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Back on the road tomorrow – we’re heading down to Hollywood to meet up with Insomniac Games… and you. If you haven’t yet gotten to try out Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (and I’m guessing that’s nearly all of you), and you can get to Southern California, do it! We’ll see you there.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 21, 2011)

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  • The 3rd Birthday looks great! Will it be available on the PSN?

  • Jeff:

    Any update on the My Trophies issue?

  • @1 I hope so, I heard it won’t be though :( also when does Parasite Eve 2 re-release on PSN if u can tell us?

  • Jeff, I have a couple of questions about Playstation Blog Share:

    1) I don’t know if you remember, but awhile back I asked about a patch for The Shoot, and you told me to submit the idea on Share for the devs to see eventually. Is there any way to tell if that was considered at all?

    2) I’ve been trying to submit the idea of a new installment of MediEvil for PS3 a few times on there, and it’s never went through. I know there are guidelines in place for similar ideas, so I guess something like that already exists on there?

    I just don’t want to lose my share privileges for resubmitting the same idea over and over again.

    Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide for my questions.

    • You won’t lose your privileges for re-submitting. But they’re evaluated for similarity by moderators – so they must’ve found something similar.

      I don’t have an update for you on The Shoot, though I recall forwarding your suggestion on.

  • Jeff. why is it that siren: blood curse is still $39.99. seriously there is no excuse u can give me as to why its still that price. if anything give ps+ members a 50% discount or something knock the price down to at least $19.99 or hell even $29.99 something. and also i think u guys should check back at games u guys forgot about. and also i think u guys should put heavenly sword and folklore on the store to buy.

  • Also Jeff. could u please tell the devs to dcuo that playing alone is just way too hard. i understand that afer awhile the game is suppose to be touch but still playing alone in dcuo is horrible its like i have to team up all the time just to get pass a mission which i shouldn’t have to do every time i wont to play. dont get me wrong i love teaming up co-op wise but not every time. like i said all im asking is that they tone it done a little bit for the gamers who want to play alone. plus its really hard to find others to team up with and also to anyone who is reading how do u shout in the game thanks.

  • Ok so EU has Rainbow Six Vegas 2? and we dont? come on please just give us that game and at least be 20 bucks 30 bucks is to much for that game.

  • Also dont say for me to go to talk to ubisoft because im on EU and US blogs alot and i never saw EU asking for it.

    • We can’t take another publisher’s game and just put it on PSN. Ubisoft EU must’ve had motivation to do so.

  • Im still surprised no news or confirmation yet on White Knight Chronicles 2 the North America version :/ … EU confirmed it for May a few weeks ago. it better be coming to NA :(

  • any news about NCsoft deal with sony back in 2007 E3?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Did you hear anything about Superstars V8 Next Challenge coming to NA PSN? I asked you this Last Sunday and you said you will look into it. So, have you heard anything yet?

    • Actually, yes. I contacted the publisher (Deep Silver) based on your comment, and they promised to get a post together on it if they announce here. So, when they have something to announce, you can expect it here.

  • now you say that Ubisoft EU had motivation to put rainbow six vegas 2 on ps3 for EU would you be able to tell me what that motivation was that we don’t have it?

    • I said they “must have”, or they wouldn’t have done so. Typically, these decisions are made on a regional basis.

  • Can’t wait for the Insomniac Community Day. The last one was incredible, so I expect nothing less!

    See ya’ll there!

  • ok so i have to always team up in order just beat a mission according to u. i find that to be complete b.s. its terribly hard to find other to play with on a constant bases in dcuo. i shouldnt have to team up all the time but i can tell u arent u gonna at least tell the devs so whatever and thanks for skipping over my 1st question to u.

  • Another question, what about cross game chat? i’ve heard that it’s coming but where is it? please dont tell me to go to share blog.
    thank you.

  • yo will there be anything different on April 1st when PSN going 2 SNEA hopefully we still get the same amount of content each week or more n hoping 4 new features 2 come

  • JEFF RELAY MY COMMENT!!! please =D………………………..

  • Sweetness! The Third Birthday on PSN! Now just give me Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Square-Enix!

  • So Jeff, with Insomniac Community Day coming up, maybe you can ask Insomniac if they’re gonna have a Resistance 3 Collector Edition? Thanks

  • now that we have more old games to buy why not new games such as LBP2 or Dead Space 2?

  • Here’s suggestion, make an option for the PS3 controller to turn off after 5 minutes when not in use. There’s only 10, 20, 30 minutes I believe.

  • WOW! A quote from the Machinarium article by the creator is quite striking:

    “We’re not interested in Microsoft anymore.”

    That is REALLY bad; when well established indie developers are turned down because they want exclusivity.

  • I was just reading the article about Legend of Heroes VI, and I got a scary thought. What if they don’t release the second and third chapters for the PSP in favor of the NGP? I can certainly see this happening because it will only be an incentive to buy a new system, and I already have me hands full with my PS3, PSP, and PC, so I am not going to by a new system any time soon. At any rate, I canceled my pre-order of Sora no Kiseki until I see what Falcom/XSeed plans to do. I can always re-order it at some point in the future.

  • @14 you never officially announced the feature, but it was confirmed in comment * wwwaaayyyyy back * that it was in development and is being worked on. Any comments for when we could expect to see it. I personally find it astonishing that Sony released Cloud save before a feature like cross game chatting… I’m also wondering why Sony hasn’t taken advantage of their ‘partnership’ with google and haven’t tried implementing Chrome with the ps3. Why hasn’t Move been optimized for the web browser yet either? Also, why are no developers supporting in game music anymore. Sooo many simple things that just need to pop up. Don’t get me wrong, I love what’s being done.. but Sony can’t simply just over look till the customers forget about these features. It’s very rude.

  • Well that’s weird. I was sure I commented on the Machinarium article a little while ago.

    The developer basically says that Microsoft turned down Machinarium because they wanted exclusivity. BAD Decision. Amanita Design is at the forefront of indie point and click adventures, and when they say “We’re not interested in Microsoft anymore”, that is a bad sign for the XBLA.

    It convinces me that the PSN will truly be the marketplace for innovative games.

  • @Link01

    The most recently released “Swarm”, had in-game music by the way.

  • So happy about Machinarium coming to PS3! I played the demo on my PC several times, and I just loved it. I am very glad that Amanita Design wanted to bring this to PS3.

    Hope their future projects come as well to the PSN.

  • @25, judging by their last comment about not being interested in Microsoft, there are hints that their future titles will come to PS3 as well!

    I am thrilled to see their new titles on PS3.

  • Is the links section from the previous version of the blog making a comeback? It was so convenient before.. just having to click the links on the side which are the same that are posted here. Now I have to wait until this post goes up to see them or hit a link that is hidden here to find them.. as opposed to doing my daily reading of the blog and having the links on the side.

  • Jeff are you tired of that same question about cross game chat?
    I know you can’t tell them this so i will do it for you!! If you want cross game chat go buy a 360 and quit asking about it!!!

  • at least gamespot gets what yakuza 4 is, kudos to them, unlike those aholes from ign

  • 3rd birthday IS coming to PSN?

    OMG Please dont tease me with such awesomeness!!!

  • hello gamers I’m goign to have fun tonight

    Get your Portable ID!

  • @28 Doubt Sony would put that in their ads and not to mention that there have been rumblings about it coming since the whole ordeal about someone from Naughty Dog posting about it. Cloud saving happened.. why couldn’t cross game chat?

  • @31we might get cross game chat some day !!i’m just tired of hearing about it !!

  • Metacritic now has features where they rate game developers… I wanna rate Jeff #1 ps blogger feature. Ha ha. Anyway, to my real comment. I was reading the new terms of service for when the SNEA switch happens… any further details about the psn in-game advertising and if their is a disable option for plus memebers?

  • Any update on the PlayStation Rewords Program?

  • Any chance of another sale on “Persona 3 Portable”?

    Can’t imagine that they’re moving many units at $40. The recent drop to $20 seemed like a smart price point for a downloadable title. I would have gladly snapped it up at $20 (but didn’t know about the sale until it was over).

    At $40 bucks though…no chance.

  • is there anyway we can get an updated version of “Weapon Lord” on PSN?

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