PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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PlayStation Network Video Content Update

Many new movie releases arrive in store this week! Mark Wahlberg stars in The Fighter – an inspirational docudrama exploring the remarkable rise of lightweight champion “Irish” Micky Ward. See the movie that has critics raving of Christian Bale’s performance as Ward’s loyal half-brother. Also, be sure to catch Matt Damon in Hereafter – a fantasy drama that centers on three people who are haunted by mortality in different, but intersecting ways.

There are many reasons to celebrate music this week! South by Southwest kicks off in the great music city of Austin, TX. The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg (known as Marky Mark in his early years) releases this week and Q Music Unlimited is now available for you and your family! So, we’re highlighting musicians that have taken a turn in acting, as well as the great concert films/TV shows they’ve produced. Check out Deal of the Week: Q Music Unlimited Presents Music in Film & TV, with great content like Alpha Dog, Almost Famous, Paul McCartney: Get Back World Tour, and many more.

Also, check out the best of Robot Chicken S1 and S2 at a new low price now through 3/21! Enjoy bit-sized nuggets of sketch comedy performed by yesteryear’s favorite playthings, animated in state-of-the art stop motion! Plus, own Scott Pilgrim vs. The World now through 4/30 for only $9.99!

We’ve got an addiction to anime, and we’re sharing it with you! Get free episodes of FLCL S1, Naruto Shippuden S1 V1, Death Note S1, Vampire Knight S1, Bleach S1, Trigun S1, plus many more now through the end of March.

New movies and fresh TV episodes hit the store each week. Here’s a glimpse of what’s new this week…

Just In TV
US Store: The New Adventures of Batman Season 1, Bob’s Burgers Season 1, Breakout Kings Season 1, The Cleveland Show Season 2, The Simpsons Season 22, The Chicago Code Season 1, MTV’S Skins Season 1, 1000 Ways to Die Season 4, The Real World Season 25, Cuff Me If You Can Season 1, and much more!

Canada Store: Doctor Who Season 2, 30 Rock Season 4, Caprica Season 1, Burn Notice Season 2, Friday Night Lights Season 4, House Season 6, Law & Order SVU Season 11, Parks & Recreation Season 2, The Office Season 6, Traffic Light Season 1, and much more!

New Release Movies
US Store: The Fighter, Hereafter, The Switch, Skyline, The Next Three Days, Jackass 3, Due Date, 127 Hours, The Chaperone, Bad Cop, Inside Job, Faster, and much more!

Canada Store: The Fighter, Hereafter, Skyline, Megamind, Bodyguards and Assassins, The Bleeding, The Next Three Days, Inside Job, Jackass 3, The Awakening, and much more!

Before you head to the store, check out trailer for The Fighter, now available for US and Canada users!

Top TV Downloads

  1. Glee | Season 2 Original Song
  2. House | Season 7 Out of the Chute
  3. Family Guy | Season 9 The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair
  4. Young Justice | Season 1 Bereft
  5. Stargate Universe | Season 2 Twin Destinies
  6. Archer | Season 2 Movie Star
  7. The Cape | Season 1Endgame
  8. Bleach | Season 13 Bleach 195
  9. Lights Out | Season 1Cut Men
  10. The Simpsons | Season 22 Midsummer’s Nice Dreams


  1. The Walking Dead | Season 1 Days Gone Bye
  2. The Walking Dead | Season 1 Tell It To The Frogs
  3. Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story
  4. The Walking Dead | Season 1 Guts
  5. The Walking Dead | Season 1 Wildfire
  6. STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS | Season 3 Citadel Rescue
  7. The Walking Dead | Season 1 Vatos
  8. The Walking Dead | Season 1 TS-19
  9. STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS | Season 3 Counter Attack
  10. Family Guy | Season 8 The Splendid Source

Top Movie Downloads

  1. Jackass 3
  2. Due Date
  3. The Next Three Days
  4. Faster
  5. The Fighter
  6. Megamind
  7. 127 Hours
  8. Love and Other Drugs
  9. Morning Glory
  10. Unstoppable


  1. Jackass 3
  2. 127 Hours
  3. Due Date
  4. The Next Three Days
  5. Faster
  6. Megamind
  7. Love and Other Drugs
  8. Unstoppable
  9. Burlesque
  10. The Social Network

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