Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy: EX Burst Video Tour

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Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy: EX Burst Video Tour

With DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY out this week, I thought I’d share some videos that show the various EX Burst attacks. You can watch them below!

But first: what is an EX Burst? EX Burst is equivalent of a super move in a game like Street Fighter. Each character has a special move which you’ll recognize from their original game. During the EX burst, you’ll have to input several button cues but each is customized for each unique character. For example, Tifa’s EX Burst features the same slot reels for her Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. For Tidus, you’d have to align the cursor in the target zone like his Overdrive attack in Final Fantasy X. For Squall, you’ll have to pull the trigger just like in Final Fantasy VIII. The more successful you are with the button cues, the more devastating the attack.

The EX system is actually more than a special move because, during battle, you’ll have to fill up a meter called the EX gauge. Once it’s full you can activate EX mode, your character will be stronger for a limited time. You can also use the EX system to get yourself out in a tough situation. When being attacked if you activate the EX gauge, you can engage EX Revenge, which is a newly added system in DISSIDIA 012[duodecim]. While in EX Revenge, time is slowed around you giving you chance to get even.

Hope you enjoy the videos (you can watch two more here) and DISSIDIA 012[duodecim]! It’s available for the PSP starting tomorrow.

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  • Amy, can you confirm if Dissidia 012 will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store?

  • i mean Sonia lol. where did i get Amy from?

    anyway, please can we have a straight answer on this because you guys have been avoiding the question for months.

    – Thanks

  • It was in the “The Drop” post yesterday, Dark, that it will be. Also – you think the videos would be higher resolution…

  • “For Squall, you’ll have to pull the trigger just like in Final Fantasy XIII. ”

    This is so wrong …. ITS FFVIII!!!

  • The problem I had with Prologus is that the Ex gauge takes WAY TOO LONG TO FILL UP!! You have to take in like 4 or 5 of those bells plus fill it up normally. I think it takes away from the game that the ex gauge can’t be used as often as in the first game.

  • I really hope you can get Clouds KH costume later on PSN.

    This a sweet collection of EX Bursts!!!

  • They do that un purpose, so the fight would be more balance, and players find new strategies and not just ” Ex core absortion at Max = Easy win”. Plus assist system can balance the lack o more ex burst with more co-op combos.
    This is gonna be great!!

    Question: for the ones we want digital copy … any redeem codes for us ??

  • I say that too, Drestak.
    For shame!

  • I hope we will be able to get those nifty Dissidia Avatars PSN Japan already has. I need some Shantotto love

  • @DarkRecoil Did you read The Drop yesterday? They’ve been promoting this game as physical and digital for quite some time now.


  • I agree with coyote-Trickster Avatars are needed so are some KZ3 one’s aswell

  • Please release the avatar pack.

  • Cant wait until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  • Why the dissidia page for USA its so … empty??
    The Jap version is way better….UPDATE IT SE!!
    Sony give them a hand =D

  • I also agree with Coyote-Trickster. There is a bunch of nifty avatars in that pack, I would be willing to pay 99 cents or even 1.49 for Lightning even though i already have her for JP

  • hey will there be the free Hemletless Warrior of Light DLC ,like in japan, on the PSN, tomrrow? also i need to know if i will be able to use the PP i have obtained in the first Dissidia when i transfer my save file from the First Dissidia game

  • No PP just Characters Lvl’s and Bonus for the tranfers.
    Also i think the PP system have change to something like “moogle points” or something like that.

  • You cant transfer things from the first Dissidia to 012 only if you got Prologus on PSN you can transfer lvls and PP to the game.

  • Thanks sid!

  • how about the free DLC outfit for the Warrior of light?

  • I’m really sad cause I want this game on UMD but I also want it for the NGP later on….
    I think it’s silly to price a dl title as much (and often more) than a physical copy.

    I guess I’ll buy the physical one after all.

    (Maybe run a sale when the NGP comes out, I might buy it again if the price is right)

    Sorry to complain more, but why the heck is the video quality so terrible?!

    Can’t wait for this game, I’ve been enjoying the huge demo.

  • SE.

    Your PSP games are decent (PS3 titles have been average at best, should work out a publishing deal with From Software or Game Republic), but the prices are ludicrous. We’re nearing the end of this hand-held gen and you guys are charging $40 for a PSP game. At least have a sale now and again, $40 is just too high. Check out XSEED and NISA for how to price your wares to sell ($20-$30 brand new – higher for boxed set collectors editions).

  • @ #21 Christian399 – Dude, Dissidia 012’s, The 3rd Birthday’s, and Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection’s $29.99 price tags would like to have a word with you. :D

  • @ 22 I’m in Canada, and despite the fact that our dollar is on par with the US (and has been that way for a while), that is often NOT the case. $40 for Lord of Arcana? I’d have to be off my rocker. I guess that was on my mind as the most recent SE PSP entry that I had considered picking up till I saw the price-tag. I figured a poorly-received MH clone couldn’t be more than $20. Man, was I wrong.

    I stand corrected on the other two though and retract the semi-baseless portion of my comment! :)

    I’m not of the iPhone “all portable games should be $10 and under camp”, but I think to really drive sales, it wouldn’t hurt for new releases to be $20-25 or lower. I’m not sure about the rest of you but when purchasing I prioritize console software over hand-held.

  • Really wish we would get this on PS3.

  • I want Squall’s Kingdom Hearts costume!!! Will we be able to get it?

  • Hope we get DLC within a timely manner of Japan, we actually GET DLC, and that there’s more DLC assist characters.

    Can’t wait to play as Gilgamesh and Yuna.

  • Does this have infrastructure mode or just ADHOC?

  • How much will it cost on PSN? amazon has it at $39 with $10 off.. tho I think it is supposed to be priced at $29?

  • “For Squall, you’ll have to pull the trigger just like in Final Fantasy XIII.”

    FF*V*III, not FF*X*III

  • side note, i thought the 3rd birthday released this week too…. is that gonna be digital download as well? i’ve been wating for 3 since 2 released, and if it’s not digital, it’ll suck a** cuz i haven’t bought a physical psp game in a year for a reason. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT THE FUTURE WHEN THE PRESENT WON’T ALLOWS US!!??

    22 old n new releases digital psp games, help me build it more Sony. get the devs and pubs to get on the ball. if nobody supports it now, it’ll be hard to sell digital’s when the ngp releases

  • Played the game and the story mode is so much better than Dissidia Final Fantasy. However, the stories are like fragmented but if you pay attention, everything kinda makes sense. Enjoying the game! I’m diggin Vaan’s fighting style…

    @ Dragoon_Slayer12, I believe 3rd Birthday will be hitting PSN on March 29th.

  • After playing Prologus, I really hope SE fixed the length of filling up the EX Gauge because it took like 4-5 mins to fill it up in the prologus while in the original, it took like 2 mins to fill it up. Are we going to have the add-ons from Japan

  • Please Square, give us those avatars Japan has. I’m enjoying Prologus, hopefully gamestop will ship my copy on time.

  • ya im gonna get fast, hopefully they add kingdom hearts on the psn to, i wanna have it so badly, but i only have a GO an after hearing the NGP will be able to play all psp games an the fact i don’t like carying around umds ( the NGP im only gona get one game on disk or whatever they called an download the rest on a memory card) hopefully they add it or give us an upraded version, off topic but can anyone tell me if the NGP be able to use the comics off the psp? i hope so since i started buying them

  • I must textually display my amusement with both claiming each character’s Burst is unique (Garland, Cloud, and Seph, for example, are all “hammer the Circle button until a bar fills”…unless there’s some difference to how many times you hammer it, or how fast they fill), and calling out Squall’s Renzokuken as being from “XIII”.

  • @ Sonia

    Dissidia 012 got delayed for some reason here in Canada. I would like to know when the game’s gonna come out and if we’re still gonna get the Cloud DLC for our preorders?


  • hey i would really like this anwserd, will we be gettinfg the free DLC of the Helmetless Warrior of Light?

  • I would like to know if we will be getting the PSN avatars like the JP store. >.> There’s a few I would really like to get. If anyone can answer this question please do!

  • How to get aeris and cloud’s other costume?

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