Bienvenidos a PlayStation.Blog en Español

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Bienvenidos a PlayStation.Blog en Español

I bet some of you were wondering why we put a “select a language” option at the top of the Blog when we launched our recent redesign. Today I’m pleased to announce that the PlayStation.Blog is now extending service to a new region – Latin America. Over the past few years, PlayStation has increased its presence in Central and South America, and beginning today, you’ll have the news source to go along with it: PlayStation.Blog en Español.

As with this site, PSBeE (I think we’ll have to work on a better acronym ^_^) will be your go-to source for all things PlayStation from around Latin America, including the latest news, interviews, event info, and more. Additionally, as much of the content will be similar across the sites, those of you in the US and Canada who are more comfortable reading and interacting in Spanish should feel welcome to visit this new blog. Your existing login will work just fine.

Who’s going to be running the new site? We leave you in the capable hands of Lorenzo Grajales. We’ve worked with Renzo over the past year, and we can assure you that he’s “one of us.” He loves PlayStation, and will work hard to interact with all of you who visit PlayStation.Blog en Espanol.

Additionally, you can also connect with PlayStation in Latin America by joining their over 300,000 gamers/fans on Facebook.

Click on over to, or select Spanish at the top of the Blog… and expect some inter-blog trash talk next time Mexico plays the US Men’s National Team!

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  • PlayStation is officially brown and gets down!!! Also this post is tagged latam.

  • This is really nice. I live in Canada but my first language is Spanish, so thank you for taking the Latin community into account. kudos! haha

  • Don’t forget Portuguese!

  • I think this is a good idea. Gracias!

  • Sad, really sad, some users where actually hoping for features, store, Home Access, etc. Please don’t use the popularity of this blog as a tool for decision making (but you probably will) ’cause non english speakers are already used to using spanish websites, that do a poor job of translating a couple of hours later, but they seem pretty happy with that, and many of them don’t respond to change at all.

    I’m PSU since 2006, and as an advertising student, i think this will only deter people from getting closer to the brand in lieu of the brand getting closer to the public in ways the public is not interested.

    I’ll keep a close eye on this, I know it doesn’t seem so, but i hope i’m EPICALLY wrong, and this ends up fostering new bonds between the brand and it’s supporters.

    The best of lucks, you’ll probably need it (Y)

  • Sweet. :D Living in Puerto Rico, I understand that some of us do not speak english and would rather read the news in spanish, even if we are part of the USA. I’ll still read the US blog though. Gotten used to it.

  • Very Nice. Al tho I Live in Puerto Rico I know English pretty well 100% NYC English :P
    But is nice to see this so my fellow Puertoricans that don’t know English can understand whats going on on PlayStation. Thanks Guys! :D

  • Hey this are good news, im from Costa Rica and even I have always read the blog in english, its good to see that you are trying to cover latin america, please DONT STOP on the blog, give us netflix, qriocity and all the services available in US that are not accesable to us… oh and of course a EXCELENT PSN like in the US. Well Thanks hoping the blog is just the beggining

  • maravilha, quanto mais a sony se aproximar da America Latina, melhor!

    esperando PlayStation.Blog em português assim como a PSN BR

    PlayStation.Blog en Español já “quebra o galho” grato pelas novidades…

  • Please tell me you guys will separate the comments. Nothing more jarring (and annoying) then reading english in one comment then having to switch gears because the next comment is in spanish.

  • This is great and all but imo rather than adding our language we need proper support i mean i live in the dominican republic and my country doesn’t even show up as an option when creating a psn account resulting in us having to choose some other country and then not having access to the benefits it offers, if we want add ons or purchase any goods we have to order psn cards from online retailers in the US resulting in a more expensive price for the card and whatever it is we want to buy and all this is just sad when we consume your product just like everyone else does, I have 2 consoles plus official bt headset plus official keypad with move on the way with lots of games so yes thx for the language it makes me feel that much better knowing that I can read the same news in my native language but still can’t the full benefit that you offer. I still love my ps3 tho :D

  • Holaaaa!! Esto está genial

  • Soy el primer español en escribir en el blog en español de USA xD

  • LOL, i posted the same thing i said here in the latam blog and it got DELETED, yeah, that’s how we roll in LatAm, censoring free speech for the win D:

    i feel really offended

    (and i added a little of spanish text too =( )

  • Cool but my Spanish is bad lol as shown by trying to read that one comment lol, and I’m. Mexican American

  • Hey Cedequak, this isn’t the spanish blog, that’s why… you know… it isn’t in spanish

  • Oops at the end I was going to add, but thanks Sony keep up the good work

  • Por fin puedo comentar en español

  • Impressive no esperaba q hicieran esto pero cool soy de Puerto Rico.

  • “and expect some inter-blog trash talk next time Mexico plays the US Men’s National Team!”


  • Blogging in Spanish is nice and all, but when will we have real support?
    I live in Uruguay and the only country that supports the playstation brand around here is Brazil. Not even Argentina, and not even for the PS3. When you contact Sony for some technical support they say they don’t make playstations and SCE is not even part of their company. The PSN Store doesn’t support my credit card information and the only way to buy stuff here is by importing prepaid PSN cards.
    I remember when you mention some heavier support for Latinamerica on the E3, back in 2009… two years later we get a blog. I just hope this is not all the extend of your plan.

  • Muy bueno, pero tengo una pregunta… Ya se peude comprar con tarjetas de credito latinoamericanas en el Playstation Store?

  • I thought there was a spanish blog already. Thanks anyways but please look into the other missing features from previous comments.

  • @
    gtagentleman en mexico si supongo no debe tardar mucho para toda latinoamerica

  • Really nice indeed, thanks for supporting the latam community playstation, it shows that you care.

  • How about other languages like Tagalog? I’m sick of just spanish support.

  • @10 KazeEternal on March 29th, 2011 at 9:05 am said:
    “Please tell me you guys will separate the comments. Nothing more jarring (and annoying) then reading english in one comment then having to switch gears because the next comment is in spanish.”

    It’s not really difficult , i can switch from french to english to spanish without problems, BUT trying to read japanese kanjis and then someone wrote in chinese, OMG! that’s hard .

    Au revoir!

  • @26 + D-Squad3 on March 29th, 2011 at 9:58 am said:
    “How about other languages like Tagalog? I’m sick of just spanish support.”

    Please don’t be sick, i know that there is an strong community in toronto and NYC, of phiilipins, it will come, instead of be sick, try to reunite your community and grow the user base in your language.

  • Nice to see Playstation Blog Espanol, I have a quick question. Does Japan or Korea have their own version of Playstation Blog? Because I know there are a lot of netizens gamers in Japan and Korea, I can’t find a Japanese version of PS Blog, or a Korean version of it. Is it OK if Japan and Korea or any part of Asia to have their Playstation Blog.

  • en hora buena!

    ahora la gente de habla hispana va a poder disfrutar de todas las noticias que tenien que ver con la marca sony aqui en un solo lugar.y no solo eso,pues tambien van a poder comentar sobre dichos productos aqui mismo!

    kudos para sony por expandir sus horizontes hacia las personas de habla hispana!

  • dear playstation, we want psn here in the philippines. i want to buy games from the ps store.

  • Finally , dear Jeff do you know something a PS Store Latam ?

  • Good idea.

    I’d like to know, the guy who gives “The Drop” each Sunday, does he know Spanish? I’m asking because his name sounds latin to me , I once dared to write a Spanish question(I know Spanish) and I was one of the first comments but he didn’t reply :( So I think it’s safe to ask now and get an answer from him.

  • Wow, kudos to PlayStation Blog, for giving information in spanish. I prefer to read most of the info in english, but been from Puerto Rico, I know there are a lot of friends of mine, that do not understand english very well, so I know they will appreciate this very much.

    De nuevo gracias a PlayStation Blog por mantener a su comunidad unida y al dia en su informacion.

  • Es bueno tener opciones.

  • It’s great to see PS Blog expanding like this.

    Now all we need for SCEI to make Arabic, Hindi and Chinese blogs, and you’ll have almost the whole world covered.

    Even though I love the US PS Blog, it would be cool for us in Asia (outside Japan) to have a PS Blog too. I’m in Hong Kong, and SCEH still have no blog, although they are getting better with their Facebook updates.

  • PS3 and PSP were officially launched in Brazil, but we don’t have PSN.
    Why? The minimal you can do, is sell a hardware with all services.

    SONY, please, remember: Here in Brazil we pay the value of three PS3 for just one.

    We always buy SONY products, now we want respect.


  • So with Sony making more stuff for Central America will this allow for new game studios from Sony to open in Mexico & other places like that. I think it would be cool to see what new ideas could come out of this.

  • I agree with KazeEternal. Not because of switching gears as he said, but because I have no intention of learning spanish to read general commentary on the blog for the country that largely speaks english, and teaches english…

  • “Please tell me you guys will separate the comments. Nothing more jarring (and annoying) then reading english in one comment then having to switch gears because the next comment is in spanish.”

    This x 1,000,000! “Jarring” is the perfect word for it.

  • So Happy for these :D! These means that Sony at last has put their eyes in the (all these years) growing gaming comunity in Latin America. Here in El Salvador, C.A. we even have two or three mayor blogs and forums for the gamer comunity and we read all the US importans blogs and websites (including this one) to keep us informed.

    I Know that is bussiness for you, but believe me its an honor to us. We DO love Sony and we have always manage to have access to your comunity, games, accesories, etc from where we are. Im Thrilled to think that if you are considering us then we can have acces to much more that only DISC Games and occasionally something from the PS Store when we manage to purchase a PSN Card.

    This day I declare that im becoming more PS3 Fanboy than Ever! :D

  • perfecto que gran noticia, playstation blog en español que mas se puede pedir.

  • Lla era tiempo Sony, my typing en español esta rusty, so is my spanglish lol!!! 8P 8)

  • I’m glad but there’s just one more thing, a lot of psn content its not available in central america ( movies, shows, etc.) its that about to change also?

  • dont forget people who live in Quebec, Canada a fench translation would be nice too

  • congrats SONY continue to grow for all

  • What is Puerto Rico considered to you the Blog and all of SCE, SOE(etc) and Sony????

  • sounds good… where are the Latin America Headqueaters?

    also this means that we can soon get movie content on psn unlocked for latin america an not just USA and Canada?

  • I would feel more comfortable when Sony formally launches a Colombian PSN and lets me change my country to that.

    Los Colombianos tambien existimos!

  • Buen primer paso, pero necesitamos que habiliten nuestras tarjetas de crédito internacionales emitidas en nuestros países (en mi caso Argentina) aunque sea para que funcionen en la Store de USA, es una verguenza tener que comprar tarjetas a revendedores… o acaso no quieren nuestro dinero?

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