Why It’s an Honor for Kratos to Appear in Mortal Kombat

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Why It’s an Honor for Kratos to Appear in Mortal Kombat

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a shout out to Ed Boon and Netherrealm Studios for getting close to wrapping up Mortal Kombat! From what I have seen and played, I think everyone is going to be really happy once they get their hands on it.

Kratos & Mortal Kombat post by Stig

Mortal Kombat had a HUGE influence on me growing up. I remember the first time I saw it in the arcade – I almost crapped myself! I was like, “Look what they did to that guy! I’m out of quarters! When well I be able to play this at home?” Then I learned about Mortal Monday, the official launch day when the arcade game came out on the SNES and Genesis. I was a poor college kid at the time, but I circled the date for two reasons: I couldn’t afford it, so I needed to reserve it a month in advance at the video store; and September 13 1993 was my 21st birthday! So instead of going to the bar on my 21st, I ended up sitting with my friends playing MK all night long.

Sometimes, life has a strange way of working out. Here I am, 17 years later, having been able to work on the incredible God of War series … and then one day we get approached to include Kratos in the new Mortal Kombat! This was a complete no-brainer. I remember interviewing at PlayStation eight years ago and seeing Kratos in the very early stages of God of War 1 and thinking, “This guy looks like he was pulled straight from MK!” Which to me, was a good thing. One of the things that I always felt separated Mortal Kombat from other fighters was its character design. When you combine this with Kratos’ attitude and tendency for violence, it’s a match made in heaven!

Another thing that made this collaboration a good fit is that our studios have ties with one another. Several of us at Santa Monica used to work at Midway, including Adam Puhl (Lead Combat Design), Bruno Velazquez (Lead Animator), Chris Sutton (Lead Environment), as well as me, so we all knew Ed and had a relationship with members of his team. It was easy for all of us to get on the same page. It also made the decision on our end to work together because we trust them fully and we know that they will deliver on the promise to make this the most complete and authentic Mortal Kombat yet.

So for me personally, this is a really cool story. Mortal Kombat influenced me when I was younger in many ways, and it is still influencing me today. You can see this plainly by looking at God of War III. I was always encouraging the team to push the gore and violence in the kills, and a large part of that was the way MK struck me when I college kid. It’s one of those games that changed the industry, and is why I bet a lot of people have the “I remember MK because” stories. It is an honor to be involved with it.

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  • I pre-ordered the Tournament Edition, but I have to wait a day for overnight shipping.

    I have played since MK1, when it was cool to have Johnny cage uppercut 3 heads off, or Sub-Zero Freeze and Spine Rip. They added that to MK2 which I play a lot of on my PS3. After beating the Demo, the video showed what I think the big secret is every Stage has a Fatality. Deception had the last shock for me with the Hara-Kiri.

    Has anyone heard about the rumored MK Arcade Kollection that was supposed to have the first 3 remade in HD? If so I hope it would have Ultimate MK3 instead of plan MK3.

    Thanks Ed and Netherealm studios for bringing it old school.

  • The only reason im getting this game is because of kratos

  • You did one HELL of a job on GOWIII Stig, thank you and I can’t wait to see what Kratos brings to the MK series!!! 8)

  • This game finna be raw..i still havent gotten to play tha demo yet cuz i don hav PS Plus…waitin for it to come out on PSN…i been a bigg fan of MK ever since thafirst one..once it come out tho..im killin everybody off haha

    Me personally..iono bout adding kratos to tha MK roster..but if ED feels that hes a good fit..then he must be..im lookin forward to seein wat gameplay wit him is like.

  • @Korbei83 Killer instinct really was one of tha best fighting games that ever came out tho..i still play it..they should bring that game bac #RealTalk..

    Mortalk Kombat vs. Killer Instinct would be a good game to think about..cuz they also had fatality like finishers in that game to..and crazy ass combos

    @thepatriots i feel u on that…they really should get together n giv tha fans wat they want

  • For the love of God, announce the next God of War project or announce DLC! I’m dying here! ANYTHING!

  • can we possibly expect another demo to come out this time including some more characters like Kratos!

  • Thank god David Jaffe didn’t make this post.

  • Umm the demo doesn’t come out in my store I’m scared

  • Why does my PS3 still say the Mortal Kombat demo is only for PS+ users? it’s March 15th man, the demo is supposed to be available to everyone now.

  • Stig, u probably have seen Kratos x-ray attacks, special moves and fatalities…

    What reaction u think we r going to make when we get horribly mauled by Kratos?

  • @GilgameshVIII It will come out when the store updates.

  • now it shall be called God Of Kombat

  • @WFMMK Thank you for replying. The store needs to hurry up and update man… i really don’t think i can wait any longer.

  • first Soulcalibur: broken destiny and now Mortal kombat :D Kratos is awsome im very curious of what is fatalities are :D!!! cant wait

  • does anyone know at what time does the PS store update?

  • @2 I will give you fatality with my hidden blade above your rooftop :P
    Seriously…COD is boring and repetitive. Mortal Kombat isn’t something that just pops up every single year (like COD). Besides, in COD can you dismember your opponent after winning? Oh wait no all you do is L1-R1 or R3 in close quarters…yeah :P

    -Hehe can’t wait for Mortal Kombat, finally a real MK game unlike MKvs DC…that was the biggest game I regret ever buying on PS3. This time it’s back in 2D-Side plane fighting and personal/gorier fatalities unlike MK Armageddon where they only cared baout putting in every character and the fatalities were all the same.

    I myself anticipating for this game. Easily will be fighting game of the year haha!

  • kratos will be epic on this game btw i just pre-ordered the game today

  • i would love to see some game play and fatality of kratos before the game gets release.

  • I cant wait for that game!! I subscribed to PS Plus just for the demo loll and with Kratos its gonna be even more awesome.

    I only have one thing that bother me in the demo it is minor tho, its that with the analogue stick it is tough to make like scorpion spear ( <– –> X ) I have to use the regular arrows. Is that only me or its something that can be adjsuted?

  • Great story Stigs, ah, memories! : ) I didn’t buy a MK game since the seocnd one but this one is probably a DAY ONE purchase, I’m just wainting to try the demo before being sure about it but from what I read in the comments here, the demo was great so…! : ) And the Tower Challenge with 300 stages is a real incensitive to buy a fighting game, props to MK team! …along with the inclusion of Kratos! ; )

    You know wich character could fit the MK universe IMO? Sweethtooth! Hell, yeah! (with a kitchen knife like in TW:Black intro) No? lol He just get the aggressivity needed for MK and the crazy laugh and eyes! : )

  • Mortal Kombat is back!! day 1 buy DEFINITELY. I was 7 when i played MK1 in arcades, I am now 26 and have been waiting for THIS since MK4 changed what it should be.

  • Kratos in the MK universe is unfair. Let’s hope that the MK team didn’t make him as crazy strong as he was like in God of War III… I don’t any MK character can go up against an Olympian….let alone kill them all, steal their powers, and continue to plow through the Titans, time travel, etc.

  • ojala pueda tener la kollector edition

  • @xxnike629xx: You know, in MK, there is a lot of godly creatures (Raven is the god of thunder), some chars from MK are inspired from mythology so I say it’s a good fit! : )

  • This might be a dumb question but is Kratos exclusive to PS3?

  • Like 75 is asking, is Kratos exclusive to PS3? I’ll get it for my PS3 but my brother has the other console and will probably get this game too. Just curious… thanks!

  • I also grew up with MK and I’m a fan of GOW, so this decision just blew me away. I hope we see him in future titles, that would be crazy.

  • I love that trailer, but can we see some actual, oh I don’t know, GAMEPLAY? Sorry, but I feel the need to actually see Kratos pullin’ a “Get over here!”…

  • Preorderd my UK collectors a few days ago. I live in germany and I have to import the game from the uk because this game is to violent for germany.

    Demo rocked btw.

  • Also, I feel the need to say Kratos was a cameo in the awesome PSP title, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. He had great moves in that, and I cannot wait to see his moves in MK.

  • WHAT!!! Kratos didn’t fight thats [DELETED] of trailer but still pretty cool

  • awesome !!!!

  • @75 and @76 (x_NiiGHTMARE_x and jazzyrider) Yes, Kratos is associated with Sony consoles so, yeah, he is exclusive to the PS3 version. : )

  • Adding Kratos into the new MK is simply a marketing gimmick designed to move more games. The people commenting that they are buying the game just because Kratos is in it are the target audience of this gimmick. This same marketing gimmick was used with Kratos before in Soul Calibur. So yes it is a “real honor” to have Kratos in the upcoming MK, because they can move more games. Next thing you know Nathan Drake will show up in MK, or maybe a Helghast trooper wouldn’t that be just be great!

  • yo Stig!

    thanks for directing GOW 3, I love that game so much man!
    Everyone at Santa Monica Studios did an amazing job!
    GOW 3 GOTY 2010:)

    waiting for GOW 4 and GOW Spinoff. thanks for making them too:)

  • Sweettooth from twisted metal next! Ice cream scoop brain fatality anyone?

  • @DaveedT13 thanx. i thought so. Like i said dumb question. lol

  • Great Character to play in Mortal Kombat!!

  • waited all day and finally home from work to NOT find the demo updated for all PSN users. *sad face*

  • sweet

  • Kratos can destroy everyone in the MK universe.

    I hope if there’s a sequal, Kratos is brought back
    to kill Shinnok and the elder gods.

  • I really want to see what Kratos does in Mortal Kombat. I’ve played the demo so much that I beat the Expert level. It’s going to be fun, It’s just that 1 month left that’s making the wait so bad for me! Mortal Kombat is looking to be promising, adding Kratos just made it better.

  • @ Stig Asmussen I wish somebody would talk to the mk team about the lighting feels off in the game like it has in previous 3d mk games in the mk games maybe you could give them a few pointers on proper lighting ?Also i hope their incorporating the new techniques seen in the updated unreal 3 engine that was shown off at gdc 2011 that would be really great for the atmosphere ect..

  • @ Stig Asmussen also i love god of war 3 you guys did a awesome job i can’t wait to see what you guys do in god of war 4 with playstation move & 3D im really pumped for the next installment in the series you got my reserve on day one.

  • Stig FTW! Any news of God of War IV? Maybe at E3? lol

    I wish there was a gameplay video of Kratos though.

  • Huge GOW fan… Huge MK fan… definitely buying this.

  • The demo is hot! I cannot wait for the full game next month.
    CoD is an LOLFPS, Mortal Kombat is not. If you want to shoot a gun, go to the range. There is no where you can go to rip someone’s head off so there is the difference.

  • OMG This is awesome.. Hey guys can you bring mortal kombat trilogy out as a psone classic to celebrate this release? I really want to play it on my psp. Come on sony!!!! :)

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