ModNation Monday: Creator Spotlight, Monday Race

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ModNation Monday: Creator Spotlight, Monday Race


“I have one speed. I have one gear. Go.”
“I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory.”
“We’re starting to win.”
“I don’t have burn out in my gear box.”
“Surprise. That’s what winners do.”

Sounds like SOMEbody needs to get his MNR on! The ModNation family accepts everyone so “Get over here and enjoy the ride, bro.”

Let The “Palooza” Continue
Last week we mentioned we’d be bringing you some fun new stuff to do in the ModNation community and here are a few more …

  • Monday, March 14th: ModNation Monday Race (sign up here)
  • Thursday, March 17th: ModNation Fun Races. No pressure here. Just some of the community players coming together for some casual racing. It’s a lot of fun! I know, I have been racing with them the past few weeks. Great group! (sign up here)

This week we will begin regularly be posting the previous weeks racing results as well as Creation XP points on Facebook for all to see. Remember to check this ModNation Monday blog as well as our ModNation Facebook page for details on ALL upcoming events.

ModNation Player Profile: atheistsw


This issue we start a new feature to highlight dedicated members of the ModNation Community. These profiles will feature both top creators as well as MNR’s top racers. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the best at their “craft” (it is a craft!).

This week we spotlight one of ModNation Racers’ most prolific track creators, PSN ID atheistsw.

atheistsw has the distinction of the most creations being chosen as MNR “Track of the Week.” His tracks have been seen in Hot Lap and Top Tracks in the ModSpot over a dozen times!. We know you will learn something from atheistsw, we did! Here’s a sample of some Q&A with one of our most esteemed creators:

Q: What inspires you?
I tend to get inspired by real life locations, things I see on TV/films and photographs. A lot of my tracks tend to be real-world in style which means I’m always trying to add little details to help make things look more realistic.

Q: Who are your favorite creators and creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
prob_alex and Laidbackcat are not only great creators, but have become very good friends as well. prob_alex in particular has pretty much become a sculptor on this game, some of his creations are nothing short of artistic masterpieces, the way he uses the bog-standard rocks and…

To read more about athiestsw, head over to the MNR Community Forums here.

Progressive Insurance Contest
Don’t forget that Progressive Insurance recently sponsored a free Parts Pack download and you can use these parts to build a track and enter the “Progressive ModNation Gran Prix” contest for a chance to win a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV or PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle. Here’s how to enter…

Upcoming DLC: Papercut (bandages not included)


Tuesday, March 15th you can buy the Papercut mod for $.99, the kart for $.99 or both for only $1.75 in the PlayStation Store. Don’t let his comical demeanor distract you. Behind those “old school” 3-D glasses and silly hat is a mad man ready to bring it. He might “cut the corners” (sigh) and he will “cut you off” (ugh) to find every (yes, you guessed it) “shortcut” (boo) on his way to victory. Sorry for the bad puns, I was always known as the class “cut-up” clown. Parts Included are:

3D (Glasses)
Paper Hat
Biffpow (Skin)

Origami (Body)
Recycle (Wheels)
Box Cutter (Accessory)
Ruler (Accessory)

“Mark, Just Who Do You Think You Are?”

mdub badge3

That sounds like a prelude to a throw-down but it’s not. I’m having a MNR identity crisis. I am sooooo busy playing MNR lately that I haven’t had the time to create a “me” mod (giggle). Would you do it for me?

I will post your creations over time on our Facebook page and ultimately choose the perfect “me” (giggle). This way you’ll know what I “look” like and who knows, maybe you’ll find me in the ModSpot for a race. Hmmmm… sounds like some sort of challenge! Submit your “me” (chuckle) mod here.

Jump on over to the forums for the 10 attributes people use to describe me. Use one, none, all ten whatever… it doesn’t matter. I’m obviously in major need of attention.

Need More Shiny Things
If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site and who knows?, you might see your hard work on the PlayStation ModNation Monday blog or in-game on the Hot Lap section of the Modspot. You never know what “catches our fancy”.


Shofuso Tea Garden by atheistsw


atheistsw says: This was suggested to me as a track idea by long-time race fan (and Philadelphia resident) PSN ID: DeathsMom a while back and I’ve finally decided to turn it into a track! Race through this picturesque Japanese Garden complex which makes up just a small part of the vast park network of the city. This one’s for you Mom.

Mark: Many people ask me what I look for in choosing a “Hot Lap” or Track of the Week” and until now I have not really qualified my criteria. I would have to say that I love tracks that take me somewhere. A place I never been or a place I’d like to see. It HAS to be designed well, have good race lines, be fun and offer something that hasn’t been brought up time after time. Not to say a new take on an old idea doesn’t work, I just need to feel compelled to see it. Though many recent tracks have involved amazing and mysterious design elements, they are not enough on their own to take the prize. atheistsw seems to consistently design tracks incorporating all or most of the aforementioned elements in his tracks. At one point near the far end of the track sits a house under shade trees right in the middle of a major turn. I found myself thinking “shhh, be quite” when drifting past this corner. Now I may have “lost it” along the way somewhere but when I play a good track I imagine being there and those type of moments catch me. Put many of those moments in your track and you have my attention, better yet you have my imagination. On the other hand… surprise me! ☺

Hot Lap Tracks of the Week
Monday: Shofuso Tea Garden by atheistsw
Tuesday: Alphorma by Adie23
Wednesday: Eruption Junction by Coty4803
Thursday: Floral Valley Fortress by Obiks
Friday: Sky City Infinity by atheistsw
Saturday: The Lost City of Atlantis by mytck (chosen by
Sunday: Wild Wild West by CIV_B0SS (chosen by

We present the winner of the first ever ONTD*! Award


Mod Name: Motorcycle Head (Red)
Kart Name: Motorcycle Body
Creator: Shelbot3001

The first thing I said to myself (outloud) was “Dude made a motorcycle. Dude. Made. A. Motorcycle!”

… oh yeah, the Motorcycle Head mod comes in designer colors for your motoring pleasure. Sick!

So to close we offer you an MNR haiku in honor of atheistsw’s Japanese Garden track…

Honor in racing
Feel the pain of my weapon
The dust in your face

Deep stuff. Let it soak in.

Have a great week,


* “Oh no they didn’t!”

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