ModNation Monday: If You Build It They Will (Continue) To Come

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ModNation Monday: If You Build It They Will (Continue) To Come

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We are constantly chatting around the offices at how amazing your creations CONTINUE to be. We draw great pleasure from your “outside-the-box” creations like floating city islands, lava flows made from trucks and balloons, motorcycles made out of kart parts, etc… This is why our ModNation Palooza is truly a celebration. It’s all about Racing, Creating and Sharing. This game was made for you the ModNation to enjoy, and it seems enjoy you definitely have! #modnation #forthewin!

Next Week’s DLC:

ModNation Racers upcoming DLC: El Snake-o

El Snake–o has been slithering in and out of hiding these past few months but he’s finally ready to show his face in the light of day. Just what is he? …a snake? …a Lucha Libre? …can he be BOTH?! …is it even a HE?! TOO MUCH PRESSURE FOR ME TO DECIDE!!! Buy him and tell me for yourself. Argh… the stress of deciding things like this is killing me!

btw… my Lucha Libre name is “Comando Más Sexy”.

The El Snake-o Mod is $.99, the El Snake-o kart is also $.99 or both for $1.75. Available on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 5th.

Don’t missssssss out!

El Snake-o comes with the following parts for you to create with:


  • El Snake-o’s Wrestling Top
  • El Snake-o’s Wrestling Shorts
  • El Snake-os Lucha (Mask)
  • Snakeskin (Skin)
  • Snake (Odds & Ends)


  • Burro (Body)
  • Folding Seat

Recent DLC:

ModNation Racers recent DLC: papercut

Don’t miss out!

The Papercut Mod is $.99, the kart is also $.99 or both for $1.75. Available on the PlayStation Store now!

MNR Palooza Week Four

We are absolutely loving this fun celebration of the 2 million creations milestone and there is much, much more to come! Here are a few of this week’s events…

ModNation Keyword Creation Spotlight: (please don’t) “Send In the Clowns”
We thought it would be fun to visually celebrate a taste of the two million plus creations with a little keyword search exercise. Little did we know just HOW much stinkin’ fun it would be! Here is but a sample of what we found while looking around for clowns. I’m amazed at how crazy and diverse the search results were. Take a look for yourself…

ModNation Racers_clowns

  1. Circus Clown by Mutard
  2. Booger the Clown by SaintHallows
  3. Ghetto the Clown by NeON_420
  4. Death Party Clown by cheece
  5. Pie Face Clown by abear247
  6. Monster Clown Dude_Rocker1
  7. Killer clown by panFillo-2011
  8. Clown Murderer by Dinfecs
  9. Clown freek by panFillo-2011
  10. Circus Mod by Dkjolle
  11. smirko by oanw
  12. tip the clown by SixGorillas

Mark: “I have never had much of an issue with clowns until I performed this keyword search. I now vow to keep all family members, kids and adults away from our local big top. I need to go look for images of flowers or clouds or puppies, ANYTHING to get these guys out of my head.”

Next week’s keyword will be ’Scary.’

If you come across any scary mods or karts that you’d like to share, please post them on our Facebook page. Include the creation title and creators name. We’d love to see them!

ModNation “Team Track Challenge”

ModNation Racers team design challenge_team

Are you new to track creation and want to learn from AND work with the best? Are you one of “the best” and want to impart your “MNR wisdom” on the newbies? Well this is the event for you. We will randomly be putting together teams of 4-5 track creators to work together on building their united track… this is true collaboration! Think of it… creators from all over the globe working on a track together! …goose bumps!

If you want to join in the fun, see more details and sign up here.

ModNation Player Profile:

This issue we continue a new feature to highlight dedicated members of the ModNation Community. These profiles will feature both top creators as well as MNR’s top racers. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the best in the ModNation community.

This week we spotlight one of ModNation Racers’ most prolific track creators as well as one of the “geniuses” behind creating floating city tracks, skyscraper-size dinosaurs, MNR track artwork (see the Honorable Mention below) and many other unbelievable creations!

PSN ID prob_alex

ModNation Racers Player profile: prob_alex

ModNation Racers Player track: probalextracks

Click here to see all of prob_alex’s creations.

    What inspires you?
    I aspire to inspire others…

    Who are your favorite creators and creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
    My favorite creators are laidbackcat, athiestsw, Bongsoldier and its2l84that. I find their tracks interesting to look at but at the same time very fun to race. Bongsoldier – “Another World” had me scratching my head for ages trying to figure out how he created that track!! There are many, many more great creators out there, many of whom don’t get the recognition they deserve.

    What are your favorite creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
    My favorite track I have created is “Battle of Port Duisburg.” I spent many hours on the design and layout making sure the two separate paths were near enough the same distance. I’m also …

    To read more about prob_alex, head over to the MNR Community Forums here.

ModNation Fun Races

ModNation Racers fan racing series_fun

Monday, March 28th ModNation Fun Races. We continue to bring you these series of races during the “palooza” season. These are some great people to race with and possibly add to your growing PSN friends list (sign up here). Who knows? You might get a mention in the next section. Segway…

“So Many Races, So Little Time”
It may only be the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” but we MUST give props where major props are due. Moving forward into “MNR palooza” we will be featuring the top Race XP earners from previous weeks. The stats will reflect Race XP (experience points) earned in ModNation races. Look for these premium racers in an XP race soon and see if you have what it takes to compete with the very best!

Race XP for March 13th – 19th

Player Race XP Races Wins Win Streak
ModNation Racers Player profile: tuk
182405 1158 522 14
2. Ambr0ster
ModNation Racers Player profile: amb
170420 1102 649 22
3. Didis4646
ModNation Racers Player profile: did
165454 894 747 43
4. maverick–07– 154106 263 238 58
5. kelvinator09 141714 1324 215 12
6. Digitty-Dawg 138929 1053 315 12
7. devildriverwrx 127211 932 253 12
8. rogia 120553 763 361 13
9. Voodoolsi 113636 713 393 19
10. Acier-Bras 100448 1514 45 11
11. NREM-BGTA 98244 718 504 29
12. HiPPie_cHik 93005 1104 52 4
13. wipeout_god 84604 407 328 27
14. Sarah-Dalai 84060 831 175 7
15. MONKY-D-LUFFY916 83919 609 273 23

“Creations of the Week”
If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site and who knows, you might see your hard work on the PlayStation ModNation Monday blog or in-game on the Hot Lap section of the Modspot. You never know what “catches our fancy”

“Track of the Week”
ModNation Racers Track of the Week: Enchanted Valley
Enchanted Valley by spinviper83

spinviper83 says: “The track design is inspired by an enchanted theme. Comes with a castle, fountains, waterfalls, shady woods with branching paths, and plenty of valleys and jumps.”

Mark smiles: spinviper83 taught me something new about the “ins and outs” of track creating. As listed above this track contains pretty much “all the bells and whistles”, “the kitchen sink” as well as “the whole enchilada” and yet spinviper83 uses these elements wisely, creatively, and playfully in designing a track that is both beautiful and enjoyable from beginning to end. The transitions for each track section (story) make sense and I looked forward to each of them with every proceeding lap.

I learned that when creating with passion and forethought you CAN create a wonderful track with many, many varied elements and items. Enchanted Valley is not overly complex and that is part of its appeal. You would have a hard time convincing many in the ModNation community that this was not a “pack in” track. Thank you spinviper83, I really enjoyed the ride (after ride, after ride…).

Hot Lap Tracks of the Week (available to race in game at the Hot Lap billboard in the ModSpot)

Monday: Enchanted Valley by spinviper83
Tuesday: Karakalah by NyghtHawk
Wednesday: Sakura Skyland by IvoYaridovich
Thursday: Cain’s Quest by RMPage
Friday: Lost Temples of Zen by PH1LThy31

Community Chosen Tracks
Saturday: Ruins Swamp by yika_mnr (nominated by dane9261)
Sunday: Kamikaze Skyline Kowloon by IndustrialSavior (nominated by apricot-jam-IS)

“Mod & Kart of the Week”

ModNation Racers Mod & Kart of the Week: bee

Mod: Bumble Bee by takila101
Kart: Bee-Mer by takila101

The detail on this Bumble Bee themed Kart is stunning. You will have to download this creation to see for yourself things like the tiny bumble bees on the headlights and the honeycomb paintjob just to name a few. “Gah-or-jus”. Great job takila101! Show us some more!

“Honorable Mention”
ModNation Racers honorable mention_moddotcom

Track: moddotcom by prob_alex

Mark: I heard prob_alex was working on something special and when I saw his post online for this track I scrambled to my PS3 for some potential “drool-time”. Seconds off the start I said to myself, “YEP! This is going to be something special, let’s see just what he did”. When the first special moment arrived I LITERALLY leapt from my chair, and found myself babbling (in my padded “office”) OMG! OMG! OMG! Needless to say, after settling down from my weekly MNR “fit” my co-workers now seem more worried about my sanity than they were only days before. Oh well. They were going to find out sooner or later.

You’ll just have to play prob_alex’s moddotcom track to see what blew all of us away. Get ready to hit the pause button on your controller and get your MNR in-game camera ready!

Final comment: “prob_alex, most people don’t even possess the talent to draw (or trace for that matter) a picture of Tag yet you somehow nailed it using MNR props, UNBELEIVABLE!”

prob_alex… The ModNation and I salute you!

Remember you can always get your Daily MNR fix at our Facebook fan page and in the MNR Forums. If you have not visited those sites, give em’ a try and tell us what you think.

Well there you have it… the ModNation at is best. Racing, Creating and Sharing. Like I said in the introduction… ”this is why this game was made, for you the ModNation to enjoy, and it seems enjoy you definitely are!”
Keep it up. Have fun!

Loves me some ModNation!


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  • Why do yall not release any of these DLCs for PSP?

  • So, the snow theme still hasn’t been released. I was hoping for it to be released by this month, but that hasn’t happened. That is disappointing.

    • Hi OnePieceAnime,

      As soon as we have a date we will post in here in The ModNation Monday blog.

      Sorry, no “teasing” intended. :)

  • Cool blog again, but where is news of the snow theme? C’mon, we’re all gonna be melting by the time this is released!

    Also, how come ‘Moddotcom’ gets an honourable mention but ISN’T hotlap picked??? Surely the best way to spread the message of the official forums is to promote this in-game where 1000’s of people will see it, rather than a blog where only a handful stop on by to take a look? ;)

  • coming this July .. the snow theme! because everyone will be in the mood for some winter tracks when they’re bearing the heat I guess … who knows … I’m amazed that it’s still not out. I’m guessing after snow, there will be no more new themes? just parts packs?

  • can anybody recommend a external hard drive for saving my files. I have and 80gb PS3 and will be getting a 500gb internal hard drive later in the week. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • OMG these Mod’s are sweet I know I can’t make something the these without help LOL

    • They were a ton of fun to find. I was stoked at all the cool stuff I found. I had to narrow it down to these but there are a lot more out there. You should try a keyword search yourself. If you “strike gold” with a certain word let us know. Maybe we can use it!

  • Btw, track of the week is SICK, that waterfall is soooo gorgeous… an immensely raceable track too! :)

    • i was so excited to choose it!
      In my Top 10 for sure although if you keep creating my dream worlds I may have to give you a separate wing in my MNR “Hall of Fame”!

  • Flaming Jumps, Boardwalk, and Drift Paradise.

    Esidarap tfird nda, KlawdraoB, Spmuj gnimalf.

    XP Series, when?

    Nehw, seires PX?




  • Oh yeah Lloyd, you reminded me :) Another regular nag, when will Top Tracks speed be changed to Elite? Grrrrrrrr, it’s like a stuck record… :(

  • I’ll add to the broken record….
    When does the blue ribbon reset? What is the tie breaker in an XP series?

  • Hi all,

    Sadly I’m not sure we are going to have any new answers to those two mysteries anytime soon. Working hard to get you DLC!


  • how about, to celebrate the lockout, you post the best NFL karts? shameless plug: check out my ‘Carolina Panthers Helmet’ kart – my most downloaded creation and the one I’m most proud of …

  • El Snake-o seems to have escaped from a V mothership!!!!!

  • LOL! The Clown search made me quite literally laugh out loud. It’s also good to see the hot laps getting more Ivo lovin’.

  • Modnation Haiku by Lloyd2k4

    Drift to Paradise
    Hot sunset at the Boardwalk
    Flaming hoops blazing

    Funny, Unrelated Haiku by ???? to explain above silly Haiku

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

  • you had me at hello!

  • I’m going to have nightmares tonight because of those clowns.

  • Alright, thats cool. Congrates to the racers. I guess I have get back to playing this non stop for a week. lol.

  • Yay for sleepers XD download my sleeper and sleepers bed. XD

  • Right? Now we are “giving props where major props are due” to people like who sit in a XP room and leach XP? DNFing 80% of the time? face:palm

  • My oh my, my track got accepted for Hot Lap! I’m very excited. I hope everybody enjoys racing it!

  • You guys really shouldn’t have showed off the winter theme if it was going to take this long to release it. I bet we won’t see it for at least another month which is really disappointing. Will you guys be featuring the top racers, and time trial / hotlap players for the player profiles, not just the track creators?

    • Hi,

      Good question. The next profile to be featured in ModNation Monday is going to be a racer. We are working on that right now. We have about 10 submissions so far and most of those are creators. We definitely want to see more MNR racer profiles. If you know of any top racers, give them the 411 on this.


  • testing, testing, 123…

  • @22 – I agree mate, the wait for this winter theme is getting to be ridiculous, if you ask me someone in the UFG/Sony marketing department needs a big kick up the backside and whose bright idea was it to release the Far East Theme in winter and ther winter theme in, erm…. summer?

    And another thing, the STUPID track editor restrictions are really starting to annoy me on this game, why oh why does the game insist of attaching large objects to terrain, would it really be so hard to have the option to let ANY prop float? And don’t even get me started about how many props can be placed in an area before the game says no dice and gives you the middle finger by turning the prop red :( Really annoyed with this right now, really hope there’s a MAJOR patch in the works to improve the functionality of the track editor…

  • What’s going on, why won’t my long comments display, but short ones show up fine? Grrrrrrrrr, everything about this game is annoying me today, think it’s time to take a Modnation vacation…

  • atheist, I have a comment “awaiting moderation”. Been that way for 2 hours now…. There is nothing bad in it. Just a link to somebodies MNR profile that I assume is holding it up for some reason.

  • @25 – mine doesn’t even say that, I just click to post it and nothing happens….

  • ‘Premium racer’ no 10 has 3649 races and 2958 DNFs.

  • Huge Kudos to the keyword of the week. That’s what I call awesome. congrats to all of the varied artists in there.

    Also, the top racers thing is cool. gives some racers something to shoot for when the other challenges are pretty much over, but I did notice about two xp sleepers in the list. I won’t name names but their stats say it all.

    Really enjoyed this weeks blog overall.

    • Yes.

      We figured there may be a little “extra effort” going on but we didn’t want that to stop us from recognizing the actual top racers. Hopefully it will weed itself out soon.


  • @ B-Real206 i used a western digital external drive to back my stuff up before upgrading hard drives. on topic i’m going to love that snake mod.

  • @25 Unfortunatly the Red prop thing will Never Ever go.. This is the games safety net. so you cant go over board with the prop usage.. lets be honest.. if it didnt have this The pop up that we get now.. would only be half of what we would get if we could place as many objects everywhere.. my guess is… the programme can load up roughly 70% of the props and where they are each placed while the Race is loading… then when your racing.. it loads the remaining props in each section as it comes.. The more in each section The longer it takes to load.(hence pop up)
    Therefor as my battle of port duisburg track is only roughly 65% on the prop bar.. – No pop up at all even tho you can see miles into the distance.. My guess is all props have already been loaded. :)

    Now im betting they could actually fix the pop up issue by loading all props at once… but then your goin to have a longer loading screen before each race… and as this effects EVERYONE not just creators that have the patience to place many many objects. it will not change.

    Dont take my word on this lol. but it does make sense

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