Hoard for PSP: Dragons in Your Pocket (and PS3 Dragons on Sale)

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Hoard for PSP: Dragons in Your Pocket (and PS3 Dragons on Sale)


Do you know what today is? It’s Day of the Dragon, that’s what! HOARD, Big Sandwich Games’ award-winning arcade-strategy game, releases on PSP tonight! It’s available exclusively via PlayStation Network download, selling for $9.99. It features all the same exciting core gameplay as the PS3 version, perfectly mapped to your favorite handheld gaming device. Since all HOARD levels play in 10 minutes or less, it’s almost as if the game was made with your on-the-go gaming needs in mind! [cue evil mastermind music]

Check out a few PSP screenshots here:

HOARD for PSP: My Village

To celebrate bringing HOARD to PSP, we’re also putting the PS3 version of HOARD on FIRE SALE (har har) for a limited-time price of $9.99. Ridiculous dragon madness! Who benefits from all this chaos? Why you, of course! (And your pocketbook.)

HOARD for PSP: Fireball Time

If you’ve been eyeing the PS3 version for a while, we hope this sale is all you need to pull the trigger. For that mere pittance, you’ll get four modes, over 35 levels, leaderboards, Trophies, co-op, and more! It’s a no brainer to pick up what IGN awarded “Best Quick Fix” and nominated for “Best Competitive Multiplayer” in their Best of 2010 roundup. That’s a long way of saying it’s a good game…so get it while it’s on sale!

Let’s make this the Year of the Dragon, shall we? Thanks for your support…see you in the skies!

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8 Author Replies

  • Always have been interested in the game might pick it up for my PSP…

  • Mmmm… a Hoard PS3 sale. Tempting indeed.

  • *looks at wallet with sad eyes* There’s no more, nothing left to give….. they’ve already taken it all.

  • cool,looks nice.

  • Really enjoyed the PS3 version. This one will be perfect on the road!

  • When is this game releasing for Europe?

    • Hi – Europe releases (PS3 and PSP) are coming in late April! Everything’s going through final QA now. Thanks for your patience–we sincerely apologize for the delay!

  • Have been looking at getting the PS3 version for a while, but now it is a tough choice between PS3 and PSP. Not complaining though:)

  • after i buy my psn card ILL pick this up looks awesome.

  • infrastructure mode?

    • Hi there–HOARD PSP is a single player experience only. For full multiplayer action, pick up HOARD PS3!

  • Hoard is a great game, especially when it’s being made availabe to the PSP. Big Sandwich Games made such a good game! I’m sure the PS3 version would recieve some downloadable content soon, would it?

    • We really appreciate the kind words. DLC is something we are very interested in doing. As soon as we get the European versions released (April), we hope to have a formal announcement! Stay tuned!

  • OMG OMG OMG!!! I have been waiting for this game since I first heard about it. The PS3 version is amazing and now that it’s coming on Steam this could be the best day ever! Is the PS3 version getting the steam updates? please please please say yes :)

    • As soon as we finish getting the game out in Europe (April), we plan on continuing to support all versions for as long as there is a demand to do so! We’re a small team, so have to focus on one thing at a time. But let’s just say DLC, updates, and even Home content are on our brains!

  • Will this be coming to the Hong Kong (SCEH) store?

    We seem to miss out on quite a few good games. Still waiting for Monsters Probably Stole My Princess :(

  • How much will cost the European PS3 version ?

    • European versions are tentatively priced as follows: PS3: €9.99, PSP €7.99. Stay tuned for official announcement!

  • Also, will the Winter and Night modes be available on PS3 too ?

  • Hoard is an awesome and extremely addictive game, hope lots of people buy it!!!!

  • Do I get to destroy things as a Dragon??

    • Ummm….YEAH! You get to burn down crops, villages, knights, thieves, princesses (accidentally), wizard towers, giants, and best of all…your friends!

  • Pres R button to use it.


  • I love Hoard but I just cant see it controlling properly on the PSP.

    • It actually controls almost the same. Although dual sticks are used for PS3, your dragon stops while breathing, so it isn’t “truly” a dual-stick shooter. The second stick is just used because it feels good to point the dragon.

      On PSP, pressing X causes you to breathe, but you use L Stick to point your dragon. It ends up feeling fine, and the main thing is that it isn’t really a big change form how PS3 functions since in both cases your dragon is stationary while breathing.

  • I want to say Hoard is a great game. I gave up waiting for the PSP version & just bought the PS3 version instead. Maybe later on I might pick this one up too.

    Also a little off-topic but with Sony showing the NGP do you think Big Sandwich Games might think up some thing for that system?

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