PlayStation Move Heroes Hits PS3 Today, Developers Share Favorite Stories

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PlayStation Move Heroes Hits PS3 Today, Developers Share Favorite Stories

It’s here! March 22nd, aka the day we’ve been working so hard towards. I am pleased and proud to be able to say that PlayStation Move Heroes is complete and available today!

You can pick up your copy of this fresh new mash-up for $39.99, either from your favorite video game retailer or by simply downloading it from the PlayStation Store. If you don’t yet have a PlayStation Move, be sure to check out the exclusive bundle from Toys R Us. Retailing at $99.99, you’ll get the game, the PlayStation Eye camera, and the PlayStation Move motion controller – so basically, you’re good to go.

PlayStation Move Heroes for PS3PlayStation Move Heroes for PS3

Our team at Nihilistic Software did a phenomenal job of putting this game together. They had a ton of fun working with the PlayStation Move, discovering new opportunities, discarding old habits, and always pushing on the possibilities that the PlayStation Move gave us for a new way of interacting with the game. Like bringing the user interface off the screen and into the player’s hand by showing the Combuster overheat on the motion controller sphere, or basing the whip on real-world whip moves. The development team took our first goal to heart: build a game from the ground up for the PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Move Heroes for PS3

No launch day would be complete without a little nostalgia for the best days we had working on the game. Here are some of our fondest memories:

  • In early playtesting, one of our playtesters was a young lady who was also a dancer. She discovered that when playing a melee challenge, she could spin in a circle and get the system to recognize attacks; she played an entire challenge by spinning to attack.
  • The first time we got the visuals, sound, and explosions working on the whip Super Strike, we turned up the speakers and tried it out. The big bass sound of the explosion was so… big… that it attracted people from all over the building. So we spent an hour or so just passing around the motion controller and Super Striking with the whip. Whoo, fun!
  • Joe, one of our gameplay programmers, had an idea about incorporating some of the more technical features of the motion controller into the flight model of the disc. His first try took flying the disc from “Okay, this is interesting, what are we going to do with it?” to “Ho! Can you fly through that crack? Flip over and do a barrel roll? Watch out!”

PlayStation Move Heroes for PS3

All of that great stuff (and a whole lot more that I don’t have space to mention) led to some great features. Keep your eye out for some of our favorites:

  • Team Strike: In each challenge, if you touch the motion controller spheres together during Team Play, you’ll trigger a one-time mega-blast that will obliterate just about everything on screen.
  • Diamond Challenges: Complete all the story challenges with a gold medal, and you’ll unlock a bunch of new versions of our favorite challenges – but each one’s got a twist to make it extra hard…
  • The Long Shot: Timer running out in a disc or ball challenge? Go ahead and throw – you’ll get to keep playing until your projectile is destroyed, even if you run out of time.

We have enjoyed making this game so much, and we hope that you will enjoy playing it just as much. We’d love to hear about your favorite features and moments, so drop us a comment!

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  • My copy should be shipping soon from Amazon, let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint!

  • Looks fun. Don’t have the move yet though. Maybe try it soon.

  • ok nice,NOW give us Sly 4 we know it’s coming.

  • I still haven’t had a chance to try the demo, since my Move controllers and camera are packed away until I move next week.

    But it’s sitting patiently on my HDD in the meantime and will be given its due in a couple weeks.

  • Sadly I do not own a playstation move. Probably going to get one later on.. I have played and Completed every single Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, clank, and Sly game!! From the Ps2 – Psp – Ps3. I love all 3 series. Hoping to get a new Sly 4 trailer/reveal :)

  • 3# E3 my friend E3.

  • This will be mine at the end of the month. It looks cool.

  • Thank you for putting this on here – I thought Sony was embarrassed for it (maybe it’s just Insomniac).

    Good luck TomHoang, Amazon’s website says 2-4 weeks shipping estimate.

    Sony or whoever is responsible REALLY need to add the Navigator into any bundles that require either it or the DS3. My 6 and 8 year old sons liked the demo, except for the part where their hands aren’t big enough to hold and use the DS3 in 1 hand, I had to use it for them, which wasn’t fun for either of us. I don’t think Champions required it, and the EyePet bundle we have doesn’t require it, but this demo DID, and therefore the “bundle” should include the navigator because you really NEED it. Sony saying you can use the DS3 in 1 hand obviously never let any kids test it out for them. Or they did and “lost” the results.

  • It actually looks like it could be fun. May have to pick the bundle up eventually. :D

  • went to go buy it today, but its “shipping” today and “out” tomorrow. grrrrr i hate that >.<

    • Unfortunately ship release dates mean that you have to wait until it gets distributed to your local retailer. Just give them a shout and they should be able to let you know when they’ll have it in stock.

    • That’s the rub with “ship” dates, unfortunately. Just check with your local retailer and they should be able to let you know when they’ll have it in stock. Thanks for your patience =)

  • The demo didn’t impress me at all… PS Move being precise is false… It wasn’t very precise with this game at all. I was looking forward to this title until that horrible demo showed how annoying the game was.

  • @Rjer

    Yeah, I just saw that delay, Amazon usually doesn’t disappoint on new releases :(

    Guess I will be downloading on PSN instead :D

  • can you guys please add a PS MOVE Bundle that doesnt include the camera?

    Maybe a move and navigator bundle, u could also add the sharpshooter to that.

    Is that in the works or no? Let me know, im a consumer just waiting for a bundle like this.

  • Wish PS would come up with a bundle that doesn’t include the PS eye :(

  • I just heard about the amazon delay, will we get the preorder bonus if we buy this off the PSN?

    I enjoyed the demo and am really looking forward to this!

    • The pre order bonus is only available for pre orders at participating retailers, not through the PS Store.

  • This might be the first thing to get me to take a break from Yakuza 4 :)


  • I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow!!! 8)

  • i call BS. no store in my area has this game.

  • i went to gamestop to pick it up and they didn’t have it even though on their computer they have the release date as today. will i loose my pre order cuz that would suck.

    • You won’t lose it as long as you pick it up! Check back later in the week and they should have it.

  • This will hold me over until Jak & Daxter or a new Sly comes out on the PS3!

  • This might get me to pick up a Move, probably just because it’s the closest to a new Sly Cooper game that we’ll get for a while…

  • I preordered this game at GameStop and walked in there at 11am and they said they won’t have it tell Thursday WTF!

  • Looks like that game is going to be fun! It’s a shame that they left out Murray in the game. If they did put Murray in, then it would have been even more great.

  • Quick question, does the game let you use custom soundtrack? I notice almost all of my games don’t have this ability, the only one I can use it is Sports Champions, and also Vanquish but I don’t have the game yet, want to get it. Sony needs to release this in the next firmware update if possible =(

    Oh and didn’t know it was only $40, thought it was $60. Will probably get it!

  • I went to Best Buy looking for it but to no avail there were none so instead I picked up on that awesome deal of buying Crysis 2 and get a free $10 gift card and $20 off Dragon Age II which was already on sale for 49.99. But there is NO WAY I am missing out on this game, I will buy it soon…well as soon as there get to Best Buy.

  • its a nice game. just wish i didnt have to buy the move to play it.

    i will say this though. that toys r us bundle is a lot nicer than the sports champion one. this is the bundle they should have done from the start not another sports type game. had been done already

  • Pre-orderedthis andwent to Gamestop today. Picked up Crysis and Lego SW and they did NOT have PS move heroes. It doesn’t even ship until tomorrow. Sony, we have acommunications problem.

  • Yeah I went to Gamestop today also and they didn’t have it. They said check back Thursday though I just got a text from them saying it should be available Wednesday PM.

  • This game is getting really bad reviews. But we all knew it would be like that.

  • Be pickin’ up soon! I absolutely HATED the disc/bowling challenges. They’re just TERRIBLE. I did enjoy the Combuster level with Clank, Sly’s whip thing, and Ratchet’s challenge. Those are fun.

  • any hints on a jak and daxter remake :)

  • i’m looking forward to playing this! thanks for supporting the move controller. there’s a whole lot of potential there! the best games i have played with it so far (in terms of how the move controller is used) are resident evil 5 gold edition and heavy rain move edition. i hope you guys do really well with this game! playstation forever p33ps(-:

  • If Nihilistic team got some troubles on making an original game with big franchises characters and adding motion controller gameplay… better they talk to me: I got plenty of great aplications for game on it.

  • it looks amazing i can’t wait to get it and play for hours

  • @ Cristian

    i know, its just been YEARS since ive gone to a store on tuesday and its not “out” until wednesday. i honestly thought they stopped doing that and games were “out” on tuesday. Guess something weird is just going on, considering the PSN version isnt even gonna be out till thurs….

  • re TomHoang re rjejr re PSMH release date

    You must have broken a mirror while walking under a ladder 8-) Good luck.

  • I just played the demo.

    This so should have been a Move launch title. It’s really fun, and might have sold better than Sports Champions.

    The only problem is that it probably doesn’t show off the difference between Move and the Wii as much as Sports Champions does, but it’s still a great game.

    Then again, the Mega Drive / Genesis didn’t launch with Sonic, but Sonic still became the most famous game on that system. There’s still time for Move Heroes (or Move Heroes 2 :) ) to become synonymous with Move

  • so im still not sure how i feel about this game, it looks fun and everything, i just wish it was kind of more like a rag doll kung fu style game with a multiplayer online, i love that its on the move. but i just want playstation to release a game like that! with a whole bunch of playstations all time ‘Heroes’. like everyone in this game, but with additions like cloud from final fantasy 7, like come on, hes too good of a character not to bring back, and everyone knows it, snake from metal gear solid, kratos god of war, spyro, sweet tooth from twisted metal, CRASH BANDICOOT.
    but im not complaining, i just want them to make this game evberyone’s been waiting for.
    playstation move heroes looks fun, if it came in a bundle with playstation eye, and controller, it’d be the next game i buy. (right after i can finally afford to fix my car. aha.)

  • you guys should make a game with the first 3 jak games for the playstation 3 just like what you guys did with sly and you dont need playstation move for it

  • I’m with #8 and #13 above — why not a combo without the Eye, for those of us who have had one for a couple years? Why punish your early adopters with deals for everyone EXCEPT them? A combo with the nav controller would be awesome, particularly if it’s required for a game like this.

    I’m probably picking up a controller in the next week or two, if only to be able to play all the Move demos and the Sackboy game included in LBP2 — but I’ll be looking at this game pretty closely, as it looks like it has possibilities. I hope the extra time has been to add some extra polish, so this doesn’t feel like a release-day title. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

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