Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Takes Center Stage in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Takes Center Stage in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

I still remember when I first played the original Ratchet & Clank, way back at E3 2001. A few days later, safely back at the office, the entire team (at a previous incarnation of Official PlayStation Magazine) was chattering away about their favorites from the big show.

“Hands down, Ratchet & Clank,” I declared. The others weren’t yet convinced, including one of my fellow editors who happened to adore the Spyro series (as I did too). Even he wondered at my enthusiasm for this still-unproven PS2 adventure platformer.

Then I popped the demo into a PS2 and walked everyone through why I loved the game. Bang! It was love at first firefight, and from then on, the franchise has been a favorite among PlayStation magazine staffs for the past decade. All of which is a long way of saying we heart Ratchet & Clank – and we’re proud to reveal our April issue cover, with the fuzzy lombax and his diminutive robot pal in their full glory.

PlayStation The Official Magazine - 0411

It’s a great feature about a winning game. We dove deep into this new co-op adventure, taking turns playing as Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and Doctor Nefarious, and we came away impressed. Be sure to pick up the issue to find out why this might be the ultimate in four-player fun.

Also inside the April issue: My hands-on report with NGP. I got a rare opportunity to touch, grab, trace, push and pull the system, and the April issue includes in-depth impressions you won’t find anywhere else. The winner of the next-gen portable wars? For me, that’s easy: NGP!

Rounding up the stellar issue: a six-page feature on Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to hardcore sleeper hit Demon’s Souls. New secrets revealed about The Last Guardian. A massive playtest with SOCOM 4. Our final verdict on Dragon Age II. And all the other reviews, previews and news we can fit into our glossy pages, wrapped up in a gorgeous cover, on newsstands March 15.

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8 Author Replies

  • Awesome!!!

  • Looks good

  • Going to pick up THAT issue! Ratchet is my hero.

  • i cant wait to add this to my ratchet n clank collection!!! im kinda digging the new redisign on the characters

  • When are the issues actually sent to subscribers? I get them after they are on newsstands. One would think that subscribers are priority. Then at times I get it very early. Whats up with that?

  • sweet cant wait for this!

  • Poor me. I’m living in Europe, and I can’t buy the PS OM here :(

  • WHAAAT? when did PSOM come back?

  • That’s one nifty looking cover. I hope the news on the NGP isn’t stuff we’ve already read before. Dark Souls looks amazing.

  • how much is the whole year subscription? I may try and grab a few years lol

  • Picked this up over the weekend, it’s a good issue, I really need to get around to subscribing

  • NGP: ….winning…*charlie sheen voice*

  • Just renewed my subscription for another 2 years. Glad I did because lately OPM has been giving some amazing previews for games.

    Keep it up guys!

  • Amazing look

  • Great cover. Any chance you can release the artwork?

  • Looks like it is time for me to start a new subscription!!

  • If it has some sort of multiplayer I’m in!

    • It’s four-player co-op with a twist. It’s as much fun to lightly grief each other as it is to work together.

  • Can’t wait. Insomniac Games is a great developer. This and Resistance 3 are what have me excited for this Fall!

  • Nice cover. Looking forward to reading your NGP impressions.

  • Just picked up my copy and loving it!

  • Awesome!!!!! Just another addition to the line of other great Ratchet & Clank games. Can’t wait!!!

  • I live in israel and i just subcribed a couple of days ago so my first issue will start with the june issue so im kind of bummed for missing this great one. still happy for sucbribing though.

  • OMG I love the new design of the blog :D Also, I had to re-subscribe to P:TOM cuz I accidentally let it run out 0_0

  • I should really subsribe to PSOM, it’s been a while.

  • Ok cool. Glad I subscribed to a PlayStation magazine. Can’t wait to read you guys talking about the NGP!

  • Looking forward to the Portal 2 news!

  • Always love a new Ratchet & Clank game! :D

  • Will this also be the UK cover or are you guys very different on that point?

  • Can’t wait to get my subscribed copy this week! Been a while since I heard stuff about All 4 One…

  • Hey Gary,
    Will be looking forward to reading this issue. I’m trying to get as much info as I can regarding the NGP.
    I just have a quick question regarding your hands on impressions,
    -Do you happen to know if the analog sticks on the NGP click in like the L3 and R3 buttons on a DualShock 3?
    Also, do you guys have your own podcast?

    • Huh. Interesting question. I didn’t actually push in the analog sticks, so I’m not quite sure. I can say that they feel great — a lot closer to what we’re used to from the DualShock.

      And we’ll be launching a podcast soon. Will you listen?

  • Secrets about the Last Guardian? Ohhhhh! Give me the dits; what does this game have to hide?

    I bet it’ll just talk about how Fumito Ueda “is not willing to say much about it, but will promise to deliver an emotional experience”… the same crappy routine we’ve been force to shove down our throats ever since the game was announced. Whatever else in the article that hasn’t already been said in some other form, I will be shocked.
    At least give us a rundown of how the game’s doing, if it’s even done, or at least if it’s in the final touch phase of development. Something worth my time that gives me the least bit of hope for the game and the least regret for reading something I’ve already heard a thousand times.

    • You’re cracking me up. Great comment.

      But yes, we did interview Ueda-san, and he did divulge some new details, along with some general notions about his approach to making games.

      I also saw it in action, but that’s not in this issue. Look to the May issue for a preview of the game in action.

      It looks great, btw.

  • hey gary quickie question?

    do u think u will do a cover story for the uncharted ngp title in a future issue?

  • Gary,
    I’m a podcast junkie so I’ll definitely subscribe to your podcast once it’s on iTunes.

  • It’s a big shame that you don’t let me subscribe here in Colombia |:. At least it arrives to my store, and I’ll get it!

  • “In time, Fire will fade, and only Dark will remain”

  • Looks awesome! Ratchet & Clank is my favourite game series of all time. Definitely looking forward to the arrival of this issue.

  • I got this magazine and I read the cover story and I think it’s well explained and that Insomniac is doing a great job on what fans want but what got me excited was the interview?

  • @ Garry Steinman

    Forgive me for my lame smash talk towards this game. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game to death, I’ll be willing to follow it religiously to my death….its just, am anxious to know more about this game.

    I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic with your reply, but I’ll take your word for it. Hopefully what you said is true. XD

    • No worries. Your comment was funny. Because it’s pretty much spot on. But our interview does indeed contain a few juicy morsels. Hope you enjoy it.

  • I can’t wait to pick this up!!! Since my gameinformer subscription ended, I think I will subscribe to this :)! I can’t wait for the NGP though, wish it could release earlier than holiday 2011 !!

  • Can’t wait for the NGP hands-on!

  • 4 player co-op is always a win

  • Keep up the good work with PSTOM! Been a subscriber since the re-launch.

  • This series has run it’s course already. Just let it die already and create a new Mascot.

  • Ratchet&Clank Future: A Crack in Time was a amazing game. Can’t wait to read about the new Ratchet game in this issue!

  • All 4 One will be a great co-op adventure, especially when the heroes and the villain are forced to work together to survive! One question, will All 4 One be a follow up to the end of the Future trilogy; A Crack in Time?

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