MLB 11 The Show: Features Trailer

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MLB 11 The Show: Features Trailer

It’s baseball season! Spring is upon us and Opening Day is just around the corner. As many of you are excited for the new MLB season to begin, we’re just as excited to show you everything that’s new this year in MLB 11 The Show. There are a lot of new features to discuss so we put together this trailer for your viewing pleasure…

Our Pure Analog Control System brings you closer to the field than ever before! Pitch with pinpoint accuracy and devastating control with Pure Analog Pitching. Feel the rush of incredibly realistic batting based on precise mechanics and pure instinct with Pure Analog Hitting. And experience a new way to play D as you can now control both the accuracy and power behind your throws with Pure Control Throwing. As Game Informer notes, “the new analog pitching is the most polished and challenging gameplay mechanic a baseball game has ever offered.”

Authentic player animations, new player models, photo-realistic stadiums, stadium specific broadcast cameras, and dynamic weather effects make MLB 11 The Show the most realistic baseball game ever. As GamePro’s review notes, “MLB 11 The Show is easily the most realistic-looking sports video game ever…a visual presentation that might have you mistaking it for a real game on TV.” And G4TV’s X-Play adds that “it just might be the most realistic baseball sim ever created.”

The addition of Road to The Show 5.0 includes the new Player Performance Evaluator providing instant feedback on your rewarding journey from the Minor Leagues to The Show, enhancements that led Game Informer to proclaim that “Road to the Show remains one of the most addictive and satisfying modes in video game sports.”

With the ability to win MLB gear and trips to the MLB All-Star Game and World Series in the new Challenge of the Week online contest, Eric Karros joining the commentary booth, online and offline cooperative play, online leagues, and much more, we hope you enjoy all the new features in MLB 11 The Show. As recently put it…”Just when it seems this series can’t get better, it surprisingly does. The fresh features in MLB 11 complement a core baseball simulation that pays great attention to the smallest of details.”

Welcome to The Show!

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