UNCHARTED 3’s Lead Designer on 3D + the New Villainess

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As you’ve no doubt seen already, Naughty Dog chose GDC as the place to reveal Nathan Drake’s antagonist for UNCHARTED 3. The calculating Katherine Marlowe is clearly a different type of villain than the brute force Lazarevic or deadly accurate Navarro.

Watch now as U3’s lead designer Richard Lemarchand tells us more about this villainess, as well as the talent behind the role. He goes on to tell us about the positively jaw-dropping implementation of 3D, and how its development pays dividends even to players who don’t yet possess a 3D display.

Did you hear Richard use the word “stereoscopy” in a sentence? It speaks wonders of the English schooling system.

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  • Naughty Dog Are great Devs and Code real Good for The Cell Processor, The Power of the Cell PS3!!!

  • Why can’t it be November already?! Thanks Jeff for the news.

  • Nathan Fillion.

  • cant wait till i can start poppin caps on this game

  • sweet more good news, now for that 3D tv i started saving a while ago so i need 3 more years to save up for one, lol by then the non 3D glasses well be on sale then ill need to save up for another 2 years after that

  • Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • That Richard Lemarchand, classy fellow.

  • hows come you only get 2 pairs of glass with 3-D TV What if I have 4-6 people over. Are they supose to watch it with out glasses. and why whould I pay over a $1000 for that.

  • I hope there is a collector’s edition, contrary to my constant whining about every game these days getting a collector’s edition.

  • Will be splooge worthy.

  • as long as they don’t add some zombie mode i’m good

  • so awesome.

    sales aside, uncharted is a truly one of the greatest franchises around and still so new really.

    my two favorite new franchises have to be uncharted and dead space.

  • Drake with a suit on!! scared the crap out of me lol but then he reminds me of Agent 007 :)

  • 3D

    Im so excited, and there’s such a long time. xD

  • Makes me want to get a 3d TV just for this game…

    Best series for me and this is looking awesome!!!


  • I hate to be “that guy” doing the off topic post, but where’s our White Knight Chronicles 2/WKC PSP post? Both games were announced for Europe yesterday, it would make sense that if they’re being localized we’d see them as well. Don’t make us wait too long for an announcement! :)

  • Why spoil the game and make it 3D?

  • What the… for a moment there I thought that was Mark Zuckerberg.

  • My Checklist:
    1. Preorder Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Check)
    2. Purchase 3D TV (Check)
    3. Purchase at least 2 sets of 3D Glasses so my Wife can watch Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Movie in 3D (Check)
    4. Get special HDMI Cable to actually play it on my 3D TV (Check)
    5. Call in Sick on 11-1-11 (in my calendar)
    6. Invent Time machine to get me to 11-1-11 (working on it)

  • what we needed is autostereoscopy, to bad it’s years away.

  • Yeah is used that word. LOL. While watching the video I read “Did you hear Richard use sterocopy” and I was thinking huh, then he said it. I laughed out loud.

  • Please make a Collectors Edition I can buy. I was willing to play for one on Uncharted 2 hopefully get the chance to for Uncharted 3 :-)

    hopefully ill get a 3D TV sometime this year I’d say best time would be Black Friday day after Thanksgiving ;-)

  • pay* oops auto correct on my phone sorry

  • If you guys decide to make a collectors edition i think you should add Drake’s necklace.

  • Can’t wait for this game to come out, big fan of the series and I’ve bought all the Uncharted things that have come out on psn including skins and even the eye of indra comic which was great. Seriously guys, I hope you guys are planning a collectors edition, don’t do it like with Uncharted 2 that you had to win the collectors edition and that was the only way.

    Of course you could always have both, a special one and one available to the public for pre-order because I know im getting it! Can’t wait to hear more news, love how you guys aren’t stingy with the news, any bit of news is great no matter how small.

  • I don’t get it… stereoscopy is a word, am I missing the joke?

  • I cant wait for this game to come out i hope uncharted portable isn’t to far away from this release date either

  • would love it if you made these videos work on mobile devices

  • Just announced move support and I’m all yours.

  • can’t wait for this game & I really hope there might be some kind of collector’s edition, please

  • this game is awesome

  • Looks great! Looking forward to more updates! Keep it up Sony and Naughty Dog!

  • When will the videos work on IPOD/IPHONES so the PS BLOG APP won’t become obsolete? I mean seriously, I don’t need super hd for my iPod. Although it might be nice.

  • Interesting stuff! Can’t Wait, Naughty Dog are amazing, and everyone behind it :D

  • Uf… I can’t wait. Pero la pregunta que le hago esta noche… JUAY DE RITO?

  • Every bit of information we receive on this title, makes it harder and harder to wait. I’m sure it will be well worth it.

  • cool stuff but I miss

    PS: Live in your world.
    Play in ours Δ [] Ο X

    now make it happen sony

  • Looks good #TeamBON

  • I saw gameplay of Uncharted3 in 3d and holy freakin crap, it blew my socks off!!! I’ve played just about every ps3 3d game and this is the best yet!

  • stop with uncharted 3 already and bring back jak and daxter i mean come on jak and daxter was naughty dogs best game by far

  • I like the new villian.

    It’s something unexpected and different.

    Glad Naughty Dog is taking some risks with some of the characters.

    I’m looking forward to Uncharted 3.

    Show me the multiplayer/co op.

    Single player I want it to saved for when I play it.

    No more spoilers for me.


    Please Sony/Naughty Dog if your listening release a Collector’s Edition for Uncharted 3.

    As a fan I want one.

    I’ll pay top dollar for it.

    Just release it.

    Come on gamers let’s tell Naughty Dog we want a collector’s edition to be made.

    Uncharted 3: Collector’s Edition
    -Game (Obviously.)

    -Sound Track.

    -Art Book.

    -Action Figure Display Model.

    -2X Multiplayer for the first week of release.

    -PS Home Avatars.

    -PS Dynamic Theme. (Not one on PSN Store but a new one something exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.)


  • Not fair…it’s like 235 days to go!!
    The game looks stunning – love the idea of a totally different villain. Each and every news snippet and trailer is eagerly anticipated but it’s just making the wait harder.

    I’d just like to add my vote for a buyable Collector’s Edition and I think the idea (from a previous post) of including a Drake’s Necklace would be awesome.


  • I am SSSOOO ready for U3 to come out! it already looks and sounds amazing!

  • plz Naughty Dog just take my money already ;/ I am dying to play this game.

  • If I could pay 300$ just to get this game for 5 hours right now, I so would.

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