New Super Stardust HD DLC: Impact Mode

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New Super Stardust HD DLC: Impact Mode

We’d like players around the world to know that we’ve created a new game mode for Super Stardust HD that’ll be out on PSN this Spring – it’s called the “Impact” mode.


We want to thank all the fans around the world for your continued support – it has made Super Stardust HD a top selling PSN exclusive and enabled us to keep creating new content for the game even now over three years after its release.

2008 saw the release of the “Solo Pack,” offering new game modes such as Endless, Survival, Bomber and Time Attack. That was followed by the multiplayer “Team Pack” featuring split-screen co-op and deathmatch modes for up to four players.

Additionally, the game then broke new ground by becoming the first ever PlayStation 3 game to feature Trophies.

SSHD_Impact03 SSHD_Impact02

In 2010 we gave players the exciting option to experience the game in real 3D, one of the few of its kind as it creates 120 unique frames per second.

Now in 2011 with the new Impact mode add-on, Super Stardust HD continues to be the most comprehensive shooter experience available.

The Impact mode plays on and twists the game rules – in place of the weapon system your ship is now fitted with an experimental new matter-to-energy boost engine technology, which means once you activate the boost, you can stay in boost as long as you can hit meteors and enemies with it!


This mode also features much higher score multipliers – as long as you boost the multiplier keeps growing and growing! This is the most fast-paced and adrenaline inducing add-on to the game yet.

Look out for the Impact mode on the PlayStation Store this Spring and, if you’ve never tried Super Stardust HD before, there has never been a better time to join the action!

Stardust pilots, start boosting your way to the top of the worldwide leaderboards!

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  • Awesome! Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Awesome! Thanks for making an awesome game and supporting it with awesome DLC! I will be buying it.

  • Count me in!! Super Stardust HD was the very first game I got a trophy for. it’s one of my all-time favorite games.

  • Has it really been 3 years!!??

    Brought back great memories when I use to play Amiga games (although I still do, sometimes). I am glad to see new DLC coming keeping the game fresh.

  • still working on getting 100% complete so consider me sold when this release : )

  • Pretty cool. Nice to see there’s still support for the game this far out from launch. You know what would be really awesome, though? If they added online co-op. Just saying.

  • Sweet, thank you for the continued support.

    Trophy list? or Trophies?

  • So after all the hard work I’ve put into getting a 100% now I need to keep going? Great.

  • Probably my all time favorite PSN games! Can’t wait to get this going on the surround sound and 50′ LED! Love this game!!!!!!!

  • This is awesome news. Next there should be an online component.

  • Any plans to discount the previous DLC packs? Possibly even a bundle?

    Love SSHD in 3D
    DAY 1

  • One of the best arcade PSN games out there. Go buy it if you don’t already own it

  • This sounds pretty epic.

  • Holy s**t, awesome! Did NOT see this coming. Well, seeing as you are STILL supporting this game…. PLEASE, oh PLEASE add online co-op! Just last week, me and my go-to SSDHD co-pilot got a new high score in splitscreen co-op. Made it into the monthly TOP10. *GLEE* =)

    Let me say that one more time…
    ONLINE CO-OP Please!

  • Awesome, can’t wait for this. Super Stardust HD is one of my favorite PSN games.

  • Make it ONE big bundle for a GOOD price and it shall be mine. Already on my radar, now I’ll wait to see what happens with the release…

  • Good news, but any chance for DLC for Dead Nation as well?

  • very nice! super stardust HD is a game that never goes a couple weeks without a round or two being played. does the new update include any new trophies? not that I’ve 100%-ed it yet or anything – 10x multiplier = hard.

  • Adding to my other comment…. @11…think there is a current bundle already…..but now I want to wait to see if this will be included in a new one…waiting game for me yet again. :/

  • Wow, wasn’t expecting anything new for this game anymore. Can’t wait. Still one of my all time favorite psn games.

  • Loved this mode on the PSP, glad to see it’s finally being brought to Super Stardust HD!

  • Is this the same mode from the psp version? Its a lot of fun, bout time it made it to ps3. Add online coop too plz 

  • How much?


  • But i do reserve the right to reject this if the add-on is over priced…just saying. Not a dime over $5.00

  • best news I’ve seen all year
    this was the first psn game I bought ( wow …. 3 years ago already ? ) and I still play it regularly . that’s the sign of a great game .
    got the dlc too and will definitely get this new add-on content as well .
    keep it coming and we’ll keep buying .

    THANKS .

  • Pretty nice to see continued dev support for an older game. Thumbs up to that at least. I hope PS+ users get a discount out of the gate.

  • great jobs guys this was on of the first games i ever bought on the ps3 glad to see it still getting support, u have my money again, guys like you make a game thats bought hold potential.

  • to add something ….. anyone even considering buying sshd DO IT ! buy the current bundle . it’s a bargain , you’ll pay about 10 cents per hour played over time , where can you get so much fun for so little cash ?
    the various scoring systems , gameplay modes and online leaderboards will keep you coming back and those gorgeous graphics , whether 3-D or not are just a joy to see

  • Woah, this game still has development going on? It would be sweet if this add-on was free through PS+.

  • I think I just ****ed my pants!
    This is the best gaming news this year in my opinion… SSD HD has a permanent place on my hard drive, always!

  • Great, this gives me a reason to play this game again. I always loved it

  • My fav mode from the PSP release, glad to see it’s coming to the PS3 platform also.

    Only thing I could ask for now is local co-op for Endless mode, as that’s what I’ve wasted most of my time in SSD HD playing.

  • Hi

    I was wondering If you could tell me If this dlc will have trophies?

    That would be a added incentive.

  • Now how about some Dead Nation dlc or better yet Dead Nation 2 I loved that game!

  • I will get this when the 3 are in one pack. If I can hold out.

    I still love the normal SD. Great shooters out there but SSD is special.

  • Uh… Really? This… Is… Awesome!

    I’ll be honest, I’m totally shocked. Was not expecting ANY new DLC for SSDHD. Especially since we rarely (if ever) see DLC for a game released more than a year ago (let alone 4 years).

    On principle alone, I would buy this. Fortunately I love SSDHD and this’ll help me get back into it.

    You guys made my day. :D

  • Guess I better re-download it to my new PS3 Slim [Hadn’t done that with everything .. lol ] Now I have a reason to get the cyber-dust off it and re-download … at least this time I can put my save in the cloud … yea!

  • Wow! that is amazing that you are still supporting this game! This was my first 100% trophy set. Definitely going to buy this, love this game.

  • Bleh, dislike the lack of edit functionality on the blog.

    Anyways, was mainly curious if Housemarque ever looked into doing fullscreen multiplayer using the 120hz refresh rate in combination with the 3-d shutter glasses to give players their own display of the game without the need for splitting the playing field to accommodate each player’s view. Sony made a patent for the idea awhile back, but we’ve yet to see anything from it. I figured this game would be a prime candidate for trying it out on given the developers have the framerate rock solid.

  • The PSP version of Stardust has this Impact mode and it is awesome. It is well worth your money.

  • 2$, which is already too much for a mere additional game mode.

  • This sounds very exciting!!

  • Off the subject, anyone know if the NGP will have the same identical gfx as a PS3 or is it close or what? Cause for 300 or 400 bucks if it dont why even get it, thats to much money even if it is as good gfx.It should be an alternative, that if u cant afford a ps3 that u could afford maybe a portable version of a home console if it was infact the same gfx just smaller and fits in your hands. Instead of thinking that everybody has enough money to buy every possible gadget that ever comes out like ipod, ipad, psp, ngp, ds, 3ds, xbox, xbox360, ps2, ps3 I mean come on people!!!

  • Any Dead Nation DLC plans?

  • @45 you do realize that putting all the same graphics tech into a SMALLER package (PLUS touch screen tech and cameras) would make it more expensive, not less, right? If anything, the PS3 should be for people who can’t afford the more expensive to produce NGP. What makes you think you should be able to buy every single gadget?

    I’ll try to bring this back on topic by saying I’m hoping Sony lets us download all these sweet PSN / PS+ games we have on our accounts to our new NGPs when we get them. :) I’d love to play my PS3-based PSN games (like Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation) on a portable.

  • I still play SSHD once in a while as I’ve never gotten every trophy.

    The new DLC sounds great.

    Keep up the good work !

  • The new DLC sounds great! It’s been a while since the game had DLC a few years ago. Here’s hoping to more Super Stardust HD DLC after the release of Impact mode with more Trophies!

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