Bienvenidos a PlayStation.Blog en Español

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Bienvenidos a PlayStation.Blog en Español

I bet some of you were wondering why we put a “select a language” option at the top of the Blog when we launched our recent redesign. Today I’m pleased to announce that the PlayStation.Blog is now extending service to a new region – Latin America. Over the past few years, PlayStation has increased its presence in Central and South America, and beginning today, you’ll have the news source to go along with it: PlayStation.Blog en Español.

As with this site, PSBeE (I think we’ll have to work on a better acronym ^_^) will be your go-to source for all things PlayStation from around Latin America, including the latest news, interviews, event info, and more. Additionally, as much of the content will be similar across the sites, those of you in the US and Canada who are more comfortable reading and interacting in Spanish should feel welcome to visit this new blog. Your existing login will work just fine.

Who’s going to be running the new site? We leave you in the capable hands of Lorenzo Grajales. We’ve worked with Renzo over the past year, and we can assure you that he’s “one of us.” He loves PlayStation, and will work hard to interact with all of you who visit PlayStation.Blog en Espanol.

Additionally, you can also connect with PlayStation in Latin America by joining their over 300,000 gamers/fans on Facebook.

Click on over to, or select Spanish at the top of the Blog… and expect some inter-blog trash talk next time Mexico plays the US Men’s National Team!

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