MLB Dynamic Stadium Themes Out Now!

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MLB Dynamic Stadium Themes Out Now!

Baseball fans! Proudly display your team pride with all-new MLB Dynamic Stadium Themes for your PlayStation 3 from MLB 11 The Show.

Yankee Stadium Day

Available for ALL 30 MLB Teams, the MLB Dynamic Stadium Themes feature dynamic weather effects including changes depending on the time of day. Ambient crowd movement, waving flags, stadium-specific details and a fluid baseball stitch in your team’s colors make this the ultimate way to experience your favorite team’s home field!

MLB 11 The Show: Citizens Bank Park

The Phillies Dynamic Stadium Theme, Citizens Bank Park, features a moving Liberty Bell just like in real life. Minute Maid Park in Houston is highlighted by the outfield train that runs every time the Astros hit a Home Run. Yankee Stadium has special LED signage.

MLB 11 The Show: Fenway Park Day

To get your MLB Dynamic Stadium Theme log on to the PlayStation Network today and search “MLB The Show.” The MLB Dynamic Stadiums Themes are available for ALL baseball fans, as well as owners of the Most Realistic Baseball Game Ever, MLB 11 The Show.

Target Field Night

For all you San Francisco Giants fans, we are offering a Special Edition San Francisco Giants Dynamic Stadium Theme including World Series Champion artwork and a rotating World Series Trophy.

MLB 11 The Show: AT&T Park Day

ALL 30 MLB Dynamic Stadium Themes are available for $2.99. Get your MLB Dynamic Stadium Theme today!

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  • ANGELS!!

  • THAT is hot.


  • …Anaheim ANGELS!! are the BEST!!

  • Please make avatars for psn. Besides making current team logos, make retro team avatars. I’m sure a lot of people would buy them.

    A few examples:
    Swining A’s logo
    80s Chicago White Sox logo
    80s Brewers logo
    ….you get the idea.

  • I’m not exactly a baseball fan, but these are a great addition to the store. Keep it up m8s.
    I especially like the quality of the skies.

  • I would buy a Red Sox PSN avatar in a heartbeatQ

  • If I buy one of these, then I am part of the problem.

  • Those are very cool, tempting to pick up Petco.

  • I was all ready to buy the Twins dynamic theme until I noticed that the Twins logo in the corner is the old logo that was retired in 2009. In fact, I’ve noticed quite a few places in the game itself where the old Twins logo is being used: on the home uniforms, the ribbon board in Target Field, in several places in the game’s menus, and the logo above the scoreboard in Target Field. For a game that prides itself on getting the details right, it is surprising and disappointing to see little things like this fall through the cracks. I realize in the grand scheme this is not a big issue, but as a fan of this particular team it kill s some of the realism, and it’s one of the reasons I didn’t buy this theme or MLB 11.

  • lets go phillies

  • Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Gran Turismo 5 and Resistance 3 AVATARS instead please

  • I will be tempted by the Angels and White Sox. I also think you should make Avatars.

  • MLB avatars!!

  • Do these rotate to show the whole stadium or are they just the static view shown in the pictures? If they’re static, then I can’t believe you didn’t go with looking at the backstop view for Fenway or at least got the Monster in there.

  • agree with with everyone that’s saying they’d buy a (insert MLB team) avatar. weren’t there plans on getting MLB avatars when MLB 10 launched last year. i remember reading about it on this blog or hearing it on a podcast(most likely PS Nation)

  • Would be nice to have some NHL team dynamic themes. I know I can’t be the only hockey fab out there. Go wings!

  • I was excited on Tuesday to see that these themes were available. However upon purchasing the one for the Reds, I was disappointed. Great American Ball Park itself looked good (I wish there was more of the river boat in view with fireworks coming out of the smoke stacks), but the ball stitching look very PS2ish and seemed to take up and block a lot of the screen. Not to mention the sounds are annoying. My guess is that it will only last another day or two as the theme that is being used on my system.

  • You best believe I bought the Giants one. The spinning trophy just made it a must-buy for me. Thanks guys. But yeah…how about some mlb avatars?? Trust me…many people would buy them. And NFL ones too. ;-)

  • Boston Red Sox baby!

  • Red Sox!!!!!

  • Are there going to be any free ones released? It was tradition. A good tradition like baseball itself. Or at least make the old free ones available again since they have been taken down. Thanks

  • Who cares about basketball!…who cares about baseball!…what about the NFL LOVE FOR THE REAL FOOTBALL FANS….why can’t I have a 49er wallpaper

  • I bought the Indians one, but my main complaint is that I can change the sound back to the standard one. I am so tired of hearing fans cheer every time I select something.

  • Boston is the new “evil empire”…

  • I don’t usually buy themes, but the fact that you added a rotating trophy for the Giants Theme, this is now a definite purchase.

  • cool, definitely getting the Angels one

  • @17 What is this NHL you speak of?

  • Yeah, Phillies. Nice. I’m pretty sure i’m picking up the Phillies one.

  • Mortal Kombat Dynamic Theme please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • These are sweet, I don’t pay for themes, but I will end up buying a Brewers theme, I can’t resist!

  • My only problem with these themes are that they are hard to read. White letter against blue sky with clouds. The sound effects are pretty harsh too, luckily you can turn them off. MLB avatars would be sweet! I”m getting tired of my generic baseball….

  • Yankeeeeees!!

  • @markburleson85,

    That’s my thoughts on the themes, too. I was thinking about getting one (the Braves); however on looking at it through preview it just kinda looked tacky w/ that freakin’ stitching thing running across. And like someone else mentioned, I’m not really a fan of the white-on-light theme look for the font. I took one look at that and knew it’d be a big headache for me (literally & figuratively). Plus, I really wished they would just went w/ some sort of kick-ass team logo effect instead of just the plain stadiums…it actually looks kinda boring to me.

    All-in-all, I have to say I’m actually a bit disappointed in this year’s ‘The Show’ team themes; w/ them being dynamic this year I was expecting to see something really ‘wow’ like. But they’re honestly pretty underwhelming. Hell, to be frank, the static (free) ones for last year’s ‘The Show’ themes I thought actually looked better (I still have my Braves one installed).

  • only sports im good at are hockey and paintball so….

  • I downloaded one and was a bit disappointed. If the crowd is dynamic, I was too far away to be able to see it. And the animated stitching at the front isn’t to my taste. I’m fussy, I know….

  • Any chance of these themes for PlayStation+ members in the UK? Baseball is actually played outside of North America!

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