Trails in the Sky: Which Version is Right for You?

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Trails in the Sky: Which Version is Right for You?

Last time I outlined all the reasons you should be getting The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, but I really want to illustrate A) just how much this game has to offer, B) why it’s right for you (assuming you haven’t stumbled onto this blog from a chain-letter or suspicious link) and C) what happens when you cross that 4-coffee-a-day threshold. I therefore present to you a decision-making aid/hopefully agreeable distraction from your work day. Enjoy.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Trails in the Sky will release on both PSN and UMD on March 29th for $29.99. The UMD version of the game comes in both a Standard and Limited Edition package. The LE will contain a soundtrack CD, a 13-inch by 19.5-inch poster and a Bracer Guild replica metal badge for the suggested retail price of $39.99.

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  • Pay attention to professional reviews.

  • that chart was pretty funny lol
    you really got a good sense of humor,jessica!
    the only thing that i didnt like about that chart was the lady with the bag on her head.i’m sure that she is a pretty one ;)

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I did it mainly because I was determined to use the word “UNCLEAN” in some kind of public post today. ^_-

      As for the lady with the box on her head… what do you mean? I’m just really pale with a square-shaped skull. :D

  • I love the ‘Must have video game character” that looks like he is from a FPS, “Er…” LOL

    • Well, there are plenty of gun-wielding characters in Trails in the Sky so it actually wouldn’t be too far a stretch to say that even shooters might enjoy this game. ^_-

  • Awesome, just wish there was something like this on the PS3. Why isn’t there an RPG like this on the PS3? No one up to make one? And if there is, someone please please please let me know.

    • Maybe that’ll be a future thing, but for now you can always DL/UMD it to your PSP and hook that up to the TV to see the game in all its sprite-ly glory!

  • Purchase confirmed.

  • Will get; nice to see someone who can appreciate the silliness of classic JRPGs while still having affection for them

    • ^_^ We’re all long-time fans of the JRPG genre here at XSEED. Some of us are just more cracked than others though…

  • Dear XSeed.

    I have just mailed you my wallet. I get all your releases day 1 anyways.

    It’s faster this way.

    • Exceeeeeeeeeeeeellent. Our plan is working beautifully then. We will be lavishing any excess cash in your wallet on the craft beer aisle at BevMo. Our most heartfelt thanks for your contribution.

  • how come the digital version cost the same as the UMD version?

    • Well, our pricing is consistent across physical media and digital so all our retail partners are on a level playing field. That said, the physical and DL versions are both packed with tons of gameplay that’s surely worth $29.99, right? ^_-

  • Is it okay to abbreviate this game as Legend of Heroes: T.i.t.S.

  • Anticipation is pumped to the absolute max, people best buy this or suffer the extreme consequence of being labeled “fool!” for the rest of eternity.

    And christ do I love me a good flow chart, well done Jess. Can’t wait to hulk smash this thing into my PSP tomorrow! Gotta make sure it’s in there good, it won’t be coming out for a while.

    • ^_^ I certainly hope you guys get as much fun out of it as I have been writing/photoshopping stuff for this game. I’m really happy you liked the flowchart. I was worried that it was too simple/silly, but honestly, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of silliness. Plus(!) it’s an easy, convenient thing to forward to people who’ve never heard of the game (<– to help convince them!).

  • I had initially pre-ordered this, but unfortunately, I canceled it because I first want to see what Falcom’s and XSeed’s plans are regarding the second and third chapters. If they release the second and third chapters on PSP, then I will certainly buy it. If, however, they release the second and third chapters on the NGP and not the PSP, then I will say forget it because I want to be able to play all three chapters without having to buy a new system in the process.

    • There was a similar comment in the last blog regarding this so I’ll just quote that:

      “Trails in, indeed, a full course meal, but a wait-and-see-approach may actually have the opposite effect. If games don’t sell, it’s hard to justify the cost of working on the next. We’re definitely doing everything we can to bring out the rest of the series, but if everyone does a “wait-and-see” approach and there’s no tangible support for the first one, well…

      I’m not trying to pressure you one way or the other (because you have a very valid point, and I totally get it), it’s just not a… hoped for response, anyway.”

      So, basically, if a lot of people take this approach then the worst case scenario is more assured to happen. ;_;
      And, we’re doing our best to make sure that it’ll be available on all formats.

  • I’m on Team Adorable Genius™ and anti-anyone who likes fishing mini-games (Yakazu 3’s especially… argh lol)! Hope the file size isn’t too huge!

    • Haha. I should do a poll/battle royale to see which ‘type’ would win out. (And YAY for fishing!)

  • Thanks for bringing this series over to NA.

  • So saved that flowchart pic. Aw yeah.

    • That’s a flowchart that’s meant to be spread. If ever anyone says “I don’t know what game to get/I need a new game/I’m bored” show it. ^_-

  • @duke301:

    If you want that future, than by the game now and tell XSeed you want it on the PSP.

  • time to burn through my PSP games so I have time for this one.

  • I always check the opened treasure chest.

    That chart is great.

  • lol loved it. =p

  • LOL @1! If you ONLY look at professional reviews (which are just the opinions of a small group of people) you are missing out on a LOT of games.

    • Those help you make your decision too, but I find that this flowchart is SURELY more scientifically accurate. :)

  • just pre-ordered this game earlier in the afternoon XD

  • Jessica, I will buy the game just because you are the coolest PR person ever!!

  • I wish there were more awesome flow charts available to make all of my game purchase decisions for me.

  • What a coincidence, I just ordered the game a few minutes ago. More as a “thank you” for the upcoming Wizardry actually, even though LoH looks cool the characters seem so generic and annoying.

    • They do seem overly familiar at first, but none of them are annoying and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the twists that come up. Thanks for giving it a chance (even if it is just for W: LoLS) (haha)!

  • The last LoH game I played had something to do with singing or music. Either way, I really didn’t like it. Hopefully this one is better cause it looks pretty cool.

    • This one doesn’t have any kind of “singing” or particular “music” theme… I think you’ll like this one much better? (I hope?) (^_^)

  • I was on the fence about this one. This tipped me over. Getting the LE.

  • @11 Just get the digital version. NGP is backwards compatible (and probably upscales too). Chances are the sequels will be out on the NGP on account of the larger storage medium and just age of the hardware too. Getting this on the Go, but with my backlog, may not finish it till the NGP is out anyhow.

  • What a creative flow chart. I’ll likely wait for a price drop one day, though.

    • That makes me both happy and sad. Like delicious ice cream that someone had the effrontery to put a peanut on. ^_- (j/k) Thank you for the future buy(?).

  • I really want to get the LE. I remember hearing about this game awhile ago and you guys at XSEED stepped up to the plate to translate the massive story. Thank you!! :)

  • I’m pretty sure I’ll buy this if and only if I can get a download code off Amazon. Why? Sales tax that’s why. Who wants to pay an extra 6.25%? No one, that’s who ;) I see the listing on Amazon but it says “currently unavailable” and I hope that changes soon, sometimes it takes weeks :S

    I’d usually just buy the UMD (disc > digital), but with the NGP claiming to support PSP PSN games… it would be silly not to. Sucks that it means no more limited/deluxe/awsomesauce editions with physical bonus goodies =(

    • Try living in CA. I think ours is hovering near 10%…? And, the Amazon listing should be okay now. Shame about that LE though… O_O (the badge! the badge!)

  • Btw, what is it that’s written on the whiteboard?

    Senior Editor
    Community Manager
    Bacon Enthusiast?

    Too blurry to read it :D

  • I just picked up TitS today, Premium TitS to be exact. Can’t wait to play with them.. I mean “it”.

  • 1.16gb :o

    I expected it would be over a gig. Will commence purchase & download shortly. :)

  • Just when I thought this post could not get more awesome there are a bazillion awesome responses. Thanks for taking the time Jessica! Between brilliant games and great contact with fans you are pretty much ensuring pre-orders from me from now on.

    • Aww… Thanks! We/I do our best to keep up with you guys (and soon there may be even more…) (mwahaha) and if awesome supportive fans like you stick around then we’ll all have a beautiful future. ^_^ If you feel like even more contact we have a fairly active facebook page and I’m pretty much always updating/talking on twitter. Drop on by!

  • Consider it done!.. (it’s done)

  • Ha!
    Heartily recommending the Gamespot Trails in the Sky daily demo video to everyone here.
    Great interview and footage! This twitter feed is proving itself very handy indeed.

  • Just saw the Gamespot demo. Very helpful because it was the first time I saw the game in motion, before today all I saw was screenshots. No doubt I’m very impressed. But I’ll have to wait till next week, I’m buying Ys Seven tomorrow. Can’t wait to play both games though!

  • @1 and everyone else who were waiting for the reviews, RPGFan gave it a very solid 88/100. When it comes to RPG reviews that site usually nails it down (at least for me lol). So that was all I needed to get some TITS next week :)

  • Great chart Jessica!

    Got an email yesterday saying that my copy of the LE had been shipped so now for the long wait while it crosses the atlantic (I’m in England). Still playing through Ys Chronicles at the moment so that should keep me going while I wait. :) I am very eager to get my hands on TiTS (sorry, couldn’t resist that one!)

    Do you have a release date for Trails on the european PSN? I’m very tempted to double dip on this one just for the convenience of having the game on my memory stick.

    You should put this article and the other Trails one up on the european PlayStation blog, I’m sure everyone there would love them too!

    Pledging my support to team sexy booze-sponge!

  • @ Jessica Chavez

    I saw your gamespot interview video… you are mega beautiful.

    Also, I’m going to pick up my pre-ordered LOH Trails in the Sky tomorrow.
    Limited Edition, here I come!

  • *ding*

    That’s the sound of me just buying a game code off Amazon.

    Actually, you folks at XSeed should really consider getting a bell installed in your office for every time a sale is made. To protect against insanity however you may just want a counter instead ;) Perhaps you can make it count as fast as the national debt counter, that would be cool eh? :D

  • A few hours into the game now and still can’t wrap my head around Orbments. I get that it shouldn’t be confusing… I’m just slow to adapt. Hoping money management won’t be an issue since you only earn it from jobs and not battles. Probably shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Confusion aside, fun stuff thus far.

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