Chime Super Deluxe Hits PSN March 29th with Four-Player Multiplayer

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Chime Super Deluxe Hits PSN March 29th with Four-Player Multiplayer

We’re excited to announce that Chime Super Deluxe will be released and available to download from the PlayStation Store on 29th of March in the US. We can’t wait! In the meantime, I would like to tell you a little more about what Super Chime Deluxe has in store for you.

To play the game, you have to place down irregular-shaped blocks one at a time on the grid, fit them together 3 X 3 or more and you will build a quad. The quads score you points and this creates coverage, which fills the grid. The challenge is to fill the grid before the time runs out. This core rule set alongside multipliers, time bonuses, block fragment crashes and more create an addictive and mesmerising strategic experience.

Chime Super Deluxe for PS3 (PSN)

But where does the music come in? Each block you place plays a note, and a different note depending on where it is placed. Every quad you create plays a longer musical phrase depending on the size and shape of it. The backing track is driven forward depending on how much coverage you have. The composition of the music is therefore remixed by you as you play.

When you hit 100% grid coverage, clearing and resetting the grid, you are rewarded with a brand new grid to play. This is one of the ways we have adjusted and improved the difficulty curve of the game. There are five of these to master on each level and each one is more fiendish than the last!

Chime Super Deluxe for PS3 (PSN)

“Perfect quads” have also been introduced. If you create a quad and leave no fragments behind you get a bonus added to your multiplier. We’ve also rebalanced the scoring and balanced the game so you can play for speed and get extra points from the 100% coverage bonus or you can play neatly and be rewarded with huge multipliers.

The Look

Although we loved the look of the original Chime we didn’t feel it was sharp enough for PlayStation Network and wanted to create something more elegant. We decided upon a glassy and semi-translucent finish to the blocks and we have also added a hypnotic set of grid colours, lighting, effects and background videos.

Game Modes

Chime Super Deluxe also sees us introduce four-player, offline multiplayer modes for the first time. We have developed a Co-op Mode allowing players to make music together and play collaboratively and a Versus Mode brings another fresh dynamic to the game play experience.

The Co-op Mode is perfect for those late night sessions with friends and tasks players to crack their high scores together. The Versus Mode is a particular favourite of mine as players work against each other by stealing quads and destroying each other’s coverage. The aim is to cover the grid with your colour against a backdrop of backstabbing, musical harmony and visual chaos!

The Artists

For Chime Super Deluxe we wanted to work closely with the artists to create music designed for the game and we are thrilled to reveal the remaining line-up of brand new artists to accompany those already announced. The artists and their never-before-heard tracks include:

  • “Play With You” – 8-Bit and Chip Tune specialist, Sabrepulse
  • “Tender Hooks “ – World renown electronica duo, Plaid
  • “The Looping Song” – Beatboxer extraordinaire and World Loopstation Champion, Shlomo

Chime Super Deluxe for PS3 (PSN)

Shlomo. Photo by Gabrielle Motola

The Zoë Mode studio has also contributed music to the game with tracks, “Machine Dream” from Nathan McCree, the guy behind the music in Tomb Raider and an orchestral piece, “Sympathy”, from Joe Hogan, completes the line up.

That’s it! There’s not long to wait now until the end of the month and we hope you are looking forward to getting your hands on the game and are ready to sample Chime Super Deluxe for yourselves! In the meantime if you wish to know a bit more, here is artist Sabrepulse describing his experiences with the game.

For the latest news on Chime Super Deluxe, please be sure to visit the website and join the Chime newsletter. Join the community on our Facebook page or follow the Zoe Mode studio on Twitter.

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6 Author Replies

  • Reminds me a bit of Lumines which is one of the most addicting, awesome games ever. I’ll get this.

  • I got the Steam version when it came out and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think these additions would convince me to get it for my PS3 as well, although the price on Steam was really reasonable… Will the PSN version cost about 5 dollars as well?

    • Hi Brian, Maikel, KongWen, Midgetguy and everyone else,

      With regards to price it will be $9.99 for Chime Super Deluxe. We are really happy that you all seem to like what we have done with Chime.

      Please let us know if you have any more questionsabout Chime and I will endevour to answer them here.

  • Pretty excited for this. Definitely getting it for $5 (on sale if it doesn’t launch at that price).

  • This looks awesome! If it’s inexpensive, I’ll definately purchase it! I love music games, and, though Lumines was a puzzle game, I loved the musical aspect of it. It looks like this game will be very similar, and I’m loving the song in that video! =P

    I’m looking forward to this!

  • Chime, it changed my life.

  • Chime, it will change my life… Probably not getting it

  • Meh, this is tetris on a horizontal mode.

  • It sounds like an interesting idea. I’m glad to hear that there is a co-op mode. Will there be a demo? Unless the reviews are great I will have a hard time buying this one without trying a demo.

  • Thanks Hogwild,

    The title will be trial and unlock so you can try before you buy. When we did previews with the press we always found letting them play it hands on made all the difference. We do find it is one of those games you need to play to fully appreciate.

  • will really like a launch promotion of 5USD or something.
    will be getting this game.

  • Thanks for the reply Brynley. Will you guys be working on any new grids/songs maybe for DLC content down the road?

    • We are really keen to do DLC and the game does support it. There are no plans I can reveal right now but I hope to be able to announce something soon.

      Feel free to hammer our facebook page with artist suggestions.

  • Glad to hear there will be a trial. This game is definitely on my radar now.

  • The music in this game is perfect! As long as the trial gets me hooked I’ll be buying this one!

  • this game looks really fun….these smaller downloadable title on PSN/XBLA interest me more than the bigger games a lot of times

  • Didn’t really get a specific answer last time… are the music assets 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? If not, are they at lease AAC @ maximum bitrate VBR?

    Just got Slam Bolt Scrappers, which is ridiculously fun, and the quality of your music encodes are what will get me to pay for another game in this approximate genre again so quickly.

    It does look really cool, but so did Fret Nice (which had great potential but sounded awful).


    • Hi plaztiksyke,

      I’m going to get the exact details for you on this. I think you won’t be disapointed. Watch this space.

    • Hello again,

      Here are all the details fresh from the audio team. Chime uses Vorbis audio compression, in the Wwise audio engine (

      In listening tests Vorbis is comparable to AAC (better at some bitrates), and better than mp3. Of course Chime is a downloadable game, so the data size a critical factor. The extra “strain” of using uncompressed, and/or 24bit music on RAM, disc space, and download times, we feel outweighs the benefits.

      We think most players will find the sound quality good or very good, enough so that they won’t think about it when playing. The game was very carefully mixed and mastered, and hopefully will not tire the ears too much during long play sessions.

      Of course the best way to find out will be to try the demo and make up your own mind!


  • Gives me the Lumines feel as well. I’ll try the demo out, but knowing me and puzzle games, I’ll end up buying it.

  • It looks like you just added music to Daedalian Opus, which is cool, I guess.

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