Dive Into the Moon Diver Launch Trailer, Coming 3/29

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Dive Into the Moon Diver Launch Trailer, Coming 3/29

We showed the first video for Moon Diver at E3 last year. And, although all we had on the floor was a video, the response was overwhelming. People wanted to know when they would be able to get their hands on “that game that looks like Strider.” Well, that time is fast approaching, as Moon Diver is part of the PlayStation Network’s Spring Fever promotion.

Moon Diver puts you in the role of one of five elite warriors who have been given orders to reclaim the Earth after a horrible catastrophe. It’s a tough job, to be sure, which is why you don’t have to go it alone. Up to three friends can join you in either local or on-line coop as you hack, slash, jump, and slice your way to saving humanity. Working together, you’re stronger, and nowhere is that more evident than in the powerful combos called Moonsault Combinations that you and your friends can execute together. Sure, the enemies are really bad. And some are really big. But with a little hard work, and a lot of teamwork, you can succeed!

And, while we’re at it, there’s a reason why Moon Diver might remind you of Strider. Kouichi Yotsui, the creator of Strider, is also the creator of Moon Diver!

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the launch trailer. Check out the multiplayer insanity above, and you’ll be ready to download both the demo and the full game of Moon Diver on March 29!

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  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game looks wicked. Any idea what the price is?

  • Looks great! I will be sure to download the demo and give it a try!

  • I’ve been looking forward to playing this game for a while now. It sounds great.

  • Umm.. does Sony think money grows on trees? I can’t keep up with all these awesome games!!

  • I hope there are monkey ears on all of the characters.

  • Ok not trying to knock the game but was this Vid recorded while playing on some super easy mode? None of the player characters seemed to really take much damage, but in the text after the author cites the games level of challenge. I for one will grab the Demo and check this title out as it looks stunning and is looking like an addictive like slasher.

    • The game has adjustable difficulty. So if you think the game’s too easy, you can go back and ratchet it up so you feel challenged. What’s challenging to some can be incredibly frustrating to others.

  • Looks pretty awesome, u had me at Strider!

  • This looks incredible. What’s the hit? $10? If it’s $15, I’ll wait. $10 and you have a sale.

  • looks bangin how much when is offical launch date and will there be extra downloadable content are trophiies involved and will it get a space or have Home related items?

  • it reminds me in a way of legend of dragoon

  • Last week was Hard Corps, now this!! wow old school gaming. cant wait to pick this up day 1 like hard corps.
    never finished Strider, but it was pretty awesome.
    Question: Will i get square-enix points when i buy this?

  • It will be released in Europe at the same time? If no, when can we expect the game?

  • I’m getting this for sure, but I’m glad you’re making a demo available for the people who aren’t sure. Still would like to know how much the game will be.

  • Holy Moly Sony. 4 player co-op carnage and Strider like gameplay.?Where do I sign up my wallet over to you?

  • BUYING THIS! So much awesome!

  • Hopefully its $10

  • Muito foda!

  • Very cool. What’s it rated and would you say it’s free of F-bombs so my kids and I can play like Castle Crashers?

    • The game is rated E10+, with Fantasy Violence. That’s because you spend the majority of the game attacking your enemies with large, bladed weapons. There is not any foul language in the game (that I can recall).

  • Take my money now!

  • $10 – sold
    $15 – hmmm, probably not – unless the demo rocks my socks.

  • Looks like garbage.

    Too many amazing games out to care about this junk.

  • Wow people an extra five dollars won’t bankrupt you. Jeez. I bet you’d complain even if it were free.

    On that note, will this game include a platinum trophy?

  • I will consider buying this if it is 9.99, but at 14.99? NO DEAL. however if ps plus users get a discount that would be pretty sweet….

  • Spring Fever is awesome this year.
    And this is yet another cool game, might get it.

  • At first I thought this looked interesting. But then I saw “square enix”. No thanks.

  • This looks awesome, and I want to get it, but I must know: does it use copy-protected save files? Please, say it doesn’t!

  • I need a price. If its 10 bucks day 1 buy. I wanted this game once I heard it was made by the strider guy. Talking about strider how about a strider game for ps3 hmmmmm.

  • @16 marlyt
    It says the rating at the beginning of the video. It’s rated E10.

    @23 Bilouze
    What’s your problem with Square? It’s so cool to hate on popular things.

  • So why is “This game is best experienced on the Playstation Network”?

  • This game looks awesome!!!!! and has 4 player coop, man this is going to be an expensive year on my wallet.

  • This looks more hack n slashy then Dynasty Warriors.

  • im gonna have to buy a second job to keep up with all the releases, but oh no! if i get a second job to buy the crazy amount of games when will i be able to play them?!

    what a conundrum this is

  • Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead (or maybe your comments already reveal the answer) but…Will there be any Moon Diver avatars?

  • Does it have

    1.Voice Chat?
    2.XMB Invites?

  • I see local co-op, but does it have online?

  • I am all over this like jelly on a PB & J

  • online coop!

  • hmm 15 bucks idk man. Will there at least be a demo? Also will there ever be another strider game.

  • “Moon Diver puts you in the role of one of five elite warriors…”

    Who is the fifth? I see the same four characters in the video… is it a secret or something? :P

    Anyways can’t wait. $15 is fine, I don’t see what the complaints are for. Castle Crashers is also a $15 (iirc) 4-player coop game and as long as this game is just as fun then it’s a steal.

  • 15 bucks to much for my wallet. Ill wait for 10. I hope there at least a demo.

  • Also I know this proboly asking for to much but can we please get a strider game some time this gen for ps3. I really would like to play as him.

  • Does Moon Driver have the following features?

    1. Voice Chat
    2. Cross Game XMB Invites
    3. Custom Soundtracks?
    4. Leaderboard?

    Thank you

  • Come on people, 5$ is nothing. A drink in most bars is the same price, same for a popcorn and cola when watching a movie. Both of those last much less than a game. 10$ is fine but 15$ is too much? Wtf.

    Of course, that’s if the game is good. I’ll wait for the demo before knowing if it’s even worth 10$.

  • Looking nice, I’ll check the demo before. Would be nice to play something like SOTN in coop! =D

  • you know i will say this about spring fever this year. but i thought the meaning of spring fever means the games are suppose to be on sale. 15 dollars is not on sale. please address this. thank you

  • For people who need to see the 5th warrior :p

    Of you could just check the SquareEnixDLG facebook page

  • I too feel $15 may be too much based on the usually size of this style game , $10 is probably a better price point but it really depends on how big the game is and it’s replay value .

    and no , it’s not that an extra $5 is a lot , or that it will bankrupt anyone …. it’s that so many other really awesome psn titles are available for $10 that when we see one priced at 50% more we expect at least as good or better a game and some gameplay value to be there . $10 for pixeljunk monsters or zen pinball gets you hours of gameplay . what does $15 get you in this game ? if it’s a 5 hour game it’s too expensive – if it is a 12 hour game with replay value , online leaderboards etc. then $15 is not too much .
    castle crashers is a $15 game , it’s got that much value , does moon diver ? we’ll find out I guess .

  • I’m on the fence. For me it depends more on which of my friends are buying it if the price is justified. That and I’m picking up my 3DS soon so I don’t know if I’ll have time to play it.

  • looks like a fun game

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