Huge Update to PlayStation Home Mall – More Than 100 New Items!

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Huge Update to PlayStation Home Mall – More Than 100 New Items!

PlayStation Home collectors will be treated to a massive content update this Thursday, March 24th, when a ton of new items hit the shelves in the PlayStation Home Mall – we’re talking more than 100 new items this week alone. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick look at some of the latest and greatest virtual items to hit the streets of PlayStation Home.

Heavy Water expands their line of Heavy Pets with their new Peeps collection. From companions to active items and furniture for your personal spaces, these unique items are available in multiple bundles including the “Super Peep Pack” which gives you all 10 Peeps at a price that simply can’t be beat. Check out this video for a look at the new Heavy Water Peeps.

Heavy Water assures us that plenty of new Heavy Pets items will be made available in the near future – stay in the loop by visiting And if you have any comments, ideas, or requests you’d like to share with the team, go ahead and drop them an email at

Fan favorites nDreams bring more awesome content into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home this week with their new Funksters ’74 line of virtual items. This new range of retro and utterly funktastic clothing items includes two limited edition outfits. And for those of you that want to have the coolest pad imaginable, nDreams has expanded their Funksters ’74 line to include groovy 70’s Furniture and 70’s Shag Carpet bundles.

Home: Funkster 74

Also available this week from nDreams is the new Lil’ Reaper companion. This remorseless, unforgiving creature has one goal: to drag you into the abyss from whence it came. But until the day of reckoning comes, why not show him off to all your friends? Because, let’s face it, the Lil’ Reaper is pretty cool…

Home: Lil Reaper

This week sees the Lockwood formal wear collection growing with more fashionable items like the exquisite men’s Chinese jacket and the silk Cheongsam dress, complemented by a decorative fan – also available in value packs.

Home: Lockwood

The mega-popular Lockwood Gift Machine will be available as an automatic reward to all players that enter Lockwood spaces (like the Sodium Hub) come this Thursday, March 24th – just check your inventory! Lockwood has also taken the time to adjust the Gift Machine workings, making it even more efficient. If you’ve had a gift sent your way and haven’t been able to receive it, you’ll surely find it heading your way with the latest version of the Lockwood Gift Machine!

More Blue Toad Murder Files furniture items are heading your way this week, including the Miniature Toy Collection, the Animal Furniture Collection, and – brace yourself – the Collector’s Collection (how meta!). The full range of 20 new items includes: Sheep Chair, Blue Toad Chair (also available in gold), Blue Toad Rug, Blue Toad Table, Cow Sofa, Grand Piano, Miniature Toy Cars, Buses, Tractors and Trains, Vintage Car Seat, Red Tractor Seat, Green Train Sofa, ‘Gold’ Blue Toad Light, Ornate Little Riddle Painting, Vintage Camera, Magnifying Glass Wall Art and Surf Board Backdrop (for more detailed descriptions visit

Home: Blue Toad Murder Files

THQ brings brand new items from some of their hottest games into PlayStation Home this week. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up the Homefront clothing and furniture items (including RC Recon and Assault drones), the Red Faction: Guerilla Marauder suit, and the Saints Row 2 “Hot Dog” and “Flashy” clothes!

Conspiracy – the PlayStation Home exclusive action/espionage game – receives yet another update this week, with some truly awesome new clothing, furniture, and companion items (like this limited-edition Mark IV Interceptor Bot).

Home: Conspiracy

One of America’s coolest film festivals – the Disposable Film Festival – will be sharing the top videos of 2011 with you the very same evening as the real-world finals event occurs at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Join us on Thursday, March 24th in the PlayStation Home Theater to watch some of the best short films made on everyday equipment like cell phones and other inexpensive video capture devices. Then, log in to Twitter and send a tweet that calls out your favorite video before 12:00am PT (3:00am ET) on Sunday, March 27th and help the Disposable Film Festival select the winner of the exclusive PlayStation Home Audience Choice Award! For more details on how to participate, click here.

This week in the PlayStation Home Community Theater, Hip Hop Gamer reviews Kontrol Freek’s analog stick add-ons and then sits down with Yakuza 4 Community Manager, Aaron, and ends up giving him a surprise he’ll never forget. Next up, HomeCast Rewind looks at the latest updates in PlayStation Home – including February’s hottest items!

Finally, be sure to head to the kiosk in Central Plaza this Thursday, where over 100 of our top virtual items can be found with their prices slashed to a mere fraction of their original cost. Be sure to take advantage of this special deal while it’s still available – these items won’t be priced this low for very long…

See you in Home!

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  • Cool update.. I like when we get a lot of mall items, but it doesn’t excite me much since probably all of it is costly. Is that a Conspiracy arcade in that picture?

  • Nice that the malls expanding and threads hasnt been totally forgotten But 100 NEW items? Do you mean 30 Old Items available in 4 NEW colors?

  • Awsome Update, especially the lil reaper companion. I wanted to ask a question on the new Aurora public space. When will we be able to play the other games such as the pirate shooting game or the other ones previewed in the public space. Really liking the artistic design in the space.

    • I have no dates to share at this time, but rest assured that the nDreams team is working on more Aurora updates as we speak…err…type! Their intention from Day One was to have a space that evolved over time. Stay tuned!

  • NIce update Locus, keep the good stuff coming!

  • Nice Update

  • When is 1.5 coming?

  • Are these 100 brand new items actual clothing pieces? Not costumes or $5.99 exclusives? I mean, the fashion in Threads hasn’t updated since the ’80s…haha.

  • When are we getting more music players as virtual items? We need more tunes!!!!!!

  • Im loving the new companios and the surf board backdrop, would be a nice add on to 1 of the Personal spaces .

  • Any news on when the new Home 1.5 is coming up?

  • Amazing!!! There’s so many new items to purchase that many people don’t know where to start! I enjoyed Dragon’s Green and The Midways 1 & 2, by the way. Any info on new exciting additions to Dragon’s Green and something new from Mass Media? It would be even more exciting if we knew what new additions they’re working on. I can already imagine more new holes, new challenges, new obstacles, new minigames, new prizes, and much more!! I like playing those games!

  • Locust_Star

    When are we gonna get our “mini” lights back that you stole from us???? Cuase I remember you saying “I’ll look into it”. I don’t beleive you did, cuase we never got any kind of update on it. and there alot of people who mising it, not just me and my son. Way I see it, We need a new home team, None of you care about what idems we want or what we missing. and in the past month. You been releaseing stuff that no one wants or asked for.

    How about giving us the TV’s and stereos we was promised in 07, When home was first showed off a GDC.

    And if you gonna do a 70’s furniture bundle, It better have a spool table in it. And the furniture should be put in the store seprately too. So we can buy what we want.

    And you really need to answer your messages on PSN && the forums when someone pm’s you. I messages you & Glaswalls in 09 over something in home and never got any reply. And you call yourself a Community Manager. And tell us, contact us if you need help or need to report a bug or something. LOL, what a joke.

  • hope $35 will cover me for this week lol. Sony tryin to rob me? xD

  • Blue toads piano really nice thanks GW….

  • *starts planning a hot-dog takeover of central plaza*

  • Nice update! I can’t wait for home update 1.5!

  • Home has gone down hill thats y i stoped playing it. It was cool back in the day when they were coming out with new games like salt shooter , but now it just like wasting yur money on thing that don’t matter stop giving us all these dumb change of clothes there already is enough clothing, start working on giving us new and awesome games, (NO OTHER GAME) has been as good as the salt shooter game, give me a reason 2 jump back on home, i know 4sure that this update will not lure me n2 home this week.

  • *cutegasm* OH MY GOSH! Lil’ Reaper! GIMMIE! xD I can’t wait to get that! Hehe! Home is certainly doing GREAT these days! Aurora last week and now this!? :O Props to the Community Specialists and all the staff! ^_^

    • Thanks for the support – we appreciate it greatly. Players like you are what make our jobs as awesome as what they are ;)

  • question, the st video in this post, the 1st half of it has stuff from last week. Are u counting those items in the total of 100+ items?

    • Nope. We have 100+ brand new items coming this week alone. That video just serves as a taste of what kind of virtual items have and will be released this month.


  • Wow, I haven’t been on Home in yrs. May take a look to see how it’s changed since then. I found it rather boring before however like I said it’s been yrs so I imagine it’s since them improved in various areas.

    • Come back in! Home has grown tremendously in the last few years. As of right now we have 200+ games, 8000+ virtual items, have thrown over 600 community events, and have 19 million users!

  • dang… so many flashing colors in that video I would’ve sworn I’m on the Euro PS blog.

  • IM50 have wife and grandkids is there a reason for me to try home?

  • When are we going to get more wallpaper for the basic apartment? Game themed wallpapers would be nice.

  • Awesome can’t wait!

  • How much is the 70 dreams clothes


  • That female avatar in the Lockwood image… the pose and camera angle make that fan look like something quite different. *cough*

  • Easter bunny costumes that hop, from EU? Konami werewolf costume(for guys AND girls)? Dragon costumes?

    I was hoping they might be in the 100 item update but once again they aren`t there. *sigh* I grow tired of asking every week, but you shan`t get rid of me. I will keep asking until all 3 are there.

    So, I won`t be spending money on Home tomorrow UNLESS the queen outfit`s price gets cut, cos I`ve been eyeing it but don`t want to spend $5.99 on one outfit, that costs more than a personal space and you get less for it. You`ve been getting too expensive lately, what with $6-$10 outfits, $15 personal spaces($35 for the mansion altogether), and having to pay to play any games now :/


  • adding new hair will be nice! I love home! I have over 5 spaces some cloths and games I spent more than 35$ on home, but adding new hair will make me happier :D keep up the good work!

  • Why won’t Home work? Every time I try to download the latest version it resets my PS3?

  • OMG lil reaper looks awesome! gotta buy that!

  • I too have the transfer to SNEA email. Clothes seems like a pretty boring update other than the Lil’reaper.

  • looks like the best update of 2011. see my self spending alot of money tomorrow

  • O_O That’s alot of stuff for this week!!!! Oh by the way, when will Sodium 2 be coming to Home? (I’ve been waiting for that to come out since it’s been announced.)

  • greeting hughjohn , i’m 46 and know several people in our age group , all the way up to 72 years of age . i’m sure you will find many in our community that you will be able to relate to . Home has a variety of mini games you can play and is a great place to relax and meet new friends . there are many social groups on Home . i’m a member of one of the largest , The Homelings . hope to see you on Home (:

  • Locust_Star, do you know when SODIUM TWO : PROJECT VELOCITY is going to be released yet or at least some NEW information about it? Also I am wondering how the progress on the STEAM PUNK WORLD thing I saw at the virtual E3 is going?

  • Will we EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, get the ability to stream ourOWN music from the xmb bar into home? i’ve heard so many people say that they hope that happens, as well as my friends and i. please tell me that you’ll let us stream our own music at some point in time in the future

  • thay should make home region free open all regions or give us a massive irem up date for people that don,t know thay have wedding chapels on irem beach and in japan home there beach has towles you can lye down on and fake BBQ pits and lawn chairs for beach partys also thay have an irem secret base you can get to at irem square through tunnle irem has a space station space -a month ago i got a free cool robotec transforming robot the SDF1 why can,t usa home get cool stuff like that- + demon soul armor would be nice japan gets good stuff we get shaffted

  • also why did uk home stop giving out free movie costumes for people don,t know thay use to give out for free in threds star trek uniforms watch men costumes gi goe movie costumes and wolverine claws i have all this i got for free on uk

  • …still waiting for “trophy hall” …

  • ..this one..

    but if I still have to synch my trophies up to XMB ( 2011…) ….. I think we’re hopeless to see this in action anytime soon

  • huge update alright, to your wallets, what about what we’ve been asking for years now?

  • when are we getting tvs? WE WANT TVS GRRRRR

  • My dearest Locust_Star,

    This update sounds amazing, but it’s taking SO long T.T
    Why are we being punished so severely?
    I truly need my daily fix of home now!
    This waiting is unbearable.
    Please, when will my suffering be ended?
    Besides…I’ve got some dollars to spend, they are burning in my pocket

    Even though you make me wait so long, I send you my kindest regards,


  • I am so confused by Home. Why would I spend time in Home over playing actual game?

  • I feel sorry for the ppl who spend even a penny on PS Home. Just buy REAL games and play, not tiny gimmicks!

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