Introducing Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

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Introducing Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

Premier Manager, the only dedicated Soccer Management game on the PlayStation 3 is coming to the PlayStation Store on Tuesday 22nd March! Thousands of you have downloaded our free demo which has been available on the Store for a few weeks now; if you enjoyed it then you can now experience the full game for just $9.99!

Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

If you love Soccer as much as we do here at Urbanscan, the home of Premier Manager, then you’ll know that this is the best time of the year to be a fan of the game. The UEFA Champions League is back after the winter break and the battle for domestic honours in League and Cup competitions around Europe is well and truly on! It’s a time of high pressure for soccer Managers, thousands of expectant fans, tired players and huge games, only the very best can bring success to their Club. If you think you have what it takes then Premier Manager is just what you’ve been waiting for!

We’ll allow you to manage any team from the English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Scottish Leagues. There are over 500 Clubs in the game and over 15,000 players, all with data based on current form and movements in the winter transfer window which closed in January.

Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

You can start at the very top and take over Barcelona, Manchester United or Real Madrid and try to win the Champions League, or you can start from the bottom and work your way up from the lower leagues. We’ll allow you to sell and most importantly try and buy anyone you like, even Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham, provided you can convince them to join you!

PM_Screen_3Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

Once you’ve assembled your dream team, you can attempt to get the best out of them by coming up with the perfect tactical formation and balance for your team to take them to the top of your league. With the help of your coach you can train your players to improve their skills to suit your chosen tactics and style of play. On match days you can follow all the action in our match centre, here you receive feedback from staff members and players along with alerts and latest scores from other important games.

Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

Winning matches however, is only half your job! You’ll need to develop and manage all the facilities at your Club from the Medical and Training Centres to the Stadium. You’ll need to hire and fire staff members, helping them ‘level up’ to unlock potential new facilities, healing and training options. You will also be in complete control of the finances of the club, negotiating staff wages, transfer fees and facility costs and repairs.

Premier Manager – Exclusive PSN Soccer Management Game

Whether or not you achieve success, you can compare your performance to other players and friends on our online leader boards. You’ll also be rewarded with 13 PSN Trophies if you can master some of the tougher challenges the game can offer. You can play for an infinite amount of seasons so you have plenty of time to reach the top!

For more information on Premier Manager or our upcoming themes visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

Enjoy the climax to the season; I hope it’s a successful one for your favourite team!

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6 Author Replies

  • The demo was pretty cool. For only 10 bucks, that seems like a steal! I might consider picking up the full game.
    Any plans for a PSP version of the game, or eventually an NGP version? It would be great to take it on the go.

    • Thanks for the feedback, make sure you get involved in the full version :) We are starting development on the next version now, will definitely be on PS3 again, still discussing PSP and NGP but we’ve had lots of requests for it to be on those platforms in Europe so it’s not out of the question in the future

  • WACKKK sike i wish panama had a good team

  • glory , glory Man United !!!!

  • Looks sweet price?

  • Thank You for tthis game. The demo was amazing experience)

  • Oh snap!! This looks awesome :D

    How come I have never heard of this before? I love soccer (or football as the rest of the world calls it), and I’m looking forwards to buying this.

    Glory, glory Manchester United!!

  • It was out in Australia already. I think is a good game, very refreshing comparing to Football manager. but the navigation is a let down. I think you should simplify the navigation of the game, because it was not very friendly and sometime a bit awkward to use. Otherwise, is a good game. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the feedback, especially about the navigation. We’ve had lots of good feedback in Europe about the XMB style menus, but with a management game on a console rather than PC (mouse) it’s always challenging to make navigation smooth through all the menu’s using the PS3 controller. We certainly take all feedback on board and we’ll bear it in mind for future versions and updates

  • awesome.. didnt even know there was a demo for this.. anyway demo or not totally getting is..
    Forza Milan… Inter merda

  • There are some hints and tips to help you through the demo and the full game on our website

  • soccer…um no thanks.

  • I know that when it comes to target audiences South America usually isn’t at the forefront for companies such as EA with FIFA 11, but honestly I always hold out hope that they include more South American teams like the Argentine league or Colombian leagues. Long question short, are there or will there be (through DLC) Leagues from said countries?

  • Edit: I realize that the game is called “Premier Manager,” But I meant my question as if there is a planned expansion outside of English football.

    • Hi Gaucho21, at the moment that game only allows you to manage teams from Europe (not just England). All the European leagues have similar formats, trading etc and all run in similar calendar months. Including leagues from other continents is something we have discussed and is not something we have ruled out. To have all the leagues running in the same game could be confusing for players so we’d need to make sure it’s feasible

  • Definitely will be getting the game. I’m a fan of PS3/PSN exclusives. I know this sounds wierd, but may I know if there are any plans for a real soccer game (such as FIFA, PES) exclusive to Sony’s console?

  • so does it let you create custom teams or something?

    • At the moment you can’t create custom teams, but you do have the ability to transfer/trade any players you want into your team

  • maybe a hockey or boxing manager. even ufc perhaps. then youll get my attention. soccor, football, baseball. anything to do with a ball is just boring to me. i stick to the more physical sports.

  • Need Portuguese league :(

  • – Need to be able to assign squad numbers.
    – Need to get an authentic representation of the stadiums, I mean White Hart Lane looks more like Old Trafford. The build a stadium feature is great, but needs to be more like LMA, whereby it is more detailed and you can build stand-by-stand.
    – Height and weight of each player need to be seen on their individual screens.
    – Some of the nationalities for players are just plain WRONG. Wilson Palacios is not from Peru he is from Honduras. Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Sebastian Bassong are both from Cameroon not France.
    – The in-game screen is Very Very basic indeed and this is what let’s the game down the most. There needs to be text commentary, just as in FM, which is very basic to include.
    – I also think it would be great if you could go into a bit more detail when it comes to the tactics, not too much but a little more.
    – Need to be able to compare players against eachother, as well as bein able to sort players by age, club etc. The filter does need to be improved to search for players with a certain overall/skill attribute, this is a must for a football management game.

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