The PlayStation Recap

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The PlayStation Recap

The weather is dreadful in San Francisco, making this a perfect weekend to put a dent in my gaming “stack of shame” after three long but fulfilling weeks of GDC, PAX East, and SXSW (not to mention the launch of the new-look PlayStation.Blog). Top priorities this weekend include finishing Batman: Arkham Asylum (I know, I know!), BulletStorm, and with any luck, Red Dead Redemption. Wish me luck!

What will you be playing? Oh, and how are you adjusting to the new look of the PlayStation.Blog? Be sure to let us know what you think.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

SOCOM 4 banner

Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • PAX East Recap — PAX was really the first time we’ve put SOCOM 4 multiplayer in front of a large number of consumers, and the response we got was absolutely fantastic!
  • Uncharted 3 banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • “The Lab” – March 2011 Schedule — Check out the schedule for the remaining weekend in March (and check out info on the episode of “The Lab” you may have missed last weekend).
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    7 Author Replies

    • Very happy that Sony added the Aid Japan link on the PlayStation Store. $50 already donated and counting.

    • Really like the new look for the Blog, anything else on the horizon we should look for?

    • @Sid: Is OK. Believe it or not, I’m JUST starting the first Devil May Cry! Feel less ashamed?
      I’m excited for Beyond Good and Evil HD. Never finished the PS2 one. Can we expect a firmer release date soon?

      I’m playing: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Devil May Cry [the first one, for PS2], AC Brotherhood, Sly Collection [Sly 3].
      I’m watching: Survivor: Redemption Island
      I’m reading: Books, this blog, stuff with words. :P

    • @3: Oh, to be specific, is OK you no finish Arkham Asylum. Forgot to imply. Sorry.

    • I’ve already put 8 hours into Yakuza 4 but barely progressed through the story. So many optional activities!

    • I donated $2 to the Aid Japan link. Wish I could have given more but it was all I had available. I hope for the best for everyone there.

      Also, don’t feel so bad Sid I still haven’t even started Arkham Asylum! I am loving the new look of the PS Blog though.

    • Will we ever see that great $15 bundle deal for both episodes of GTA 4 again??

    • Awesome Thank you for the excellent news you nice guy you :) . The inFAMOUS 2 Limited Release Beta . I can’t wait untill the beta keys are distributed .A Fellow G.A.P Menber ,
      Thank You ,
      Warren Jones

    • @ Shin-Ra

      Nice avatar. Yes, Yakuza 4 is awesome. My GOTY so far.

    • I’m playing: Plants VS. Zombies (demo) and LittleBigPlanet 2

      I’m watching: I’m going to watch a movie called the Odessa File tonight on Netflix. I’m also going to watch a new episode of the UK Being Human later. Other than that, I’ve been watching Scrubs & Reaper on Netflix.

      I’m reading: Not much at the moment.

      It was an OK week for the Playstation 3. The best news of the week, imo, was the Stacking DLC for early April. The Lost Hobo King! It sounds great. Most disappointing news: The LBP2 dlc. Its just costumes & stickers. *sigh* I was hoping for some new levels…

      Anyway, I am looking forward to maybe trying out that new MMO Freerealms for the PS3 at the end of the month. That sounds/looks interesting. Here’s hoping for some more great weeks with demos too.

    • im happy they put the donation on psstore im donating 20

    • Ps+ once again never fails too amaze, I hope the future brings lots of older games maybe some cross-game chatting that would be amazing. Love live playstation and all it’s followers PEACE !

    • I’m playing: Red Dead Redemption (Again) and Playstation Move Heroes (Won it from the Subway Contest).

      I’m watching: CNN since so many things are going on in the world right now.

      I’m reading: Sunrise over Fallujah (It’s for a school project)

    • Hey Sid,

      I know the Earthquake, Tsunami, and potential Nuclear Plant Reaction has put a kabosh on everything in Japan (Trust me, I should know; I have a uncle who is from and is currently living in Tokyo, have not heard about how he and his family is doing) But there’s a little snafu about GT5 which I much bring up that very few GT fans have noticed. so here goes:

      In the description of the Chevy Corvette Convertible (C1) ’54, It has the description of the Chevrolet Silverado SST Concept Instead. In fact, it’s been like this since the day the game shipped and IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED IN EIGHT UPDATES!!!!

      I heard that Kaz said that there would be no more updates this month, but I really need to know, Sid, if this is going to be resolved in the next update. Do you know anything about this? Because I really need to know.


    • playing : magic :the gathering , Battlefield bad company vietnam , Test yourself , Brain challenge .

      watching : tru tv’s worlds dumbest

      reading :nothing at this time

      I was thinking about the game MYST today and how much i enjoyed it , any similar games out there or in the making ? anybody ?

    • Playing: Slam Bolt Scrappers, Black Ops, Mortal Kombat Demo

      Watching: Nothing

      Reading: Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi Series

      I have signed up for the Infamous 2 beta sweepstakes. I sure hope I am one of the lucky 9000 winners who get a chance to create missions in April! I also purchased a new razor and some gel to pick up some K3 points and Infamous 2 sniper shot ( which is available at a later stage in the game, the code just allows you to START with the power). I am also looking forward to Dynasty Warriors 7 ……. somehow KOEI hooked me on the hack and slash and hack and slash and muosu! repeat as necessary … mindlessly fun formula

      Got a question though…. If I purchase a year long PS+ subscription with a few months still left on my current subscription, will I still be able to get the bonus 3 months before the end of march?

    • Playing: iv just purchased Homefront so working my way through that at the moment it’s a pretty decent game and pisses all over black ops servers

      Reading: Jamers Patterson: Big bad wolf and cat and mouse

      Watching: iv pretty much watched all the tv shows but i will be watching V for vendetta soon

      Good luck with Batman: Arkham Asylum that was a pretty good game and im looking forward to the next one and as for Red Dead Redemption iv already got my Platinum on it, it took me a while to finish it but i got it in the end :D it brang me to 9 Platinums so im doin pretty ok upto now

    • Playing: Borderlands Game of the Year and Parasite Eve (Thanks for finally getting this in the PS Store).

      Watching: NCAA March Madness

      Reading: Kristen Britian: Blackveil (4th book of the Green Rider Series)

    • You still haven’t finished batman AA? U need to get to work Sid.

    • PLAYING: Gran Turismo (PSP), Soul Reaver (PS1).

      WATCHING: Japan Disaster and Libya F16 bombing runs on 24hour news.

      READING: Music Theory on Wikipedia.

      WONDERING: Why you guys are always so slow in supporting big ps3 releases with Themes & Avatars PSN.

      • Soul Reaver is such a classic. Did you know that Amy Henning (writer for the UNCHARTED games) wrote the story?

    • As a new HTML, PHP, Javascript, and XML programmer, I’d like to know where you guys got the basis or inspiration for this style in this website. I like it and would love to use some of it’s style formatting on my soon to be website. Any suggestions? Are you based on a 2 column page? HTML? PHP? Are you relying on floats?


    • oh. also can you tell me anything about when legend of mana will be put on the store?

    • Yo Sid. You know what just came in the mail for me from Amazon a couple days ago?

      Resistance. The FIRST one. Alongside Sonic Unleashed.

      I believe the fact I’ve had my PS3 a year and still haven’t played the de facto launch title trumps everyone else’s game stack of shame.

    • I’m playing the God of War Collection this weekend. Just beat the first one for the first time, and wow what an awesome game. I quickly moved onto the second one and so far it’s even better. I can’t believe I missed the first time around. I’ll probably also put some time into Final Fantasy VII, another awesome game I missed the first time around. Thank goodness for HD remake collections and PSOne Classics. Now all we need is a HD remake collection for Jak and Daxter.

    • Oh, one more question. I was looking at the stylesheet code on this website and I noticed a comment reference to WordPress. Do you guys use WordPress for this site? Do you also use WordPress for the main page or did you make your own index? I’m just wondering because I just started messing around with WordPress and I’m not quite sure whether I should make my own PHP index or make everything on WordPress from scratch. WordPress does seem the easiest way to implement posts though.

      This weekend I’m playing K3 though, aiming for my platinum and I’m almost there :D. Waiting on Crysis 2 in my Gamefly. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

    • Any updates on PlayStation Rewards… 12 days until realise,,, Is it coming to Canada?

    • Getting used to the new look of the PS Blog. I like it but still think some things at the top of the page are a bit too cluttered. It is easier and quicker to find new articles and being able to see more per page is also great :)

      I also donated money to Japan today through PSN! I was glad to see that the option was made available to Canada as well as it wasn’t there yesterday when I checked. I think it’s something most gamers won’t mind as we are playing a lot of Japanese games on a Japanese system after all :) Are we going to get an update as to how much money was raised through PSN?

      As for what I’ve been doing this week…

      I’m playing: PixelJunk Shooter 2 again, almost done 100%! I also bought Parasite Eve which is great so far. I rented it back in the day and never finished it but I beat the boss that gave us trouble back then!

      I’m watching: You should drop these categories as they make me look boring… nothing.

      I’m reading: See above :P

      I’m obviously a gamer to the core, haha.

    • I have a question, I just bought Modnation Racers disc and I am now doing the update. The update has been running for 12 hours and it shows that it is only 37% complete, is this normal? our internet has a download speed of 10.
      Thanks ,

    • @ sid

      wow i didnt know that but it doesn’t surprise me when you see how detailed and expressive the dialog is in both games :) …. is she that lady i saw in that ‘making of vid’ that went up on the store after uncharted 3 was revealed?

      And if there is a PS1/PS2 era series other than Tomb Raider deserving of a HD remake, Soul Reaver has to be it!

      *hint hint*

    • Playing: KZ3, MvsC3, Modnation, LBP2, SOCOM, GT5, NBA2K11 and Black Ops

      Watching: Avatar (Bluray ofcourse) Faster (blockbuster rental) , G4TV and ADULTSWIM :p

      Reading: NEW YORK TIMES and RICH DAD POOR DAD…cuz i always got my mind on my money and my money on my mind :)

    • I’m Playing: Killzone 3, Slam Bolt Scrappers, Patapon 2 and Demon’s Souls..

      I’m Watching: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and The Dark Knight.

      I’m Reading: The latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine and the Scott Pilgrim comics volume 1-6 (Currently on 4).

      … And I really like the new look of the Blog, It’s funky fresh!

    • i’ve been playing eat them and messing around with remote play on my psp. i played peggle on remote play for a couple hours last night. i’m getting used to the new look of the blog, you guys just need to put back the links to your viddler page.

    • After a week of the new Blog I’m still digging the new theme.

      I’m not complaining or anything, but do you think we could have a Plus logo, thumbs up button for comments, threaded replies, and notification of reply? Also, one thing that might be useful for you guys, a “report” button for comments with PS3 security codes and the like :)

      But, whatever happens, keep this colour scheme… it matches my avatar :D

      Speaking of avatars, it’s brilliant that you guys implemented the Japan Aid Fund. I’ll donate as much as I can as soon as it get’s rolled out in Hong Kong (SCEH)… I hope it does get rolled out here. Anyway, do you think that people who’ve donated could have access to a simple “Japan Aid” avatar, and even a Home T-shirt. This wouldn’t be for rewarding the donor, but rather for promoting the fund to people who may not have heard about it.

      Also… I’m sorry, too many suggestions… it would be great if there were an official banner for Japan Aid, not only on the Blog, but also embeddable so we can put is as our signature on different forums. The banner could update daily with the amount of money that PSN users have donated to the fund.

    • Playing: Star Ocean – TLH

      Reading: BBC newsfeeds

      Watching: Nothing atm. Saw Monsters the other day though, interesting film.

      The Japan aid was a nice PSN surprise. I donated. Wondering why we were taxed though. Charitable donations shouldn’t be taxed.

    • P.S. P.S. I’ve let my White Knight Chronicles 2/ PSP mania simmer a bit in wake of the events in Japan.

      I do hope to hear more about these games though, as I’d like to encourage the success of Japanese franchises in the West. I’d like to see these games get the same marketing (here and elsewhere), coverage and respect afforded to Western franchises. In so many ways, Eastern games have been relegated to second tier this gen and I think that’s wrong. What most console owners fail to realize is that Bioware and Bethesda have been doing the same formulaic song and dance for years, its just that the medium (PC>console) has changed, so with a new audience things seem fresh, when in fact they’re not. JRPGs continue to get lambasted for a lack of originality, when we have FPS after FPS with generic marines fighting alien menaces and sprawling, open-world games with little sense of direction or narrative getting A+ scores. The same criticisms levelled at Eastern games can easily be paired with Western ones as well.

      Oh, and for fellow Japanophile’s/ JRPG lovers, seems that XSEED will be bringing Wizardry over to North America for the PS3 (ESRB leaks ftw). Can’t wait!

    • Don’t feel too bad. I’m just finishing up Arkham Asylum myself. Don’t know what I was thinking waiting so long to do so.

    • I like the new blog design, and I’m so happy for SCEA to let gamers donate their money to help Japan. I wish I had some money in my wallet to donate. But I donate $5 at my religion temple, will that make up for it.

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