The PlayStation Recap

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The PlayStation Recap

Rey and I are back after a lightning-quick but productive trip to PAX East. We didn’t have a lot of time to cruise the floor (though the SOCOM 4 booth was packed with intimidating lines). On the plus side, we met up with Eitan Gilnert of Fire Hose Games, creators of the chaotic building-brawler Slam Bolt Scrappers. We also grilled Irrational Games Creative Director Ken Levine about the PS3 version of BioShock Infinite, as well as details about his geeky background. Expect to see Rey‘s epic video treatment soon. Take my word for it: these are two interviews you won’t want to miss.

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  • Thanks for all the coverage on GDC and SXSW. Mortal Kombat demo is awesome!

  • Playing: Killzone 3, Uncharted 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Twisted Metal: Black, LBP2
    Reading: This blog, ps3 IGN, Joystiq, Push Square, PSX Extreme, PSU
    Watching: Wall Street

    Nice bit of info this week. Looking forward to the Socom beta! Wish I could go to Pax! To far of a trip! Looking forward to the Ken Levine coverage. I love me some Bioshock and Bioshock 2.

    Think my favorite announcement of the week was Katherine Marlow. Great choice for the new villain! I like how she is going to toy with Drake’s head as opposed to beating his brains in, she’s got her goons for that.

    • Yeah — Katherine Marlow looks like a refreshing change of pace. Really looking forward to learning more!

  • sweet recap guys im playing in Playstation Home on ps3 im reading tweets and facebook status im watching videos on youtube and google lol

  • Monsters was the only movie I felt so close to leaving the theater while watching and I’ve watched Sisterhood of the Traveling pants 2 in the theater. Watch the trailer and you’ve seen 95% of the scenes with the monsters.

  • Wished you would have posted a link to Red Cross on Amazon to aid people in Japan… This is not the time to think about games, but to think about people- it could be your colleagues, friends, relatives or even family that are living there or visiting there. Here is the link to Red Cross on Amazon:

    I am somehow quite disappointed that it was not a big deal which is a big deal. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  • keep bringing the love in good downloadable titles for the PSN…

    and still currently playing Lost & Damned GTA4… and Mafia2 on PC.. mouse and keyboard just doesnt work so well for driving… FPS, sure.. but driving, no!!

  • I’m playing: Heavy Rain (Just got the Platinum, my 5th overall), Mortal Kombat demo, The Sly Collection.

    I’m reading: The PlayStation Blog and N4G, etc.

    I’m watching: Inception and about to watch Battle: Los Angeles again.

    Favorite announcement for me was the introduction of Katherine Marlowe as the main antagonist for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. She seems so clever and manipulative. I love it!

  • @2 we visit some of the same sites.

    Playing Dragon Age 2. It suck that Bioware butcher DA 2 from the greatness it was in Origins. Its still a good game, I do like the larger city and the combat in Dragon Age 2.

  • Sweet week, but where’s that LBP2 DLC announcment?
    BTW, I’m almost at trophy level 13! Got like one more trophy to go…

    I’m playing: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I’ve mastered Dante), Brutal Legend (just started), The Sly Collection [Sly 3].
    I’m watching: Survivor: Redemption Island
    I’m reading: Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry

  • There’s a White Knight Chronicles 2 and WKC PSP announcement missing from that recap….. Oh, wait! That was only in Europe! It still needs to be posted for North America! *hint*hint* ;)

  • After watching that video on the PS Blog for Slam Bolt Scrappers, I’m really intrigued by this game. Looks to be a unique and fun PSN game! As for this week, not much has changed…

    I’m playing: PixelJunk Shooter 2 which I cannot recommend enough. It’s an insanely good value for 10$, including a packed single player with the high score leaderboard based fun and if that’s not your thing, it still has a superb and VERY tough item collection going on. Some levels have me stumped! And to top it all, multiplayer! I’ll also cough up Radiant Historia in there, haha :P

    I’m watching: If I watch anything, it’s mostly TV and Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami disaster. It really does look like something from a movie :(

    I’m reading: Still nothing for this week.

    • PixelJunk Shooter 2 is really sweet, I was astonished to see the sheer variety of gameplay mechanics and environments.

  • Any news on White Knight Chronicle 2 for the US? The EU blog had a blog post about it last week.

  • I see a couple of people already asked this already, but I need to ask as well, any news on WKC2 release for North America? I’m starting to get worry.

  • I’m playing: Stacking! I beat the main storyline and now I’m doing hijinks & trying to find the unique dolls I’m missing. Such a great game! Can’t wait to see the dlc. Also playing a little LittleBigPlanet 2.

    I’m watching: Just finished a short-lived show called Day Break on Netflix. VERY good show and it even has an ending! Going to watch some X-Files tomorrow and prob the movie Fire in the Sky too.

    I’m reading: Not much right now.

    This week of Playstation was OK. I’m glad I bought Stacking. I was disappointed that the LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC announcement didn’t show up. I hope we get that soon. Also I’d like to add my voice to the people who are curious about WKC2. Liked the first one (though I wasn’t a fan of the cliffhanger ending. the rest of the game was brillant though)

    I still want to buy Xenogears sooner or later.

    As far as PS news this week, I’d say Free Realms was the most interesting. I’ll have to check that out! Looking forward to seeing that interview about Bioshock Infinite. :)

  • Great weak for gamers!

    Hope to see Megaman Legends 1 and 2 and Metal Gear Solid VR Missions soon.

  • I’m playing: Marvel VS Capcom 3 (had a game or two with my brother)

    I’m watching: Nothing much but let’s keep Japan in prayer. The devastation is…

    I’m reading: The Sextants of Beijing (Book review due 17th Mar)

    I’m anticipating: Other than the release of Hard Corps, my church’s move to Suntec City this coming Saturday, Mar 19

    • Agreed on Japan. I donated to the Red Cross relief effort yesterday, it made me feel productive in some small way.

  • Killzone 3’s campaign was terrible. Really poor incoherent story and risible cliched dialogue and characters. They could’ve made an FPS classic with a combination of visceral action and deep interesting story that included Helghan civilians, POWs/political prisoners, the different perspectives of the protagonists. Instead we got CoD lite. Having loved KZ2 and seeing the potential there I was hugely disappointed and it’s reflected in the downgraded Metacritic score.

    Oh and Sony please, please pick up the mech game Hawken for PSN. Looks absolutely brilliant.

  • @ 11 YES. Loyal PS/ WKC fans have been waiting for news on WKC2/ WKC PSP.


  • Oh, and:

    Playing – inFamous (never got around to it – fantastic game), Dragon Age 2. The latter is a total cash-grab, rush-job, DLC-fest; wouldn’t suggest anything but the inevitable GoTY edition. This game was obviously gimped and cut to make a deadline and/ or fit on a single DVD. Sony should be more forceful about promoting blu-ray capacity to 3rd party developers.

    Watching – Mistresses: Series 3. Holy $hit this show is saucy! Highly recommended if you’re into emotional dramas.

    Reading: Sabriel, Taran the Wanderer.

  • Where is the Big DLC announcement Media Molecule told us coming this week? At least tell us it is delayed; there wasn’t even a LBP2 community update on Friday.

  • Has everyone given up hope on cross game chat?

    ive been playing other consoles for so long now, even i myself have forgot about it.

    Its incredible how it is still not here.

  • I want in the Socom 4 private beta. Hook me up :)

  • playing dead nation(i bit on the 30% discount) glad i did. xenogears and demon souls. would buy DA 2 but i feel EA forced bioware into making a junk sequel. $15 in dlc on day 1 really turns me off, and i know i’m not the only one. excited for hard corps uprising though. reading jonathan kellerman novels, and watching reality tv> survivor and amazing race mainly. love my ps3. i went through 3 xb 360s in less than 9 months. ps3 still goin strong after 2 years.

    • How do you like Dead Nation? That was one of my favorite games of 2010, glad you picked it up during the big discount :)

  • November is going to be crazy for me… Uncharted 3 on November the 1st and then TES Skyrim releasing 10 days later ^x^ Lets hope Nintendo won’t release Zelda SS as well in that month and Tales of Graces F will release a long time before or after those games or else… or else… yeah… else… aaaah!

  • Playing: Mortal Kombat Demo (posted a few youtube vids), MAG (trying to plat)
    Watching: Nothing (don’t watch TV with a PS3 in the house ;])
    Reading: PlayStation Blog, Blog.Share, & Community (forums)

    I see you’re trying your hand at Mortal Kombat. You get good with anyone yet? Highest Kombos?

    My highest with all;
    Scorpion- 8-hit (Expert Ladder Complete)
    Johnny Cage- 7-hit (Expert Ladder Complete)
    Mileena- 7-hit (Expert Ladder Complete)
    Sub-Zero- 9-hit *fav (Expert Ladder Complete)
    I vow to be the BEST!

    Look for me on the leaderboards! (Hopefully)

  • I want to see sorcery and Twisted Metal updates..
    didn’t David Jaffe say he would have more news for us after new years..?

  • Nice week, intrested in the Freerealms coming out for ps3. Im wanting to get Socom 4 and still need to get LittleBigPlanet 2! Getting God of War 3 tommorow!

    Im Playng: Killzone 3 and The Sly Collection(Sly 3)
    Im Watching: Spiderman movies, tv, sportscenter.
    Im Reading: This website.

  • Finally! Hard Corps: Uprising! =D

  • Is the interview with Kevin Levine going to be on the next qore? If not where can I find it at? Big fan of bioshock 1/2.

  • I just got back from PAX East and I must say I was disappointed SOCOM 4 was the only big game you had there. I’m still looking forward to all the great games being released this spring and summer. Keep up the good work. BTW, the new site design looks good.


  • 2011 will be great for the ps3. But I have some questions.

    Will Socom 4 Feature the walkie-talkie chat style or all in chat?

    Will we see more fully downloadable games on the psn? ( like mod nation racers, infamous, socom confrontation etc.)

    and lastly,

    Will the NGP be able to play my ps3 games when I am away from my ps3 console?

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