This Week in PlayStation Home: Aurora, Top Spin 4, Hard Corps: Uprising and More!

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Aurora, Top Spin 4, Hard Corps: Uprising and More!

This Thursday, March 17th, the makers of Xi unveil their newest game experience in PlayStation Home. Enter Aurora – a mysterious archipelago of floating islands where players can take part in games such as OrbRunner, gaining XP and unlocking special rewards by defending the isles from enemies. Available this week from the PlayStation Home Navigator, Aurora is a unique game world full of challenges and secrets to uncover that will evolve over time with new features, characters, games, and narrative. Check out this video for a sneak peek at this awesome new space!

To commemorate the release of Top Spin 4, 2K releases a collection of tennis-themed clothing items (as well as the 8-Bit Tennis Buddy companion). Show the world that you can swing like the pros with these new Top Spin 4 items, available this Thursday in the PlayStation Home Mall!

Speaking of awesome new games, Konami serves up a slew of clothing and furniture items pulled straight the recently-released Hard Corps: Uprising, now available on the PlayStation Network. Join the Union Tribe by grabbing the Bahamut or Krystal costume sets, UT t-shirt, and furniture items for your apartment.

Hard Corps Uprising for Home

Lockwood Publishing brings a huge update to the Sodium store this week with two new virtual item ranges – Iron Fusion and Cucumber. Cucumber is a line of home furnishings that range from the bold and modern to more traditional styles. In contrast, Iron Fusion will bring you the latest in cybernetic fashion with the Menace, Fractal and Rosko Full Body Suits.

Lockwood for Home

Drinkbox Studios brings more About a Blob clothing items to PlayStation Home this week. Check ‘em out!

About a Blob for Home

Dragon’s Lair fans rejoice! Finally, you can add Singe, the evil dragon, or even your very own Giddy Goon to your collection of companions. Pick these awesome new items up from the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday.

Dragon's Lair for Home

The one-and-only PlayStation Home Community Theater receives a huge update this week with new episodes of the Gamer Indepth videocast and the Hip Hop Gamer show. Visit the PlayStation Home Theater this Thursday to watch Homeboy79, SoAmped, Meesh and ChronosViper bring you the latest news from the PlayStation Home Community in Gamer Indepth’s ShoutOuts and catch HHG as he takes a look at Brink, the upcoming FPS from Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks.

In other Theater-related news, one of America’s coolest film festivals is coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, March 17th. Created in 2007 to celebrate the creative potential of disposable video (short films made on everyday equipment like cell phones and pocket cameras), the Disposable Film Festival hosts regular screenings, competitions, and other events to showcase the best work within the genre. Be sure to visit the PlayStation Home Theater starting this Thursday to watch videos from the finalists of the 2010 Disposable Film Festival and then come back next Thursday, March 24th, to check out the top entries for 2011 – the same evening as the live event held at the world famous Castro Theater in San Francisco!

See you in Home!

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  • Finally, the Aurora space has arrived! I’ll be on Home early tomorrow morining for this! :D

  • oh nice update! first thing im doing tomarrow is going HOME!

  • Great update, however Home needs something that is gonna keeps us entertain for a while, i have been in Home since 2009 and at this point , it is getting boring. Everything gets old Quick, i know you guys are working on new things all the time , as you well tell us but we need something that wont get old quick and FREE , every game we have in HOME is all about the MONEY . Also i understand that Home wants to be KID friendly but at least , let us hold hands, and lets not forget, we need more SAVE and LOAD BOXES , 9 is it not enough, specially when every week we are getting new stuff .THANK YOU

  • A big update this week. Aurora looks great. When does the football outfit from the Mansion release?

  • Wow!!!! Wicked up-date….. a 11 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE…

  • Big update! Awesome, can’t wait. I bet GlassWalls will get the “awesomesauce” t-shirt, lol.

  • Oh wow! The new Aurora space looks like an awesome RPG-fantasy space – must buy! I’ve never wanted to buy a space this badly.

    • Note: There’s a public space that is completely free (and full of cool stuff) but also a private space that is attached.

  • Those Iron Fusion suits look are tight!
    Best sci-fi get ups so far on Home.
    I’d rock one of those in real life, but not
    on this still-primitive planet.

    That Aurora looks good too, can’t wait to try it.

    (Pssst… New clubhouses please!)

  • hmmmmmmm not bad. Aurora looks cool, but where if that trophy room…

  • This looks to be highly entertaining, probably as entertaining as the EA Sports complex. Speaking of, what’s the 411 concerning said complex? It’s been approximately 6 months, and “I don’t know” just doesn’t cover it for an answer. How about we play a game called Full Disclosure?

  • *is that trophy room*

  • When is HOME going to be 2 player or local co-op??

    • Home, by its nature, is a multiplayer experience. However, there are no plans for local co-op at this time.

    • This pro-tip just in: Novus Prime has local co-op! Juts plug in a second controller and follow the one-screen prompts!

  • I cant wait to check out the live Disposable Film Festival. That should be a blast. Aurora looks amazing. And Hooray for more companions. You can never have too many companions. Speaking of companions, when portal 2 comes out we really should get a Companion Cube item in Home. That would be awesome.

  • @9

    Same thing I was wondering.

  • Brilliant update sure gonna keep people busy for awhile, and those Hard Corps: Uprising costumes look nice this might be the 1rst biggest update of this year >_~

    • I think you are right – this is the biggest update so far for this year … but nowhere near as huge as some of the updates we have in store for you ;)

  • There will be no event for St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate…??? No fun “mini” games to get involved in order to earn awesome “virtual” items for St. Patrick’s Day…??? :-(

    • Sorry, there are no events dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day this year. But we do have two huge events coming very soon. Hang tight!

  • woooo very interesting you guys! i cant wait to wake up and check this update out!

  • LOL! have to get used to this new format…

    But i found it. So that’s the good thing.


    By: DCS

  • Absolutely love this update!! You guys never cease to amaze me! :)

  • how much are the Fractal and Rosko Full Body Suits and do they all have the same moves

  • What of the freeze glitchers? New spaces are nice but not worth goin to if the annoying freeze glitchers are gonna be there freezing up my system. I`ve been avoiding Home cos of those morons, I don`t want my system to break, sorry.

    Plus, still no new animal costumes. I`ve been waiting and asking for months. Dragons, Konami werewolves, the fun rabbit costumes from EU?

  • what gives the rard t-shirt for conspaircy still not working

  • Two huge events coming up? I smell an Easter event.

  • Today’s my birthday!

  • Omy what a great update, Hard to choose,I think i’ll take umm all Thankz !_! HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY

  • N-E-active items being released tomorrow? & n-e-word on putting the active item limited higher?

  • Awesome update!

  • Hey HOME team, will there be any PlayStation Plus support in HOME yet?! I would like to see that happening soon, like private spaces only for PS+ members or free clothing etc.

    Anyways great update and hope to see more amazing things soon.

  • To #21 freeze glitchers should be done they removed the coin toss from the actions option.

    Seems like a decent sized update with some interesting things. Glad your bouncing back from last weeks update.

  • Great update !

  • wow ps home is getting awesome day by day can’t wait to get home

  • Auora game space is awsome!!!! Let me know when version 1.5 Home update and Sodium 2 will be avaliable and give us some cool costumes like a wolf costume or something cool.

  • We need media sharing. Maybe some sort of way you can integrate Qriocity media to play in virtual stereos at our personal spaces. We’ve already got picture frames, so the next step would have to be video sharing by using our Netflix/Hulu subscriptions and music sharing. Once these three steps are complete I will be a regular HOME user again. I was one of the first to use this application, but have slowly stopped using it being that the HOME Phill Harrison first showed me never emerged. I will be waiting patiently for you guys to get it right.

  • Just downloading Hard Corps right now,suppose i will have to get the outfit lolz.Contra on snes was one of my fav games yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I would be more of a HOME supporter if the framerate withing the service wasn’t so bad. I really wish this would be fixed in the future.

  • The times they are a-change-in. And fast, too.

    1:20 – there are no plans for local co-op at this time.
    2:44 – This pro-tip just in: Novus Prime has local co-op!

    Have to go check this out. Maybe if enough people use it they will implement it into the rest of Home.

    Too bad we couldn’t get a leprechaun to follow us around instead of that Dragons’ Lair Giddy Goon.

    Looking forward to the Aurora space. Don’t know if I’ll buy it b/c I have the tree lined chamber but I’ll definitely be in the space. It looks so much like a JRPG I’m surprised we even got it in the states.

  • So when is Home going to support 3D?

  • the lockwood battle mech suit Love it by why give us another get ready pose when we got that as a basic but i enjoy the flip action though ^^

  • Send us a Kung Fu outfit so we can do some Karate Moves i dont care which company makes it but i think ppl would buy that in a heart beat

  • Aurora sounds like a cool addition to Home! Can’t wait for the forthcoming 1.5 update to Home, too! It’s going to be great when the new game developing tools arrive in the developers’ hands! I can imagine plenty of new adventures on the horizon like action games, adventure games, pinball games, racing games, maybe even mixtures of those and much more! Home is always good!

  • PS Home is getting cool additions like Aurora. keep it coming!!

  • The game space are a nice addition but why are the actual steps into integrating HOME with the rest of the PS3 experience. Video content Trophy rooms earning trophies in HOME 3D and Playstation Plus perks. HOME could easily run on PC and be 99% the same there is nothing that ties it to the Playstation experience it just kind of sits there. I use it hoping things will be done to make it better I support things that seemed to move it in the right direction but I am getting tired of waiting I might stick it out and finish buying the Mansion but after that I think I’m done if nothing dramatic happens. Also the Idea of locked regions is retarded we should be able to travel to every region our friend list was not region locked so the only way I could meet up with some friends in HOME were in club houses. If clubhouses are open to everyone regardless of region then there is no explanation why we couldn’t travel to other regions Visit friends and purchase things.

  • Nice update GW…

  • Erikafollie there is a suggestion box they have you should try and go on there and make some suggestions. Ive seen some good suggestions on there we just need to get the word out about the suggestion box because not a lot of people on home really know about it i been trying to tell everyone this past week.

  • Aurora is by far one of the most epic things to hit Home in a long time. I am certainly enjoying it! I’ve made a lot of friends in Aurora just from helping people out and giving them tips for my epic top scores! Not bad for having Aurora’s Opening Day Top Score in Orb Runner, eh?

  • running around collecting orbs is very hard i spent hours running around then someone invited me to their place where I played a game and I leveled up much faster.

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