A ModNation Marriage (You Are Cordially Invited To Attend)

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A ModNation Marriage (You Are Cordially Invited To Attend)


We would like to officially announce the union of ModNation Monday and the ModNation Facebook fan page. ModNation Monday continues to announce upcoming DLC, ModNation events, “Creations of the Week”, etc … Our ModNation Facebook page will allow us to offer more frequent updates, race and creation results, event details, MNR related links, user submitted creation pictures (and videos!), plus other fun MNR stuff. For those that can’t get enough MNR, the ModNation Forums are the place for you. The forums offer great interaction between players/creators, and the forums are the perfect place to have many of your ModNation related questions answered.

ModNation “Palooza” Week Three

“ModNation Fun Races”


ModNation Fun Races. No pressure here. Just some of the community players coming together for some casual racing. We’ve got a lot of regulars too if you want to race with familiar faces then come join us. Great group!

  • Thursday, March 24th Fun Race – see details here
  • Monday, March 28th Fun Race – see details here

ModNation Votes: Favorite UFG Created Track

We do some just-for-fun polls on the ModNation forums and on the Facebook Fan page. If you want to see what others are thinking or give your two cents, then take a look at this week’s poll about favorite UFG tracks. Click here for this week’s poll.

ModNation “Creations of the Week”

The best of the best Mods, Karts and Tracks from over 2 Million user creations!

If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week,” please visit us on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your hard work on the PlayStation ModNation Monday blog or in-game on the Hot Lap section of the Modspot. You never know what “catches our fancy.”

Spotlight Track of the Week


Hawaiian Odyssey by atheistsw

atheistsw says: So I decided to make a track with my least-used theme, Jungle. I’ve used the trees and stuff loads but the actual base very little, so I was interested in seeing how I could use this theme to cover the major sections of the Hawaiian Islands, namely beach, jungle, mountains, volcano’s and cities. Well, I’m happy to say that the experiment worked and the result is a lush, varied trek around a beautiful approximation of this dramatic and stunning land.

Mark says: atheistsw, seriously!?, This track is the “happy place” I go to every once in a while on a rough day. How did you extract this from my brain? I have tried over and over to create a track with my favorite elements in it and you just listed them word for word. My dream realized!

I suggest people make it a top priority to play this track many times if you want to learn about track creation and design; varied and unique shortcuts, elements such as trees and brush as living aspects of the track, beautiful visuals and elevation changes. All of this is done in droves but with never sacrificing ANY bit of quality. atheistsw shows us how build a dense rich feature packed track without ever “jumping the shark” with frills and gimmicks.

This track makes it into my personal “MNR Hall of Fame” which just opened for business today… in Hawaii!

Hot Lap Tracks of the Week (available to race in game at the Hot Lap billboard in the ModSpot)
Monday: Hawaiian Odyssey by atheistsw
Tuesday: Vacation Island by StealthReborn–
Wednesday: Warfare Whammy by dane9261
Thursday: Vela Nova by IvoYaridovich
Friday: Enchanted Forest by apricot-jam-IS
Saturday: Laputa by big-village_920_ (chosen by moriarty1975)
Sunday: Reef Rollin’ Deluxe by kittiekatlady (chosen by IndustrialSavior)

Mod and Kart Creations of the Week


Mod & Kart: High Voltage by MACLATIN

Mark: This is the stuff I love. MACLATIN has created a mod and kart that not only “match” but visually tell a story. Now all we need is to hear that story. This guy is too cool to be left hanging. We have created a ModNation-“palooza” event just for this type of creation. See below for the event titled “ModNation Superhero.”

MACLATIN, you are half way there already. Tell us about him! Can’t wait to hear it.

“ModNation Superhero” March 21st – April 8th:

We are combing the vast collection of published creations in search of the perfect ModNation Superhero. Over the next few weeks we WILL find him/her and bring their story to the masses. We will go to any lengths to find our hero, but we sure would love your help. Do you have a Superhero mod and/or kart that you would like to share with the Nation? Show us, give us the hero’s story and we will share it right here in ModNation Monday blog post for the world to see. Who knows? This may launch that dream of being a comic book creator. Post your Superhero mod and/or kart with his or her story here. Please keep your Superhero fresh and original; we want to see YOUR creations and not someone else’s!

Recent DLC…


The new Papercut mod is now available for $.99, the kart is also $.99. Both for only $1.75 in the PlayStation Store.

Papercut Includes:
Mod: 3D (Glasses), Paper Hat, Biffpow (Skin)
Kart: Origami (Body), Recycle (Wheels), Box Cutter (Accessory), Ruler (Accessory)


  • The 3D glasses do not actually allow your mod to see in 3D
  • Bandages not included
  • All bad puns used in the promotion of this DLC are free for you to use. You are very welcome!

ModNation Mini GP

In case you missed it, I thought I’d remind everybody about this old MNR gem. Take a look, it’s a pretty cool little mini-game you can play on your PC. It’s nothing like the real deal, when you’re at home in front of your PS3 but you might still get your MNR fix when the real thing is not available.” Click here.


That’s it for this week people. Please be kind to each other!


ONTD* – “Oh No They Didn’t!”
ONHD** – “Oh No He Didn’t!”

p.s. – Ladies, I would love to find a ONSD*** moment!

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14 Author Replies

  • Awesome. Just bought on PSN. Sweet First!

    • Welcome Smooth423 !
      You are going to love this game!
      Make sure to race online, meet some cool people in the community and they will show you the ropes!

  • YES! I’m a big fan of KittieKatLady. It’s cool to see her track design finally getting it’s kudos. ^_^

  • When is the snow theme coming?! :P
    Can’t actually wait.

  • I’m from Hawaii, so I’ll be sure to give this track a test run but judging from the pics the creator pretty much nailed the look of the islands. The High Voltage mod and kart look sweet, love the attention to detail.

  • Hey Mark,

    hatswa oingga noa ithwa heta oardwalkba ndaa lamingfa umpsja racksta?

    tsia eenba aa oupleca foa onthsma owna henwa ewa erewa oldta tia ouldwa eba aa ewfa eekswa.

    ewa issma hemta lotaa ndaa ouldwa ikela ota eesa hemta eallyra oonsa.

    akema tia appenha!



  • been on a Modnation break, playing my long-neglected other games. Waiting for either a certain friend to grab it at which point I’ll get back on frequently to give him the tour) or for the snow theme to come out .. pretty surprised that still hasn’t happened … any idea on a rough ETA?

  • Hopefully this week’s spotlight track won’t have horrible frame issues, and green boost pads spammed all over the track.

  • @7 which tracks have had that? ive raced alot of the hotlaps lately. havnt really noticed too much.

  • Atheistsw & Prob Alex make the most incredible tracks!
    UFG should give both of these guys jobs asap.

  • @9 Much appreciated.. would love to work in a project.. so fun. :)

  • @9 – Hehe, getting paid to make tracks? Now that’s what I call job satisfaction! :)

    Great choice of hotlap tracks this week, nice to see Laputa up there by big_village_920, great choice Moriaty, the guys got some cracking tracks! Thanks for picking Hawaiian Odyssey for TOTW, I have to say this is one of my favourite creations in a long while so I’m really glad you feel the same way!

    Also @ Lloyd, what track are you talking about? Ever since Mark has taken personal charge of top tracks every weeks offering has been stella! ;)

    Also, I was kind of expecting the snow theme release date to be announced this week… ah well, good things come to those who wait, right?

  • i’m talking about the tea garden track. I thought it was just me on the low frame rate, but I asked the winner of hotlap the day it was up and he said the frame rate was low as well.

  • Woo! Free puns! :P

  • @12 – Well I made it and it was fine on my PS3 and I raced it a bunch of times with people online and no complaints either. However, someone else did make the same point on the forums, so I really don’t know why it plays up on certain consoles, but I guess that’s really not my problem as I don’t program the game, do I? :)

    As for the “spammed” green pads… no idea.

  • “spammed” green pads?

  • To help you out stealth wants boardwalk and flaming jumps in XP. It’s not hard to decipher mark.

  • Atheist! What prop did you use to make the lava?

  • ModNation Racers is just about my favorite multiplayer game!

  • @17 – It’s one of those red MNR balloons, just put loads of them together and sink them into the ground creating a kind of stepping stone effect. Also put some flame torches from the jungle theme and a few fire traps sunken down and voila! Instant volcano! ;)

  • “spammed green pads” is just my poor terminology to describe track creators who put too many speed boost pads on their tracks. It’s just a personal taste thing, though. Some creators like to put a lot of speed boosts on their tracks. I don’t know why, but they just do.

  • Also yes please to returning Flaming Jumps and Boardwalk to XP Series. GOGOGOGO make it a priority! Those two are some of the best UFG tracks and they belong in the competitive pool :)

  • @20 – Some creators like to put several boost pads side by side, like a row of three for example. Personally, I like to put them in strategic positions, like you have to take a more awkward racing line to hit them, or have to have very good reactions to hit several close together. Each to their own I guess, if everyone did the same thing the game would get boring real quick… thankfully, there are a lot of unique track creators out there to keep things fresh and interesting. :)

  • Mark,

    Any chance of challenges like this–

    happening for a sequel or Palooza week (insert number here)?

  • hmmmmmm….

  • Never mind, it wouldn’t let me post a link to the Modnation forums. What I was suggesting is having a No Wall Hit/No Off Track challenge.

  • Must…need….more….DLC!!!! By the way, can you give me instructions on how to show my creations to the Modnation forums(it’s my first time doing that)?

  • cool! I can’t wait to see what you have created.

    The best link to use would be http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/ModNation-Racers-News-Updates/Tracks-of-the-week-submission-for-ModNation-Monday-Blogs/td-p/11232611

    If you have ANY problem with that let me know or a community member here may also help you out. They are good like that!

  • Thanks for replying to my questions last week…. You said you were gonna ask around about the first two questions… if you did happened to ask, whats the word big bird?

    Questions were:

    1. Why can’t we create a series event for offline split screen? I play all the time with my girlfriend, but it’d be great if we could create a 3/4 race series ahead of time. It would save a lot of time.

    2. Why can’t we level up when we play splitscreen online? Just from playing alone I’m level 15, but I know if the split screen races counted I’d probably have maxxed out lol

    And like I said before… for any future patches, I think it would most excellent if you added a ‘Developers Picks” for recommended tracks/mods/karts… like how LBP2 has MM picks. Great way to highlight some awesome user generated content that may not be trophy/popular IP related.

    By the way, one day I’ll move to Vancouver and work at your company (in a marketing aspect). That’s not a threat, but more a promise ;)

    • Thanks for replying to my questions last week…. You said you were gonna ask around about the first two questions… if you did happened to ask, whats the word big bird?

      Mark: Still huntin’ and a peckin’ :)

      And like I said before… for any future patches, I think it would most excellent if you added a ‘Developers Picks” for recommended tracks/mods/karts… like how LBP2 has MM picks. Great way to highlight some awesome user generated content that may not be trophy/popular IP related.

      Mark: We come kinda close on that one. If you asked the dev team they would say “all of the above” (and mean it!). We are trying to highlight tracks that you the community may be aware of that may not be getting enough attention. Check the ModNation Monday posts here and in the future as we try to get them some well deserved “pub” time!

      By the way, one day I’ll move to Vancouver and work at your company (in a marketing aspect). That’s not a threat, but more a promise ;) nice!

  • love this game

  • A tad disappointed for this week’s news. :( No offense but was hoping for new DLC. For a while, new stuff was out every week ….. I know you guys have tons of new stuff waiting to explode. Not exactly sure why you showed us all of that new content in that “2,000,000” vid when nearly a month later….NOTHING in that video has been released. Not trying to be a grouch ( even though lack of sleep right now ) but…isn’t that kinda cruel to get us all excited too early lol.

    *note* I sound bitter in this message but I tend to be full of sarcasm & mean no harm ( usually )

    • sarcasm understood and in many cases appreciated. ie… my 2nd language :)

      As soon as we have a set date on this alleged (wink) winter theme we will let you know. Promise :)

      Look for some new DLC in the next blog!

  • Mark,

    I guess you haven’t found anything out about how often the blue ribbon awarding gets reset? How about what breaks a tie in XP series? We’re still wondering.

    • Hi,

      I may have posted somewhere else, not sure.

      The Blue ribbon has me stumped. It should be for its intended use of “best personal time” but looking into it that doesn’t seem the case in some instances. still on my list though. sorry no different news on these yet. :(

      Ties… still inquiring :)

  • @17 if you check out my Coloured Water tutorial on the forums. ive shown how to create a lava seen on there.. :) check it out if you want,

  • Can’t wait for next Monday. Can you give us a clue on what that DLC pertains to?

  • @33

    EL Snake-o mod & kart.

  • Hi Mark and fellow modders, I’ve spent a while creating a tutorial showing the track creating process from start to finish, you can find it here


    Hope you guys find it useful and inspirational for future track endeavours!

  • @35 Thanks for that tutorial man

  • @34 proof? I mean I know that mod/kart hasn’t came out yet but sounds like a educated guess to me :D

  • @37

    Click on the “Mod & kart of the week” picture then take a look at the picture to its left. Yes its an educated guess!

  • @38 hmmmm possible hint perhaps?

  • @39

    More than a hint.

  • Shredder The mk track has been finished…. check it out Mod Kombat – Arena 1 see what you think :)

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