chick is in during the neon purple high tops? Doesn’t look familiar to me.

  • Looks like a decent update but why has the Virtual Item Showcase been showing items that are already out & have been out?

    • You’re right–a few of the items shown are not new, but many are used as accessories in the video for the new items (tuxedo to accent the new Shark helmet), etc. But the majority is new. Sharp eye! It’s a showcase, not necessarily just a reveal of new-new content.

  • Hey there, Locust_Star or GlassWalls.

    In the update regarding the Fuel TV live stream, it says “Saturday, April 3rd…” I would like to bring to your attention that Saturday is April 2nd. So is this event being held on Saturday, April 2nd or Sunday, April 3rd?

    Thank you,

  • Dang it, dead, beat me to the post!! I was gonna say my calendar was broke. lol

  • Hey Locust Star and Glasswalls..
    Whats with advertising stuff we already have? The Skull Chair, Shark Mask and Washing Machine T-shirt. I already seen and own most of that. Only thing that looks good to me is the BBQ stuff and the Novus Prime stuff.

  • WOuld of loved to check out the update but my PS3 has died for the second time in 3 years!

  • WoW i could personally care less for Novus Prime. Im rarely interested in spending money….however congradulations on the update and to those who will enjoy it. Some people have no idea what hard work goes into creating and evolving a space to integrate with the public servers.

    Please release possibly VIZ media such as one piece Can sony acquire those rights?

    lol it’s not like anyone is expecting pokemon nintendo has that locked down. xD

    • You’re very right–it does take a lot of blood, sweat and tears, so to speak, to make anything, especially a whole mega-space, expandable game, and lots of rewards and other virtual items to go along with it. HellFire sure loves Home and keeps showing the love.

      As for the VIZ media IP, if they approached Home to produce content, I’m sure we’d happily consider it.

  • What about the PS Home Mansion Garage?

  • I’m not really interested in the new Novius Prime space, I’m more interested in Sodium 2 (when will it be avalible anyways?)and the update 1.5(hope it will fix the video screen buffering issues I’m having).

    • I can say to both Home 1.5 and Sodium 2–soon, but we have no announced release date for either one yet.

  • I tried to be friends with Locust and Glass since they respond to my friends immediatly but they shone me out all tho ive been in home before they were hired lol

    Besides the Sunset Yacht i dont use home much anymore though i as in closed beta, for every 10 closed beta home testers, 8 dont go in no more.. thats very sad how off course home has ventured and these community managers are so out of touch with the members and communities of Home its very sadhow stale it got, only thing i like is the sunset yacht.. the mansion is garbage! Ever since i bought that and i noticed its not streamline from inside to the pool.. thats the dumbest thing ever.. how u buy a mansion with no room!!?

    Like someone else here said,, “Not Even 1st Part Dev’s Doing Things For Home” like before

    I wrote off the $$$ i spent in Home!

    Play Your Games enjoy your PS3.

    • Hi polo,

      Almost from the beginning, L_S and I do not respond to XMB PM’s simply because we get dozens to hundreds a day. We do however regularly support the Home forums to help scale our efforts in a way that helps everyone at the same time while maximizing our time. I am closely tied to the Home Community Volunteers simply because I manage that program, but beyond that you should not feel slighted. I’m sorry that you have been. It is good to see that you are still around, and I do recall talking with you in Home a couple times. It has just been a while.

  • The Novus Prime officers Quarters at $4.99!? Does that include the Hangar Deck
    and Antigravity simulator? If so…COOL!
    (was that geeky enough for you guys!) LOL
    Thanks for the the update guys!

    • Here’s the breakdown:

      The Novus Prime’s Officer’s Quarters is $4.99, and the zero-gravity simulation is built into it. The Hangar is an expansion to the Officer’s Quarters in the same manner the Home Mansion’s various parts are expansions and are connected, and it is priced at $4.99.

  • Whatever happened to that Steam Punk space that was announced a while back? I remember it being covered on Qore and I haven’t heard anything about it since.

  • The football outfit Bradley wears in the Mansion videos, when? Thanks.

  • Hey GlassWalls, will there be a SOCOM 4 US Navy Seals event coming to Playstation Home Central Plaza anytime before the game’s release i on April 19th? Would like some Full Game intergration for this game, just like with Killzone 3.

    Thanks man. :)

    • At this time, we have no announcement for future Total Game Integration, and we know you loved the KZ3, so we are working on more of it. ;-) No further comment.

  • Wat is tomorrow update April 1 when it’s the paying network start and how much

  • Awsome Update Hey could you guys fix the problem with the buffering of the Community Theater. every second the video is stopping to buffer.

    • The way the videos in there work is this–each video was re-encoded three times, for varying amounts of available broadband that any of you might have. It dynamically chooses the right one for you, and will switch if your internet connection changes on the fly so you hopefully won’t even notice.

      Now if you’re getting buffering regularly, then there are two potential things that may be causing it: your internet is not broad enough to handle it (or it is being shared with other people and tapping it down to too low a level) or perhaps there are some IP and ports that are not opened in your router set up. Check this link for general PS3 connection steps–I recommend checking out the Troubleshooting tab as well as ensuring IPs and ports from this link are opened and available for use in your set up:

  • Not Impress. THe only thing Im buying is the Lochwood Outdoor set. Is awesome. Everything else… meh NA Home needs a fresh start. Altho no matter what the community said they dont lisent. Shame. If they listen to us 100% not 45% or 13% Home would be working to his full potencial.

  • I’m sure they do listen , however … LISTENING does not = getting everything listened to .
    as an individual who was gone for awhile and am now back , i think home is better than it’s ever been . Does this mean 100 % of everything they output appeals to me … Nope , and realistically they can’t please everyone . and realistically they cant appease Every wim or desire of the community .

    • If there is anything we do, it is listen and provide. Time and time again, we have brought our community much of what it wants. Anyone who has been paying attention can provide a long list to prove it. Ask tony above.

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thanks Sony, I got my Baby Grand Piano, and its looking sweet in the Mansion and my Penthouse :) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Finally ^_^ Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I haven’t been in Home for months. Guess I should give it another go.

  • Wow another lame Update…Where is Media at ?????? Tvs.. stuff of our own taste..not you people..

  • Any one know a way to get my Hollywood house screens working? Says an error has occurred and to try again later but never is different later on. This has been going on since I bought the space so I’ve never got use it. Friends say it works for them but its off for me so I hardly invite people there now. I’ve tried deleting all home data a few times now with no luck. I hope that 1.5 fixes it but 1.41 didn’t so I really don’t know. This error carries over to the loot yacht too by the way. A friend invited me there once to see the space and the screen showed the same error message.

  • Wow! I’m impressed by the Novus Prime expansion! Novus Prime is going to be more epic than ever!

  • Was on till around 3 in the morning for Novus Prime on Thursday and actually forgot about this post until I got into Home….but had a lot of fun.

  • I can’t believe Novus Prime has been given an update and people are still waiting for Sodium 2. Novus Prime gets boring, really fast. From the mansion to more virtual items, we’re still getting updates that we don’t want. I can’t believe WE ARE STILL IN BETA!!!

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