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PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

[In before the onset of March Madness…]

Public service announcement: the Blog may be down for a bit tomorrow morning as we prep for a re-design. Make sure to come back Monday afternoon to let us know what you think of our new, enhanced look.

Also: If you’re in Texas, come out and see us this afternoon!

And: Here are some of the stories to come out of PAX East, SXSW, and the release of MLB 11 The Show. We’ve been on the road, so if you find something we missed, let us know in the comments.

[Go Gators!]

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  • YAY just platinumed Killzone 3

  • Jeff any White Knight Chronicles 2 and White Knight Chronicles PSP news ? does Motorstorm Apocalypse support the GT driving wheel ?

  • You guys should really put up a link for red cross or something similar for Japan relief donations etc… They could really use all the help they can get after all.

  • Awesome Jeff! Cant wait for the redesign. I was just gonna ask what the status was on it.

  • will ngp support psone classics?

  • Jeff alright im going to go straight to the point with this question, EU blog confirmed White Knight Chronicles 2 for release on May and not even that they also announced the PSP WKC.. now.. where is the North American announcement? and please try this time not to skip the question even i dont know wold be fine, i hope close as i dont want to import

  • correct me if I’m wrong but the Dualshock 3 hasn’t gotten 1 price drop in 3-4 years and i would think that the tech would have become cheaper by know, any plans for dropping the price?

  • Where is the Big DLC announcement Media Molecule told us coming this week? At least tell us it is delayed; there wasn’t even a LBP2 community update on Friday.

  • Thanks Jeff. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Blog redesign.

    Is there any way Sony or SCEA can organize an event for Japan. With all the micro transactions that go on, I really think Sony/SCEA could use PlayStation Home in the future for relief donations, by taking fractions of every purchase and donating that to the Red Cross. Just a thought, I dunno if this is even possible logistically. Thanks.

  • Jeff, I don’t know if you can recall, but awhile back I asked you about a patch for The Shoot, to which you said you didn’t hear of anything in the works, but submit the idea on Share. I did that and I’m just curious as to whether or not that’s been seen or, if I can contact the developers via Twitter or something to see if it’s a possibility.

    It’s one of my favorite games for the Move, and I don’t know about others that have it, but I’d like to see it become more accessible to all, in terms of it not being a difficult feat to unlock the later movies.

    I just find it odd that this game hasn’t seen any post release support, when other Move titles like Sports Champions & The Fight have been improved upon since launch.

  • please release legend of dragoon, chrono cross and dragon quest 7 on psn!!! i will love you forever if you do lol.

  • GO NGP!!!!

  • Are you guys planning on a public release of the ngp’s price and release date soon? plz reply.

  • Jeff,

    Any update on the My Trophies issue? Looks like a couple more games were unhidden on my card.

  • I also think that something needs to be done to help out Japan. At the very least there should be an article detailing the situation with possible links to places where people can make donations.

  • Lets see if my message works now… I’m baaaa-aaack!! :D

  • Wot yeah!! Thanks Jeff ^v^

  • I am sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, but you forgot to mention one important thing! JAPAN!! I think we should do something on this blog to raise money for JAPAN! Yes videos games are great, but we must not forget that Japan needs our help right now! If it was not for Japan we would never have the PS3 if you really think about it. Jeff is there something we can do on this blog to raise money for Japan?

  • I’m really looking forward to the Tomb Raider Trilogy, still waiting for my copy of Sly which is still in the mail from the UK after 3 weeks of shipping :'(

    I never thought I will but I’m actually getting hyped for the NGP. The fact alone you can download all of your recent bought PSP software from the PSN on to the NGP is awesome. Regionfree and I’d be even more happier.

  • I agree regarding doing something for Japan, especially for all those people who’ve lost their houses and not to imagine family. SCEJ its HQ is in Tokyo and they also felt quite the shock. From what I’ve heard from Dylan Cuthbert (QGames), everyone is fine, thank god, wish I could say the same for victims who didn’t make it :'(

  • Hey Jeff,

    Is it possible for us to have a link put on the PlayStation Store where we can directly donate spare funds from our PSN wallets to the Red Cross “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund”.

    I know there might be some rules about not being able to accept donations or something, but it would be great if SCE would look into it. I know a lot of people have spare pennies in their wallets and would like to donate.

    You could even have a banner on the blog that updates live with how much we have donated. Again, I know there may be some rules that stop SCE from being able to do this, but if you can, PSN would be a great way of getting donations.

  • @Pitythefool852

    Dude, that’s a great idea! I am so for that. I wish we could do the same with PlayStation Home but I don’t how all the legalities and logistics behind such a movie, but no doubt it would be a great first step for a good cause.

  • Where is a like button when you need one… good idea Pitythefool.

  • What’s going on with the ico collection? There’s a rumor we won’t see it until holidays now – is that true?

  • I support all of these Japan donation suggestions. Jeff, can we get some feedback on this please?

    From a company perspective, its great PR too! And we want to help! So let us.

  • “Maybe he’s on the cover of the wrong game!”

    And in the wrong colored jersey…..LOOKING AT YOU JEFF!

  • the Xperia play will be released in the uk on march 31st when will be released in the us on the verizon network?

  • any better news 4 NGP really hungry 4 it or you guy going 2 let me starve until E3

  • WKC2/ PSP. C’mon already.

  • Kaz Hirai deserves that CEO job. He’s done a lot for the brand.

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