The Story Behind Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Coming to Spring Fever Tomorrow

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The Story Behind Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Coming to Spring Fever Tomorrow

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PS3 (PSN)

As any fan knows, the Ghostbusters universe features lots of cool characters and inter-dimensional lore. However, with Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, we still wanted to add something that would lure new people to the world of Ghostbusters and also excite the veteran fans.

In Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, the story begins 4000 years ago with a strange cult mourning the death of Dumazu, an ancient demon of death and destruction. Fast forward to 1989, when museum curator Janosz Poha is sent to a mental institution following the events in Ghostbusters 2. There he meets Ismael, the self-proclaimed last member of the cult of Dumazu. Ismael seeks a Shard of the Relic of Nilhe, a mystic artifact that possesses the power to bring Dumazu the Destroyer back to life, and he tasks Janosz with obtaining it. Janosz’s reward: Dana Barrett.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PS3 (PSN)

Some years later, following Janosz’s release from the mental institution, a wave of unusual paranormal manifestations start appearing all over New York City. The Ghostbusters can’t handle all the heat with this latest outbreak, so they recruit a young group of paranormal studies enthusiasts to lend a hand. And that’s where you come in, guiding the rookie team in their first adventure to find the truth behind Ismael, the Relic of Nilhe, and Dumazu the Destroyer!

One of the goals when writing the story was to keep true to the Ghostbusters universe. Making it funny, yet smart and sarcastic. To accomplish these goals we had the help of someone with some experience: Tom Waltz, scriptwriter of the IDW Ghostbusters comics. He transformed our storyline into an amazing comic sequence that flows between the levels to tell the player what is happening in NYC and to introduce them to the personalities of the new rookies.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PS3 (PSN)

This new chapter in the Ghostbusters story not only introduces the new rookie team, but links them to some of the classic series characters. Favorites such as Slimer and Stay Puft make an appearance as well, but the core of the story is focused on the first adventures of the rookie team dealing with a strange menace overcoming New York City.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime comes to the PlayStation Store tomorrow, March 22nd as part of Spring Fever.

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  • Who you gonna call?

  • Not sure about this one. Hopefully there will be a demo.

  • Any pricing info for us ahead of tomorrow’s availability?

  • @1….Comments are the lifeblood of the PlayStation.Blog, and we encourage you to keep the conversation going in a relevant, constructive way. Remember: no swearing, fighting, or using the comments section of this blog to be “first!” Think about what you’re saying before you press “Submit.” If you’d like to talk about something off topic, click here for our Forums, or here to submit a new idea.

  • @3, Rey Gutierrez said in The Drop’s comments that it should be 9.99. but who knows how accurate that is.

  • who’s are you going to call? XD

  • There’s a demo for this tomorrow. Yay for demos!!!

  • Ive been waiting for this game for a little while now. So it’s about time. The last Ghosbuster’s on ps3 was not that great. But, this looks a lot better and I like that it has it’s own story and strays away while still keeping the whole Ghostbusters concept. Bring on the Stay Pufts baby!

  • awesome! can’t wait to get this!

  • Sweet but how much and is ther a PS+ deal…

    And now to add more money to my ps wallet

  • Looks awesome to me.

  • @#2 GHOSTBUSTERS lol!!! 8)

  • Hey,

    Anyone know if this is going to have online coop?


  • Sorry, answered my own question. This will have online coop and couch coop!

  • gonna guess this is 15 bucks. I’ll pick it up first day if there’s a plus discount, otherwise I’ll just wait for the inevitable sale.

  • Lookin good! Love the top down style!

  • Looks terrific!!!

  • I wish they would remake the old Ghostbusters game that came out on Genesis and the first Nintendo into an HD version and sell it on the PS Store. Sure the game was not all that at the time but it’d be very welcome by many, IMO.

  • wait do you have to play four player in this then or can you play single player.

    if you can play single player then how does it work.

    • You can play single or multiplayer. If you are playing single player, then you get 3 AI ghostbusters to help you out.

  • Anybody remember the awful Ghostbusters Arcade Multiplayer? This looks fun – Glad I didn’t blow my Playstation Wallet on silly themes and avatars this weekend.

  • Looks interesting! A demo would help me decide to purchase or not. :)

  • If this is $9.99, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

  • i really hope there will be a discount for PS+

  • I grew up watching/loving ghostbusters so anything with the ghostbusters name in it, I’ll buy….. no matter how bad it is lol.

  • Dude’s I dont care how much it is, I’d rather it be 14.99 cause then you know your gonna get a bunch of levels and upgrades for weapons and it will have sweet graphics and all that jazz!! But I know it’s gonna be a 9.99 game and it still will be awesome cause its Ghostbusters, but back to the 15 dollar thing, how about Dead Nation it was 14.99 when it 1st came out and thats got some awesome depth to it and they recently added relevent items to it like laser sights and distinct color lighting for each player its awesome, Lara Croft & thr GOL….u guessed it 15 bucks!! So I welcome 14.99 u guys are crazy!!

  • 19
    + morph147 on March 21st, 2011 at 11:46 am said:

    wait do you have to play four player in this then or can you play single player.

    if you can play single player then how does it work.


  • gameplay screenshot reminds of that one zombie game developed by nihlistic games

  • Sneeches on March 21st, 2011 at 2:58 pm said:

    I grew up watching/loving ghostbusters so anything with the ghostbusters name in it, I’ll buy….. no matter how bad it is lol.

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I feel EXACTLY the same. And the last GHOSTBUSTERS game was fun as hell.

  • More than likely I’ll get this. I think 9.99 is a good price though i wont complain!

  • How much though!

  • The price is $9.99 , I checked on the playstation blog yesterday.

  • Hey, what happened to Rookie?!?!?!?!

  • Love the GB’s. I will be buying this game for sure.

  • Ghostbusters takes me to a happy place, buying this as soon as the playstation store is updated..

  • Yay todays the day for some ghostbustin!!! It just worries me that it’s only 9.99, that means its gonna be only like an hour and a half of gameplay but whatever. So now it’s time to play the waiting game, the psn store updates at like 10 pm for me over here in N.J!! and it’s only 2pm.AAAAH!!

  • Fun game ! I like it quite a bit . A real blast to play with 3 other buddies( or even randoms is fine too ) .

  • i like it i played the demo with my self and 2 friends and we all say it was fun so i got it and got half way, if only it was a bit more like the last game from last year

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