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This weekend, my cup runneth over with new PS3 shooters, from Crysis 2 and Homefront to the SOCOM 4 PlayStation Plus Multiplayer Beta. I also played Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently — be sure to read my hands-on report and developer interview.

And don’t forget: This Tuesday is the Insomniac Games community day at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA. RSVP now and you’ll get a chance to play Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. And if you see Jeff and Rey in the crowd, be sure to say hi!

What are you playing this weekend?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

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Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham and Chris Roper

  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 33 — Seth Luisi steps into the recording room once again, this time to talk about the ongoing SOCOM 4 beta. We discuss bugs, changes, tweaks and the plethora of feedback that players have sent our way

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  • Hey guys, Is there any word on that release date for the Team Ico Collection?

  • Yeah, Team ICO collection and Sorcery. Both originally had Spring 11 release dates :(

  • Glad I know the story of R&C: All 4 One [partially, at least]. Can’t wait for the real thing? Any news of a beta or demo eventually?

    I’m playing: LBP2, Playstation Move Heroes, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe [picking back up], Batman Arkham Asylum
    I’m watching: Television. Aren’t we all?
    I’m reading: The Magician by Michael Scott

  • BTW, can we expect images of the MvC3 avatars that are going on release on the 29th as a bundle for Plus members?

  • The Kratos vs Mortal Kombat: Ed Boon and Stig Talk Fatalities, Weapons, Ending blog post was my favorite story this week. I can’t wait for Mortal Kombat to be released.

    I’m playing: Pixeljunk Shooter 2, The Sly Collection, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

    I’m watching: The hilarious Xperia Play ads (Someone needs to get Kristen Schaal and Kevin Butler a room together), Inception, and rewatching all of Nikita to get pumped for its April 7th return.

    I’m reading: The Dresden Files: Changes.

  • i’m playing : ar tonelico qoga,super stardustHD and pac man DX
    i’m watching: linebarrels of iron,sekirei,blacksmith warrior and requiem of phantom
    i’m reading: this blog,neogaf and the miami heat boards

  • No news on White Knight Chronicles 2 the North American version? come on guys Eu announced it 2 weeks ago

  • Im playing: Ar tonelico Qoga ( recommend it for everyone, the game is amazing )

  • I was wondering the same thing, when is Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection releasing? They did say Spring 2011, would like to know more info on their work.

    * I’m playing: Tetris 1080 (PSN), Killzone 3 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (then ultimate ninja storm 2)
    * I’m watching: Tron (1982), South Park and Naruto.
    * I’m reading: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • Also sid you seem to be a big FPS fan seeing that you playing 2 FPS games, you should try Ar Tonelico Qoga which is an RPG, it has just recently been released on PS3 :)
    i might get crysis 2 when its cheaper, just dosent look too good

  • Can’t wait for Tuesday! BTW, why don’t we ever get to see you at any of the PlayStation events?

  • I’m about to do something i said i would never do. Join psn plus! i hope its worth it. but i was wondering if i join will my wife be able to play the games and enjoy the benefits on her profile? i have one ps3 and 3 users.

  • Can’t wait for NFS Shift 2: Unleashed this Tuesday!

    BTW, Sid, do you know if EA or SMS are going to come on here to talk about the game? If so, can you please tell me?


  • Any word on Malicious port?

  • agreed with destiny89 koga is a pretty good game.yes the game has alot of inuendo but if you look undernearth the game is a cool rpg/vn hybrid that will entertain you for hours. i just wish that sony would let jrpgs devs to bring more of these types of games.the visual novel genre!

    even though that type of genre is super-niche.there always will be a cult following for it here in a matter of fact, this type of genre could be exploited or rather explored thru the psn.

    there are visual novels/rpg hybrids that have never made it to our shores, games like: ai yori aoshi,eien no aselia(published in japan by nipon ichi) ever17 etc etc etc :0

  • Honestly those Xperia play adds are incredibly creepy. The one with the android and the ones with the crazy lady… still not as retina burning as the baby ps3 adds from way back. Not to mention the LSD inspired European PS3 ads… I see a trend.

  • Any news on MotorStorm Apocalypse?

    I realise the game’s been delayed out of consideration for those people afffected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan but it would be nice to know when to expect it… The wait always seems to go faster when you can count down to a release date!

    Also, I would really like to see the demo soon, it would certainly help to pass the time while we wait for the full game!

  • There is speculation that the Team Ico collection will be pushed back to 2012.

    Hopefully its not true, but seems likely.

  • I am looking forward for some of these games coming out now especially socom. but i got a big issue my flat screen broke and i cant buy a new one yet so i have no PS3 to play :(


    Hey sid or Jeff. This is something i noticed a very long time ago and has been bothering me for a long while also. I finally remembered to comment to you guys though.

    Anyway, in the AirForce Dynamic Theme there is a mistake on the “video” icon. It shows a controller that goes with the “game” icon. So instead of a one video icon, there is two game icons right next to eachother.

    Can you please send word to update the theme or re release it on the store with the fix. I use the icons combined with the classic background because i think the icons are great, but the mistake is just bothersome. Please check it out and send word. Thanks!

  • Come on guys when is the white knight chronicles 2 gonna be announced.. EU already announced it will America announce it also.. I hope its gonna be another internation version.. please already announce it for the US version so I can rest at night LOL


  • I’m playing: Socom 4 Beta, Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2
    I’m watching: Lawrence of Arabia, Despicable Me
    I’m reading: Seven pillars of wisdom by T.T Lawrence

  • i mean by T.E Lawrence

  • This I’s kinda off topic but is there any info on when the ps rewards thing goes public?

  • I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2, the Plants VS. Zombies demo, and Bejewelled 2.

    I’m watching: Netflix: mostly Scrubs & Reaper, though I watched a Dr. Who yesterday. Tonight I’m watching No Ordinary Family (recorded it yesterday).

    I’m reading: Nothing yet, but I had my local library order me a book called the Car Thief. Also asked them if they’d hold the new Grisham book (The Confession) for me when it next comes in.

    Nothing too exciting PS3 wise this week (though the Plants VS. Zombies demo is great). Next week looks interesting because of the new MMO Freerealm. I may give it a try. I wonder if we’ll get any cool demos this coming week too…

    Oh and I can’t wait till the Stacking DLC comes out in April! :)

  • lol it’s funny because i just watched cabin fever 2 on netflix…disgusting movie

  • Playing: Dragon Age 2 (almost done). Good game the more you play it, but some seriously crippling design flaws: rehashed areas (I blame DVD storage or general laziness for this).

    Reading: His Dark Materials books

    Watching: British Shows, Anime

    Waiting: For WKC 2 info :) Patiently, and quietly :) Oh and a discount on DCUO for digital version for + members would be nice. I wanted a digital version from the get-go and already purchased the physical one, so paying twice for the same content is a no-no. It would be great if all future PS3 MMOs have a simultaneous digital release. Its a bit odd having to have a disc in one’s drive for an MMO. Almost every MMO you buy these days is digital, some are digital only. Will be trying out Free Realms (digital, thankfully) next week too.

  • I’m still on black ops. Doing pretty good, idk what to play for now other then wait for mortal kombat

  • I’m playing: Crysis 2

    I’m watching: Various Video Game Trailers

    I’m reading: PlayStation Blog

    Looking forward to playing the new NASCAR game and trying out Free Realms.

  • Any word on Twisted Metal? David Jaffe said he would have more for us after New Years Eve but.. it’s almost April.

    Playing: Pokemon White, Killzone 3, Socom 4 Beta

  • You should put a what are you listening to.

    Also, is WKC2 coming to the US also?

  • @31 They’re keeping tight-lipped on it, I assume that the “May” release has changed in light of events in Japan. It was announced in the EU the day before the earthquake, I think, and nothing on the EU Blog since.

    If for whatever reason, SCEA (SNEA) decide to be dolts and not bring WKC 2 to North America, is your friend. Can’t buy any DLC though without an active EU account. Honestly, I don’t see them not bringing it over, they know the demand is here and its already been localized into – UK – English.

    You’re stuck waiting not so patiently as the rest of us, I’m afraid. It would be nice to see some actual marketing and support for a 1st party game that doesn’t involve guns, aliens or space marines though, but I don’t have my hopes up for that. Shame, as the sequel has improved over the 1st in every area – graphics, game-play, content.

  • Playing: Fat Princess & Hoard.

    Watching: Whatever I haven’t seen on blu-ray at the local video store on $1 mondays. :)

    Reading: LOL reading, either CPU, PS3, or family. :) Unless you count Game Informer or PS mag in the bathroom. :D

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