PlayStation Move Ape Escape Coming This Summer

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PlayStation Move Ape Escape Coming This Summer

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

I’m excited to announce that the next chapter of the Ape Escape franchise will be heading to PlayStation Move this summer in PlayStation Move Ape Escape. As a new title designed exclusively for PlayStation Move, this is the first time that this fun-filled series will join the PS3 family in North America.

Fun and accessible for gamers of all ages, get ready to dive into 15 new levels and watch your PlayStation Move controller transform into an assortment of gadgets while you scoop, swat, and target monkeys in pursuit of Specter, the leader of the monkey invasion.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

You’ll also be able to capture over 500 Monkeys and keep track of them all with your very own “MonkeyPedia”.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

And, challenge your friends with wacky mini-games including Tag Rally, Slingsnipe! and Sprayzer Defense Force.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape

PlayStation Move Ape Escape will be available in the US via PlayStation Network. We’ll be back with more on the game soon, so stay tuned!

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  • I am —so— ready to net some apes.

  • The game the Move was made for!

    • Thanks for your support! Using Move controller feels like you’re actually capturing them with the real net. Very fun and addictive. :)

  • Hooray! Good news to start the day.

  • Thank you so much for this. I was seriously considering importing it. I guess I’ll go change the wikipedia article for this now…

  • gotta hand it to sony the move games have the most original titles i ever seen. the fight, the shoot , playstation move heroes, and now PlayStation Move Ape Escape genius.

  • Amazing! Used to love the Ape Escape games!

  • I’d rather know more about Ape Escape 4, come on SCE , spill some beans for long time fans! =]

  • I wouldn’t mind ‘Ape Escape 4′ for the PS3[using the DS3 pad]?
    Loved the PS1 + PS2 games :P

  • White Knight Chronicles 2 instead, please.

  • i didn’t even know this was a game until i saw GTO.

  • @9 Agreed. Yeah, stop announcing shovel-ware and give us a proper WKC2 announcement. The EU got theirs yesterday. What’s the hold up?

  • I’m with Creid8 Where is White Knight Chronicles 2 ??? #TeamBON

  • Is thIs thE Eu or japan made game.
    On the net there are multiple info of 2 ape games one made in scee and a one in scej

  • @ what shovel ware
    Ape move is a great game
    Also where wkc

  • Please,please,keep bringing more Move games. I bought the hardware but I am still looking for the game that keeps me playing. This looks kinda fun.

    • This will be a great addition to your Move collection. Check back here for more news on Move titles from us. :)

  • Yes! Finally! One of the Move titles I’ve been looking forward to all this time!

    Not all that excited for the name: Seems so bland and unoriginal as “PlayStation Move Heroes”

    still, Looking forward to it on PSN!

  • @ 14 Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    I’d rather have an epic, online MP RPG than Ape Escape. I’ve played Ape Escape before, and – to me – its shovelware. Ape Escape is a great game, to you. Its casual fluff to me. Opinions are wonderful things, we can all have them and each can be different. Let’s leave it at that.

  • This game looks promising, you can check demo on japanese PS Store for over two months.

  • Looks pretty sweet and enjoyable. Pricing?

  • waiting for pricing too! :D and any possible ETA?

  • I <3 you Sony
    Any word if there is going to be a Ape Escape HD collection for ps3??

    With the NGP having 2 Analog sticks and multitouch pad
    I can already smell a new Ape Escape O_o

    *wipes drool off face

  • I was hoping that the Ape escape would still be like the originals. But it seems like this is a cheap arcade shooter with nice graphics. A pass for me.

  • Is this an actual Ape Escape title that lets you roam around using a nav controller or is it as I have read elsewhere, an ‘on-rails’ experience?

    If it’s a full Ape Escape title, count me in – if it’s an on-rails excuse to incorporate the move, then not so much…

    Ape Escape was made for the move and vice-versa – why not incorporate move controls into AE2 and 3 and release as an HD collection like Xenosuke808 has suggested?

  • Very happy to hear this news, though I’m a bit disappointed it’s a Network release only. I far prefer having my games in consumable physical form.

  • “I far prefer having my games in consumable physical form.”

    Why, do you eat them when you’re finished playing them?


  • Please, please, PLEASE don’t screw this one up, SONY. It had better utilize the Nav. Controller in combination with the Move–if it’s an on-rails game, then just stop making it now.

  • nice cant wait!!!! can we please have some White Knight Chronicles 2 and White Knight Chronicles PSP please

  • is it gonna have online functionality ?

  • I played the demo off of the JPN Store and liked it. The game’s music causes my dog to dance.

  • For the love of god stop with the stupid “Move” game names already. You bashed the Wii for years for Move controls, than you “ape” them, now you are copying their stupid naming pattern using Move instead of Wii in game titles. At least Hereos on the Move sounded like a legitimate game title before you stupified it.

    Oh, and your WKC news is over in EU with the Motorstorm Apocalpyse demo. Can’t believe nobody on the US blog has been [DELETED] about the US not getting that demo.

    And if Ape Escape is a shooter, it’s just a 4 yr. old Elebits rip off, nothing new here.

  • I’m buying this at full price to support this sleeper cult franchise- I have all three main Ape Escape games for PS1-2. I hope that a traditional Ape Escape 4 platformer hits PS3 soon!

    • Thanks for being a loyal fan! I’m sure you will enjoy this one as well. Your request is noted, and I’ll let the team know about it.

  • QUOTE:
    ” available in the US via PlayStation Network”

    What about a proper BD release at retail? I despise download titles. No disc = no purchase!

  • This is about Ape Escape. Whine about White Knight Chronicles on your own time.

  • @25 Yes…yes I do. Don’t knock it until you try it yourself. I’ve been on the Blu-Ray Power Diet (BRDP) for almost a year now and have lost 75lbs!

  • *BRPD dernit!!

  • jojojo! this was one of my favorites tittles in PSone!

  • This looks all good and what not. I’ll be buying this. However, where is the normal Ape Escape game? We need an Ape Escape game for PS3, not just minigames!

  • Nice game, need some more move games for my kids and this one looks graat….

    • Yes, this will be a great addition to your kids’ games. I’m sure they will have fun capturing monkeys!

  • Looks cool! But I’m sure most of us are waiting for Ape Escape 4 with PS Move.


  • For those asking about WKC2, I don’t mean to belittle you– I’ve been waiting a while too– but you probably shouldn’t ask for that and call this ‘shovelware’ in the same sentence, since WKC1 was about close as you get on a game that promised so much. Strung-out online questing, an incomplete story, roughshod graphics, emotionless presentation and broken servers.

    That and the people working on this really don’t deserve that kind of bad-mouthing.

  • This is great new the Ape Escape series is a great one. I was wondering is there any chance that the PSP Ape Escape games that did not come out of Japan might come to NA? Even if they just come out on PSN. It would be cool to be able to play Saru! Get You! SaruSaru Big Mission, Ape Escape Racing & Ape Academy 2.

    Also I think out of all of those Ape Academy 2 would be the easiest seeing as that one already came out in Europe. But if they all could come out that would be great. So I will be looking forward to play the PS3 version of Ape Escape.

  • WKC 1 sucked, while all the ape escapes in the main series have rocked. I would love an ape escape 4 please, I’ll get this to hold me over.

  • Wow, I can only imagine the brain storming session that went on into the wee hours of the night for coming up with the CLASSIC title this game now has.

    Well done gentlemen.


  • Blueray wanters, just Import it from Europe then!, I for my party will buy it from US PSN even if I’m from Europe, as I prefer the digital download!, so Congrats, you will get my Money!, optionally you should had released on Digital and Blueray the same day ofcourse, and the Digital should had been 10-25% cheaper becouse of “less” value, like not able to trade it in, etc…. Anyway, you earn more on selling it digital than in blueray…
    So keep them Coming!

  • This is great news. I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of this franchise since PS3 launched.

    Now… let’s hear about a proper Ape Escape 4. Any chance of us hearing some info soon?

    this is great news..
    hope they keep it top notch as it’s traditionally been..
    Cant wait for this!!

  • PS: This is actually the reason I bought a Move!

  • I’m willing to give it a try!

  • i got the demo for this game from Japan a month or so ago. it is an awesome game, sad that people will judge it as shovel ware before they even play it. talk about judging a book by its cover huh! but anyways i hope the US gets a demo so the early judgers can see that this game is a legit 1st party game. not some third party crap. glad to see we can buy it soon though,now i dont have to buy it from Japanese store. keep up with bringing us these awesome Move compatible titles Sony!!!

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